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Accession #MU2021/9
TopicPetersime, Ray: Poland and Post WWII Relief,
TitleThe Humanitarian Efforts of Ray Petersime
CitationThe Humanitarian Efforts of Ray Petersime, MU2021/9, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceLeland Miller, grandson of Ray Petersime
Scope and Content

Folder #1 - Correspondence regarding Poland trip prior to the venture

2/21/46 - Cable to Ray from M. R. Zigler regarding meeting in Anderson, IN on 25 February.

2/22/46 - Cable - Ray responds to Zigler.

2/26/46 - Letter to Ray from Zigler regarding Ray's investigation in Washington, "sending what it takes to establish poultry business in Europe," whether someone needs to go there, if so, it ought to be Ray; also whether Ray could work for a year at new Windsor, Maryland, as manager of the project.

3/16/46 - Letter from Ray to Zigler summarizing considerations and "possibilities of using poultry in the European relief program." The shipping of hatching eggs is the "only possibility for poultry in relief," and describes a plan.

3/18/46 - Letter from Zigler - the Brethren Service Committee has approved the Poultry Project and is assigning its direction to Ray.

 3/22/46 - Letter from John Metzler asking for details of Poultry Project and a meeting to discuss; need to move quickly if to benefit Europe this summer.

3/25/46 - Talks with leaders in the poultry industry indicate that the plan is feasible. Have a meeting in Indiana? Ray mentions that his mother is seriously ill.

Undated - Description of the project, "Hatching eggs for the Brethren service Relief Program."

4/10/46 - Cables to and from Metzler regarding meeting on12 April 1946.

4/13/46 - Letter from Metzler to four persons regarding publicity to churches about egg collection. UNRRA will provide transportation of eggs from Dayton to Poland.

4/16/46 - Metzler letter suggesting Ray accompany the egg flight; the Brethren Service Committee (BSC) publicity consultant will be contacted. Publicity will benefit the Christian relief movement.

4/16/46 - Letter from Metzler to G. W. Young, publicist. He speaks of  Metzler/Petersime meeting at the UNRRA. A bomber load of eggs of mercy has considerable news value. Egg donations are coming from Ohio and Indiana congregations of the Church of the Brethren.

4/17/46 - Letter to J. D. Reber about egg collection, preferring Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns.

4/18/46 - Letter to Metzler reporting progress, problem locating egg cases, "the bomber loaded with shells of mercy...that will burst forth with life and not for death," that local churches may help with handling so many eggs in such a short time.

4/18/46 - Letter to Zigler describing progress.

4/19/46 - Letter to Metzler regarding recent visit and meeting with Gibboney.

4/25/46 - Letter to U.S. Customs regarding clearing egg shipment through Newfoundland so that there will be no delay.

4/27/46 - Letter from Metzler regarding providing details to UNRRA about shipment, and process of getting passport and inoculations.

5/1/46 - Letter from Zigler praising progress on project.

Undated - Accounting of contributions of eggs per congregation.

5/4/46 - Four cables to and from Metzler, Katz, Dan West, regarding loading day details.

5/6/46 - Three cables to the press regarding loading of the plane.

5/6/46 - Cable to Colonel F. J. Miles in London giving notice of the trip and asking for suggestions (sent?). 

5/6/46 - Thank you letter to participants in egg collection project on "Eggs of Mercy" stationery.

Undated - Copies of "Eggs of Mercy" stationery.

5/6/46 - Letter from U.S. Treasury regarding customs issues.

5/6/46 - Letter from American Birobidjan Committee about sending hatching eggs to Birobidjan.

5/6/46 - Letter from James Love in Oak Park, IL with a donation after seeing report of egg flight in the newspaper.

5/6/46 - Letter from U of Missouri with data on the effect of egg age on hatchability.

Undated - Copies of three scientific publications on factors affecting egg weight and hatchability (with note listing hatchability data).

Folder #2 - Credentials, other documents related to travel to Poland

4/29/46 - Spare document photos.

4/29/46 - UNRRA International Certificate of Inoculation and Vaccination (with other inoculation records).

5/2/46 - U.S. passport acquired for the trip that permits travel to Poland.

5/3/46 - UNRRA Certificate of identity describing Ray's official position as Consultant.

5/3/46 - UNRRA Travel Authorization for trip.

5/7/46 - Veterans' Air Express Company International Air Way bill describing freight for shipment from Dayton to Warsaw.

5/9/46 - Letter to friend, Chester George, written during Newfoundland to Azores leg of flight.

5/9-14/46 - Cables between Ray and his family during the trip.

5/7-15/46 - Ray's handwritten notes logging events and describing details of trip.


