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Accession #MU2020/74
TopicPresident's Files: Athletics, Departments Divisions, Registrar, Academic Affairs,
KeywordsDiscussion Day, Faculty Workshop, Graduate Program, Master of Arts Degree, Masters Degree,
TitlePresident Helman's Files
LocationIS, Wire Rack between Units #9 and #10
CitationPresident Helman's Files, MU2020/74, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceStorage in Calvin Ulrey
Scope and ContentDepartments and Divisions

Folder #1 - Athletics, 1982 - 1985-1986: including but not limited to - basketball coaching concerns, issues of "Spartan Sports News," 1985-1986 athletic award list, athletic programs (football, softball, cross country, track, tennis, soccer, soccer statistics, 1984 December News release, Young Choi (soccer) named third team N.A.I.A. All-American, "David Good chosen NAIA District 21 Coach of the Year, athletic programs, Women's Volleyball final 1984-1985 season report, Football 1984 celebrating 60 years of intercollegiate football, football schedules.

Folder #2 Athletic Department 1977-1978 through 1981-1982, including but not limited to: job description of the Associate Athletic Director (Women) - sports summaries (statistics) - Report to Presidents' Councili Hoosier-Buckeye College Conference Scheduling and Traveling Squads - number of athletic contests by sport beginning 1977 (basketball, baseball, cross country, football, golf, tennis, track) - athletics allocation questionnaire - athletic handbook 1981-1982 - survey of membership attitudes regarding divisions of competition - reports of sports won-lost records, number of participants and highlights (1981) - wrestling team record (1981) - Season Records 1975 through Spring 1980 (baseball, basketball, football, tennis, soccer, golf, wrestling, cross-country, track) - final H.B.C.C. standing 1979-1980 - Men's Fall Sports Review (September 1979) - athletic budgets - Philosophy of Intercollegiate Athletics at Manchester College.

Folder #3 - Women's Extramural Sport s Program, 1973-1974 through 1985-1986, including but not limited to: extramural sports schedules, men's and Women's College Sports Schedules, Spring, 1976 - Iris Wion.

Folder #4 - Athletic Department, 1968-1969 through 1976-1977 including but not limited to: 1977 baseball trip - Fall 1976 Sports Program including Review, Summary, and Recommendations - wrestling program - sports schedules - responsibilities for those working at home athletic events -  William Chavis' interest in Black students and accompanying racial concerns  11 October 1971) - testing physical condition, including pulse - Don Meek regarding the NAIA track meet at Billings - 1969 Hoffman memo regarding intramural program and all Black teams -  - stadium bleachers - Football Field and Stadium Contract with Manchester Community Schools (1968).

Folder #5 - Womens' Athletics, 1979-1986, including but not limited to: 1981-1982 Women's Basketball Summary - Report of women's tennis season 1981 - Track information - National AIAW Track Meet in California - Volleyball summary of seaason results 1980 - women's Volleyball roster - feasibility of establishing a women's athletic conference ( 14 may 1980) - 22 March 1979 Women's Basketball Final Report by Lana Groombridge and women's basketball concerns - "What Constitutes Equality for Women in Sport," prepared by the Project on the Status and Education of Women.

Folder # 6 - Student Affairs - Intramural Sports - 1980 - 1983.

Folder # 7 - Football, 1979 - 1982, including but not limited to: Football rosters - football staff - - 1980 Football Scores and coaching staff - football report by Jack Jarrett - Football, final statistical information 1977.

Folder #8 - Indiana Organizations - Hoosier-Buckeye Collegiate Conference 1983-1984 through 1985-1986.

Folder #9 - Indiana Organizations - Hoosier-Buckeye Collegiate Conference 1981-1982 through 1982-1983.

Folder #10 - Dean of Academic Affairs, 1983 -1984 through 1985 -1986, including but not limited to: 

Report of the Dean of Academic Affairs (1985-1986) including declining enrollment, academic caliber of entering students, part-time faculty, curriculum changes.

