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TopicAccession #Description Summary
A Cappella Choir and Concert Band: Tours, 1981 - 1990MC2007/52  

A Cappella Choir and Concert Band Tours - a partial list of tours for the years 1981 - 1991.

A Cappella Choir Tour List (April 8 - 18, 1949).

A Cappella Choir and Music GroupsMU2018/1 

Photographs of choral groups and performances: A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Women's Quartet, Chapel Choir, Choral Union, Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra, Elijah, Messiah, Brahm's Requium, Down in the Valley, Ruwana, and What is Man?

A Cappella Choir: April 1985 PerformanceMU2015/150 wave sound 

On 14 April 1985 the Manchester College A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Floyd Slotterback, sang at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

A Cappella Choir: PostersMC2009/127 An assortment of older and newer posters related to choral and musical performances. . 
A Cappella Choir: Recordings,MC2009/142a-d 

A Cappella Choir - CD's with recordings from 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1961.

A Cappella Choir: Students First CampaignMU2018/120 

The Manchester College A Cappella Choir creates a musical CD titled, "Voices Lifted," for the Students First! Campaign for Manchester.

A Cappella Choir: The Creation,1953MC2008/144a,b,c 

A Cappella Choir - The Creation, (poem) recording with music, 1953, narrated by Art Hunn.  Lord, Thou Has Been Our Refuge, recording 1953.

AAFRO Club, AAFRO House & ProgramMC2009/71-D 

Posters from events sponsored by the A.A.F.R.O. Club.

AAFRO CLUB: PhotographsMU2018/104 AAFRO Club pictures from the 1973-1974 academic year.  Day Taylor receives an award from Fred Bullock. 1973-1974 alumni event group pictures. 
AAFRO House & ProgramMC2002/6 AAFRO House
  • Information on Black History Month and the AAFRO House and Program records for 1969-1982.
  • 1986-87 Budget for AAFRO Program.
AAFRO House and ProgramMC2009/71-E,c 

Poster: "Haunted House," spondored by AAFRO House, 31 October 1978. 

AAFRO House Presentation: Art ExhibitMU2018/103 1976 c African art display probably sponsored by AAFRO House. 
Abebi, ZenebeFaculty/Staff Boxes: Abebi, Zenebe  Zenebe Abebi materials.  
Abell, W. J.Large Boxes 119 

"Meeting the Needs and Desires of Returning Veterans and CPS Men."  30 January 1945.  A faculty study prepared for presentation.

Academic AdvisorsMC General File: Academic Advisors 
  • Students at Risk, Memorandum Summer 1993, etc. 
  • List of Primary Advistory 1997 - 1998 by Department.
Academic AffairsMC2009/97a-d 

Materials from the Office of Academic Affairs transferred to the Archives July 2009.

Academic AffairsMC2010/2 Materials from the Office of Academic Affairs transferred to the Archives February 2010.  
Academic AffairsMC2010/45 a-i Summer and spring terms, evening classes, introduction to computers, driver training, newspaper articles, news releases, academic standard requirements for academic progress, probation and disqualification (1990).
Cora Wise Helman's "Report of the Registrar," 1922-1947. 
Academic Affairs: Large Box #1Large Boxes 1 - 12: Box #1 

Manchester College; statistics, faculty evaluations, senior comprehensive exams, advanced placement, graduates in absentia, proficiency exams, English proficiency examinations, program adjustment, senior colloquium, senior comprehensives, special problems, teaching load.

Academic Affairs: Large Box #2Academic Affairs: Large Boxes 1 - 12: Box #2 

Contents include but are not limited to; Dean's Annual Reports 1930 - 1989 (incomplete), Athletic Training Program, church scholarships, college entrance exams, diploma releases, grade complaints, grade distributions, graduates by majors, grad school recommendations, Indiana Department of Teacher Education and Certification, Miller Analogies Test, National Dean's List, non-returning and non-traditional students, Union Administrative Committee Materials (1967), Academic Facilities Committee information, jukebox policy, guidelines for use of PERC (c. 1982), Reports of Dean of Academic Affairs (1980's incomplete), enrollment management 1987, etc.

Academic Affairs: Large Box #3Academic Affairs: Large Boxes 1 - 12: Box #3 Box includes but is not limited to; Office of Institutional Research statistics including Faculty Survey 1983, Administrative Personnel Survey and Faculty and Administrative Study. Curriculum Committee Minutes,1932 - 1965 and Curriculum review reports. Curriculum Core materials 1965 - 1985. Materials on General Education, Alexander, budget, co-curricular activities, faculty papers, Davidson-Groff, Faculty Workshop 1967, Fact-Finding Committee minutes, grade point average, Graduate Study Committee Minutes, Humanities, independent student development, statements on MC, AA Degree Committee, Comprehensive Exam, Senior Seminar, Social Sciences, Summer plans, Teaching Load Committee Minutes, Interdivisional Study courses. 
Academic Affairs: Large Box #4Academic Affairs: Large Boxes 1 - 12: Box #4 

1924 Faculty Athletic Association.

1930-1931 Dean Holl's Report to the Faculty.

Academic Statistics Fall Term 1947.

1987- 1993 - Number applying for graduation, graduating with honors, lowest GPA.

Faculty Governance Task Force (1971, 1990-1991), Faculty Executive Committee Minutes (1978-1984, 1984 -1999 incomplete).

Interdisciplinary Studies Committee and Honors Studies (1990-1991).

Enrollment Management Committee (1990).  Subcommittee on Academic/Registration/Advising, Provisional Admissions (1987).

Examination Program (1960), Studies on Improvement of Tests, Senior Independent Study Program.

Steering Committee and Self-Study Steering Committee Minutes and plans (1967-1989).

Faculty Development Committee and Department Chairs, Department Heads, Meetings (1982 - 1998).

Faculty Development - Faculty Workshop programs 1965 - 2002. 1990 Mission Statement.   1991 Minutes of Professional Studies Meeting.

Discussion of Faculty/Staff Club Room and Faculty/Staff Lounge (1980 - 1985).

Faculty banquets and "Welcoming Dinners." The honoring of retirees.

Executive Committee Minutes - Military Recruitment on Campus, Inter-Disciplinary Programs (Peace Studies and Environmental Studies), Faculty Workshops, Discussion Day, Admissions Standards, Educational Frontiers Committee Members, Ethical Research Principles, Faculty Committee Assignments, Religious Life Committee,  Accreditation - Self-Study, Faculty Social Programs Committee, Dismissal Procedures for Non-Tenured and Tenured Faculty Members , Skills Development Center, Christian Higher Education, Mission Statement,

Faculty suggestions, "how to improve the experience of minority students on campus," Hoosier-Buckeye Collegiate Conference and HBCC Financial Aid Policy, Standards for Honors Graduates , Human Diversity, Harassment, Faculty Governance, Faculty Standing Committees at MC, Collaborative Learning, School Breaks, Representatives for the Dean of Academic Affairs, Bylaws for Conduct of Faculty Elections, Discussion Day Schedule, Revisions to Faculty Manual, Department Chair Appointment, Retirement Banquet, International Meal, Admissions Classifications, History of Curriculum Review, 1984 task force on Program Reduction, Improved Status of Library Faculty [October 10, 1993], NCAA definition of "good academic standing," and "satisfactory progress of students" [1993], Computer Services, Human Diversity Policy by Affirmative Action Committee, Commuter Assignments 1993-1994 by Faculty Member, Policy for the Promotion and Protection of Human Diversity (1993), Responsibilities of Computer Users, Teacher Education Committees, use of Library in Curriculum, Academic Breaks, Length of Academic Year.

Two Year Curriculum and Instructional Improvement Study circa 1958 - Study on Curricular Integration.

Goals For An Effective Curriculum At Manchester College, July 2000.

Two Year Degree Program, Fall 1974.

Helman's introduction, description and final results of the 1960's Self-Study, and related reports, statistics and minutes.  "The New Curriculum at Manchester College, Report of the Self-Study) Status as of June 20, 1968)."

Development of Divisional Core Curricula in Humanities, Social Sciences and Science, etc., Proposed Non-Divisional Core Curriculum Focused on helping each student discover "Who He Is,"  A Statement of Purpose for Manchester College, Memo to Faculty Regarding Self-Study, Proposed Teaching Load Evaluation.

Grading and Low Scholarship.

Faculty Development Committee - 1974-1997 (incomplete) - includingTenure, Salary, Benefits, Faculty Evaluation, Student Evaluation of Teaching, Guidelines for Recognition of Faculty for 25 Years of Service, Sabbatical Requests, Support for Faculty Research Fulltime Status, Revisions to Faculty Manual, Formation of System for Evaluation of Staff and Administration (1992), Annual Reports to the Faculty, Program Adjustment, Student Evaluations of Faculty, Forward Planning Committee, Rank for Librarians.

Committees and Standing Committees of the Faculty 1960 - 1973 (incomplete). Also 2000 - 2001.

Faculty Minutes, February, 1954.

Committee on Instruction 1963 - 1964.

Curriculum Revisions 1961, 1969, and 1977.

1974 materials including but not limited to: - Standards for the Accreditation of Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Social Work - Recommendations from the Natural Science Division to the Academic Committee - Humanities Faculty Core Evaluation - Questionnaire  "The following courses and programs help me discover who I am and what I can become." - Senior Colloquium -  Proposals for Curriculum Modification.

Academic Program 1988-1989, report of Graduate Student Enrollment - Academic Program developments (1986-1987)

Statistical Evaluation of contributions by each department (1982 - 1982).

1987-1991materials including but not limited to the following committees: Teacher Education (TEC), Academic Policies , Athletic Committee, Minority Concerns, Human Diversity, Student Life, Human Relations, Facilities Policy, Educational Innovation, Koinonia,College Planning , Management Information, Graduate and Continuing Education.

Budget (1967-1968), budget comparisons, salary scale, faculty benefits, teaching load, Co-Curricular Enrichment Committee,1986 President's memo, "An Attempt to Overthrow the Limitations of Manchester College."

Task Force for Program Adjustment(1981-1984).

Academic Affairs: Materials Transfer July 2009 MC2009/97a,b,c,d  

MC2009/97a: Science Center construction reports, minutes, design, finance, etc. Winger Hall Renovation. MSKTD

MC2009/97b: Social Work Accreditation, Institutional Research, APC Minutes, Library renovation 1999.

MC2009/97c: Files of former faculty and staff.

MC2009/97d: Files of Former faculty and staff and VIA information. Master of Arts in Contemporary Leadership. Dean's List of Honor Students 1995-2006. Kauffman Awards 1997-2003. Dean's Student Scholarship Symposium.

Academic Affairs: Statistics 1987 - 1993MC2007/77 Statistics:  Number of students applying for graduation, number graduating with honors, lowest GPA, for years 1987 through 1993. 
Academic Affairs: Statistics, EnrollmentMC2007/97 

Statistics: Student enrollment and statistics. Observations for 1945 - 1946.  Report for 1922 - 1947.

Academic Excellence BanquetMC General File This banquet honors those graduating Magna cum laude, summa cum laude, cum laude. Programs for 2008, 2009, 2014 and 2015 recognition events. 
Academic PoliciesMC2003/131 

An assortment of materials including but not limited to:

  • Faculty meeting minutes 23 November 1920 - 6 November 1923.
  • Edward Kintner's faculty meeting notes,15 December 1925
  • Special requests by students, 1968.
  • Assortment of materials [circa 1956 - 1978] that include:
    • Changes within the Mathematics Department, 1978.
    • Credit Hours produced by Faculty Fall 1984 through Fall 1986.
    • Manchester College Analysis of Key Data including Student-Faculty ratio 1969-70 through 1984-1985. 
    • Cost/Revenue study letter for the Department of Home Economics, 1987, Accounting and Secretarial studies (Office Administration).
    • New secondary education patterns related to state teacher certification requirements.
    • Journalism teaching minor and teaching major requirements
  • Pass/Fail Policy review 1973 and 1974. 
  • "The Manchester Plan, An Academic Program for the '70's."
  • "Educational Frontiers Committee."


Academic Policies CommitteeLarge Boxes 34, 35, 36 Materials related to the Academic Policies Committee. 
Academic Policies, Faculty Minutes, Kintner: Education and Professional Programs Division MC2003/131  

Academic Policies: 1920-1925.

Faculty Meeting Minutes discussing policies on tardiness, absences, grading, credit hours, credit points, and incompletes (November 1920 - November 1923).

Faculty Secretary, Edward Kintner's, notes from faculty meeting dated 15 December 1925. 

Materials dated 1956 through 1978 including but not limited to: Proposed Curriculum Modifications in the Math Department (1978), 1972 reaffirmation to offer the course Politics and the Environment during (1972-73), 1969 Memo: Independent Study for Science Majors, 1987 review committee for Non-Western Culture list, 1970 Convocation Committee Proposals, 1968 adjustment to the new curriculum,1976 interim, proposal for a new course, Literature and Music, Summary sheet for Music department excluding private lessons and music organizations, Summary Sheet for the Sociology Department.1987 course changes from Sociology & Social Work,Proposal for Sociology major, "Specialization in Correction, "Credit Hours produced by Faculty fall 1984 - Fall 1986,  Analysis of Key Data including Student-Faculty ratio 1969-70 - 1984-1985, Cost/Revenue study letter for the Department of Home Economics, 1987, Accounting and Secretarial studies (Office Administration), Academic Standards, new secondary education patterns related to state teacher certification requirements, Journalism teaching major and minor requirements.Student requests for grade changes or credit. 

  • Review of the Pass/Fail policy, 1973 and 1974. 
  • Recommendations from Ed Miller to Dean Book.
  • Grades of students Fall and Spring Term 1987.

"The Manchester Plan, An Academic Program for the '70's." 

  • Manifesto of the" Educational Frontiers Committee."
  • Query to Frontiers Commitee proposing a lab experiment in independent study.
  • Query from Frontiers Committee: Should students have more freedom to choose their academic destiny?" (1967).
  • Videotape and closed-circuit television.
  • From Frontiers Committee - Problems presented to faculty: 
    • Information Input Overload: " submerged from morning to night in sound, news media, talk, T.V., and radio, and oceans of printed material."
    • Problem: "Does the 'educated' person approach the sifting of this overload in any way different from that of the uneducated person?  
  • Miscellaneous materials from the files 
  • An assortment of Academic Policy Committee papers with statistics and papers ranging from approximately 1965 - 1991, including but not limited to:
    • Master Listing of Proposed Departmental Offerings, 1968.
    • Course requirements for the two baccalaureate degrees.
    • 1966, Some THoughts on a Social Science Core Course.
    • Tentative Statement of Objectives for Manchester College.
    • January Term Load.
    • Course Requirements for various majors.
    • Course hours and course offerings by week and year.
    • Curriculum development (Science) and reorganization (Home Economics).
Academic Program: The Manchester PlanMU2013/35 Booklet advertising The Manchester Plan - an academic program for the 1970's  - introducing new curriculm including a 4-1-4 academic calendar, interdisciplinary courses, and the January interim term. 
Academic Standards CommitteeLarge Box 37 Materials related to the Academic Standards Committee. 
Academy: Preparatory School RecordsLarge Box 125 

Student records for individuals attending the Manchester College Academy.

Accounting and BusinessMC2009/150a,b,c,d 

Script for "Accent on Education",  a radio spot introducing Professor Art Gilbert and students, who talk about the internship in Accounting.

Lola Sanger Accounting Award.

Accounting Alumni Directory, January 1992.

Photocopy of advertisement from Indiana Business Magazine, November 1995.


Robert M. Stauffer Award to Outstanding Business Students, "The News-Journal," 26 May 1987.


