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Accession #MU2021/19
TopicDeeter, Allen: Peace Studies,
TitleThe Peace Studies Materials of Allen Deeter
LocationIS, Unit #7 - end of the row
CitationThe Peace Studies Materials of Allen Deeter, MU2021/19, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceThese materials were part of the Brethren Colleges Abroad boxes brought to Manchester University after the BCA program came to an end while its offices were located at Elizabethtown College, PA.
Scope and Content
Folder #1

1971 Seminar on Human Justice: Foundation for Peace - Allen Deeter, speaker (program).

1971 paper, "Human Justice: Foundation for Peace," presented at the Seminar on Human Justice.

Peace Studies 1972 - What is Peace Studies? - for the Japanese-American Travel Seminar.

Folder #2 - Pioneering in Peace Education in the Church College, 1948-1974, Allen C. Deeter, Manchester College, January 5, 1974.

Pioneering in Peace Education in the Church College, Allen C. Deeter - Manchester College - May 23, 1974.

Remaining Folders by title:

Study Papers for the Second Theology Conference - 1964.

Deeter - Conference on the Concept of the Believers' Church -1966, 1967.

Deeter - Publisher and Publishing - 1967-1970.
Deeter - Publishers - Recent Correspondence - 1970.

Harvard Housing - Barksdale - Jeschke - 1968.

Deeter - Loren Bowman - New Brethren history Proposal - 1968.

Deeter - Correspondence - July 1969 - August 1969 - including J. Chang, MC student and desire to study.

Deeter - Correspondence - Circa September 1969 - April 1970.

Deeter - Dorrespondence - Post 9 August 1967 - 1968 - 1969, including but not limited to: Prof. Horton Davies, Department of Religion, Princeton - 1967 death of Gladdys Muir - reforming Peace Studies, Dr. Deeter to be Acting Director, and turning the program back into something more like Muir's original program, because the title of "conflict resolution" is not working out - reach-out to Donald Durnbaugh and others to see how they might reformulate the program.

1969 November - St. John's Universit Visitation, CSCA.

Deeter - Sabbatical - 1968 contracts - taxes - license.

Deeter - 1968 correspondence while at Harvard - finances, contracts, etc. - Manchester's Funderburg Library card!

1969 Asia trip.

The Society for Religion in Higher Education - World Religion Grant Materials - study application and proposal - Harvard Center for Study of World Religions, pre-1968 and 1968 - 1969.

Grant materials and correspondence, 1969-1969.

Society for Religion in Higher Education - grant mechanics.
Harvard Divinity School - Center for Study of World Religions - correspondence.

"Preparation for College Teachers," by Timothy Fry O.I.S.B., St. Benedict's College, Kansas  - Ph.D. training the best preparation for the college teacher.

Hong Kong, 1969.

Grant correspondence with Hawaii, Tehran (1969 sabbatical), Ceylon (1969 sabbatical), Morocco (1969 sabbatical), Egypt and Libya (1969 sabbatical), 

Tunisia (1969 sabbatical) - note: Kendall Rogers a BCA student who had spent time in the Middle East - Rogers would later become an instructor of religion at MC.

Pakistan - (1969 sabbatical) - problems.

Bangkock, etc. - (1969 sabbatical).

Deeter draft, "Heirs of a Promise."

Humanities Core Administration Committee  -1968, 1970, 1972 -  description of revised Humanities Core Program, philosophy behind the change, and other materials - Humanities I (Life and Death) - Humanities II (Beauty and Ugliness) - Humanities III (Life and death) - Humanities IV (Good and Evil).
 Humanities Core (Man and Mystery).

Diagram - H. Wheeler Robinson's - The Cross in the Old Testament.

1972 Summer - Brethren History Special Problems Paper, "A Look at the Past, a Hope for the Future," by Brent Driver. Personal note from son about newspaper route.

Fellowship of Reconciliation - "Dai Dong Study Guide: Peace is the Way."

Fellowship of Reconciliation - "Dai Dong" - 1975 etc. Dai Don includes adequate resources, peace and energy/ecology issues.

1975 materials, Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) - Budget Report ending August 1975 - 1975 Report to Executive Committee - Financial and Program Reports

1976-1977 Fellowship of Reconciliation materials, including but not limited to: Potential members packet - correspondence with FOR, NYACK, NY - April 1977 National Council Agenda - 1976-1977 overview of Program (Report April 1977) - Report May 1977 - Officers 1976-1977.

17 October 1977 Body and Mind Convocation at MC - presentation by Dr. Neville - "How does the body influence the mind" How is it that some experience in your physical organs can be affecting your thoughts? And conversely, how is it that something in our thinking and feelings can be translated into body language?" - transcription from tape by Dwight Beery.

Folder on Hunger - materials from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (1977) - CROP, the Community Hunger Appeal of Church World Service pamphlet - a printed booklet of addresses given by Shantilal Bhagat, Joseph Sittler and Robert Stevens,at the symposium, Dare We Feed The Hungry? A Symposium on Environmental Ethics, held at Manchester College 13 February 1975 - other related publications.

Proposal to Create an Environmental Studies Major at MC - Committee Roger Buzzard, Bill Eberly, Allen Deeter - special interest by Sociology students (T. Q. Evans) - outline of core courses - supportive and research materials.

c. 1977 - Symposium on Energy Food and the Quality of Life - energy conservation related materials - article, "Food for peace, or Food for Power."

Resources - natural conservation materials, c. 1977.

Indochina Mobile Education Unit - Don Luce - The International Committee to free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners from Detention, Torture, and Death."

Peace Studies Syllabi, including but not limited to:
"Behavioral Science and War," Spring 1975 and 1977  (Prof. Johansen) - College of Literature, Science and the Arts Center for Research on Conflict Resolution, Mid-Term and Qualifying Examination for the Seminar on Research for Peace - written instruction for students interested in international and conflict studies through the Center for Research on Conflict Resolution -   James Gould of Scripps College sends syllabi.

Bibliography for "Behavioral Science and War," instructed by Professor Johanson, with the titles of "Military industrial Complex," and "Supplementary Bibliography."

Various Peace Studies course syllabi.

1978-1979 Deeter correspondence - Peace Studies and personal.

Brochure, "Why I am a Pacifist," by Ken Brown - brochure, "Peace Studies, Manchester College."

Rockerfeller Brothers Theological Fellowship Program materials.

Packet - "General Motors in Latin America, presentation by H. W. Gage to the Council on Religion and International Affairs," 18 September 1973 in Aspen. Colorado.

Date of Accession23 March 2021
Bio History NoteAllen Deeter served as the Director of the Brethren Colleges Abroad (BCA) program for many years. He also taught Religion and Philosophy at Manchester and was the head of the Peace Studies program.
Archivist NoteDescription prepared March 2021 by Jeanine Wine.

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