Folder #3 - Correspondence and other documents regarding Poland trip - after trip, through December 1946

Undated - Report on European Trip describing Ray's experience, conditions, needs, situation with European Protestant churches.

5/46 - Hatching Report of Eggs to Poland (performed in Gettysburg on representative eggs set aside prior to shipment?).

5/8/46 - Letter to Ira from Church League of America praising egg shipment and describing difficult conditions in Poland, and Russian subjugation of Poland.

5/8/46 - Letter from American Hungarian Relief wondering if a similar relief project could be undertaken with Hungary? (included is Ray's response).

5/12/46 - Letter from the Methodist Church in Poland requesting aid (food, livestock, clothing, etc.).

5/14/46 - Letter from John Yost praising egg flight.

5/15/46 - Letter from Lawrence W. Shultz, mentioning that he is depending on Ray and Moyne Landis, to help put Manchester on its feet, and Rays 5/21 response.

5/17/46 - Letter from Famine Relief Fund requesting information on how egg shipment was accomplished (including Ray's response).

5/17/46 - Letter from G. W. Young regarding interview with AP upon return.

5/20/46 - Letter from Zigler, who is anxious to know what next steps should be.

5/23/46 - Letter to Senator Robert Taft expressing concern about (1) the skilled occupations and professions needed in the American sector of Germany are going to the communists and (2) biases against the Jews in American policies in Germany.

5/23/46 - Letter to Prof. Frederick Roehm about the conditions in Europe and the need to also support the spiritual needs of the European Protestants.

5/31/46 - Brethren Service Committee Statement of Receipts and Disbursements.

6/8/46 - Eight letters of thanks from recipients of heifers in Eastern Europe, not addressed to particular individuals.

6/16/46 - Letter from G. R. Hodges, Church World Service, regarding housing at New Windsor (including Ray's response).

6/21/46 - Letter to M. R. Zigler about Ray's visit to New Windsor, Maryland,  and offering storage space for relief materials at Gettysburg, Ohio.

6/21/46 - Letter to Konstanty Najder in Warsaw, expressing the value of visiting with him while in Warsaw, asking for reports of the needs/conditions in Poland that may be useful for promoting relief efforts.

6/21/46 - Letter to G. P. Warfield of the Methodist Committee for Overseas Relief, regarding meeting and visiting with Methodists in Warsaw.

6/21/46 - Letter to J. Metzler, United Church Service Center, same as letter to Zigler on 6/21.

6/21/46 - Letter to Polish War Relief inquiring about shipments of relief to Poland.

6/24/46 -  Response from American Relief for Poland regarding accepting relief shipment (with Ray's response).

6/28/46 - Letter from UNRRA inquiring about how well eggs survived flight and inspections in Poland (with Ray's response).

Undated - Hatching Report of Eggs to Poland (this appears to be a report of testing done in Ohio on eggs that acted as a "control" group and were retained from shipment ??).

7/46 - Card from the actress, Dorothy Lamour, with a picture of Lamour's residence. Ray's response. Lamour's card does not have a stamp and is apparently an enclosure with other communication?).

7/3/46 - Letter from J. A. Watson, International Council of Religious Education, regarding radio broadcast that Ray will make.

7/4/46 - Letters to Sister Melanie from L. Jesakow, Warsaw Methodists, mentioning Ray's visit on his egg delivery trip, with copy of excerpts from the letters.

7/5/46 -  Letter from H. B. Pohlman proposing a relief project involving collecting lard from farmers butchering in the fall and sending the lard to Poland. The nursing school situation in Poland is described, along with Community health's dependence upon nurses  (Ray's response is included).

7/6/46 -  Letter from Riverdale Congregational Church in Dayton, Ohio. Ray is asked to show his film of the Poland trip (with Ray's response).

7/8/46 - Letter from G. W. Robnett, Church League of America (attachments suggesting a Christian patriot bent). Was it possible that the chicks from the eggs ended up in Russia?

7/11/46 - Letter to G. P. Wakefield, Methodist Committee, with Warsaw photos.

7/12/46 - Letter from J. Kavanaugh, American Friends Service Committee, relayed through S. Hamilton, regarding livestock donation to Friends or Brethren relief efforts (including Ray's response).

7/19/46 - Letter to Konstanty Najder, Warsaw, thanking him for his letter to New Windsor mentioning Ray's working with the United Church Service Center.

7/23/46 - Letter from L. L. Krzyzak, American Relief for Poland, acknowledging receipt of letter and reporting that there are numerous orphanages in Poland cities in need of aid.

7/24/46 - Follow-up letter from H. B. Pohlman describing her food/nutrition relief to Poland (including Ray's response).

7/24/46 - Letter from Potsdam church requesting Ray to present pictures of his trip (Ray's response).