Faculty and corresponding courses.

The new Computer Center.
SAT and ACT Statistics for 1983-1984 (1984-1985 freshmen).
Faculty evaluations for those on tenure track.

Report of the Academic Dean of the College Academic year 1983-1984.
Improvement of student writing across the curriculum.

Folder #11 - Dean of the College, 1980 - 1981 through 1982 - 1983., including but not limited to:

Report of the Dean of the College Academic Year 1982-1983.

MC will participate in an Institutional Functioning Inventory, a financial/educational evaluation conducted by Teachers Colleges of Columbia University.

Report of the Dean of the College Academic Year 1979-1980.

Dean's list of Honors Students.

Folder #12 - Dean of the College, 1976-1977 through 1979 - 1980.

Folder #13 - Dean of the College, 1967-1968 through 1975 - 1976, including but not limited to:

September 1972 structure of Academic Administration.

7 December 1973 recommendation that an all-school discussion day be built into the regular yearly calendar (from a recommendation from Faculty Minutes 21 April 1971)....memo to faculty as to their interest and support.

All School Discussion Day Schedule for 28 February 1974.

THE MANCHESTER PLAN, An Academic Program for the '70's.

Folder #14 - Registrar Correspondence, 1980-1981 through 1985-1986. CONFIDENTIAL DUE TO FERPA RESTRICTIONS - probationary students - degree summaries - form for honorary degree - enrollment by class and sex - enrollment - statistics - veteran education (supervised by the Director of Veterans Education for the State of Indiana) - new and readmitting students, etc.

Folder #15 - Registrar Correspondence, 1970-1971 through 1979 - 1980 - CONFIDENTIAL DUE TO FERPA RESTRICTIONS - probationary students - Statistics - etc.
Folder #16 - Registrar Correspondence, 1956 - 1967 through 1969 - 1970 - CONFIDENTIAL DUE TO FERPA RESTRICTIONS - probationary students - Statistics - etc.
Folder #17 - Academic Affairs, Workshop for Faculty, 1971 - 1980.

Folder #18 - Librarian, 1976 - 1977 through 1985 - 1986, including but not limited to: Funderburg Library of Manchester College Annual Report of the Librarian, March, 1986 - library project funded by a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. - Annual Report of the Librarian, March 1983Annual Report of the Librarian, March 1982 - receipt of donation from Dr. Garey's private library from her heirs (July 1982) - MC membership in Wabash Valley Area Library Services Authority (ALSA) - Dr. Howard Sollenberger's third Chinese rubbing (23 July 1980, 23 October 1979) - College Library Resources Grant - correspondence regarding book donations to the library - institutional outlay for library material and purposes in FY 1977 - Annual Report of the Librarian March, 1978 - donation of the family Bible of Jacob Funderburgh, 30 March 1977 correspondence following visit with Alvin Funderburg.

#19 Librarian, 1964-1964 through 1975 - 1976, including but not limited to: (1976) periodical subscription list and list of ten titles least used - 1 April 1976 periodical and newspaper holdings - Howard Sollenberger, donation of Chinese rubbing - summer staff in the library - allocation of library funds - request for special appropriations, 25 April 1968 - The Winged Scroll - library standards - books from L. W. Shultz  - library staff - library budget allocation - library handbook - job analysis for staff personnel in the library - Governor Branigin's autographed copy of David Peek's, "Once Upon a Time -- 150 Years Ago" - Spinney books - library budget - Report of the Conferences on Area Studies and the Library, 21-23 May 1965, Graduate Library School, University of Chicago - schedule of librarians - report of library visitations, etc. 