International perspectives in business curriculum.


Letter from The Council of Independent Colleges, regarding international aspects of business, 1988.

CIC International Business Grant Proposal memo.

Accounting Lab: Photographs from Oak Leaves or Aurora OfficesMU2012/57 Oak Leaves or Aurora images of the Accounting Lab. 
Accounting: Alumni DirectoryMC2008/11 Directory from January 1992. 
Accounting: PhotographsMU2018/74 Negatives and digital copies of Accounting students and faculty. 
AccreditationMU2017/62 "The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools has taken action to continue the accreditation of Manchester College," September 1993 news-clipping). 
AccreditationMC2008/194 Self-Study Report Submitted to North Central Association Commission On Institutions of Higher Education for Decenial Comprehensnive Evaluation of Accreditation, 1993  
ACT Class Profile Reports: Freshmen 1974 - 1979MC2007/198 a,b,c,d,e ACT (American College Testing Program): The Class Profile Service Reports for Nonenrolled and Enrolled Freshmen. 
Adams, AlisonFaculty/Staff Boxes: Adams, Alison Alison Adams, alumna (Class of 1960), and art instructor at Manchester College, newspaper articles.  
Adams, GeorgeFaculty/Staff Boxes: George Materials related to George Adams. 
Adams, James R.C.Faculty/Staff Boxes: Adams Materials related to James R. C. Adams, former Art Department Head. 
Adams, Professor James R. C.MC2011/102 Professor James R. C. Adams gives a presentation on the topic of "19th Century Art." 
Adams, Professor James R. C.: Ways of Looking At ArtMC2011/103 Professor James R. C. Adams talks about Ways of looking at art."  He makes the presentation in response to a faculty request. 
Adams, ShirleyFaculty/Staff Boxes: Adams, Shirley Material related to Shirley Adams, school nurse. Photograph. 
Administration Building: Photographs, 1928MC2009/196 Administration Building: Photos from 1928.  
Administrative Updates: Audio RecordingMU2014/100 wave sound An undated audio recording with Administrative Updates for an unknown year. 
AdmissionsLarge Boxes 13 - 16 

Materials related to Admissions.

AdmissionsMC2008/160 Campus Preview Day, 1996.  A schedule. 
AdmissionsMC2008/37 Admissions Packet: "Dare To Be Bold." 
AdmissionsMC2008/39 Admissions:  Business Reply Cards, "Service, Commitment, Excellence, Community, Global Perspective, Success." 
AdmissionsMC2007/203 Comparative Survey of College Publications, April, 1981 

Admissions 1977 - 1980: Everything You Wanted to Know About Manchester College.

AdmissionsMC2007/214 Admissions Notebook of the 1980's Including the 1984 and 1985 Master Plan 
AdmissionsMC2007/207 Admissions:  Master Plan 1984 - 1985. 
AdmissionsMC2007/189 New and Re-Admitted Student Rosters 
AdmissionsMC2007/75 Admissions Materials, assorted. 

Admissions: Miscellaneous material from various years, circa 1968 -  1986.

Admissions: Class Lists 1901 - 1931MC2009/7 Class Lists from 1901 through 1931, handwritten.  
Admissions: Freshman Profile 1976MC2007/188 Profile of Freshman Class matriculating in 1976. 
Admissions: Freshman Profiles 1966 - 1984MC2007/204 Freshman Class Profiles and Characteristics of Freshmen: Varying Years 1966 - 1984. 
Admissions: High School Recruitment.MC2007/205 High School Exploration Days and Advertising for New Students.  SPLASH Committee. 
Admissions: Incoming Student TestsMC2007/215 Admissions:  Statistical Study of Freshmen Entering the College in 1977,  SAT Scores, High School Rank and Grade Point Average 
Admissions: Incoming Student TestsMC2007/212 Office of Institutional Research:  SAT Scores of Incoming Freshmen, Admissions Committee Rules, Reports and Comparisons for the 1970's and 1980's. 
Admissions: Incoming Student Tests, A ComparisonMC2007/197 ATP (Admissions Testing Program of the College Board) Summary Reports, Highlights of the 1977 Manchester College Freshman Class 
Admissions: Materials 1980's through 2009/2010MC2012/85 - Contents Part One A wide assortment of Admissions materials circa the 1980's through 2009/2010. 
Admissions: NewsletterMC2008/148 Admissions Newsletter: "January at Home and Abroad" 
Admissions: PostersMC2009/71 MC2009/71-V,ta: Posters. 1981, "Junior Visitation Day," and (no year) "Juniors in High School, Your Invitation to Manchester College, April 28."  
Admissions: Publicity MC2011/12 wave sound 

Audio section of a filmstrip entitled, "What is Manchester College?"  This could be another copy of MC2011/10.

Admissions: Reports 1977 - 1983MC2007/209 Admissions: Spring and December Reports 1977 - Spring 1983. 
Admissions: Reports 1982 - 1984MC2007/210 Admissions: Reports by Week with Comparison of 1982 -1983  vs 1983 -1984 Statistics. 
Admissions: Reports 1984 - 1986MC2007/211 Admissions: Reports by Week with Comparison of 1985 - 1986  vs. 1984 - 1985 Statistics. 
Admissions: SurveysMC2007/196 The Lost Prospect Survey and The Cancelled Applicant Survey, Summer 1981.  
Admissions: SurveysMC2007/206 Cancelled and Lost Prospect Surveys: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982 
Advanced Chorus Class: Photograph, 1908MC2011/137 One photograph of the Advanced Chorus Class, 1908. 
AdvancementMC2007/12 Homecoming preparation for years 1975 through 1994, "M" Association records, alumni nominating committee correspondence, alumni service award information, etc. 

Advancement promotional materials, CD of the Groundbreaking and Dedication of the the Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall, along with one old "key" that was found on campus.

Three "Stagebills, May 2001" from Carnegie Hall featuring the Manchester College A Cappella Choir.

Manchester College A Cappella Choir and Chamber Singers Concert Tour May 2001 CD .

Manchester College Concert Tour May 2001, CD and CD Master Copy.

"Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," DVD.

 "Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," Commercial 1 - Adds Up, Commercial 2, - Not Stuffy DVD.

Advancement Centennial Event - Step Up To The Future Campaign: Slides and ScansMU2014/49 Slides and digital copies documenting the Centennial Celebration's October 1987 kick-off event for the "Step Up to the Future Campaign." 
Advancement MaterialsMU2018/98 

Items from Advancement: 2005 MC Alumni Days and Homecoming images, copy of the 1922 Chime Dedication program, materials related to the dedication of "Wilbur's," 2013 (including the McFadden Family Tree), materials related to the Science Center dedication, invitation to the Physical Education and Recreation Center (PERC) dedication, 2007 College Union dedication program and related materials, 2006 program for the groundbreaking of the remodeling of the College Union with printed images from that event, invitation list, groundbreaking program, "Legacy" mailings: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Fiscal Year President's Report and Honor Roll," 2014 and 2015 issues of "Manchester Magazine," President's Circle Donor Wall plaque ordering information, alumni Memorial Service programs, 2017 and 2018.

Advancement: President's Recognition DinnerMC2008/93 Program from the President's Recognition Dinner 1976. 
Advancement: 1947 "Rotogravure, The News-Sentinel," MC2009/99a,b 

1947 photo spread from "The News-Sentinel" that features the Chime Tower, Oakwood Hall, student housing, tennis courts, trailers for married students, the radio station, Manchester College professors, the May Day queen, football players, and the Education/Professional Programs Division.

Advancement: AppealsMU2012/98 Advancement materials for Fall appeal of 2010.  "Touch a student's life "today" [circa 2008]. Other cards [2009, 2010, 2011] and items related to "Connections" for Life [2009], and "Reach" [circa 2002]. 
Advancement: Assortment MU2012/96 A variety of materials from the Department of Advancement that was moved to the Archives during office relocations in the Summer of 2012. Alumni Days 2003. 
Advancement: AssortmentMU2014/40 An assortment of materials sent to the Archives from the Office of Advancement during the Spring of 2014. Materials focus on facilities planning needs (1989), proposed campus plan (1990), philanthropic market study recommendations, the building of the Science Center as part of "The Next Step! A Campaign to Strengthen Manchester College," as well as the renovation of Funderburg Library 2013. 
Advancement: Celebrating the VisionMC2008/96 Celebrating the Vision program, Honeywell Center 2006. 
Advancement: Centennial CampaignMC2008/115 

Centennial Campaign Dinner, 16 October 1987 invitation in envelope with reply cards.

Advancement: Centennial Campaign LithographMU2013/105 

One framed historic offset lithograph, Spring 1990, given to supporters of the Manchester College Centennial Campaign.

Advancement: Fundraising by Decade/Campaign - The Manchester FundMC2008/05 

Continued Annual Support of the Manchester Fund, circa 2007.

Advancement: Fundraising Survey Report 1960MU2013/13 A fundraising survey report made for Manchester College by Marts and Lundy, Inc., 1960 between phases of the March of Progress campaign. 
Advancement: GiftsMU2017/52 Advancement fundraising material: a.) 1953 letter from President Schwalm regarding the amounts of money raised by the college from all sources and for what fund the money is intended. b.) Donors and contributions 1946 through 1954. 
Advancement: Gym-a-thonMC2008/112 

Gym-a-thon 1981.

1. One program of this event.

Advancement: License PlatesMC2007/63 Publicity card for Manchester College license plate fundraising project. 
Advancement: March of ProgressMU2013/14 Materials pertaining to the March of Progress fundraising campaign. 
Advancement: March of ProgressMU2013/12 Manchester College March of Progress fundraising campaign - Final Report First Phase [1955-1959] - Final Report Second Phase [1960-1964].   
Advancement: March of Progress - Last MileMU2013/15 

Materials related to the March of Progress - The Last Mile.

Advancement: Promotional MaterialMU2012/102 

Materials from Office of College Advancement:

  • Annual Fund Fiscal Year 2011 - acorn piece.
  • "Students First!"-  letter December 2011 - insert and envelope.
  • Valentine - AFV12 - gift to The Manchester Fund (2012).
  • Thank You cards from Office of College Advancement.  These were with 2011 and 2012 items listed above...but undated.
  • "Students First! - campaign newsletter, Issue V.
Advancement: The Manchester FundMC2007/165 The Manchester Fund:  Promotional Material circa September 2007. 
Advancement: The Manchester Fund MC2007/62 

The Manchester Fund and The President's Circle - circa 2005.


Advancement: The Next StepMC2007/61 "The Next Step" strategy, goals, publicity material and timeline. 
Advancement: The Next StepMC2006/16 Brochures for fundraising of Science Center as part of "The Next Step!" "A Campaign to Strengthen Manchester College." 
Advancement: VHS Tape and Other AssortmentMU2013/152, 1-34 - Formerly ROOctober2012/31 

VHS tapes and cassette tapes documenting significant events on the Manchester College campus, including Step Up to the Future (1987) as part of the Centennial Campaign. Focus on the college's Centennial year.  Brochures on the Ministry Training Institute and Training in Ministry.  Church of the Brethren pamphlets, some authored by faculty or alumni of Manchester College.

Advancement: Weaver, WelcomeMC2008/10 

Welcome Weaver, Manchester College alumnus, Class of 193.

Welcome Weaver: President's Club program celebrating Welcome Weaver, his family, and Weaver Popcorn.

African Art Collection: Photographic RecordMC2010/81 A partial photographic inventory of the Manchester College African Art Collection.  that is currently stored 2nd Floor Physical Plant.  Other images are found in the file, African Art and Museum Photo Record by J. Wine, located on the Archives, Scanned Images Drive.  Even these photo records do not document the entire collection.  There are frightening wooden masks with moveable jaws that have not been photographed. Time ran out before a complete documentation could be made. 
Airgood, Rebecca HaynesFaculty/Staff Boxes: Airgood, Rebecca Material related to Rebecca Haynes Airgood. 
Albaugh, H. P.MC2002/104c Photo and description of presidency.  Copy of newspaper article describing career following service at Manchester College. 
Alford, SteveMC2002/104b 

Steve Alford: Biographical information, family photos, promotional cards, material from the "Community Awards Banquet, 2005," articles, 2014 VIA program and related materials.

Alford, SteveMC2009/71-SP:Sports Steve Alford posters. 
Alford, SteveMU2018/77 Publicity photographs of basketball coach, Steve Alford (circa 1993). 
Alford, Steve: InterviewMU2018/114 

19 February 1992 interview with Steve Alford highlighting his pathway to coaching at Manchester College.

Alford, Steve: Team PhotographMU2018/12 Team photograph of Steve Alford and Manchester College basketball team. 
Alishio, Charles KipFaculty/Staff Boxes: Alishio, Charles Kip Material related to Charles Kip Alishio.  
Allen, MaxMC2007/71 Max Allen: Program for "A Recital Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Max & Sara Mertz Allen." 
Allen, MaxFaculty/Staff Boxes: Allen, Max "Art and the Church" article written by Professor  Max Allen. 
Allen, Max: PhotosMC2008/118 Photographs of Professor Max Allen, incorporating photos from MC2003/225 
Alumni Affairs: Miscellaneous CollectionMU2016/52 

DVDs -  (1) "The Friends of Manchester College Golf Outing, Looking Back on 15 Years" (1990 forward). (2) the Manchester experience, preparing graduates to think deeply and critically, with attention to the benefits of the Auburn Golf Outing.

Video clips - Student Union (now Jo Young Switzer Center) renovation, time- elapsed photography of construction.

Church of the Brethren relations - programs from the Alumni Luncheons at Church of the Brethren  Annual Conferences 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.

Alumni Directory (1939) with notes.

Alumni Directory 1960.

Class of 1951 Senior Recognition Day program.

Notecard prints of watercolors campus buildings by Deb Hammond (MC Class of 1992).

Programs; Athletic Hall of Fame - luncheon and induction ceremony 2000 - "M" Club induction (undated) - Citation for  the 1994-1995 Basketball Team (Athletic Hall of Fame 2000).

1941 - 1991 Golden Anniversary booklet for the Class of 1941.

1999 Alumni Day Banquet program, with Honor Award recipients, and Golden Anniversary of Class of 1949.

2001 and 2002 Alumni Day Banquet program.

Manchester College song written by Lucile Klinger and Henrietta Wassman.

"Bulletin" focusing on the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barry Goldwater visits.