7/30/46 - Cable to Rev. Melchert, New Breman, regarding arrival on August 1.

8/2/46 - Poplar Grove church requests presentation on trip (Ray's response).

8/6/46 -  Union City Kiwanis Club requests film presentation (Ray's response).

8/7/46 - Central Bible Church (Aurora, IL) inquires about the possibility of a future presentation.

8/11/46 - H. B. Pohlman, Los Angeles, continues discussion of Poland relief work.

8/13/46 - Letter to American Committee for the Relief of German Needy regarding sending small relief packages to Germany.

8/20/46 - Letter from B. B. Beruabei, Rome, Italy, describing circumstances and asking for aid.

8/20/46 - A. M. Barthel, American Committee for the Relief of Garman Needy, responds to inquiry about sending food relief to Germany (Ray's response).

8/23/46 - Letter to T. Metzgar, Brethren Service Center, with addresses of Polish contacts.

8/23/46 - Letter from H. S. Elverfeldt, Kamten, Austria, offering thanks for linen and clothes.

8/24/46 - Letter to M. R. Zigler about Ray's speaking and collection of money towards relief.

8/?/46 - Letter from E. R._nson, UNRRA, responding to Ray's inquiry about collecting and shipping goats to Europe with UNRRA information on the collection and shipment of livestock (with Ray's response).

8/28/46 - Letter regarding late September presentation in Union City (Ray's response).

8/28/46 -  G. P. Warfield responds t Ray's letters about Warsaw experience (Ray's response).

8/28/46 - Note to M. R Zigler regarding sending money to Poland.

8/29/46 - Letter from P. S. Longenecker, Brethren minister, about his trip to Poland with attached church bulletin (Ray's response).

8/30/46 - Follow-up letter from A. M. Barthel with more information on their relief programs.

9/2/46 - Letter from G. Karlsen, Sar Odal Norway, expressing thanks for coat.

9/10/46 - Response from E. Grossnickle, COB General Mission Board, responding to question about sending money to Poland (Ray's response).

9/10, 12/46 - Letters from T. Metzger, Heifer Project, acknowledging Ray's donation and discussing concern with carrying large amount of currency to the Russian Missionary Society in Poland (Ray's response).

9/11/46 - Letter from B. G. Bushong of Heifer Project asking about Poland egg hatching report (Ray's response that UNRRA received reports from all hatcheries that got eggs, indicating a maximum hatch of 60%. Those were thought to be very good considering the conditions that the eggs endured).

9/30/46 - Letter to Roy Teach, Brookville, regarding the possibility of future talks.

9/30/46 - Letter to Chester Seman, Union City, regarding future talk.

9/30/46 - letter to Hugh Staley, Greenville, regarding a cancellation.

10/3/46 - Letter from Konstaty Najder, Warsaw, offering thanks for relief material received and giving an update on conditions (a lengthy resonse form Ray mentioning T. Metzger and L. Shultz are on their way to Poland).

10/3/46 - Letter from K. Majder, Methodist Home Warsaw, offering thanks for continuing aid shipments and providing update, mentioning they have yet to receive any heifers.

10/7/46 - Letter from Greenville Rotary Club proposing December presentation.

10/9/46 - letter to Roy Teach regarding future presentation.

10/10/46 -  Letter to M. Landis from D. Stouder, Brethren Service Center, regarding shipment of relief cereal.

10/12/46 - Letter from Roy Teach, Brookville, regarding future presentation.

10/16/46 - Letter from Union City Rotary suggesting January 1947 presentation (Ray's response).

10/17/46 - Letter to American Express Company regarding shipment of relief materials to Germany.

10/21/46 - Letter from J. D. Metzler, Brethren Service Center, asking for information on egg donations by congregation (Ray's response includes details on egg donations).

10/27/46 - Letter and Sunday bulletin from Eaton COB about presentation at Sunday service.

10/30/46 - Letter to Rev. M. Landis (Ray's pastor) from G. Biester, Hannover, Germany, expressing thanks for gift blanket.

10/30/46 - Letter to Rev. M. Landis from S. Wolf, Hannover, Germany, expressing thanks for gift blanket.

10/31/46 - Letter from Konstanty Najder about Metzger's visit, dr. Warfield's activities, current needs (Ray's response mentions details of L. W. Shultz's coming visit).

11/5/46 - Letter to Robert(son) Fort, Church World Service, regarding doing paperwork for shipment of 775 cases of canned food to Germany (apparently, the food was personally canned by members of the Oakland COB, Ray's congregation).

11/6/46 - Letter to L. Jesakow, Methodist Home Warsaw, describing shipments of aid on the way and stating that L. W. Schultz is in route to Warsaw.

