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TopicHelman: Presidental Correspondence, Administrative Finance, Dean's Correspondence,
KeywordsFundraising, Race Relations, Discipline, Pranks, Drinking, Guns, Manners, Rules,
TitleHelman Correspondence, Finance, Dean's Concerns
Size1 Large Box
LocationIS, Unit 10, in box identified as MU2020/6
CitationHelman Correspondence, Finance, Dean's Concerns, MU2020/6, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessCONFIDENTIAL FILES - Researchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceCalvin Ulrey Storage Area

Helman – File Folder labeled “Helman” – President Helmancorrespondence, including but not limited to: 1979 question of inquiryregarding the atomic bombing of Japan – 1979 letter from Gary and JeanZimmerman thanking President Helman for his report given at Trustees’ Dinner, “Thesummary seemed to guide us onward toward anticipation, balanced with potentialchallenges.” – receipt for upholstering of Tall Oak’s furniture (1976) –postcard from John Ikenberry stating that entourage of Manchester peoplefinished 3 day visit in Moscow (1976?) – letter regarding Pat’s illness, thanksfore Sunday service from the Cedar Creek Church of the Brethren (1975) –statement of independent colleges and universities to President Richard Nixonand candidates for the Presidency regarding the Vietnam War (1972) – 1974letters from Lamar Gibble (COB) and Joel Thompson (COB) thanking Helman forpresenting his experience in the People’s Republic of China – Collegeemployment of faculty children – Trustees’ appreciation resolution to Helmanafter fifteen years of outstanding leadership as President – “The Commitmentsof the Academic Community,” by A. Blair Helman – “The Academic Odyssey atManchester College,” opening convocation address by Helman 8 September 1971 –“Reflections on the Academic Experience at Manchester College” – HelmanModerator Elect of the Church of the Brethren (1974) – Helman’s application forparticipation seminar and field study, “Educational Contrasts Around the World”March 3 to April 2, 1970 – “Pilgrimage in Academe,” by President Helman,Opening Convocation September 1967 – “The Great Conversation,” by Helman, 19September 1966 – “The Church’s Mission in Higher Education,” by Helman, June1966 – newspaper article, “Blair Helman Given Good Citizen Award,” = “Yes,Patricia, There is a Santa Clause (Apologies to Clement Moore),” by PatriciaHelman, 25 March 1966 – Helman travel itinerary, London, Moscow, Lenningrad,East Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva, Rome – “Financing Higher Education inthe Church of the Brethren,” Helman.

Student Affairs – CONFIDENTIAL - Letters to and fromStudents (Miscellaneous) – 1964 – 1976.

Public Relations – Ambassadors 1966 through 1975 –Copies of “Manchester College Newsletter” (1975) – various programs forAmbassadors’ Dinners (including 1967 and 1969) – “Ambassador List and EstatePlanning Committee” (1968) – acceptances for Ambassador Dinner – Ambassadorlist in alphabetical order – “The Role of a Manchester ‘Ambassador’” withexplanation of the Ambassador Program and its purpose: The Program develops inan unstructured body a group of professional whose vocation is related to estate planning, and who respect the aims and purpose of the College. They come from communities near Manchester College, or where Alumni or members of the Church of Brethren reside, or where there are other friends of the College. The Program acquaints these Ambassadors with the College and its needs and opportunities. Hopefully, the Ambassadors,as financial and estate counselors will be supportive of any interest of their clients that may ultimately benefit the College, particularly through adeferred action of giving.

CONFIDENTIAL - Director of Deferred Giving and SpecialGifts 1969-1970 through 1976-1977 – this file includes but is not limitedto: Gift from Kokomo Church – memorial gifs – Webster Trust (1979) annualstatement of receipts and expenditures – list of books from Mrs. MarkStudebaker (1974), Dr. Studebaker received two honorary degrees from the sameinstitution, Manchester, something seldom happening in the life of one person[1938 honorary degree and 1912 Master of Accounts honorary degree] – reports onfundraising visits to the homes of potential individuals – correspondence andmemos regarding donations and potential donors – report on Special TaxConference in Washington (1970) – information on gift annuities – TentativeReport of the Director of Development, Rufus King, for June, 1970 (end ofCollege year) – Field Call Planning and Report Forms  – other reports from the Director ofDevelopment .