Folder #20 Academic Affairs, Letters to the Faculty, 1975-1976 through 1982 - 1983, including but not limited to: memos regarding the meetings of the Board of Trustees - changes in assignments of administrative officers report to the President - severs decline in enrollment (memo 1 March 1983) - student charges/tuition - changes in group insurance premium - report of the progress of the Forward Planning Committee - budget requests - daily and final examination schedules - faculty workshop plans - new faculty dinner - holiday schedules - new faculty salary scale and changes in benefits - taxing of tuition remission - comparison of college charges 1974-1975 and 1975-1976, etc.

Folder #21 Manchester College Faculty Meeting and Business Materials - circa 1977 - 1986.

Folder #22 Academic Affairs, Letters to the Faculty, 1963 - 1964 through 1974 - 1975, including but not limited to: Board of Trustees information - developments in the Brethren Colleges Abroad program  (1974) - retroactive pay raises - Indiana legislative matters - funeral of President Helman's father, Henry Helman, (May 1970) - new salary scale - Helman's Seminar and Field Study of Educational Contrasts Around the World, UNESCO, International Education Year, travel plans - 1964 new salary scale - numerous updated salary scales. etc.

Folder #23 Academic Affairs, Faculty Study Grants, 1966 - 1967 through 1971 - 1972 - financial allotments.

Folder #24 - Director of Graduate Studies, 1971-1972 through 1985-1986, including but not limited to: Report of the Director Graduate Studies Academic Year 1985 - 1986 - reports regarding graduate studies for other years - rosters of graduate students - graduate class announcements - 1977 Approval of New Degree Requirements and Consignment Provisions for the Master of Arts Degree - course enrollment in graduate courses - Manchester College Division of Graduate Studies, NEWSLETTER - 1973 announcement by the North Central Association approving MC's graduate program and Master of Arts Degree.

Folder #25 Associate Academic Dean, 1978 - 1979 through 1983 - 1984, including but not limited to: proposal for a a Scholar-in-Residence on behalf of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars - Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation - Handbook for Academic Advisors - Study Skills Development Program - list of Academic Advisors - establishment of a Commuters' Center - tutoring students in basic skills - Academic Advisors Workshop minutes - Earlham Conference on bibliographic instruction and library instruction.

Folder #26 Academic Affairs, Faculty Committees 1953 -1954 through 1985 - 1986, including but not limited to: committee assignments - faculty executive and standing committees - elected positions and chairs - appointment of staff to committees - Committee for the Future created in response to the Petersime Incident of 1969 ) 1970-1971 and 1971-1972 Ad Hoc and Special Committees (Book, Enoch, Fahs, Niswander, Sullivan, Waas, Wolfe), etc.

Date of Accession12 November 2020
Bio History NoteBasketball - Coach Heavilon
Soccer - Coach Dave Good
Women's Volleyball - Coach Lana Groombridge
Women's Tennis - Coach Judith Silvers
Women's Track and Field - Coach Iris Wion
Soccer - Coach John Lahman

Other athletics personnel: Betty Clark, Debra Hockemeyer, James Gratz (Jim Gratz), John Schultz, Lasko, Day, Robert Cornell, Monte Moffett, Scott Wareham, Karl Merritt, Don Meek, Deb Hockemeyer, Charles Miller (part-time assistant football coach), Dennis Hunt - 

Folder #4 - Athletic Department, 1968-1969 through 1976-1977 - William Chavis' interest in Black students and accompanying racial concerns  11 October 1971) - Chavis' anxiety about intramural program in terms of racial concerns. Chavis' opinion, that when campus has had racial tensions, intramural contests were almost always involved - Chavis suggests that a faculty member should attend intramural contests so that heckling is kept to a minimum and so emotions do not get carried away. "He keeps assuring me that we are going to have flare-ups again like happened this fall, unless we are able to find some answers." (1971 October letter by Paul Hoffman, Dean of Students).
18 November 1969 memo from Hoffman, Dean of Students, regarding direction about all Black teams in the intramural program.
Archivist NoteDescription prepared 12 November 2020 by Jeanine Wine.

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