11/7/46 - Letter thaning Ray for presentation at Greenville YWCA.

11/11/46 - Letter regarding presentation at Beaver Creek on November 24.

11/15/46 - Card from Chas. Garber regarding Beaver Creek meeting on 24th.

11/19/46 - Letter from Robertson Fort, CWS, in response to Ray's 11/5 letter regarding paperwork and shipment of canned food to Germany.

11/20/46 - Letter from A. F. Kierschner, American Committee for the Relief of German Needy, acknowledging donation, with copies of organization's donation and information bulletins.

11/27-12/21/46 - Five cables regarding rail shipment of canned food to Germany from Ray's church in Ohio.

12/4/46 - Letter form Mary Erbaugh requesting presentation at Eversole church (Ray's response).

12/6/46 - Letter to Robertson Fort, CWS, reporting that canned food (769 cases (24 cans/case) of corn, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and beets) has been shipped, appreciating being able to handle shipment directly with CWS though donation will be created/credited? to Brethren Service.

12/17/46 - Card from l. J. Weaver expressing appreciation for Ray's broadcast.

12/19/46 - Excerpts from eltter from T. Metzger, BSC worker in poland, describing work with orphanages and circumstances of the children, with copy of letter of thanks from Institute for the Blind which received, "cows, heifers and calves."

12/24/46 - Note from Robertson Fort, CWS, regarding problems with rail shipment of food from Ohio.

12/26/46 - Letter to M. Shellhaus mentioning spiritual needs of those in destitute countries.

12/30/46 - Letter to Josef Stalin, Moscow, thanking him for permission to fly relief materials to Poland and expressing confidence in his interest in world peace.

12/31/46 - Letter to American Relief for Poland requesting documents and information for shipping materials.

Undated - Documents and information about sending relief materials to Poland and Germany.

Folder #4 - Correspondence, other documents regarding Poland trip and subsequent relief work - January 1947 to May 1948

Early 47 - A memorandum from Brethren Service Committee to the Government of the Polish republic on the subject of Projects for relief and rehabilitation.

1/4/47 - Letter regarding presentation at Union City Rotary on 21 January (With Ray's response).

1/7/47 - Note from Robertson Fort, CWS, informing Ray that canned food shipment has sailed.

1/16/47 - letter requesting presentation at Mt. Zion E & R Church (Dayton) (Ray's response).

1/23/47 - Letter setting presentation date at Mt. Zion E & R Church.

1/23/47 - "Poland Today" newsletter, Russian Missionary Society, including letter from L. Jesakow (Constancin Orphanage, Warsaw) which describes assistance from Brethren Service Committee (mentions L. W. Shultz, Mr. Metzger, Mr. and Mrs. Wood) including food, clothing, bibles, two cows and a a calf.

1/25/47 - "The Methodist Church in Krakow," a letter from Rev. W. Benedyktowicz describing conditions and activities of congregation and community.

1/29/47 - Letter from Brethren Service Committee including content of newspaper article from Holland praising activities of BSC workers in Flushing Harbor Village.

1/3/0/47 - Letter requesting presentation at Portland, Indiana Rotary Club (Ray's response included).

1/31/47 - "The methodist Church in Poland," a lteter to supporters from Rev. J. Naumiuk, Poznan, describes war experience and current circumstances for his and other congregations.

2/3/47 - letter to M. R. Zigler, Brethern Service Committee, from Clara and Bruce Wood, an update on work in POland and report regarding plant seed needs.

2/3/47 - Letter to Will Miller (Dayton) regarding future presentation dates.

2/3/47 - Letter to Clyde Albaugh (Sidney) regarding future presentation dates.

2/5/47 - Card confirming presentation at Troy COB on 23 February.

2/12/47 - Letter from Wm Miller (Dayton) confirming 27 April date for presentation.

2/12/47 - Letter regarding date for presentation at Portland Rotary Club.

2/21-23/47 -  Announcement and program for Gideons regional meeting at Charleston, WV.

2/24/47 - Card confirming presentation to Lostcreek Farm Bureau (Troy).

2/24/47 - Letter from Clyde Albaugh suggesting date for presentation at Sidney (Rays' response).

3/5/47 - Letter from W. R. Zigler regarding arranging date for meeting.

3/6/47 - Letter from C. Albaugh finalizing date for presentation in Sidney.

3/10/47 - Letter confirming date for presentation at Mt. Zion E & R, Ddayton.

3/11/47- Certificate acknowledging presentation at Union City Kiwanis on 11 March.

3/11/47 - Letter to Hugh miller confirming date for presentation at Portland Rotary Club.

3/13/47 - Letter regarding presentation at Portland Rotary.

3/14/47 - Card about ?