Public Relations, Deferred-Giving Committee –materials include but are not limited to: Correspondence involving invitationsto serve or to continue serving, on the Deferred-Giving Committee – informationregarding estate planning – Rufus King’s concept of the purpose of the Ambassador Group – Purpose,Qualifications, and Principles of Selection, of the  Manchester College Ambassadors – Purpose  and organization of the Estate PlanningCommittee.


Administrative Finance – Social Security: Materialsand correspondence from the presidency of Vernon Schwalm (1951) through that ofA. Blair Helman (1957).

Administrative Finance – Insurance – Student Health:Material 1964 – 1975.


Administrative Finance – Insurance – Major Medical(TIAA) – 1974: Improvements to TIAA Major Medical Insurance plan.


Administrative Finance – Insurance – Directors andOfficers Legal Liability Insurance: Materials 1973 – 1974.


Administrative Finance – Insurance – Fire andExtended Coverage: Materials 1961 – 1982.

Administrative Finance – Marts and Lundy FeasibilityStudy, 1977: Trustees are considering a program to complete the Focus onthe Seventies Program which began in 1970. The firm of Marts & Lundy havebeen retained to make a survey for this purpose. A representative from Marts& Lundy will be making visits to select individuals to discuss the College’s plans. He will not be soliciting funds, but will seek opinions and comments on this important matter.

Administrative Finance – Marts and Lundy, Consultants,1977-1978

Administrative Finance – Fund-Raising Counsel, Marts andLundy, 1969-1970 through 1976

Wage-Price Freeze, 1971-1972: Action taken atManchester on retroactive pay raises – correspondence with governmental agencies– Stabilization Program Guidelines (Teacher’s salaries).

Administrative Finance, Employee Retirement IncomeSecurity Act of 1974 (ERISA)

Administrative Finance, Insurance, Catastrophe, 1965 –1973

Administrative Finance, Insurance, Equitable Life AssuranceSociety, 1957 – 1979

Administrative Finance, Insurance – Comprehensive Business Insurance

FILES FROM THE DEAN - CONFIDENTIAL - the end of Schwalm's career forward

Dean of Women – Women’s Residence Organization (WRO),September, 1962 – May, 1964 – file includes but is not limited to: WRO Executive Board Minutes, names include Beckie Bodenmiler, Chris Bollinger,Jeannette Byrer, Melody Eikenberry, Sharon McDaniel, LaDonna Shively, Becky Uhrig, Evelyn Ullery, Carol Wieand, Christa Wogoman, Mrs. Keller, and DeanSitler – Handbook (undated, but it is the College’s 75th Anniversaryyear) with an introduction by Sharon McDaniel, WRO president, with important information for female students; the WRO is also part of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students- Contents of the handbook include, among many other things, procedures for “signing in and out,” “hours,”  “quiet hours,” “babysitting,” “buzzer system,”“telephoning,” “men in the halls,” and advice for “public displays of affection.”

Dean of Women, Women’s Residence Organization –file includes but is not limited to: Handbook for female students – handbook,“Pessst! Want to Be in the Know?” Lucinda Cable (editor), Miriam Feeman (ArtDesign), Francile Walters, Carole Welch, Lois Harshbarger, Betty Lou Karn –President Helman’s copies of WRO Executive Board Minutes (1956-1962).

Dean of Women – Counseling Program – since many of these documents are addressed to President Helman, this might actually be Helman’s personal file - file includes but is not limited to: Questionnaire,“Student-Faculty Relations in the Counseling Program” – “Faculty- Student Relations in the Counseling Program” – Workshops for Residence Directors and Student Counselors (1959) – faculty meeting to review “Financial Counseling”for students – “Tentative recommendations to strengthen student-faculty relations in the faculty counseling program at Manchester College” – Counseling Program.