Alumni AssociationLarge Boxes 17,18,19 Materials related to the Alumni Association. 
Alumni Association MC2010/31 Secretary of Alumni Records, Mrs. J. Raymond Schutz, correspondence.  
Alumni AssociationMC2004/217 Class of 1950 Prophecies. 
Alumni Association: Board of DirectiorsMU2018/95 Photograph of the 1990-1991 Alumni Association Board of Directors, with identifications. 
Alumni Association: EventsMC2009/152 

This collection includes but is not limited to:

  • Program for "Manchester College Spartan Soccer, Alive in '95."
  • Reunion: Class of 1941, activities and "Test Your Memory," quiz (with answers).
  • "Golden Anniversary, 1927-1977, 'The Mini-Aurora."
  • 1990 Centennial Celebration.
  • Cluster Reunion, May 17-19, 1991.  Theme: "It Happened On Our Watch..."
  • 1991, Set-up Needs for May 1991 Alumni Day "Weekend."
  • Invitation for Homecoming and Family Weekend 2008.
  • Brochure, "Alumni Connections for Life, Alumni Days, June 3-4, 2009."
Alumni Association: Events, Otho Winger Day, 1996MC2007/1 Otho Winger Day, 1996.  
Alumni Association: PhotographsMC2007/142 Class of 1957.  Photos for an alumni directory. 
Alumni Association: PhotographsLarge Box 18: White File Folders  Photographs, Class of 1928 at 45th reunion and Class of 1930 at 25th reunion.   
Alumni Association: PhotographsLarge Box 18: 1949, Photo Montages Class of 1949, photo montages from Aurora, etc., "People and Places," "Groups," "Faculty, New Arrivals in 1946," "Faculty Aides General Staff."  
Alumni Authors: PublicationsMU2012/58a, a1, b News releases, newspaper articles, resumes, announcing publications written by  Manchester University alumni - as well as actual publications or businesses/careers associated with alumni of the University. 
Alumni AwardsMC2002/10 Alumni Honor Awards Records with list of Alumni Honor Award recipients 1960 - 1995. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2007/76 

This collection includes but is not limited to:

  • Reunion: Class of 1950
  • Reunion: Alumni Days Schedule for Classes of 1934, 1939, 1944, 1949, 1959 and 50 Year Reunion: Class of 1954.
  • Staffing Schedule
  • Alumni Days 2004, May 27 - 28, 2004.
  • Banquets
  • List of award recipients from 1960 - 2004.  See Alumni Days Banquet promotional June 2005.
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2007/28 College Alumni Day, joint college event, Take Me Out to the Ballpark, July 30, 2000. 
Alumni Days and Alumni Reunions MC2008/40 "March of the Years," production. 
Alumni Days: Class of 1953MU2018/16 

Photo postcard of the Class of 1953 at their 50th Class reunion during Alumni Days, 2003.

Alumni Event: ImagesNeg15304 Images probably taken during the 1963-1864 academic year.  They include a campus alumni gathering, T. Wayne Rieman, Vernon Stinebaugh, and automobiles on the corner of Ruse and College Avenue. 
Alumni EventsLarge Box 20 Materials related to Alumni Events. 
Alumni Events: circa 1964Neg12719 Photographs of what appear to be alumni events. One Exchange Club photograph. 
Alumni from 1896 - 1993 MC2008/13 Alumni from 1896 - 1993 not in alumni directory, 1994. 
Alumni Memorial Chapel Service, 2009: VideoMU2013/127 Video - Campus pastor, Steve Crain, leads the Memorial Chapel Service 2009, for Manchester alumni who died within the past year. 
Alumni Memorial Service: Gangai, Dagnew, HailuMU2018/7 

Bulletins from the memorial service of Nerad Grace Mangai, Brook M. Dagnew, and Kirubel Alemayehu Hailu, held on the Manchester University campus 24 February 2016.

Memorial booklet for Brook Dagnew.

Sympathy cards from the North Manchester community and from other educational institutions.

Alumni PublicationsMC2002/11 Journal articles, reports, and booklets published by Manchester College alumni.  
Alumni Relations: Departmental and Alumni TreasuresMU2016/13 Postcards, lettermen jacket patches/awards, oak leaf stamp, MC pamphlet from Great Depression, Alumni of Color meeting video, "Dona Nobis Pacem" Italy Tour (2004), "Celebrating the Vision" DVD, 2010 Alumni Honor Award Banquet (audio), identified pictures of alumni. 
Alumni Reunion and Expression Class: PhotographsMC2009/63a,b,c,d 

Reunion 1907 and 1908 with picnic tables laid out on campus.  

Group photo taken in the Summer of 1907.

Expression Class photo circa 1907. MC 2003/35 #58 showing the Elocution Class expressing, "Supplication, 1907," with Professor Andrew Daniel Ward.

Alumni Reunion: Class of 1941MU2018/122 Video of the 50th Class Reunion of the Class of 1941. 
Alumni Reunion: PhotographsMU2017/90 

Alumni 1977 - 1978, Basketball Teams Reunion: 1936-1937 and 1937-1938.

1969 Alumni Honor Awards: Clair Throne, Mrs. Earl Garver representing her husband, Homer Burke, Robert Winger. Circa 1931 photograph of group including Clair O. Throne (chemist) and future wife, Ferne Chaffin Throne.

1977-1978 Basketball team reunion: (Charles Beck, Wayne Strycker, Richard Spiece, Gerald Sapp, Harold Waddel, Hubert DuBois, Waveland Snider, Robert Schmalzried, Merlin Eikenberry.

Alumni Reunion: PhotographsUnit #7, LG BOX 35-38 Photographs of alumni reunions from the Class of 1907 through the Class 1984, with other pictures of various Alumni Boards, Chapter Groups, individual portraits, events, and miscellaneous images reaching into the 1990's.  
Alumni Reunion: Tribute to Ikenberry HallMU2013/65 The video is titled, "Alumni Reunion - Tape 1," however, it appears as if it is a tribute to ikenberry Hall prior to demolition.  It features the last Ikenberry Serenade
Alumni Reunions and Graduations: PhotographsMU2013/149 Photographs from commencement exercises and alumni reunions from 1908 forward. 
Alumni Service Award: PhotographsMU2017/8d 

1977-1978 and 1985 Alumni Service Award photographs.

Alumni Tour, Europe 1990: VideoMU2013/63 

VHS and digitized footage of the Manchester College Alumni Tour to Europe in July 1990.

Bill Eberly narrates tour and describes scenes in Schwarzenau, Germany, birthplace of the Church of the Brethren.

Alumni ToursMU2015/27 Photographs of alumni tours. 
Alumni Trip: cruise to Alaska, 2006.MC2007/74 Alumni trip, cruise to Alaska, 2006. 
Alumni TripsMC2006/26 Alumni trip to New England and Canada, 1988, Brembeck memory album.  
Alumni: 1910 ReunionMU2019/20 The picture is titled,"Manchester College Reunion 1910." 
Alumni: Memorial Service 31 May 2012MU2012/30 

A memorial is held on an annual basis to remember alumni of Manchester University who have died during the year.  This is a video of the service held on 31 May 2012.

Alumni: Memorial ServicesMC2007/3 

Annual memorial services recognizing deaths of alumni and members of the College community.

Alumni: NewsclippingsMU2017/58: Alumni 

News-clippings about Manchester College alumni:

David Eicher, student car accident death (1992), Steve Etheridge, Ruth Grossnickle Hodges (1992), George Merkle, Robert Johansen, Ruthann Knechel Johansen, Paul Keller, Ray Keim, David Mann, Glenn Maple (1992), Kay Sponseller, Phil West, Martha Hendrix Bartenbach, Robert Stauffer,  Robert M. Stauffer Award, Jenny Shock.

1963 list of MC graduates from Claypool, Etna Green, Silver Lake, Syracuse, Winona Lake, Argos, Bremen, Ligonier, New Paris, Atwood, Akron, South Whitley, Warsaw, Columbia City, North Manchester.

Amber, Virga M.: Diploma 1926MC2004/453 

1926 Two-Year Normal course diploma given to Virga M. Amber.

For More Diplomas See: the Memorabilia Index on the Archives Website

Anabaptist and Pietist: GroupsMU2013/15, Folder 7 Information regarding: Plain People, the Amish, Old German Baptist Brethren, Church of the Brethren, Bruderhof Communities, Woodcrest Community, Society of Brothers, Hutterites, Historic Peace Churches (Friends, Mennonites, Church of the Brethren), Civilian Public Service (CPS, a history), Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS), Saur Press, Native American relations, Service programs (American Friends Service Committee, Mennonite Central Committee, Brethren Volunteer Service), the Oneida Colony, Shakers, Anarchists, Mormons, and map of the spread of Anabaptism 
Andrews, Glenna BlosserMC2009/84 

Blosser, Glenna. 

1936-1937 Diary of Manchester College alumna, Glenna Blosser Andrews.

Anniversay TapeMC2011/13 90th Anniversary Tape of Manchester College with interviews of professors and individuals with long-time association with the school in which the present is placed against the history of the past. 
Annual Conference of the Church of the Brethren, Winona Lake, Indiana: Panoramic Photograph, 1913MC2011/185 A panoramic photograph of the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference held at Winona Lake, Indiana in 1913. 
Annual Meeting Dining Hall Help: Photograph dated 1929MC2011/183 This picture was identified as "Dining Hall Help, 131 Annual Meeting, Church of the Brethren, North Manchester, Indiana, June 12 to 19 - 1929. 
Archery: PhotographsPhoto Box 2: File Folder #8 Photographs of Archery. 
Architectural PlansVault: Architectural Plans Contact Archives Office to view architectural plans for many buildings on campus. 
Architectural StylesMC2007/176 Copy of descriptions and illustrations of architectural styles.  
Armstrong, Mary: MU2012/69 Mary Armstrong is an alumna of Manchester College, graduating with the Class of 1952.  The collection contains copies of stories and articles Mary wrote for the education of Kindergarten and Elementary aged children. 
Arnett, RonaldFaculty/Staff Boxes: Arnett, Ronald 

Ronald Arnett:

  • "Oak Leaves" clipping, "Arnett to be new Academic Dean by George Boudreau, 30 April 1987.
  • Welcome letter to students from Ronald C. Arnett, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • Article: "Nonviolent Peacemaking: A Look at Assumptions," by Ronald Arnett published in Peace and Change, Winter, 1979 - 1980.
  • "The Encounter Group as a Part of the Speech Communication Curriculum," by Ronald C. Arnett, Ph.D., 1978.
  • "Communication as Dialogical Interpretation," by Dr. Ronald C. Arnett.
  • "Dialogical Foundations of Conflict Resolution," by Ronald C. Arnett, Ph.D.
Arnett, Ronald: PhotographsFaculty/Staff Photographs: 2 Large Boxes Two Ronald Arnett photos. 
Arnold's Grove: Big Meeting 1882BC2018/21 EDITORIAL: Comments at the Arnold's Grove Revisited Prayer Meeting, May 19, 1991. This article reflects upon Annual Conference 1882, when members of the German Baptist Brethren congregations gathered at Arnold's Grove. The Berlin Committee reported on charges against Elder Henry Holsinger, who had written an article comparing the Annual Conference Standing Committee to a non-Brethren set of institutions, e.g. secret lodges and societies.  More tension mounted over reforms such as salaried ministers, dress codes, missions, higher education, the Sunday School movement, and evangelistic meetings.  
Arnold, PatriciaFaculty/Staff Boxes: Arnold, Patricia Material related to Patricia Arnold.  
Arnold, PatriciaMC General File: Faculty, New From the fact sheet, Manchester College New Faculty 1986 Patricia Arnold will teach English composition.  She has degrees from Marillac College and Purdue University.  She has taught in junior and senior high schools, most recently in Southwood High School.   
Art Department: Drawing, MechanicalMC2007/73 

Drawing, Industrial Free-Hand and Mechanical:

1.  One booklet.  "The Eclectic System of Industrial Free-Hand and Mechanical Drawing."

Art Department: Posters for Workshops, Shows, ExhibitsMC2009/71-V 

Posters for:

  • Fine Arts Workshop MC2009/71-V, f1
  • Faculty Art Show  MC2009/71-V,b
  • Manchester College Fine Arts, Art, Music, Speech & Drama MC2009/71-V, e1

See MC2009/71-V: Various.


MC2009/71-V is a small part of the collection MC2009/71, entitled, Flat File Drawer H:  Previously Accessioned and Unaccessioned Posters and Articles From Manchester College.  See the accession page for MC2009/71 for a complete listing of the objects in this collection.

Articles of Incorporation and CharterMU2017/1 

June1895 Agreement between Citizens' Committee of North Manchester and representatives of the German Baptist College which proposes location at this point.

1895 articles of association (charters) filed in the Office of the Secretary of State for "Manchester College" and "The Bible School,"  including role of Trustees and the German Baptist Brethren.

1902 - "Manchester College"- a body politic and corporate, authorized and empowered by the laws of the State of Indiana to proceed to carry out the objects of its organization, signed by Hunt, Secretary of State.

September 1902 Department of State Certificate - Articles of Association.

Secretary of State, Ed Jackson, provides copy of 1902 articles of incorporation in September 1920.

Copy of Articles of Incorporation June 1937 showing history of incorporation by copying information from 1902 document. 

1944 authorization of Schwalm and Ikenberry to execute all instruments pertaining to the business of Manchester College - "Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation" - Manchester College Foundation and Holding Company, Inc.

Charter - Manchester College Foundation and Holding Company, copy of document filed January 1931 and various revisions.

Correspondence with Secretary's of State.

Dissolution of Manchester College Foundation and Holding Company, Inc. September 1943.

Artist Lecture Series and Performing Artists: PostersMC2009/71 File FolderMC2009/71-PEV: Performances and Events  Posters for Artist Lecture Series and other performing artists, including: Janie Fricke, The Original Comedy Rangers, Joseph Helfrich, Steven Dietz, Strider, Stan Kenton and His Orchestra, Tanglefoot, Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows, Marty McCall and Fireworks, LP The Band, The Troubadours, Prime TIme, Glynn Hines, OREON, the Mantovani Orchestra, and Dr. Sharon Crain, author of "Taking Stock: A Woman's Guide to Corporate Success."  This is part of a large collection.  See MC2009/71 File FolderMC2009/71-PEV: Performances and Events  
Artist Lecture Series and Public ProgramsMC2010/149 

Miscellaneous items dealing with Public Programs and the Artist Lecture Series:

Listing of Fall-Winter Events at Manchester College invitation postcard. (undated), including Artist/Lecture Series, Foreign/Classic Film Series, Faculty Recitals, Plays and Concerts.

Listing of Winter-Spring Events at Manchester College, 1979 invitation postcard, including Artist/Lecture Series, Foreign/Classic Film Series, Faculty Recitals, Plays and Concerts.

Listing of Spring Events at Manchester College 1977 - 1978 invitation postcard, including Artist/Lecture Series, Foreign/Classic Film Series, Faculty Recitals, Plays and Concerts.

Poster/flyer/mailer for the Public Program and Cinema Series. 1994-1995.

Program and Libretto of a concert by the Russian Cossack Chorus, Sergei Socoloff, Director, (undated).


Artist Lecture Series: Lugar, U. S. SenatorMC2008/87 

Lugar, U. S. Senator:  Contact sheets and photograph of U.S. Senator Lugar's lecture on campus during the 1983-84 Artist/Lecture series.


  • One photo of Senator Lugar with a group signed, "With appreciation to Jim Leachman, December 4, 1982."
  • One photo of Senator Lugar.
Artist Lecture Series: Nader, RalphMC2008/131 

Nader, Ralph:  Photo, from 10 October 1968 Artist/Lecture Series.

Artist Lecture Series: Seating DocumentationMC2007/51 Seating Documentation and performance listings for Artist Lecture Series circa 1982 through April 1990.  One seating chart, undated. One 12 November 1988 payment receipt  to the Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre.  
Artist Lecture Series: Welch, Rosa Page, PhotographMC2008/141Welch 

Welch, Rosa Page: Photograph with Don Royer and Mrs. Schwalm.

Athletic DepartmentMC General File: SHAPE  SHAPE.  Sport, Health, and Physical Education Club.  
Athletic DepartmentMC General File: Athletic Department, Skybox  Spartan Skybox  
Athletic DepartmentMC2007/65 Athletics Department Timeline 1900 - 1961. 
Athletic DepartmentMC2007/8 Manchester College Athletics, Newspaper Articles 2004 - 2005. 
Athletic DepartmentMC2007/5 Manchester College 100 Years of Athletics, September 22, 2004. 
Athletic DepartmentPhotograph Box 2, File Folder #9 

Athletics Department Photographs:

  • Picture of men in shorts with coach from an older publication.
Athletic DepartmentPhotograph Box 2, File Folder #6 

Photographs of Coaches:

  • 1957 Coaches
  • Color photograph of "Coaches of the Year."
Athletic DepartmentMC2007/83 Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference, 2001 
Athletic DepartmentMC2009/76 

Program: Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference, 10th Anniversary Celebration, 2009: Two programs featuring member institutions.