3/15/47 - Card from J. H. Mathis responding to Ray's letter regarding sending workers to Europe (with Ray's response).

3/18/47 - Letter to G. von Reisen regarding sending seeds to Poland.

3/26/47 - Letter from Konstanty Najder regarding activities in Poland and hopes Ray will visit again.

3/27/47 - Letter to A. P. Schnatz expressing appreciation for visit to his church in Zenia.

3/27/47 - Letter to F. Eby with information on sending materials to Poland (including addresses).

4/1/47 - Card announcing meeting of Commission of Week Day School of Christian Education in Union City.

4/1/47 - Notification from Edward Ziegler of meeting of Manchester Committee on Church-College Relationships on 11 April.

4/7/47 - Letter to Chester Lephart (Greenville) notifying of conflict with plan to come to school.

4/20/47 - Card confirming date of presentation at East Dayton on 27 April (with Ray's response).

4/27/47 - Certificate expressing appreciation for speaking at Kiwanis Club in Ansonia.

5/7/47 - Letter to L. Bowser regarding sending packages to Poland and Germany (addresses included).

5/7/47 - Letter to Rev. Wobus regarding recent meeting and providing Polish and German addresses for sending relief.

5/19/47 - Letter regarding presentation at Morrow (Ohio) Methodist Church on 28 May.

6/6/47 - letter to H. Martin with Polish addresses for sending relief.

6/21/47 - Letter from M. R. Zigler about his upcoming travels and asking Ray to serve on the Rural Overseas Relief committee (with Ray's response declining request due to time).

6/27/47 - Letter to Mrs. Bolinska, Polish Embassy, about recent visit to embassy.

6/27/47 - Letter to E. Wiszneiewski, Polish Annex, with appreciation for recent meeting with him.

7/4/47 - Letter from Eldon Burke, Council of Relief Agencies Licensed for Operation in Germany (CRALOG), stating his inability to take eggs with him on upcoming trip to Poland (with Ray's response).

7/10/47 - Letter to E. H. Dickerson regarding his gift of relief heifers and describing conditions in Poland.

7/10/47 - Letter to C. Lesher regarding gift of heifers, similar to letter to Dickerson.

7/16/47 - Letter from H. M. Bilinska, Polish Embassy, regarding their meeting and asking about Ray's talks about his trip (with Ray's response reporting that that he has spoken at 45 locations and that 153 radio stations have broadcast (by transcription ) his interviews and talks about Poland.

9/19/47 - Letter from F. Henez, Holstein, regarding importation of Petersime incubators to Europe, status of Petersime patents in Germany, and apparent business interference by Nazis.

10/47 - "Newsletter from Poland," October issue from Konstanty Najder.

11/47 - "Newsletter No. 2, Methodist Church in Poland," November issue from Konstanty Najder.

11/15/47 - Letter to H. J. Martin, South Lebanon Methodist Church, relief needs and details regarding sending materials to Poland.

11/22/47 - Letter to Konstanty Najder with update work, mentioning that 453 radio broadcasts with which Ray has been involved, have mentioned needs in Poland.

11/22/47 - Letter to K. Kloske, Germany, regarding Ray's relief work for Germany (sent?).

12/12/47 - Letter to Oakland Church women from C. Wood, BSC Warsaw, thanking them for dress material for sewing project and describing conditions.

12/29/47 - Letter from Poland (in Polish, translation exists somewhere).

12/47 - "Das Hilfswerk, Protestant Relief Work in Germany," Bulletin No. 6, 10,000 Laymen in Training.

1/48 - "Das Hilfswerk, Protestant Relief Work in Germany," Bulletin No. 8, Living conditions in Germany.

1/19/48 - Letter from I. L. and M. Jesakow (sisters) thanking Ray for letter and reporting that they recently arrived in America and are in school.

1/20/48 - Letter to P. Getz, Brethren Service Committee, expressing happiness with the Getz trip to Poland.

1/24/48 - "Newsletter from Poland," January issue from Werner Wickstrom (Methodists).

1/30/48 - Letter to M. Gorski, President of Warsaw College of Agriculture, from Clara Wood, regarding donation of poultry incubator to school from Ray through the Brethren Service Commission.

2/48 - "Newsletter from Poland," No. 4, February issue from Werner Wickstrom (Methodists).

2/12/48 - Letter form Rev. G. Bicremski, Poland, offering thanks for C.A.R.E. package (?).

2/26/48 - Letter from Father P. H. Peterjen, Germany, offering thanks for gift package.

2/20/48 - Letter from Clara Wood including note from M. Gorski to Clara Wood expressing thanks for gift of incubator to college.

3/2/48 - Letter to Konstanty Najder about Najder's visit to the U.S., mentioning 454 radio broadcasts and gift of incubator.