CONFIDENTIAL (matters concerning students) - Dean of Students Correspondence, 1958-1959 through 1959-1960 and 1961 –  Russell Bollinger Dean of Students - President Helman’s copies – file includes but is not limited to: Bollinger’s (Dean of Students) Memo to Mr. Yeatter regarding carpeting and 3 squeaking straight chairs in Lorraine’s office – Office space for Dr. Young and Miss Wiebe – 1960 draft status of student and how it would affect future schooling – refresh mentsfor commuting students – chapel attendance by probationary students (1960) –Class Absence Report 1959-1960 -  work of the Social Committee (1960) – concerns regarding campus housing, especially Oakwood Hall – Special Committee to Study Student Aid (1960) – boys leaving after 10:00 class to attend track meet (1960) – off-campus drinking (1960) –house parent assignments (1960) – 1959-1960 Winter Term Absence Report –Unexcused Chapel Absences, Winter Term 1959-1960 – letters of reprimand tostudent’s guardian(s) – Chapel absences Fall Term 1959 – Fall Term 1959 Class Absence Report – Report on Vocational Quiz (1 December 1959) – Bollinger letterto McKee, N Manchester Chief of Police, whitewashing of streets ending, billfor car washing, obscene language – Mid Term Absence Report, Fall Term 1959 –Calvin Hall Maintenance request, improvement needed (1959) – student reprimand(1959) – a college interprets and studies scripture in a different manner andthis might lead to a student’s being uncomfortable – Soo Chung – Larry West –1958-1959 Absence Report, those with 40 Absences or More – Chapel AbsencesSpring Term, 1959 – reimbursement of stolen record player – beer party /drinking – Suggestion Sheet for New Residence Directors in Men’s ResidenceHalls – petty thievery on campus (1959) – missing property – studentreprimanded for drinking – various types of property damage- contract withInternational Business Machines to install an electric test-scoring machine at the College by 15 July 1959 – Unexcused Chapel Absences Winter Term 1958-1959 –snowballing of railroad employees as they were bringing a car of coal on thesiding, brakeman his in the eye and needed medical attention – SCAT, School and College Ability Tests, Test Results, 1958 Freshmen – list of congregations with students at Manchester College (1958) – student smoking in North Apartments –Ditch Day Damage (1958) – Damage Claims Arising From Senior Ditch Day – Men’s Residence Staff Meeting 30 September 1958, guns used for hunting to be stored outside the dormitory.

CONFIDENTIAL - Dean of Students Correspondence, 1956 –1958 – materials include but are not limited to:  List of Counselees and Counselors (1957-1958)– list of those absent from 12 or more classes for Spring Term, 1958 – Absence Report, those with 36 absences or more (1957-1958) – male students taking abandoned railroad car from trash heap and placing it on railroad to bring itto campus – house mother dealing with incorrigible boys – list of those absent 12 or more classes during Winter Tern 1957-1958 – girls found smoking in IdaWiner Hall – off-campus drinking  -shooting of firecrackers – student reprimands – snowball fights and damage –question whether administrative approval is needed for students performing campus or community research – smoking on campus – applications for houseparents (married couples) – Joyce Leckrone – disciplinary  letters to students and parents – Tenth Annual Report of the Dean of Students to the President and Trustees of Manchester College – Evaluation of Citizenship at Manchester College (citizenship involves attitudes towards community, dependability and self-reliance, cooperation, sportsmanship, maturity and tolerance, personal social impact, ethical integrity).

CONFIDENTIAL - Dean of Men, Correspondence, 1961-1962 and 1962-1963

CONFIDENTIAL – Dean of Women, Correspondence,1955-1956 through 1960-1961 – including but not limited to: standards of dress during summer school 1961 – Counselor-Counselee Assignments 1961-1962 –student-faculty relations on campus – duties of residence director -  Recommendations to Strengthen Student-Faculty Relations in Manchester’s Counseling Program – reprimands to students – 1955 Progress Report on Women’s Housing.