Athletic DepartmentMC2009/199 Photograph: Athletic Recruiting 1989-1990, a cover shot.  
Athletic Department, History, Statistics, and RecordsLarge Box 21 

This box includes but is not limited to: Faculty Athletics Committee minutes, all sports statistics, all conference statistics (1948-1963), membership history and statistics (including ICAC, HCAC, NCAA, NAIA, HBCC), historic athletic organization rules and reports, news releases, schedules, intramural sports, sports camps, policies, Women's Athletic Association Records (1941 through 1950), Hoosier Conference for Women (HCW) meeting minutes and statistics, women's award boards for all sports, women's and men's M-Club winners, sports awards, sports banquets, and Hall of Fame materials.  See finding aid for a more complete list.

Athletic Department: Photograph BoardMC2009/64 

One picture board that might have been photographed for use in a publication.  It contains pictures of athletes as well as their schools.

Athletic Department: PhotographsPhotograph Box 24  

Photographs of Athletics, Physical Culture and Physical Education spanning 1915 - 1995 [approximate dates].

Athletic Training: 2005 Video ClipsMU2018/50 Video DVD identified as "Guys" with clips from 13 September 2005: head-dunking, "let's get fired up!," dance, Frisbee relay, pledge of allegiance, park crawl, "ta-da!," North Manchester skip, North Manchester run, covered bridge crossing, cool, child in PERC. 
Athletic Training: PhotographsMU2019/30 

Athletic Training photographs including but not limited to images of Mark Huntington, Eric Holsopple, Jamie Tolliver, Brice Bedke, Joel Pippenger, John Patton, Janae Kraud, Gretchen Smith, Adam West, Laure Bowman, Paul Plummer, Doug Garmon, Jason Carr, Melisa Donaldson, Ryan Headstrom, Tiffany Mancey, Brandi meac, Laura Freet, Salazar, Pam Higgins, Brandi Meac.

Athletics and Hall of Fame: PhotographsMU2019/27 

Hall of Fame photographs and other athletics pictures.

Athletics: Courts, Tennis and Ice Hockey, PhotographsMC2009/39  

Photographs of tennis courts: 

A set of pictures with a gathering of people, primarily women, on chairs under trees in front of tennis courts (circa the 1950's?).

A student playing ice hockey using a broom for a stick in front of tennis courts.

Athletics: Football PhotographsMU2016/9 Football photographs from the 1970's, (1980's?), 1990's. Many students are identified. 
Athletics: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Awards and CommendationsMU2017/36 

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics - Manchester College -

1982 NAIA Men's Outdoor Track and Field All-American Team: Kirby Herschberger, Bryan Richardson.

1983 Women's Academic All-America Outdoor Track and Field Team: Distance, Trina Chapman and Penny Rosdil.

1983 Women's Outdoor Track and Field All-America Team: Penny Rosdil and Joanna Wiggin.

1983 All-America Team Mean's Indoor Track and Field: Bryan Richardson.

1984 Women's Academic All-America Cross Country Team: Marla Miller.

1984-1985 Indoor Track and Field Men's All-America: David Glassburn.

1985 Academic All-America Women's Outdoor Track and Field: Middle Distance, Marla Miller- Long Distance, Trina Chapman, and Penny Rosdil.

1985 All-America men's Outdoor Track and Field: Dave Glassburn.

1985 All-America Women's Outdoor Track and Field: Penny Rosdil.

1985 Academic All-America Women's Cross Country: Marla Miller (Marla J. Miller).

1985 Academic All-America Men's Outdoor Track and Field: Middle Distance, Kyle Strode - Jumps, Timothy Ogden.

1985 Academic All-America Men's Cross Country: Kyle Strode.

1986 Men's Outdoor Track and Field Academic All-America: Vertical Jumps, Timothy Ogden.

Athletics: Oak Leaves or Aurora PhotographsMU2012/51 

Athletics images from Oak Leaves or Aurora offices:

  • Football.
  • Women's soccer.
  • Men's Soccer.
  • Women's Tennis.
  • Women's Basketball.
  • Volleyball.
  • Baseball - Matt Dyer.
Athletics: PhotographsMC2003/44 Sports photograph collection, from the early 1900's through the 1970's. 
Athletics: PhotographsMU2018/108 

Steve Alford Basketball January 1992.

Baseball February 1992.

Cheerleading November 1991.

Athletics: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/2c - Folder #2 

Photographs of Men's and Women's golf photographs and group shots. Also, pictures of Men's and Women's Cross Country. Image of athlete getting treated for leg injury.

Athletics: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/6 - Folder #1 
Cheerleading picture.
Women's and Men's Cross Country photographs.
These might have been taken in different years?
Liz Siminic
Darlen Schoudel
Gary Moughler
Amy Cook - Freshman
Tyson Dean - Senior
Athletics: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/2a - Folder #1 

Soccer - including but not limited to Cheri Rieman circa 1996.  Also pictures of David Harms, fans in the sidelines, Women's Volleylball, and Tennis circa 2000?

Athletics: Role at Manchester CollegeMU2014/56 A series of talks presented in April of 1992 describing "The Role of Athletics at Manchester College." 
Auburn Golf OutingMU2013/38 a,b The history of the Auburn Golf Outing and the impact this fundraiser has had upon Manchester students.   Created by Sound Productions, 2002, Warsaw, Indiana. All Rights Reserved. 
Audio Recording: Men's Discussion Group, Debate Group, Radio ProgramMC2011/52 

Section One - Male Student Discussion:

A facilitator leads group discussion regarding military enlistment.

Section Two - Presentations

Female students present viewpoints about the middle east, Nassar and the Arab Nations, and the Suez Canal.

Section Three - Radio Program - WJR the Goodwill Station, with the announcer, Johnny Russell

Audobon Society: Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Audobon Society Newspaper articles related to area Audobon Society.  Faculty and Staff of Manchester College are part of programs presented by the group. 
Augsburger, David: SpeakerMC2011/84a,b 

The reel-to-reel tape box is labeled "Augsburger,"  1/18/1979.  Sometimes the label on the box does not match the presentation, and since the speaker on the tape was not introduced, it is impossible for the Archivist to verify the identity of the speaker.  The speaker talks about multiple binds and double binds.

A second box [MC2011/84b] is labeled "110 ft. more of Augsburger 1-18-79" and it is the same individual.  This is rather certainly two tapes by the speaker David Augsburger.

Aurora 1989 World Views PhotographsMC2008/183a-e Aurora 1989 World Views photographs. 
Aurora 2006-2007 ImagesMU2015/16 Images taken for 2006-2007 "Aurora" yearbook. 
Aurora, Student Volunteers, 1926MC2008/182 The Student Volunteers, Aurora 1926
Aurora: Photographs, 1948MC2009/62a,b Aurora 1948 snapshots from pgs. 159 and 163
Aurora: Photographs, 1984 EditionMC2004/439 Aurora photographs for the1984 edition. 
Aurora: Photographs, 1989 Edition MC2004/414 Aurora photographs for the 1989 edition. 
Aurora: Photographs, 1990 EditionMC2004/718 Aurora photographs for the1990 edition. 
Aurora: Photographs, 1992MC2008/184 Aurora photos from 1992 yearbook, an assortment including "Vince the Crash Dummy," Alcohol Awareness Week, MC Double Dare.  
Aurora: Photographs, 1993 EditionMC2004/719 Aurora photographs for the1993 edition. 
Aurora: Snapshot, 1993MC2008/185 Aurora 1993 snapshot taken from a window
Aurora: Staff Photograph, 1910MU2012/1 - Folder 1 Historic photograph of the Aurora staff taken in 1910 in rather poor condition. 
Aurora: Students SigningMC2008/181 

Photographs: Students signing Aurora circa the 1940's or 1950s'.

Awad, MubarakMU2017/3 Photographs of Mubarak Awad when speaking at Manchester College October 1988. 
Award, Speaker of the YearMU2017/5 Photographs of Speaker of the Year Awards, 1988 and 1989. 
Award: Good HousekeepingMU2017/7 Photograph of Mona Jean Harley shaking hands with President Bill Robinson. Mona was the recipient of the Good Housekeeping award, "100 Women of Promise" (1986-1987). 
Bachman Collection: Schwalm InaugurationMC2007/227 Bachman Collection.  Dr. Bachman represented Yale University at the inauguration of President Schwalm, Manchester College, 1941. 
Baldwin, FerneFaculty/Staff Boxes: Baldwin, Ferne 

Material related to A. Ferne Baldwin who was a Manchester College Professor of Social Work and Sociology and History from 1969 - 1989, and also served as Sociology Department Head.  


Baldwin, Ferne A.: MemorabiliaMC2009/23 

Pictures and memorabilia of Ferne Baldwin.

Baldwin, Ferne: CollectionMC2011/231 

Objects in the collection of former Manchester College Archivist and Professor, Ferne Baldwin.  The collection includes assorted MC historical materials and records.

Baldwin, Ferne: Collection of Archivist Emerita MU2019/15 A collection assembled by Archivist Emerita, Ferne Baldwin, including:  Photographs, publications, newspaper clippings, athletic department and buildings materials, "Spartan Sports News," obituaries, etc., click on accession number to see detailed description. 
Baldwin, Ferne: Collection of Archivist EmeritaROBaldwinBox2012/21 A collection assembled by Archivist Emerita, Ferne Baldwin, including:  Photographs, publications, newspaper clippings, etc.  This box has been somewhat placed in alphabetical order.  SOme topics are Accreditation, Admissions, Alumni, Buildings, Christmas ....and topics continuing through FYC
Baldwin, John: Artist/Lecture Series, PhotographsMC2009/29 Artist/Lecture Series 7 March 1989, photos of the artist John Baldwin in his Athens studio and sculpture displayed in Cordier Auditorium. 
Ball, Arden and Camp MackMC2009/116 

Newspaper article about Camp Mack with a large spotlight on Manchester College alumnus, Arden Ball.

Ballet and Dance: Photographs Photo Box 2: File Folder #2 

Photographs of ballet, dance, modern movement, and exercise, including:

  • Lynette Miller
Banjo, Cow, Fiddle RecordingMC2011/82 Recording of banjo, fiddle and cow, possibly for use by the radio station. 
Barts, WayneMU2019/37 

The Wayne Barts Manchester College Collection.

Barts, Wayne: Manchester memorabiliaMU2018/2 

Textbooks containing personal notes, one research paper, reading lists, syllabi, and painted brick, belonging to Manchester College alumnus, Wayne Barts.

Baseball and Tennisl: Photos circa 1988MU2018/61 

Baseball team and individual player photographs from what might be1988. Pictures of Tennis players.

Baseball, Men'sMU2014/165 Baseball 

Men's Baseball statistics and record books, newspaper articles, press releases, newsletters, and other materials ranging from 1949 - 2014. A scattering of information about Women's Baseball.

Baseball, Women'ssee MU2014/165 See MU2014/165 Baseball for a few items regarding Women's Baseball. 
Baseball, Women's: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/2a - Folder #3 Snapshots of Women's Baseball - undated. 
Baseball: PhotographsMU2018/47 

Pictures of team members from circa 1990,1991, 1992, including; Rick King, Jason King, Eric Morgan, Joel Mallery, Bob Overmyer, Shockey, Balkey?,P. J. Fauquher, Troy Mercer, along with other unidentified players from unidentified years, and 1989-1990 baseball team photograph.

Baseball: PhotographsMU2019/50 Baseball photographs circa 2000-2003. 
Baseball: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/2a - Folder #2 

Snapshots from the Oak Leave and Aurora offices that include Joe Edmondson, Dave and Freddy.

Basketbal, Alford Experience: NCAA Basketball, 1995 MC2012/26 

Newspaper articles and memorabilia about Manchester College's participation in the NCAA 1995 Division III men's basketball tournament coached by Steve Alford to a 31-1 record and the national championship game.

Basketball Reunion: 30 YearMU2017/89 

30 year reunion of MC's 1953-1954 Basketball team taken during Homecoming 1984. This was Manchester's first Hoosier College Conference Champion Basketball Team.

Basketball, Men's 1950 - 2000: RecordsMC2002/21 

General: Basketball (Men's) Records, 1950 - 2000. 1936 - 1937 booklet documenting the history of Coach "Smilin Bob" Stauffer's winning 1937 Spartans.

Basketball, Men's 1968 TripMU2014/127 One photograph of Coach Wolfe and the 1968 basketball team in front of an Ecuatoriana airplane. 
Basketball, Men's 1987 - 1995: Photographs MC2009/197 

Basketball photographs, 1987 through 1995. There are many images in this assortment but many individuals have been identified

Basketball, Men's, Coaches, Presidents of College: Newspaper SpecialMC2007/216 

Manchester Herald, College Special Vol. 5. No. 19, Wednesday, December 8, 1926. This publication focuses on the College and contains the 1926-1927 basketball schedule along with team photos.  It features plans for the "new' gym, write-ups about faculty and staff and interesting advertisements.

Basketball, Men's, Hoosier Conference Champion 1954: Photograph, Program BookMC2007/224 

Hoosier College Conference Champion 1954 photo on program for Manchester Spartans vs. Huntington Forresters, December 4, 1954 game. The "Wolfmen" defending their title. Includes player statistics for 1953-54.

1. One program book with vignettes of players and coach.

Basketball, Men's, Players, Coaches, 1988 - 1992: Photographs MC2009/58a,b Basketball photographs of players and coaches, including contact sheets of players and Steve Alford circa 1988 through 1992.  
Basketball, Men's: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/2a - Folder #5 

Pictures of Men's Basketball circa 1995 - 1996 - 1997. Invitation Camp 1995 - 1996 - 1997 and other basketball photographs (undated).

Basketball, Men's: PhotographsMC2007/225  

Men's Basketball Photos - Contact sheets and individual portraits, snapshots and trips.  Many identifide students and coaches.  Significant Moments:  Receipt of trophy, 1993-94. Tourney Champs 1993. Team photo 1994-1995. Team photo 1976-1977. Steve Alford era.

Basketball, Men's: PhotographsMC2007/226 

Basketball Photos with team, managers, trainers and Coach Alford.

Basketball, Men's: Photographs, 1920-1999MU2014/53 

Men's basketball photographs from circa 1920 through 1999.

Basketball, Men's: Spartans Team (probably taken between 1930 and 1960), photographMC2004/631 

Spartans Basketball Team Photo that was probably taken between 1930 and 1960.

Basketball, Woman's: HistoryMU2014/153 "A History of Women's Basketball at Manchester College," a research paper submitted to the graduate school in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts, by Tricia L. Floyd, adviser, Dr. Marvin Gray. Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, July, 1995. 
Basketball, Women'sLarge Box 24 Materials related to women's basketball. 
Basketball, Women's 1974: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #3 1974 court photographs of women's basketball.  
Basketball, Women's 1976 - 1977: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #4 

1976 - 1977 individual and Women's Basketball team photographs.  Many players are identified.

Basketball, Women's 1977 - 1978: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #5 

1977-1978 Women's Basketball team and candid court photographs. Many players have been identified. The Coach is Lana Groombridge.

Basketball, Women's 1977 - 1978: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #6 

1977 - 1978 Women's Basketball photographs of court shots and individual players, some who have been identified.

Basketball, Women's 1978 - 1979: PhotographPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #7 1978 - 1979 Women's Basketball team photograph.  
Basketball, Women's 1979 - 1980: Photographs Photo Box 4a, File Folder #8 

1979 - 1980 Women's Basketball team photograph and other photographs, some that have been identified.