3/9/48 - Letter from K. Najder in response to Ray's letter, wondering if Ray could arrange speaking opportunities.

3/13/48 - Letter from Clara Wood with copy of "Resolution on Poland" issued by the American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service.

3/17/48 - Card from k. Kloske, Germany.

3/30/48 - Letter to Clara Wood, thanks for information, mentions Rev. Najder is in new York and under doctor's care, attached copy of letter to J. Swiostak, Warsaw (sent?).

3/30/48 - Letter to K. Kloske responding to his earlier letter regarding gift.

4/4/48 - Letter from H. and W. T. Wickstrom, Methodist Church, Poland, offering thanks for gift package.

4/14/48 - Letter to K. Najder regarding enjoying getting together in New York.

5/11/48 - Letter to H. M. Bilinski, Polish Embassy, regarding person wishing to go to Poland to do relief work and inquiring about documents, with response form Ms. Bilinski.

Folder #5

Newspaper and magazine articles about Ray's May 1946 trip to Poland delivering hatching eggs and his subsequent relief activities (not including Heifer Project work).

e = electric copy

h - hardcopy

hs - hardcopy in scrapbook

 4/19/46 - "155 Cases of Eggs Sought by Church," Greenville Daily Advocate (e).

4/24/46 -  "Plan to Ship Hatching Eggs from here to Warsaw Poland," Dayton Daily News (h); 2,500-3,000 families will benefit from eggs being shipped, poultry has quick turnover, easy propagation, maintained by natural scavenger habits.

4/24/46 - "Brethren Collecting Eggs for Air Travel to Poland," Dayton Herald (h).

4/29/46 - "Hatching eggs will be flown to Poland," Greenville Daily Advocate (e).

5/2/46 - "Dayton Church Ships Poland Eggs By Air," Dayton Herald (h).

5/4/46 - "Eggs Leave Airport Monday," Dayton Herald (h); over 100,000 eggs donated by OH, IN congregations, about twice as many as can be shipped, chicks have better chance of surviving conditions in Poland than any other type of small animal.

5/5/46 - "Church fo fly 55,900 hatching eggs to Poland," Chicago Tribune (e): note - this article went out on wire to numerous papers.

5/6/46 - "Plane load of 55,800 hatching eggs is expected to leave Dayton today on Hop to Poland," Cincinnati Enquirer (h).

5/6/46 - "U. B. Church Provides 55,800 eggs to be flown to starving Poland," York (PA) Daily Record (e).

5/7/46 - "Gettysburg Man on Air Trip to Poland," Greenville Advocate (h); today's departure delayed from 5/6 due to weather preventing the arrival of the plane.

5/7/46 - "Flight of Eggs to Polish needy Delayed for Day."

5/8/46 - "Big Plane Hops for Poland with Cargo fo Eggs for Needy," Dayton Helard (h); with photos, plane departed at 3:06 P.M. on 7th, about 100 members of the area COB churches were present, plane arrived 4 hours later than expected this day, hatched chicks should develop into 125,000 pounds of poultry, plane took off with 5 crew, this project prompted by positive response to earlier shipments of heifers to Europe.

5/8/46 - "Sky Giant Starts with Load of Eggs to Aid Poland's Needy," Dayton Journal (h); with photo.

5/8/46 - "Plane on way to Warsaw with 55,800 hatching eggs for needy Polish Families," Cincinnati Enquirer (h); a chicken can live on almost anything and is a source of both meat and eggs, journey expected to take 33 hours, plane left Dayton with crew of 4 (AAF veterans) and will pick up 4 more in Newark, Captain William Jakeman is pilot.

5/9/46 - "Pet Spaniel flying to Master Abroad," World-Telegram (h); dog going to Capt. C. H. Carter stationed at Wiesbaden, Germany.

5/9/46 - "Ray M. Petersime is on Air Trip to Poland," Versailles Policy (h).

5/11/46 - "These chicks fly far," Dayton Herald (h);; numerous photos.

5/13/46 - "Eggs delivered in Poland by Plane," Greenville Advocate (h).

5/13/46 - "Valley Eggs Reach Poland," Dayton Journal (h).

5/14/46 - "Egg Shipment Reaches Poland," Dayton Herald (h).

5/19/46 - "Nazi Incubators in Poland Hatching Eggs from Ohio," Dayton Daily news (h); reporting Ray's comments upon his May 16 return, eggs being placed in incubators brought to Poland by Germans when they occupied the country, willingness on part of occupying Russians to cooperate, relief is getting to people who need it, flight had crew of 9, pilot Bill Jakeman said bad weather made it the worst of the 120 ocean crossings.

