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Accession #MC2004/505
TopicAthletic Department: Photograph Collection
KeywordsSports, Physical Education,
TitleAthletic Department Photograph Collection
Size191 photographs
Location#1-7 Flat File Drawer Letter I; #8-20 Photo Box 196; #21-48 Photo Box 195; #49-85 Photo Box 196; #86-90 Flat File Drawer Letter I; #91-191 Photo Box 196
CitationAthletic Department Photograph Collection, MC2004/505, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceDepartment of Athletics
Scope and Content
118x11" color FootballTeam picture, 2000.  Flat File Drawer Letter I
2Team picture, 1999.  Flat File Drawer Letter I
3-4Team picture, 1998.  Flat File Drawer Letter I
5Team picture, 1996.  Flat File Drawer I
6Team picture, 1995.  Flat File Drawer Letter I
7Team picture, 1990.  Flat File Drawer Letter I
85x7" bwFramedFootballLarry Stewart, Safety.  All H.C.C. 1968, All N.A.I.A. 1968.
9Don Blair.  1966 Offensive tackle.  N.A.I.A.
10Rod Songer.  1966 Defensive back.  N.A.I.A.
115x7" bwFramedBaseballMark Frey HBCC 1975, Jim Jenkins HBCC 1975. [unframed by J. Wine in 2010]
12Mike Kelly HCC 1969.
13Mike Olivotto HCC 1969.
14Tim Ryder LF, Sam Lower CF, Co-Captains 1974.
15Greg Garner HBCC 1973.
168x10" bwFramedWrestlingTeam picture, 1969-70.
17Rick Strom HCC MVW, 1968.
18Team picture, 1968.
195x7" bwDoug Nottingham, Union City, Indiana. 1969-1973.  62-21-5.
208x10" bwFramedBasketballTeam picture, 1960-61.
21Team picture, 1971-72.
22John Warwick 1972-74.  HBBC All-Conference.  NAIA District 21.
23Dick Harris 1968.
24Team picture, 1964-65.
25Team picture, 1966-67.
26Team picture, 1979-80.
27Team picture, 1977-78.
285x7" bwFramedBasketballMike Kock.  NAIA 1964-65.
29Rick Blastick 1973-76.
30Joe Phillips 1967.
31Dick Harris 1967.
328x10" bwFramedTennisTeam picture, undated.
338x10" bwFramedTrackTeam picture, 1980.
34Team picture, 1977.
355x7" bwFramedTrackPaul Sibray 1971.
36Team picture, 1967-68.
37Stan Willmert 1974-77.
384x6" bwFramedTrackJohn Mitmoen 1974-77.
39   Greg Mort 1974-77.
40VariousFramedTrackTrack record holders:  Flory, Walther, Gratz, Stine, Ballinger 1967-68.
41-428x10"FramedCross-countryTeam picture, 1970.
43Team picture, 1960.
44-455x7" bwFramedCross-countryTeam picture, 1972.
46Team picture, 1973.
47Team picture, 1978.
48Team picture, 1968.
49-563x5" colorUnframedVolleyballGame pictures, undated and unlabeled.
57-583x5" bwGame pictures, 1974 and 1976.
59-615x7" bwGame pictures, undated and unlabeled.
628x10" bwTeam picture, 1979-80.
63Team picture, undated and unlabeled.
645x7" bwUnframedBaseballDennis Bilinski.
655x7" bwUnframed BasketballUndated and unlabeled.
665x7" colorRick Blastick, 1976.
678x10" bwTeam picture at award ceremony, with Claude Wolfe.  Undated.
68-728x10" bwTeam pictures, unlabeled and undated (various)
73Team picture, 1968-69.
74Team picture, 1970-71.
758x10" bwUnframed WrestlingVic B.
768x10" bwUnframedSoccerTeam picture, 1974.
775x7" bwUnframedFootballGame picture, undated and unlabeled.
78Portrait of player, Chapman
79Portrait of player, Riley
80Fred Bullock, linebacker during 1969-72, during game.
81Team picture, 1935.
82Wally Boocher, HCC 1970.
83Bob Stewart, NAIA 1964, End.
848x10" bwUnframedFootballTeam picture, 1924.
85Award ceremony, 1960.
8618x11" colorUnframedFootballTeam picture, 1996. Location - Flat File Drawer  Letter I.
87Team picture, 1995. Location - Flat File Drawer Letter I.
88Team picture, 1991. (Location - Flat File Drawer Letter I.
89Team picture, 1989. Location - Flat Flat File Drawer Letter I.
90Team picture, 1988. Location - Flat File Drawer Letter I.
91-933x5" colorUnframedTrackVarious pictures of events, unlabeled and undated. Women.
943x3" colorUnframedTrackUnlabeled and undated picture of event. Women.
95-1183x5" bwUnframedTrack/Cross-countryVarious pictures of events, unlabeled and undated.  Women and men.
1193x5" bwUnframedTrack/Cross-countryDave Ladd
120Dave Velasquez
121Mark Lisak
122Tom Lower
123Jeff Niespodziany
124Ed Minnick, Captain.  1975.
125Jim Burkett, 1976-77.
126Bob Kowalski, 1976-77.
127Tom Wagner, 1976-77.
128-129Dave Ballinger, 1976-77.
130Tom Wagner, 1976-77.
131Dave Ladd, 1976-77.
132Morris Gurnell, 1976-77.
133Stan Willmert, 1976-77.
1344x9" bwUnframedTrack/cross-countryPaul Sibray All-Conference 1971.
135Tom Johnson
136Bill Koleszar
1375x7" bwUnframedTrack/Cross-country1978-79.
138-139Spring Sports Banquet award winners, 1971.
141Mike Stine.
142Scott Wareham, 1978-79.
143Dan Hoffman, 1978-79.
144Norm Downing
145Jeff Niespodziany, 1978-79.
146Mark Lisak, 1978-79.
147Team picture (track) 1978-79.
148Team picture (cross-country) 1980-81.
149-153Portraits of various students, 1976.
154Jeff Niespodziany 1979-80.
155Dave Velasquez 1977-78.
156Kevin Jones 1978-79.
157Tom Lower 1978-79.
158Tom Lower, Kirby Herschberger, Jeff Niespodziany 1979-80.
159Jeff Niespodziany 1978-79.
160John Fahs 1978-79.
161Tom Wagner 1978-79.
162Dave Ladd 1978-79.
163Team picture (cross-country) 1971.
164-1795x7" bwUnframedTrack/Cross-countryVarious pictures, unlabeled and undated.
1806x3" bwUnframedTrackPole-vaulter, unlabeled and undated.
1818x10" bwUnframedTrack/Cross-countryDiscus event. 1974.
182Team picture, 1975.
183-184Rick Gregg 1970.  Captain, All-Conference, NAIA District 21.
185Team picture (women's track) 1977-78.
186Team picture (cross-country) 1964.
1878x10" colorUnframedBasketballTeam picture (women's).  1980.
188-1895x7" colorUnframedBasketballTeam pictures (women's).  1985, 1986?
190-1913x3" colorUnframedBasketballTeam pictures (women's).  1986?
Date of AccessionUnknown
Archivist Note

Date of Accession:  Summer 2003.

Description prepared 1 May 2004 and last updated 29 June 2007 by Jeanine M. Wine


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