Basketball, Women's 1980 - 1981: Photographs Photo Box 4a, FIle Folder #9 1980 - 1981 Women's Basketball team photograph and candid photos on the court.  
Basketball, Women's 1980's: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #1 

Photographs: Women's Basketball 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and possibly other years.

Basketball, Women's 1981 -1982: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #10 

1981 - 1982 Women's Basketball team photograph and photos on the court. Identified images include:

  • Kim Velpel
  • Pam Shively
Basketball, Women's 1982 - 1983: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #11 

1982 - 1983 Women's Basketball photographs:

  • Court shots
  • Shively
Basketball, Women's Intramurals 1982 - 1983: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #12 

1982 - 1983 Women's Basketball Intramurals photographs.

Basketball, Women's Teams of Many Years: PhotographsPhoto Box 4a, File Folder #2 

Photographs: Women's Basketball Team Photographs

  • Old Basketball photos and photo reproductions circa the 1920's, 1950's, 1940 coed Athletics.
  • Scott McAlpine 1993 series of team photos.
  • 1978 -1979 through 1981 - 1982 team photos.
  • 1985-1986, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993 team pictures. 
  • Other team photographs from - mystery years?  
Basketball, Women's, Newspaper ArticlesMC2012/12 Newspaper articles about the MC Women's Basketball Team focusing primarily on 2002 - 2006. 
Basketball, Women's: History at Manchester CollegeSmall Box 76: Women's Basketball 

"A History of Women's Basketball at Manchester College," by Tricia L. Floyd, July, 1995. 

Basketball:  Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC) first ever conference tournament title for MC women's basketball, 25 February 2006, piece of the net.

Basketball, Women's: Photograph CollectionMC2002/293 Women's Basketball Photograph Collection on CD-ROM  
Basketball, Women's: PhotographsPhoto Box 4b  

Women's Basketball:  Unidentified photographs, negatives, contact sheets.

Hall of Fame:  Photographs of Jill Corey, Jan Smaltz, Melissa Miller,

Basketball, Women's: PhotographsPhoto Box 4b, FIle Folder #1 

Women's Basketball Photographs that identify players and year. 

Basketball, Women's: PhotographsPhoto Box 4b, Small Packet 

Women's Basketball Photographs that have been identified.  Kim Rockey is the coach.

Basketball, Women's: PhotographsMU2019/23 Women's basketball photographs from circa  
Basketball, Women's: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/2a - Folder #4 
Women's Basketball pictures - with Nickey Bailey and Jenny Sipe.
Basketball, Women's: ScrapbookMU2015/23 Women's Basketball scrapbook encompassing 1980 through 1987. 
Basketball, Womens: Alumni Game 1991MU2013/64 VHS and digitized footage of Alumni Game, 9 November 1991, Women's Basketball. Introduction of the Betty Clarke Memorial Award. 
Basketball, Womens: Posters and SchedulesMC2009/71-SP:Sports 

Posters with Basketball schedules for various years. 

See MC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-SP:Sports.

Basketball: 2016 ImagesMU2018/52 2016 HCAC MBB Tournament Manchester Photos. Manchester vs. Rose-Hulman, images last modified 29 February 2016. 
Basketball: Alford EraMU2019/10 

Video titled, "Spartan Successes, An Indiana Basketball Success Story, How Steve Alford made Manchester College a champion again. Footage of Alford and players from the Alford Era.

Basketball: Photographs, Oak Leaves and AuroraMU2012/48 

Oak Leaves or Aurora pictures.

NCAA Championship images.  Steve Alford.  Other miscellaneous basketball pictures from a variety of years.

Basketball: Video, NCAA Division 3, 1994 and 1995MU2012/101 a 

VHS tape and DVD:  Inside - Behind the Scenes with a National Contender - Manchester College Spartans - NCAA Division 3  - 1994 and 1995. Baseline Productions, a Jeff Shafer and Rob Nichols video production.

Batzka, Professor Stephen: representational and Nonrepresentational ArtMC2011/105 Professor Stephen Batzka gives a presentation on "Representational and Nonrepresentational Art." 
Bauman Bowman, Weber, Helman: Family BibleMC2011/134 

One family bible printed in 1773 and 1774 donated to the collection by Howard H. Helman, great great grandson of Marguit (Marguerite?) Bowman. Birth registries are included.

Beaker Breakers' Bi-Weekly, National Science Foundation Summer Chemistry ProgramMC2010/193 

The booklet is called “Beaker Breakers’ Bi-Weekly” and was put out during the National Science Foundation Summer Chemistry Program at Manchester College.  It has was appears to be getting-to-know-you games and funny/interesting quips about participants.  This booklet is undated. 

Beery, DwightFaculty/Staff Boxes: Beery, Dwight 

Material related to Dwight Beery, Physics.

1986 Newspaper article about Beery's physics problems (and solutions) that are being included in a three-volume college physics textbook published by Engineering Press.

Belser, Vernon: Manchester MemorabiliaMU2015/130 Manchester College memorabilia belonging to alumnus,Vernon Belser (MC Class of 1958), including: Centennial Plate featuring Chime history, MC pennant, and Class of 1958 2003 forty-fifth reunion yearbook. 
Berrigan, Philp and McAlister, ElizabethMC2007/45 

Speeches by Philip Berrigan and Elizabeth McAlister, and photograph taken in Petersime Chapel . 

One Manchester College, "Bulletin of the Peace Studies Institute," August, 1976, Vol. 6, No. 2. containing adapted reprints of Liz and Phils' speeches given at Manchester College and Goshen College.

One magazine, "The Holy Cross Quarterly," Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1971 covering the convictions of blood brothers, Dan and Phil Berrigan.

Bethany Bible School Correspondence: Home Study CoursesMC2007/187 Letters regarding Manchester College credit for courses taken through the Home Study Department of Bethany Bible Training School, Chicago, Illinois. 
Bethany Biblical Seminary: Home Study DepartmentBC2013/4 The home-study course in The Gospel of Matthew, Part I and II , approved by the Home-Study Department of Bethany Biblical Seminary. 
Bethany Theological SeminaryMC2008/38 

Bethany Seminary feature in Manchester College Bulletin, circa 1921.

Bible Collection: General FileMC General File: Bible Collection A file containing pieces of information about bibles and their donors.  These books are part of the Funderburg Library Rare Book and Manchester College Archives and Brethren Historical Collection.  Donors include Calvin Ulrey and Bill Eberly. 
Bible School: Class Photograph 1898MU2012/76 A photograph of the Bible School students at Manchester College, 1898. 
Bible School: DiplomaMU2014/167 One 1898 diploma from "The Bible School" at Manchester College, signed by E. S. Young, President. 
Bible Society: Minutes 1902-1905, 1907-1912, 1916-1919MC2009/133a,b,c 

MC2009/133a: Bible Society Minutes, 31 March 1902 - 24 March 1905.

MC2009/133a: Copies of the Constitution and By-Laws revised 1915.

MC2009/133a Mission Program  - program notes and speakers.

MC2009/133b: Bible Society Minutes, 21 April 1916 - 19 May 1919.

MC2009/133c: Bible Society Minutes, 25 October 1907 - 12 April 1912.


Bible Society: Records and MinutesMC2003/4 

Bible Society Files:

1.    Attendance records 1916-1918; constitution and by-laws of 1899, 1901, 1913, 1915, and 1920.

2.    Minutes 1896-1899.

3.   Record book - Minutes for the Bible Society beginning 10 May 1912 - 14 April 1916.

Biology Class, Early Classroom Scene: PhotographMC2010/162 One photograph, probably taken between 1900 and  1920, of male students sitting around tables with books, looking through microscopes. 
Biology Society, Beta Beta Beta, Theta Sigma ChapterMC2006/35 

Biology Society, Beta Beta Beta, Theta Sigma Chapter

  • Minutes and recall of chapter.
Biology Symposium 1980MU2018/10 

Recorded presentations of the 14 November 1980 Biology Symposium by: Dr. William Eberly - Jane Henney, M.D. - Dr. Dale Oxender - Dr. Gene Likens - Dr. Larry Yoder - Dr. Robert Gordon.

Bixler, EdwardMC2002/104d  

Edward C. Bixler served as Manchester College's president from 1910-1911.  He also taught Latin and Greek.

Black History Month/WeekMC2009/71 


  • 1985 Black History Month calendar.
  • 1980 "Together We Can Make It:  Tell It, Black History Week," featuring Dr. Roger Pulliam, Assistant Professor University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Mr. Halisi Shauri, Director, Project Upward Bound, Northwestern University, Dr. A. D. Pickney, President, Indiana State Chapter of the NAACP.
  • 1990 Black History Month calendar (MC2009/71-E,d4)
  • 1992 Black History Month calendar (MC2009/71-E,d,3).
  • 1993 Black History Month calendar (MC2009/71-E,d,2).

See MC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-E: Events on Campus.

Blind, Magazine for MC2007/32 "Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind," February, 1959 with poem "Winter Night" by Elizabeth Ellen Long. 
Board Meeting: Minutes, 1900MU2012/26 

Notebook containing Board Meetings, 7 May 1900 - 11 June 1900. 

Board of Trustees: Personal InformationMC2010/140 

Personal information about individuals on the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees: 1990MU2018/96 Photograph of the Manchester College Board of Trustees as of April, 1990. 
Board of Trustees: Cards and FormsMC2010/137 

One blank form for personal expenses related to the Board of Trustees.

One card announcing the formation of a Presidential Search Committee that would fill the Office on or before July 1, 1994.

Board of Trustees: CommitteesVault: Filing Cabinet Drawer 3 Materials belonging to committees of the Board of Trustees ranging from 1944 through 1992. 
Board of Trustees: CommitteesVault: Filing Cabinet Drawer 4 Materials belonging to committees related to the Board of Trustees (1968-1996). 
Board of Trustees: ImagesMU2015/19 Images of the Board of Trustees: 2005, April 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005. 
Board of Trustees: List Last Edited 2005Trustee List List of trustees and years of service.  Last edited 2005. 
Board of Trustees: Photograph CollectionMC2003/43  

Board of Trustees photograph collection.

Board of Trustees: PhotographsMC2007/59 

Photographs Manchester College Board of Trustees 2003 and 2003 MC Trustees who grew up in the vicinity of North Manchester.

Board of Trustees: RecordsVault: Filing Cabinet Drawer 1 

Correspondence and materials relating to the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee including committee materials, Church of the Brethren district ratification forms, membership lists and memos from the presidents to the Board of Trustees 1956 - 2002.


Board of Trustees: Resolution on Residence Halls Completion, 1994MC2010/134 

One page resolution stating that the Board of Trustees acknowledges the successful completion of Helman and Oakwood Halls, the first stage in enhancing residence hall facilities under the College' s master plan for campus development.

Bond Agreement, 11 Feburary 1981MC2011/149 Copies of a bond agreement issued by Manchester College dated 11 Feburary 1981. 
Bond, JulianMC2008/126 

One photograph, negatives, and digital images of Georgia state legislator,Julian Bond, when he was on campus.

Book of MemoryMC General File: Book of Memory Correspondence regarding the history of the Book of Memory and suggestions as to how additions to the memorial might be shared with the public. 
BooksMC2010/9 Historical books at Manchester College and their donors.  
Books: CollectionsMU2019/22 Books from employees and friends of the College whom we have respected and loved: Tannreuther, Nettie Senger, Ruth Swihart, Charles Morris, Lewis Teeter and Nancy Bowman, Daniel Teeter, Anna Ikenberry,and  an assortment from the E. N. Goshorn memorial collection.. 
Bosnian ProjectMU2013/66 Channel 33 News and Liveline (Channel 21) spotlights - Bosnian student fundraising. Video of presentation by Keller (student) and Winnemyr (faculty). 
Botany Notebook: Cottrell, D. OwenMC2011/114 

Student, D. Owen Cottrell received a B.A. from Manchester College in 1903.  This is his notebook on Botany Lectures for Winter Term 1898 - 1999 and Spring Term 1899, with notes beginning 7 December 1898. Nicely illustrated.

Bowman, Jacob Bowmoan, Jr. and Susannah Millhouse Descendents in Eastern Tennessee: Family HistoryBC2018/4 See B 929.2 W725J and updated version BC2018/4 located together in Archives Sanctum, genealogical section. 
Bowser, Anna MaudeMC2009/43 Bowser, Anna Maude: A history about the family and life of Anna Maude Bowser 1877 - 1951.  
Boy Scouts: PhotographsMC2011/121 

Photographs of boy scouts and scouting activities.

Brembeck, Maxine Cripe CollectionMC2010/170a,b,c,d 

1937 "Aurora" with many autographs, a gift list, and words of advice.

Photograph of the Class of 1937 attending the 1987 reunion, along with an identification sheet and nametag.

Program from the "Combined Concert of the Manchester College Orchestra and Manchester College Concert Band," 1937, autographed by Hoy O. McIntire, Class of 1937.

Scrapbook from a trip Maxine Cripe Brembeck made to China in 1989. 

Brethren BeliefsBC2017/7 a,b,e,f,p,r,s,sp,u Articles related to Church of the Brethren Beliefs on: Anointing (a), Baptism (b), Ecology (e), Fundamentalism (f), Peace and Conscientious Objection (p), Anti-Racism and the call for Justice (r), Sexuality (s), Spirituality (sp), and Universal Restoration (u). 
Brethren Colleges Abroad Admissions MaterialsMC2002/290 

1998-99 Itineraries for Xalapa, Strasbourg, Nancy, Sapporo, Quito, Marburg, Dalian, Cochin, Cheltenham, Athens.

Admissions booklet "Brethren Colleges Abroad 35 Years of International Studies."

Poster "Study Abroad with BCA"

Application for Academic Year and One-Semester Programs

Sample letters to prospective BCA students from Allen C. Deeter, dated March and September 1996.

Brethren Colleges Abroad: Allen Deeter FilesRO2017/1 

Brethren Colleges Abroad materials from the files of Manchester College professor, Allen Deeter.  Personal awards and diplomas and commendations. CONFIDENTIAL - materials deal with student and employee information.

"Report of the Proceedings of the Brethren World Assembly," July 1992.


Brethren Colleges Abroad: ChinaMU2015/143 wave sound Allen Deeter and Sun, Ying, a Chinese student at Manchester College, are interviewed on "Sunday Side Up," 13 November 1988 (MAJIC 95.1fm] regarding the Brethren Colleges Abroad program. 
Brethren Colleges Abroad: Deeter CollectionMU2018/55 Box 4: Slides and Negatives Allen Deeter's collection of slides and negatives from his years serving with Brethren Colleges Abroad (BCA) at Manchester College. 
Brethren Colleges Abroad: JapanMU2017/82 September 1988 photographs of Dr. Nobuo Dobashi,  President Jun Arima, President William Robinson, and Professor Allen Deeter as Hokusei Gakuen University, agrees to become part of the Brethren Colleges Aborad (BCA) international studies program. 
Brethren Colleges Abroad: Radio SpotlightMU2015/140 wave sound Professor Allen Deeter and Dr. Dobuo Dobashi of Japan, report upon Brethren Colleges Abroad opportunities in Japan during an interview on Fort Wayne radio station WAJI. 
Brethren Colleges Abroad: Rogers CollectionMU2018/57 A poster-board filled with images from Ingrid Rogers' and Ken Rogers' experiences with BCA in Germany was found by the archivist in a classroom of the Administration Building following the auction and close of the 2nd and 3rd floors.  The images were cut from the board and scanned. Descriptions and student information are located within accession record. 
Brethren Heritage Tour 2004: ImagesMU2015/22 Images from the 2004 Brethren Heritage Tour to Schwarzenau, Germany. 
Brethren Historical Collection, Museum, Archives and African Art CollectionMC2011/133 The papers pertaining to the creation of the campus Museum, the Brethren Historical Collection, the  African Art Collection, and  the Archives, including the move of the Museum to the North Manchester Center for History. 
Brethren Service CampsMC2007/38  

Newspaper clippings of Schwalms personal reflections on a transatlantic tour, including a report on the Church of the Brethren mission in Nigeria and Brethren Service Camps in Europe.Tour

Brethren: Historical ResearchCOB General File: Research 

One pamphlet, "Guide to Research in Brethren History," Compiled by Donald Durnbaugh through the Church of the Brethren Historical Committee, 1968. 