5/19/46 - "Donate Eggs," Salt Lake Tribune (e); Ray reports venture was a complete success.

6/1/46 - "Brethren send Hatching Eggs to Europe," The Ohio Farmer (h),; with photo.

6/46 - "Church Donates 55,800 Quality Hatching Eggs to Poland," Poultry Supply Dealer (h); with photos, flight was in transit 36 hours, via Newark, newfoundland, Azores and Paris, arrived in Warsaw on 5/11, Ray uncertain how long he would be in Poland.

6/46 - "Petersime Flies Eggs to Poland," Hatchery Tribune (h); with photos, largest known shipment of hatching eggs, C-54 transport plane.

6/16/46 - "Flying Before They Are Hatched," Christian Union Herald (h).

7/46 - "Illinois Eggs Fly to Czechoslovakia," Illinois Hatcherygram (h); Illinois Poultry Improvement Association shipped 58,680 eggs to Prague, Czechoslovakia on 5/31, arrived in Prague on 6/6/, conducted by UNRRA, similar to Ray's project.

11/9/46 - "News in an Eggshell," Gospel messenger (h); with photo of eggs hatching at State Agricultural School for Girls near Warsaw.

12/46 - "Ohio Church Feeds Polish and Other Sufferers," The Friends of Russia (publication of the Russian Missionary Society) (h); with photo, about Oakland COB canning food for shipment to Eastern Europe, reports that 775 (18,500 cans) of corn, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and beets, were shipped.

1/47 - "Gettysburg Man Tells Rotarians of Polish Trip," (Union City) (h).

12/19/48 - "Voice of America to Broadcast Food Train Service Here Today," Columbus paper? (hs).

2/18/49 - "Darke County Food Train Drive Will Open Next Monday," Greenville Advocate (hs).

2/19/49 - "Corn Donation Begins Monday in Darke," Journal Herald (Dayton, Ohio) (e).

2/26/49 - "Corn Gathered by Townships: Darke CROP quotas filling rapidly," Journal Herald (Dayton, OH) (e).

3/6/49 - "CROP to Continue Collection of Commodities," The Columbus (OH) Dispatch (hs).

3/18/49 - "Food Train Gifts Now Total $9,506." Greenville Advocate (hs).

3/21/49 - "Darke County gives $9,506 for CROP," Journal Herald (Dayton, OH) (hs).

5/5/49 - "Corn Donationa High," Journal Herald (Dayton, OH) (e).

12/16/49 - "Collections of Corn to be Sent Overseas," Dayton Daily News (e).

11/22/54 - "They share to give needy an assist," Journal Herald (Dayton, OH) (hs)

Folder #6 -Photographs from Ray's May 1946 trip to Poland delivering hatching eggs

1:  Ray and Eugene Katz (UNRRA) inspecting egg crates during plane loading at Dayton - (8x10).

2:  Church of the Brethren truck and plane during loading at Dayton - (8x10).

3:  Church of the Brethren truck and bystanders at plane during loading at Dayton - (5x7).

4:  Ray sitting on crates inside plane - (5x7).

5:  "Crew of C-54 plane -  Capt. Bill Jakeman in center" - (5x7).

6:  "Plane crew in front of Templehof - Berlin, Germany" - (5x7).

7:  "This picture was taken in front of the Methodist Homewhich is partly reconstructedin Warsaw, Poland.(5x7)."

Reading left to right: Ray M. Petersime (camera in hand), Rev. KS Konstanty Najder, who is head of the Protestant Forces in Poland, Rev. Lenoid Jesakow (working with Rev. Najder) of The Russian Missionary Society, and Rev. Gamble, also missionary just released from concentration camp.

8:   Copy of photo 7 - (8x10).

9:   "In front of Methodist Home in Warsaw, Poland" - similar to photo 7 without Ray - (5x7).

Rev. KS. Konslanty Najder (holding Bible to left), Rev. Lenoid Jeaskow (working with Rev. Najder of Russian Missionary Society), Rev. and Mrs. Gamble (just out of concentration camp after four year period), and Rev. Najder's brother.

10:  "WarsawPoland - in front of Methodist Home - part  of congregation at chapel service - 110 sere received into the church on previous Sunday " - (5x7).

11:  Same as photo 10 with image reversed -(5x7) .

12:  Copy - photo 10 - (8x10).

13:  "Photograph taken within the chapel of the Methodist Home, Warsaw, Poland" - (5x7). 

The door to the back on the right section was jammed with people who desired to get into the room.  Every bit of the standing room was taken. This possibly only shows about 1/2 of the available space in the Chapel.  To the left is the choir singing a song at the time the picture was taken.