 CONFIDENTIAL – Dean of Students, 1965-1966 through 1969-1970 – President Helman’s Copies – Paul Hoffman, Dean of Students –materials include but are not limited to the following topics: Racial tensions during 1969-1970 academic year – disciplinary procedures,  including suspension – Memo, “Campus Tensions of a Racial Nature During the 1969-1970 School Year” – discussion surroundingoff-campus commune), group living experience – interracial dating – assigning students to College housing -  procedures during a suicide attempt – resident assistant agreements – hospitalization of an international student due to illness – smoking areas – parental concerns –off-campus housing policies and those who house students vs. new requirementfor students to live on campus – student delegation regarding freedom atManchester College – students setting up table offering I-O and Selective Service options opposite to that of Navy recruiter – Test Score Summary,Freshman Educational Interest Inventory (1968) – use of motorcycles on campus(1968) – Memo (May 1967) and brochure advertising Campus Counseling staff and services – smoking, cancer, and health problems, a government release (1967) –objectives for Freshmen Orientation (January 1967) – pranks surrounding Founder’s Day Convocation (October 1966) – 1966 protest against degrading initiation rites experienced by freshmen men, letter by David Waas to Dean Bollinger –foodservice in Oakwood Hall – regular campus visits with psychiatrist – Academic Freedom (1965) – appropriate dress on campus (September 1965) – Administrative Relationship (1965) – Review of testing program and services (1965).

CONFIDENTIAL – Dean of Students, 1963-1964 Correspondence, through 1964-1965


CONFIDENTIAL – Dean of Students, 1962-1963 Correspondence and Reports – President Helman’s Copies

CONFIDENTIAL – Dean of Students, 1960-1961 Correspondence and Reports – President Helman’s Copies

CONFIDENTIAL – Dean of Students, 1970-1971 through 1971-1972– President Helman’s Copies – Paul Hoffman, Dean of Students at this time –topics include but are not limited to : Campus drinking – disciplinary actions– room searches – renovation of residence halls – off-campus housing –residence hall personnel.

CONFIDENTIAL - Dean of College, Correspondence,1964-1965 – 1966-1967 (Helman’s copies) – materials including but notlimited to: Earl Garver’s report on “Indiana Conference on CooperativeEducation - Evening Program and Summer School – Minutes, Council of AffiliatedInstitutions – 1965-1966 Faculty Grade Distribution List – Sylvania“blackboard-by-wire” teaching technology – Robert Mock, campus pastor, schedule– student grade concerns – student registration concerns – student incidentsaffecting college experience – scholarship opportunities.

CONFIDENTIAL – (ABH / A. Blair Helman’s Correspondencewith Dean of College, Earl Garver, 1960-1961 through 1963-1964

CONFIDENTIAL - Dean of College, Correspondence,1956-1960 – Correspondence between Earl Garver and President Helman.

Residence Interns, 1968-1972

Date of Accession03 August 2020
Bio History NoteFiles from the Dean concern the very end of Schwalm’s career as president (Spring 1956). President Helman started his presidency 1956 and forward.
Archivist NoteAbout 40 - 50 boxes of materials that had been stored in Calvin Ulrey Hall, were moved to the archives during 2019, when Calvin Ulrey was being renovated for office space. They came to the archives in one big pile

Due to mandated “stay at home” orders during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I, the archivist,am processing these materials at my home. I am running out of archival file folders, at home and in the archives, and am saving on them in any way possible...sometimes choosing not to replace the old pre-existing folders. It is unclear if I will be able to order any more archival supplies before the fiscal year comes to a close at the end of June.

The University responded to our Governor's mandate to close the state, by sending students home and refunding money previously deposited for room and board.Faculty and staff were told that the financial impact of the virus on MU might be close to $2,000,000 and that all departmental spending will come to a halt. It appears as if this spending freeze might continue into next fiscal year (2020-2021) as well.

Therefore,  I will process the boxes by using the pre-existing file folders whenever possible. I will rewrite the names of the folders in archival ink on the folders themselves, in case the glued-on paper labels eventually fall off. I am also almost out of plastic clips, so I will be leaving the metal paper clips in place. These metal paper clips have been with these files since the 1960’s and 1970’s, and I suppose it will do little damage for them to remain with these pages for another 50 years….if anybody is alive to read them.     Jeanine Wine 31 March 2020

Accession record finally prepared 3 August 202 by Jeanine Wine.


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