It lists resources and sources for studying brethren history and gives the locations of various repositories of brethren collections.

Brown, KenMC2010/62 

Newspaper article with focus on Ken Brown, "Peace Studies at 50, Manchester counters 'myth of redemptive violence.'"

Buck Family CollectionMC2007/40 Photographs and memorabilia from the Buck family.  Also included is information about Calvin Ulrey and his wife, Miriam. 
Buck: Family BibleMU2014/109 

This is not a bible, but a book written in German.  It appears to contain the Buck family record of births, 1818-1937.

Building and RenovationMU2017/64 

Renovation and Construction Newspaper Articles:

Razing of Emma Neher residence, Gardner Hall, former biology building, removal of old barracks and maintenance shops.

Manchester broadcasts courses  by airborne television.  More facilities for foreign languages and psychology with new labs.

$100,000 maintenance center (Neher Maintenance Center) to be built.

1992 razing of  Ikenberry Hall.

Articles regarding completed Helman Hall project with the Helmans being honored at dedication.

Science Center cost and groundbreaking event.

Welcome and Adah Weaver give million dollar gift for New Science Building to President Ed Butterbaugh.

MC breaks ground on Recital Hall (2004).

Union half-way toward renovation goal (May 2004 article).

Buildings and Campus Scenes: Public RelationsMU2012/136a,b This collection is composed of two sets of images that capture campus scenes and document campus buildings. 
Buildings List Buildings List This is a somewhat dated list of building on campus but it shares some pertinent information. 
Buildings on CampusLarge Boxes 26a and 26b Information regarding campus buildings. 
Buildings: FountainMC2004/581 Photo of fountain by Lloyd Hoff with note to Mrs. Ulrey. 
Buildings: General InformationMC2002/31  

General Information about campus buildings, dedications, histories, renovations, names.

Additional information about buildings might also be found in 1 File/Large box 158 - Campaigns.

Buildings: Greenhouse and Fountain PhotographsMC2009/190 Photographs of Fountain (Kintner Collection and others).  View of students sitting at fountain with Greenhouse in the background.  
Buildings: InformationMC2002/31  

Information about many campus buildings, dedications,  histories, renovations, and names.

Buildings: Information About Campus BuildingsMC2002/31 

General Information about campus buildings, dedications,  histories, renovations and names.

Buildings: PhotographsMC2009/75 Pictures of building construction, equipment, and groundbreakings on Manchester College properties.  
Bumgerdner Hall and Bible School: Early Photograph MU2012/78 Two copies of the same image: A view of East College Avenue - looking eastward -  showing the Bible School (West) and Bumgerdner Hall (East).  The Howe House can also be seen on the south side of the street opposite Bumgerdner Hall. 
Burke, Eldon: James T. Westwood CollectionMC2010/74 

James T. Westwood Collection:

  • Biographical materials about Professor Eldon Burke and William Schuhle with a large caricature of Burke drawn by Schuhle. 
  • "Bibliography for the Study of World History," with a supplementary bibliography on "The Russian Revolutions and the Soviet Regime," compiled by Dr. Eldon R. Burke, Ph. D.
Burke, Eldon: PhotographMC2007/42 Eldon Burke Collection (Part A), photograph of himself and colleagues, 1922 Commencement Exercises. 
Business Office: GuidebookMU2014/141 One "Your Business Office Guide," indicating appropriate fees, formats and protocols (circa 1949). 
Butterbaugh, Ed: 1993 Faculty Workshop RecordingMU2014/101 wave sound Interim President, Edgar Butterbaugh, leads the Manchester College Faculty Workshop, 27 August 1993 (morning session). 
Butterbaugh, EdgarMC2011/217 

Awards and degree belonging to President Emeritus, Edgar Butterbaugh, MC Class of 1949.

Bwala Degree PresentationMU2019/35 May 24 1992 newscast of degree presentation. 
Bwala, Dr. HyedimaMedia Cabinet (IIS)  Video of 24 May 1992 Nigerian Newscast - Manchester College alumnus, Dr. Hyedima Bwala', receives an honorary degree Manchester College Commencement exercises.   
Cable, Miriam Weybright: Collection of Manchester College MaterialsMU2013/139 Collection of Miriam Weybright Cable, Manchester College Class of 1939. 
Calderon, Rene: Photograph, 1963MC2008/136 Photograph of international students including alumnus, Rene Calderon. 
Camp Mack: Images circa 1986MU2018/79 Camp Mack negatives and scanned images from circa 1986. Pictures include President Robinson, baseball, tug-of-war, volleyball. 
Camp Mack: Oak Leaves or Aurora PhotographsMU2012/47 

Camp Mack pictures including games, food, singing and bikes.

Camp Mack: PhotographsMC2010/37 

Photographs:  Canoe, lake and water pictures. One old photo possibly circa the 1920's?

Campaign: Step Up To The FutureMU2013/68 A video supporting the Centennial Campaign Fund (circa 1989) focusing on the Manchester College educational experience and emphasizing the need for funding student financial support, building maintenance, and improved educational equipment.  A tape divided into two parts. 
Campaigns: Students FirstMU2018/20 

Students First! The Campaign for Manchester - introductory packet, promotional materials, campaign videos, newsletters (January 2010 - October 2013), 30 June 2014 closing campaign report.

Campaigns: Students First VideoMU2016/29 Nine videos focusing on the "Students First" Campaign, 2011. 
Campus ImprovementMU2013/36 A memo from the Manchester College Treasurer to President Helman (circa 1965) descripting improvements on campus including classroom remodeling, the Vernon F. Schwalm Hall addition, and the completion of Funderburg Library. 
Campus Life: Public Relations ImagesMU2012/135 

Negatives and slides taken by photographer, Churck Savage.  One copy of the book, "Placing the Light on the Stand, Manchester College Enters the New Century," featuring the photography of Chuck Savage.

Campus Ministry Board SurveyMC2007/4 

Campus Ministry Board Survey conducted to assist the Campus Ministry Board in planning the spring semester campus wide retreat, "Speak your mind: at Manchester?"

Campus Plan and ImprovementsMC2007/26 Proposed Campus Plan, Guidelines for Long Range Physical Development, 1990. 
Campus Scene circa 1915: PhotographMU2012/111 This image is Seurat-like in its composition.  Students sit and study under oak trees along College Avenue.  Cars are parked on the south side of the street. 
Campus ScenesMU2016/42 Campus Scenes from 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983. 
Campus Scenes: Oversized Photograph CollectionMC2003/65 Buildings/Campus Scenes Photograph Collection-Oversized, with some shots of people.  
Campus: Architectural Plans and LandscapingMC2007/October Update 

Architectural Plans for buildings, gardens, rooms and equipment on the Manchester College campus. List of trees and shrubs that Professor Philip Orpurt thought acceptible for the landscaping of Cordier Auditorium.

For more "tree" related material see also: Manchester College Bulletin April 1978 p.8-9.

Campus: PhotographsMU2013/143a-g Photographs and printed material showing the Manchester College campus from it's earliest days forward until circa 1922. Interior of "modern" classroom in Holl-Kinter Hall of Science (circa 1960). Architectural illustration of a signboard. 
Campus: Photographs of Building and ScenesMC2008/141a, b, c, d, e Pictures of College Avenue apartments, clinic, campfire circle, College woods and old gym with railroad tracks. 
Campus: PostcardsMU2015/49 Campus scenes featuring - snow, graduation, the Communications Building, fountain, and students under trees [circa 1980's 1990's?]. 
Carbauagh, Pauline BrownMU2017/71 

"Aurora" yearbooks 1940, 1942, 1943 with many autographs and signatures that belonged to the family of Pauline Brown Carbaugh ("Polly"). The 1943 "Aurora" contains an additional loose page that adds names to the "Index." 2 letters of commendation from Paul Cannahan (Secretary of the Northern Indiana Camping Association to MC President Vernon Schwalm and Polly's parents, highly complimenting Polly and MC students, Ruth Hanawalt, Helen Cook and Betty Pottenger, on their outstanding work as camp chefs  during WWII's summer of 1942 (they did the work heretofore done by 3 competent male chefs).

Cards, Passes, Reception Cards Large Box 185 

An assortment of cards and passes representing food service, student I.D.'s, athletic events, library, 1903 reception card, Queen of Hearts Banquet, 1955, etc.

Carlson, James: Conductor, PhotographLarge Faculty/Staff Photo Boxes, Unit 7, IS - Alpha Order Photograph of James Carlson conducting musicians circa 1972-1973. 

Edward G. Miller Council for Advancement and Support of Education Award [CASE].

CASEMC2010/53: Folder, Miscellaneous Assortment, CASE 

CASE at Manchester College, newspaper article and special merit award, 1982 Mindpower Campaign.  CASE stands for Council for Advancement and Support of Education.

CASE NominationMC2002/38 Council for Advancement and Support of Education, nomination records for Ed Miller and Jim Bishop.  
Cassel: Family HistoryMC2011/120 

One periodical entitled, "Mennonite Family History," Volume XII, Number 1, January 1993.  This publication was probably kept by Archivist, Ferne Baldwin.  A special note is made about the article, "The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, Cassel Family," by Mary Cassel Case. This article traces the ancestors of Benjamin and Maria Cassel, who were married in Montgomery County, Ohio, 1861, who both had the surname "Cassel."

Caveat EmptorCaveat Emptor: Information 

Caveat Emptor was an underground publication. 

Search under Underground Publications [MC2002/156]

and Periodical List  See Also:  Oak Leaves 16 January 1964 p.1, 2, 3; 30 January 1964 p.1; 13 February 1964 p.1; 10 December 1964 p.2;

Cawood, MarkAlumni Large Box 187: Cawood, Mark Newspaper article about Mark Cawood and his Church of the Brethren Volunteer Service assignment with the Minnesota AIDS Project in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Cawood is a graduate of Manchester College. 
Centennial :Style ShowMU2016/31 

As part of Manchester College's Centennial Event, Home Economics Instructor, Martha Miller, sponsored a style show, presenting a historical overview of fashions 1889 - 1989, and including international dress.

Centennial Celebration at Manchester College: Slide ShowMU2014/44 A,B,C 

Slides and scanned images documenting the festivities surrounding the centennial anniversary of Manchester College.

Centennial Celebration Science Symposium: PhotographMU2017/83 Photograph of the participants of the Centennial Science Symposium at Manchester College that took place in 1990. 
Centennial Commemorative Oversized Bruchures and BookletsMC2011/219 An oversized brochure 12" x 9" with photographs and descriptions of buildings on the College campus from 1889 forward.  A 12' x 9" special edition of the Bulletin of Manchester College, Volume 82, Number 1, Sept. 1989, focuses on academic life and contains interesting photographs and facts surrounding the first 100 years of the institution.  
Centennial Interviews: President HelmanMedia Cabinet: Helman Interviews Centennial Interviews: 1987 - 1988 interviews of President Helman. 1988 
Centennial: Recording of Special MusicMC2007/24 Centennial Celebration recording featuring the Manchester Symphony Orchestra, the A Cappella Choir, and the Concert Band. 
Centennial: Historical Slides and ImagesMU2014/45 A,B A group of slides and scanned images focusing on the historical figures and events that formed Manchester College and shaped Manchester University. 
Centennial: Humanities Symposium MC2007/177 Manchester College Humanities Symposium, April 30 - May 6, 1990. 
Centennial: InterviewsMU2014/37 Centennial Interviews: 1987 - 1988 interviews of Manchester College Faculty / Staff / Alumni / Friends. 
Centennial: Journalism Class Centennial Interview by Jones, Timothy K. Jones, 1988MC2011/71 

A Journalism class Centennial Interview by Timothy K. Jones, 16 September 1988 in which Mr. Jones asks student to reflect on questions that he presents dealing with the College.

Centennial: Manchester CollegeMC General File: Centennial 

Preliminary letter for Centennial history book, clippings, notes, items for sale, calendar, auction object description, and miscellaneous materials.

Centennial: Robert Neff and President Emeritus Helman at Founder's Day ConvocationMC2009/182 Photograph of President Robert Neff (Juniata College) and President Emeritus Helman at the Founder's Day Convocation.  
Centennial: Slide Show 1989 MC2010/75 

Centennial Slide Show - a historical overview of Manchester College. Note: These slides were digitized. 

Centennial: Social Science Symposium, 12 March 1989MC2011/72 Presentation of the Centennial Social Science Symposium, 12 March 1989. 
Centennial: Style ShowMU2016/41 Martha Miller coordinated the Centennial style show at Manchester College titled, "100 Years of Fashion."  Correspondence and costume description. 
Centennial: Tree Planting ProgramMC2007/109 

Centennial Tree Planting Program 1989 - 1990:

Plaque commemorating donors1989 - 1990.

Central States College Association MC2008/34 CSCA Research Project on Student Attitudes, Values and Beliefs. 
Chacour, Elias: Oak Leaves or Aurora PhotographMU2012/49 Photograph of Elias Chacour when he spoke on campus, 1993.   
Chamberlain, Geneva Burrous: AlumnaMC2008/16 The Geneva Burrous Chamberlain collection.  Photo album and memorabilia. 
ChapelMC2009/74 Chapel addresses 1943-1944.  
Chapel BibleMU2012/114 

The Holy Bible Containing The Old And New Testaments: Translated Out Of The Original Tongues; And With The Former Translations Diligently Compared And Revised. New York: American Bible Society, 1874. The bible contains two inscriptions.

Chapel Chime Fund: Account Ledger, 1920MC2012/21 

A notebook containing the names, addresses and amounts of pledges for the Chapel Chime. 

Chapel vs. ConvocationMC2010/32a,b  

Change in name from "Chapel to Convocation."

Correspondence between Robert Mock, Director of Religious Life, and President Helman and Dr. Bollinger regarding, "Developing Concerns Regarding the Role of the Christian Faith and the Director of Religious Life on Manchester College Campus." 

Chapel: Program of Songs, 1944MC2008/114 

This memo book Compliments of Angelyn Coleman, '44-45 contains handwritten lyrics to songs.  There is also a handwritten title, "Chapel Program Nov 44." 