The flash bulb was too weak for a large room; however, a very distinct condition is portrayed in the personalities of the people, showing the distress they have gone through during the war years.  Christian people, however, are the only ones who seem to smile through and indicate hope, which is a great inspiration to anyone who associates with them.

14:  Copy of photo #13 - (8x10).

15"Photograph taken within the chapel of the Methodist Home...different image than photo #13 - (5x7).

16Cropped portion of photo 7 - close up of selected individuals - (5x7).

17"In front of Polonia HotelWarsawPoland" - (5x7).

18:  RevHenry Peterson, one of the protestant leaders of Berlin.  A very devoted man of the Free Lutheran Church.

Capt. B. LDanner, who is chaplain of the American Occupational Forces of Berlin.

In front of Templehof * German Military Court and Headquarters during Hitler's Reign of Terror - Berlin, Germany - (5x7).

19:  "BerlinGermany - depicting burned out condition of buildings, caused by Russians occupying Berlin"- (5x7).

20"Common scene in BerlinGermany - elderly women loading debris from destroyed building" - (5x7).

21: "Women working on street in front of Templehof - Berlin, Germany" - (5 x 7).

22: "Occupational Headquarters of American Forces in Berlin" - (5 x 7).

23:  "Berlin, Germany - EATS Airport - Originally Hitler's airport in City of Berlin - Plane loaded with eggs en route to Poland" - (5 x 7).

24:  Airport at Berlin - (5 x 7).

25:  "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webb, Martha Rupel in Paris, France" - (5 x 7).

26:  Two unidentified individuals - (5 x 7).


Folder #7 Catalogue of Items Pertaining to Ray Petersime's Involvement with Heifer Project


26 photographs (11 Ea. 3 1/2" x 5", 6 ea.5"x7", 8 ea. 8"x10"

Most are date-stamped on verso (1957-1961); this is the date of printing.

The subject matter is Ray's Heifer Project Collection Farm north of Gettysburg, Ohio. The young couples who managed the farm,  had another connection to Heifer Project, and activities at the farm. The couples pictured are: Don and Eula Mae Goodfellow, who were the first managers starting there in 1956. Harry and Rosie Shenk, who took over management when the Goodfellows left, and Lew and Ann McKellip. Ann and their child lived in Gettysburg while Lewis serviced as a seagoing cowboy on a cattle ship to Greece.  It is likely that Ray assisted with providing them accommodations and support.  The farm activities pictured, focus on members of the nearby Oakland Church of the Brethren (Ray's church) helping with putting up hay.

There is also a print of a photo of Lawrence Shultz and company delivering a heifer in Poland, published in a newspaper article (1947).

5 negatives (4"x5"), pictures of the farm house.

5 sets of Heifer Project Committee (BSC) heifer transfer contracts documenting Ray's donation of 6 heifers to farmers in Poland, dated 11 September 1946 (the documents for the 6th heifer have been given to Peggy Reiff miller for her research and book on early Heifer Project.  When she is finished with her project these documents will be given to the Brethren archives.

A letter dated 21 September 1946 which Ray wrote to a farmer who received one of his heifers. (It is possible that this letter was not sent; the addressed envelope is still attached to the letter).

A letter dated 21 September 1946, to Ralph Delk at the Heifer Project Committee regarding Ray's heifer donations being sent in the name of an individual living on Ray's farm at the time.

Newspaper and magazine articles:

"Mission to Poland" (Lawrence Shultz) in the Gospel messenger, 23 February 1946.

 "Church Assembles Heifers for Relief," in the Dayton Herald, 9 May 1946.

"Valley Brethren Churches Ship Load of Heifers to Famine Areas Overseas," (Marion Esterline) in the (Dayton) Journal Herald, 20 June 1946.

"Valley Heifers, Relief Goods Reach Poland," in the Dayton Herald, 19 March 1947.

"Valley Church Units Send 11 Heifers to Venezuela," (Harrison Beardsley) in the (Dayton) Journal Herald, 24 May 1949.

"Cowboy Turns Seaman to Deliver Livestock," in the Dayton Daily News, 26 January 1958.

"Valley Farm is Assembly Point for Animals to Aid World Needy," (Marion Esterline) in the Dayton Journal Herald, 28 November 1960.




Date of AccessionUnknown
Bio History NoteRegarding Folders #1 through #4: Some letters were translated into English from the original language.  Many letters are not the originals, but were typewritten into the current form by Ray's staff.

Regarding photographs - Descriptions(Ray's) in parentheses and italics are from captions attached to photographsIt is assumed that these captioned photos were used in Ray's many presentations about his trip.
Photograph dimensions are approximate in some cases.
Archivist NoteDescription prepared by Leland Miller, a grandson of Ray Petersime, and edited January 2021 by Jeanine Wine.

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