Charitable Fundraising: News ClippingsMU2017/73 News clippings regarding charitable fundraisers at Manchester College:  $192.87 to help victims of bombing in Birmingham, Alabama (27 September 1963), concert for "Sanctuary"  to help refugees in Central America (1992), students buy heifer for family through HPI (1995),  $43.35 raised for March of Dimes (undated), "Vagina Monologues" admission to help abused women (2004), MC donates books to community college library (2004), Garver Hall raises $1,500 for families (2005). 
Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle: Reading Course Diploma, SherrickMC2011/141 Mrs. M. M. Sherrick's completion of the four year course of reading as required by the C. L. S. C. and is enrolled as a member of the "Society of The Hall in the Grove," 1907. 
Chemistry Class: Photograph, circa early 1900sMU2012/77 A photograph of a chemistry class with students taken in the early 1900s.  Sadie Stutsman is said to be in the picture. 
Chemistry Lab and Science: PhotographsMC2010/156 An assortment of chemistry lab shots (circa 1931) and beyond) with other assorted chemistry related photographs, including the Chemistry Symposium, 1975 with Ed Miller and Mr. and Mrs. David Grandstaff and the American Chemical Society group shot (pg. 42,1992 Aurora). 
Childhood Narrative: Speech and CommunicationMC2011/85 The narrator describes stages of childhood and lighthearted music is interposed.  This might have been the audio for a slide show. Listening to the music one might think this was recorded in the 1950s or 1960s. 
Children in Woods: PhotographMC2011/119 A black and white photograph of 2 children wandering in the woods. 
Children's Theatre with Jill Morgan: VideoMU2014/26 

Special Problems Class: ...a project of The Communications Studies Department of Manchester College Children's Theatre Tour, 1990-1991. Jill Morgan gives a behind  behind the scenes tour of the 1991 touring children's theatre group.

Children's Theatre, Touring: Video of "The Crossroads," 1994MU2014/30 A video documentation of  the Manchester College Touring Children's Theatre group in their presentation of "The Crossroads," on 19 January 1994. 
Children's Theatre: Posters and PublicityMC2009/71-C: Children's Theatre Posters and Publicity for Children's Theatre.  These posters are part of a larger collection MC2009/71.  For a list of posters included in the the large collection see MC2009/71.  
Children's Theatre: Video of "Sleeping Beauty," 1990MU2014/27a,b 

Video of Sleeping Beauty, presented January 1990 in Cordier Auditorium by the Manchester College Children's Theatre group.

Video of Sleeping Beauty, presented 22 January 1990 at Center School, Marion, Indiana by the Manchester College Children's Theatre group.

Children's Theatre: Video of "The Nightingale and Rumpelstiltskin," 1992MU2014/29 Video documentation of the Manchester College Children's Theatre production of "The Nightingale and Rumpelstiltskin," January, 1992. 
Children's Theatre: Video of "The Storytellers," 1997MU2014/32 

Video documentation of the Manchester College Children's Theatre production of "The Storytellers," January, 1997.

Children's Theatre: Video of Sleeping Beauty, 1995MU2014/31 Video documentation of the Manchester College Participation Players' production of "Sleeping Beauty." 11 January 1995. 
Children's Theatre: Video, 1991MU2014/28 

Video documentation of Manchester College Children's Theatre from January 1991, "Good Scene as Director."

ChimeMC2009/80 Photograph of bells lined up in front of Administration Building. 
Chinese Book: Sun Yat-senMC2011/95 

One beautifully bound Chinese book with silk cover and gold flecked case presented to Dr. Winger by Hung Nien Cheng, President of Chi-nan University, in 1930. The subject is the funeral/burial procession of General Sun Yat-sen, sometimes referred to as the "father of modern China."  This is thought to be an original first copy.

Chinese Volumes: Sun Yat -senMC2011/94a,b 

A book presented to Manchester College by Hung Nien Cheng, President of Chi-nan University, Shanghai, July, 1930.  The subject is the funeral/burial procession of General Sun Yat-sen, sometimes referred to as the "father of modern China." 

Chinese Volumes: Sun Yat-sen, Wine ResearchMC2011/94 Research 

Archivist Jeanine Wine's research into the history of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen memorial books and how they came to President Winger and to Manchester College.

Chisholm, Congresswoman Shirley: SpeechMC2011/2 Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm gave the address, "Changing Patterns in an Era of Risk" in Cordier Auditorium on the Manchester College campus, 27 October, 1978. 
Choral Society: Dues Receipt, 1952MC2010/66 

Choral Society Dues Receipt, 1952

1.  One receipt.

Received of Edna Steury: 15 cents

Signed: Phyl(Phyllis Heeter Hunn) Heeter, Treas(urer)

Choral Society: PostersMC2009/129 

Choral Society Posters including but not limited to:

Bach, Mass in B Minor, John Yonkman, conductor, no year on poster.

Vivaldi, Gloria, December, 1993.

Bernstein, Chichester Psalms, Handel, Utrecht Jubilate, Patricia J. Cahalan, conductor, December 1989.

Chorus: Photograph, circa 1915MC2011/138 

Photograph of a chorus at Manchester College.  Mary Stoner Wine graduated from a 2 year voice program in 1915.  She is identifiable in the picture.  The professor appears to be the same as in the 1908 Advanced Chorus class MC2011/137.

Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times, 1889MC2012/4 

The Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times, 1889 may have been utilized in the early days of Manchester College when  Professor David Howe was President of the institution.  

Christian Leadership Commission Record Book 1945 - 1948MC2008/15 Christian Leadership Commission Record Book with records from 1945 - 1948. 
Christian World Order: PosterMC2009/106 

Poster: Kagawa and Nye Mass Meetings at Manchester College "An Institute on Christian World Order."

Christliches Gebat-BuchMC2010/106 The German song book is lacking a title page. It is composed of two sections.  The first section is1044 pages in length, followed by an index. The second section is dated 1781, and is at least 158 pages in long.  
Christmas: PostersMC2010/55a-c Posters regarding Holiday luncheons and receptions.  
Church & Higher EducationMC2002/47 

Church and Higher Education statements. 

See Also:

Congregational Outreach brochure, MC2008/203,h

Gospel Messenger 8 September 1945 p.7-8; 15 September 1945 p.9-10; 22 September 1945 p.11-12; 12 January 1946 p.11-13; 23 February 1946 p.8-9; 9 March 1946 p.3-4, 25-26; 27 April 1946 p.8; 6 July 1946 p.23; 30 November 1946 p.5-13; 8 November 1947 p.9-10, 11-12; Manchester College Bulletin July 1950 p.1; June 1951 p.1; November 1951 p.2; June 1952 p.4; Oak Leaves 6 October 1960 p.1; Religious Activities.

Church as Peacemaker Conference MC2009/72 Poster from 1986 Church as Peacemaker Conference.  
Church as Peacemaker Conference, 1986MC2012/5 This conference featured Mary Travers, social activist and folk music star from the singing group, Peter, Paul and Mary.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Ronald Sider, Professor of Theology at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  This was the 5th year for the conference, an ecumenical gathering sponsored by the college's Peace Studies Institute and the Howard John Peace and Justice Lectureship of the Manchester Church of the Brethren. 
Church as Peacemaker Conference: Myer, JamesBC2015/12 wave sound James Myer speaks on the "Biblical Basis of Non-Resistance" at the Church as Peacemaker Conference held on 28 February 1988. 
Church Directory: Local HistoryMC2008/113 1957 church directory for Chester Township and North Manchester, Indiana.  
Church Leaders Conference: Spiritual DirectionMU2015/149 wave sound Recordings of speaker presentations made at the Church Leaders' Conference 5, 6, 7 November 1990, the topic being "Spiritual Directions": Dr. Marcus Smucker, Gene Herr and Mary Herr. 
Church of the Brethren District Conference September 1993BC2015/11 wave sound Digital recordings from District Conference, 18 September 1993. This conference is probably that of the South Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. 
Church of the Brethren Heritage PapersMC2012/53 

Papers written for Professor Kendall Roger's class on Brethren heritage.  They range in date from 1990 to 1992.  The topics are varied and include but are not limited to: Church of the Brethren history, the legacy of certain individuals,  architecture,  Brethren beliefs and Church of the Brethren programs.

Church of the Brethren History: WIlliam Eberly CollectionBC2011/25a-y 

See the accession page for a complete listing of this collection that includes but is not limited to: Indiana church history, Brethren meetings and annual conferences, sunday school materials and publications, images of Schreisheim, Germany (birthplace of Alexander Mack), Church of the Brethren anniversary materials, Brethren Service in Puerto Rico, Nathan Leopold, West Manchester Church of the Brethren early membership list, and congregational transfer of membership letters from the 1800's.

Church of the Brethren Summer Assembly, Middle Indiana, Manchester College: Panoramic Photograph, 1921MC2011/186 Photograph of the Summer Assembly of the  Middle Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren held at Manchester College August 15 - 19, 1921. 
Church of the Brethren: Brethren Action MovementBC2008/3  Conception, newsletters, tracts, letter, writings by Dale Aukerman, Ken Brown, Larry Kuenning, Art Gish, and others.  
Church of the Brethren: Dutch KLM Crash,1958MC2008/54 1958 Dutch KLM Crash Following Schwarzenau 250 Year Anniversary of the Church of the Brethren Celebration. 
Church of the Brethren: Regional Youth ConferenceMC2004/709-1 Christian Ethics in a Secular Age, Regional Youth Conference Weekend Retreat, March 28 - 30, 1980: Poster. 
Church of the Brethren: Regional Youth Conference 1982MC2004/709-2 

Give Peace A Chance, Regional Youth Conference held at Manchester College April 16 - 18, 1982: poster.

Church of the Brethren: South Central District, Manchester Church of the BrethrenBC2010/26 1973 Church of the Brethren "Partners in Mission" Second-Year Self-Allocation Report for the Manchester Church of the Brethren, South/Central Indiana District. 
Church Relations: Manchester CollegeMU2015/33 Church Relations Materials affirming the relationship between Manchester College and the Church of the Brethren, including but not limited to: Brethren Business Network, statistics regarding congregational and district support,  Trustee information, A Cappella and Concert Band Tours, grants through Lilly Endowment, Inc., TEV programs,  Church-College Conversations, youth conferences, and programs offering continuing education and support for church workers and pastors. 
Civilian Public Service: Virginia Keller InterviewsMC2008/06 

This collection contains all the paper documents and audio tape of interviews with Manchester Graduates and former Manchester students who served in Civilian Public Service in the late 1940s.

Civilian Public Service: Photographs and Publications in the Francis Barr CollectionMC2011/233 

Civilian Public Service camps, photographs, publications and events, including but not limited to: 

  • Pictures from Waldport, Camp #56, in Washington State.
  • Holly Inn, Pinehurst, North Carolina. "May 15, 1945 - July 6, 1945, Room 302, "A Typical Pneumonia Guinea Pig Experiment.
  • Starvation experiment of the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene at the University of Minnesota, Angel Keys, Ph D., Director.
  • The Reporter, Vol. V, No. 7, March 1947.
  • The Compass, Summer and Fall, 1944.
  • Smoke Jumper bi-annual.

For updates about the starvation experiment review the 1945 issues of the Gospel Messenger.

Clark, Joe: AudioMU2014/50 wave sound Audio documentation of Joe Clark's visit to Manchester College, 12 April 1991. 
Clarke, John Henrik: PresentationMU2013/123a Some considered Clarke to be one of America's most courageous scholars, reconstructing a new history of the world.  Professor, historian, author, critic, traveler, developer of the  African Studies Center at the New School for Social Research - John Henrik Clarke spoke at Manchester College. 
Class CardsMC2004/699 Trial Program Course Card with Bible Verses written on verso from 2 February 1956. 
Class Cards, Passes and NotepadsMC2009/31 

A variety of cards, passes and schedules, for a variety of uses. They include but are not limited to: classes, organizations, and athletic events.

Class Day MC2004/707 Class Day Program, 1925.  
Class GiftsMC2002/52 

Class Gifts Records.

Class Lecture: Henry David ThoreauMC2011/39 Presentation on Henry David Thoreau with many quotes from Thoreau. 
Class of 1925: PhotographMC2008/28 

Photograph of the Class of 1925.

Class Photograph, 1901 - 1902MC2004/476 Student photographs: Class of 1901 - 1902. There are two other copies of this photo MC2004/472 and MC2004/466. 
Class Photograph, 1903 - 1904MC2004/477  One photograph of the Class of 1903 - 1904 including students and faculty. 
Class Photograph, 1903 - 1904MC2004/475 

Class photo 1903 - 1904 with students and faculty.

Class Photograph, 1929MC2007/185  

Group Photograph of Manchester College Students, 1929.

Another print of this photo is accessioned as MC2004/611 and hangs on the wall west wall of the Archives office.

Photographer:  Fawn Hockett.

Picture taken in front of gymnasium.

Class Photograph, 1929MU2014/54 One framed photograph of the Class of 1929. 
Class Photograph,1922MC2010/59 Commencement Photograph 1922.  
Class Presentations circa 1968: Audio FileMU2017/14 Digitized reel-to-reel tape containing oral presentations made by students, circa 1964 - 1968. 
Class Project: AdvertisingMC2007/49 Note Book around 1937.  "Salesmanship Through Advertising, It Pays to Advertise," by  Ronald W. Workman. 
Class StandingMC2011/224 Papers from the Office of the Registrar showing students and their Class Standing from from the graduating classes of 1969, 1972, 1973, and 1978. 
Classes and Courses: ScheduleMC2009/107 

Schedule for the Fall Term of the School Year 1926 - 1927.

See Also:  Academic Affairs; Memorabilia

Cloppert, John Raymond: Bible, "Testament" Belonging to J. R. CloppertMC2008/200 Material relating to John Raymond Cloppert, Manchester College alumnus, Class of 1934. 
Clubs, Groups and Organizations: Photographs, 1896 ForwardMU2013/148 

Photographs dating from 1896 forward until circa the 1960's portraying clubs, groups and organizations at Manchester College. Most of the images predate the 1920's.

Clubs: Circle KMC2002/49 

Circle K records and newspaper articles.

See AlsoOak Leaves 21 November 1963 p.1; 19 December 1963 p.1; 14 May 1964 p.1; 28 January 1965 p.1; 13 May 1965 p

Clubs: Eisenhour 1896, PhotographMC2008/123 

Eisenhour Club, 1896, photograph.

Clubs: ColheconMC2002/55 

The file contains Colhecon Club Programs and articles.

A folder was added on 12 March 2009 by Jeanine Wine with a handbook and student card, materials found in Archives stacks.

See also: Oak Leaves 30 January 1964 p.1; 27 February 1964 p.3; 22 October 1964 p.4; 18 March 1965 p.1

Clubs: Community Club MC2002/80 

Records of the Manchester Community Club. The Community Club informed its members of the history, traditions and the current direction of the college, encouraged and performed service for the college, and promoted sociability among its members.

Clubs: Manchester Fellows 1922, Photograph MC2009/187 Manchester Fellows, photograph dated "August," with "Manchester Fellows, 1922" handwritten on the verso.  
Clubs: Spartan Chew CrewMC2009/11 

Spartan Chew Crew, circa 1980: "We need to put chewing tobacco back to its proper respect," said MC Spartan Chew Crew President Duane Sautbine. "Only proper gentlemen chew tobacco."

One newspaper article from an unidentified paper.

Clubs: The Y Getting to Know You Question Booklet, The Green Quiz MC2010/29 "Y" getting-to-know-you question and answer booklet, circa 1940 - 1947 
Coffee House, Manchester CollegeMC2008/41 

Certificate of appreciation.

See Also: Oak Leaves 12 November 1964 p.2

Coffman, Dick: Creative WorshipMC2011/17 

Dick Coffman speaks on worship utilizing language and music contemporary to the 1960's or 1970's, probably post 1965.

College Record, TheMC2004/367 The College Record, a newspaper of Manchester College, v.2: 1 (spring 1891).  This issue is the only one owned by the College Archives. The issue might also refer to David Howe, the founder of Manchester College. 
College Woman's ClubMC2009/202 

College Woman's Club Photo (1927) and International Recipe Book

College Woman's ClubLarge Box 32 Memorabilia, minutes, and records of Manchester's College Woman's Club. 
College Woman's Club: "An Evening With the First Ladies"MC2011/69 College Woman's Club: "An Evening With the First Ladies," 14 April 1976.  The past presidents of the College Woman's Club give their reflections. 
College Woman's Club: Faculty, Staff, Alumni Interviews and RecordsMC2002/58 

College Woman's Club Records: Minutes, directories (1912 forward),  newspaper articles, alumni interviews, financial materials, arrangements for events.

Bill for postage, rosebud and vase, expenses for cards and postage, 1995, Arrangements for Christmas Tea, 1996.

College Woman's Club: Interview with Pat and Blair Helman, 1986MC2011/68 The College Woman's Club interviews Pat and A. Blair Helman after the presidential couple's 30 years of service, 12 March 1986. 
College Woman's Club: PlattersMU2015/48a,b Wrought "Farberware" serving platters from the Manchester College Woman's Club. 
College Woman's Club: Treasurer's BookMU2013/94 One treasurer's book listing the expenditures and income for the College Woman's Club September 1979 through September 16, 2003.  
College Women's ClubLarge Box 31 Records of Manchester's College Women's Club. 
Colloquium: FYC, First YearMC2008/19 VHS tape titled "Learning Through Service FYC: First Year Colloquium," produced Spring 2003 (Benjamin & Bowers). 
Commencement Invitation 1917, Ira Heeter MC2010/3 

1917 Commencement Invitation, Ira Heeter, Academy.


Communication Studies: Portfolios 1998-1999MU2017/70 

The Communication Studies Portfolio, a senior comprehensive experience for 1998 - 1999. Students, guidelines, evaluations, papers - CONFIDENTIAL.

Announcement - The First Dean's Student Scholarship Symposium at Manchester College 9 April 1999.

Communications Center Plans for RemodelingMU2013/19 Plans for renovating the old library building into the Communications Building.  
Communications Center: History and Photograph, 1926MC2003/116 

Photograph of the Communications Building circa 1926 and brief history of the structure.

Communications Center: PhotographMC2009/204 1928 shot of man standing by the fountain with what would become the "Communications Center" in the background. In 1928 this the Library was housed in the Communications building.  
Communications: ForensicsMC2009/71-E,b and MC2009/71-E,k 

Poster: The Manchester Communication Studies Department and Forensics Union present a "Public Debate on US/Japanese Trade Policy.....," 1994.


Poster: "Soap Box Forum," on High Food Prices" sponsored by Manchester Forensic Union. 


Community Appreciation DaySmall Box 43, May Day file  Community Appreciation Day. 
Community Court: Photograph, Oak LeavesMU2012/3 - Folder #2 

Possibly a picture of Community Court, circa 1991.

Community Involvement: Newspaper ClippingsMU2017/67 

1992 - MC women's basketball team forms adopt-a-grandparent program with retirement community.

Charles Boebel writes play about Thomas Marshall. Lilly has offers grant to move and restore Marshall's birthplace.

1986 - Prof. Charles Boeble, writes play, "Memory Speaks" highlighting N. Manchester's 150 year old history:

1985 - Shepherd's Center created for older adults.

2003 - Haunted Forest scares up fun.

Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble: PostersMC2009/126 

Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble posters from  approximately 1991 - 1995.

Concerts: Centennial Celebration 1989MU2013/128 

Cassette tape and corresponding digital recording prepared for the Manchester College Centennial Celebration 1889-1989 featuring Manchester Symphony Orchestra, A Cappella Choir and the Concert Band.

Conference ServicesMC General File: Conference Services Material related to Conference Services.  Conference Services Brochure circa 2005. Article: "Meet at Manchester" (2005).  
Conkling, FredMC2009/61 "STIM-YOU-LUS BOOK," prepared by Fred R. Conkling for Freshman composition.  
Conscientious Objection, Leachman and Lugar: PhotographMC2008/87 

Photograph of James Leachman and U.S. Senator, Dick Lugar, December 4, 1982, as well Richard Lugar as an 1983-84 Artist/Lecturer.

Conscientious Objection: Military Law ReporterMC2008/08 Military Law Reporter, Volume 2, Number 6, November - December 1974. 
Conscientious Objection: Indianapolis Area Draft - GI Center - Partly RestrictedMC2008/85 Indianapolis Area Draft - GI Center. 
Contact Sheets 1980's: PhotographsMC2008/139a,b 

Photograph Contact Sheet (Scott Mcalpine, photographer) from 1985 - 1989 including classroom and sports scenes and images of faculty and students.  Many individuals have been identified.

Contemporary Problems in Biology, A Symposium by Alumni of Manchester College, 1980MC2008/199  

Contemporary Problems in Biology, A Symposium by Alumni of Manchester College, 1980, featuring: Likens, Oxender, Henney, Yoder, Gorden and Eberly.

  • Folder containing programs/registration forms and a Manchester College Bulletin.
Convocation #003: Young, Andrew - Address 10 May 1971MU2014/24 wave sound Audio recording of Andrew Young's address delivered at Manchester College 10 or 11 May 1971 and written transcription.  
Convocation #004: Rokeach, MiltonMU2015/135 wave sound Dr. Milton Rokeach addresses Convocation #4 on 4 October 1971.  His address is "Beliefs, Attitudes and Values." 
Convocation #018: Sharp, Gene, Focus on Issues for Social Change, 1975 and PhotographsMC2011/128 

Dr. Gene Sharp speaks on "Focus on Issues for Social Change," delivered on 2 October 1975.  Dr. Sharp has been described as the world's top theorist of nonviolent strategy.

Convocation #022 and 023: Berrigan and McAlister, "Prophecy is Life"MC2011/15 wave sound 

Peace Studies and Co-Curricular Departments of the College invited Elizabeth McCallister and Phillip Berrigan to speak of their convictions. The cassette tape is dated 11 March 1976.

Convocation #024: West, PhilMC2011/45 wave sound Manchester College Alumnus (1960), Dr. Phillip West, a specialist in Chinese History, speaks on "The Future of Sino-American Relations" (26 April 1976). 
Convocation #026: Friedman, StantonMC2011/74: Convocation, Friedman Dr. Stanton Friedman, convocation speaker, talks on the topic of  physics, flying saucers, and space travel. 
Convocation #027: Cotton, ElizabethMC2011/20, Convocation Tape #27 Elizabeth Cotton C, composer of "Freight Train," and one of the country's top Folk Blues guitarists, presents a convocation titled, "Spirituals/Folksongs/Blues," at Manchester College on 4 October 1976. 
Convocation #029: Terkel, Studs - Kermit Eby Memorial LectureMC2011/46 wave sound Convocation #29, the Kermit Eby Memorial Lecture, is presented by Studs Terkel on 15 November 1976. 
Convocation #030: Aronson, "Jewish Value in Song"MC2011/14 wave sound A convocation presentation by Joe and Penny Aronson," Jewish Value in Song," 2 December 1976. 
Convocation #031: Oates, Dr. Wayne, "Signs of a Healthy Religion"Convocation Tape #31 In this 24 January 1977 convocation, Dr. Wayne Oates gives the presentation, "Signs of a Healthy Religion." 
Convocation #040: Howe, "Live All Your Life"Convocation Tape #40 Convocation tape dated 10 October 1977 entitled, "Live All Your Life." 
Convocation #048: Caldwell, Carl, "Faculty Series," 1978Convocation #48: Caldwell, Carl, 1978 

Dr. Carl Caldwell delivers a presentation as part of the "Faculty Series," on 3 April 1978.  He talks about witches, witchcraft and witch beliefs to see the implications of all of this for us.

Convocation #049: Harfield, Senator MarkConvocation Tape #49 Senator Mark Hatfield gives the convocation presentation on 19 April 1978. 
Convocation #050: Helman, A. Blair, "Opening Convocation," 1978Convocation #50: Helman, A. Blair, 1978 President A. Blair Helman delivers the opening convocation speech on 7 September 1978.  This recording is of the convocation service as well, including a welcome by campus minister, Robert Knechel, singing, prayer, a presentation about being students on campus, as well as President Helman's words. 
Convocation #054: Jackson, Colin, "The World in Crisis"MC2011/32, Convocation # 54 Colin Jackson presentation, "The World in Crisis," dated 2 November 1978. 
Convocation #056: Hartman, KenMC2011/26 wave sound 

This convocation tape is labeled, Ken Hartman.  He talks of life design and career decision making. The date is probably 5 February 1979.

Convocation #058: Firebaugh, Dr. Morris, "Nuclear Discussion," 1979Convocation #58: Dr. Morris Firebaugh, 1979 

Dr. Morris Firebaugh,  Manchester Graduate (1959). Raises issues behind nuclear energy, 26 March 1979.

Sister Burtell, expert on environmental health, responds to Firebaugh's presentation.

Convocation #059 b: Seellman and Weaver, Nuclear Discussion Workshop, Part 1Convocation Tape #59b Seelman and Weaver speak during the Nuclear Discussion Workshop on 27 March 1979. 
Convocation #059 c: Seelman and Weaver, Nuclear Discussion Workshop, Part 2Convocation Tape #59c Seelman and Weaver continue their presentation during Manchester College's Nuclear Discussion Workshop, 27 March 1979. 
Convocation #060: Johnson, Kathyrn, "Sex Roles," 1979Convocation #60: Johnson, Kathyrn, 1979 Dr. Kathyrn Johnson speaks on "sex Roles," 9 April 1979. 
Convocation #061: Hayes, Larry, "Mass Media-Values for Deciding Issues," 1979Convocation #61: Hayes, Larry, 1979 In Convocation #61, 23 April1979, Larry Hayes presents, "Mass Media-Values for Deciding Issues." 
Convocation #064: Forney, RobertConvocation Tape #64: Forney, Robert 

In this convocation of 1 October 1979 Dr. Robert Forney speaks on "Substance Abuse."

Convocation #064: Forney, Robert, 1969Convocation Tape #64: Robert Forney Robert Forney delivers a convocation on "Substance Abuse," 1 October 1979. 
Convocation #065: Fuller, Barb, "Healing the Wounds of the Vietnam War," 1979Convocation #65: Barb Fuller, 1979 Mrs. Barbara Fuller, a theologan and peacemaker, has traveled to Vietnam to work for reconcilliation.  She is a member of many boards and organizations that work for peace and justice. 
Convocation #069: Knechel, Bob - Christmas 1979Convocation #69: Knechel, Bob - Christmas 1979 Campus Pastor, Robert Knechel presents a message at Christmas Convocation 10 December 1979. 
Convocation #070 B: Kaplow, Herb - ABC News CorrespondentConvocation #70B: Kaplow, Herb, 1980 ABC news correspondent, Herb Kaplow, speaks on 8 February 1980. 
Convocation #070A: Helman, President A. Blair - Opening Convocation - February 1980Convocation #70A: Helman, President A. Blair, 1980 President A. Blair Helman presents opening Convocation on 4 February 1980. 
Convocation #071: Strasman, Gavriel, "The Middle East Situation: Current Reflections," 1980Convocation #71: Strasman, Gavriel, 1980 Gavriel Strasman speaks on "The Middle East Situation: Current Reflections," on 18 February 1980. 
Convocation #072: Keen, Sam, "Spirituality and Sexuality," 1980Convocation #72: Keen, Sam, 1980 Mr. Sam Keen presents, "Spirituality and Sexuality," 21 February 1980. 
Convocation #073: Fort Wayne Philharmonic Brass QuintetMU2014/72 wave sound 

Convocation #73 - Professor John Planer describes the definition of chamber music and a concert follows. The date is 25 February 1980.

Convocation #074: McManus, Bishop, "Transition Within Catholicism," 1980Convocation Tape #074: McManus, Bishop, 1980 Bishop McManus speaks upon "Transition Within Catholicism," 3 March 1980. 
Convocation #075: Kirkpatrick, Dow, "Latin American Contributions to North American Faith," 1980Convocation #75: Kirkpatrick, Dow, 1980 Dow Kirkpatrick speaks on "Latin American Contributions to North American Faith," 31 March 1980. 
Convocation #077: Discussion Day April, 1980Convocation 77: Discussion Day 1980 Recording of Manchester College Discussion Day 24 April 1980. 
Convocation #078: Tucker, Jerry - Faculty Series - 1980Convocation Tape #78, Tucker, Jerry, 1980 Dr. Jerry Tucker - as part of the Manchester Colleg Faculty Series - speaks in convocation on 28 April 1980. 
Convocation #079: Nelson, Dr. John Oliver, 1980MC2011/44 

Announcements by Bill Jones and Harriett Hamer: Discussion Day focusing on the Draft

Holly Pelking (MC Alumna) - offering free immunizations sponsored by the State Health Department

Ministry Conference - sponsored by the College Department of Religion and Philosophy and the Campus Ministry Program

Dr. John Oliver Nelson, keynote speaker of the conference, giving the address,  "The Role of the Church in the 80's."

Convocation #080: Helman, A. Blair, September 1980Convocation Tape #80: Helman, A. Blair, 1980 Manchester College President A. Blair Helman gives the opening convocation 3 September 1980. 
Convocation #081 A: Adams, Walter, "Inflation, Recession, and All That Stuff," 1980Convocation Tape #81A: Adams, Walter, 1980 Dr. Walter Adams gives a presentation, "Inflation, Recession, and All That Stuff," on 11 September 1980. 
Convocation #081 B: "Experiencing Diversity of Values and Iinvolvements," 1980Convocation Tape #81B: 15 September 1980 

Convocation 81B, "Experiencing Diversity of Values and Involvements," 15 September 1980.

Convocation #082: Butterbaugh, Ed, "Mono, Stereo, or Live," 1980Convocation #82: Butterbaugh, Ed, 1980 Ed Butterbaugh, who would become interim President of Manchester College, speaks on "Mono, Stereo, or Live," 25 September 1980. 
Convocation #083: Durnbaugh, Donald F., "Confessions of a Searcher," 1980MC2011/22 

During this 9/29/1980 convocation, Donald F. Durnbaugh receives the degree, Doctor of Humane Letters.  The degree is conferred by President Helman. Dr. Durnbaugh then gives the presentation, "Confessions of a Searcher."

Convocation #083: Durnbaugh, Donald, "Confessions of a Searcher," 1980Convocation Tape #83: Durnbaugh, Donald, 1980 

Manchester College alumnus, Donald Durnbaugh, presents "Confessions of a Searcher," at the Academic Convocation 29 September 1980.

Convocation #084: West, M. S.,"One Woman's Journey..."MU2014/73 

Convocation #84 - (Sponsored by the Social Science Festival)  - is delivered by MC alumna,Martha Smeltzer West, on 2 October 1980.  Her topic is "One Woman's Journey Into the Legal Profession."

Convocation #084: West, Marty Smeltzer, "One Woman's Journey into the Legal Profession"MC2011/51 

Social Science Festival Speaker and Manchester alumna, Marty Smeltzer West,  talks about, "One Woman's Journey into the Legal Profession," and "Confrontation with Choice."  We as women are faced with many choices, and many different roles that we are asked to play and that we want to play. 

Professor Colburn (Psychology), introduces Ms. West.

Convocation #085: Mollenkott, VirginiaConvocation #85 wave sound Dr. Virginia Mollenkott speaks on "Sexuality and the Formation of Family," during Convocation on 6 October 1980.  She focuses on interrelationship as females and males. 
Convocation #086: Waldie, Anderson MU2014/74 wave sound In this Convocation #86 of 20 October 1980, Mr. Waldie Anderson performs a voice recital. 
Convocation #088 and 88A: Sibley, 17 November 1980Convocation Tape #88 and #88A: Sibley 

#88A: Dr. Sibley presents, "Current Interpretations of Freedom: Political Freedom," on 12 November 1980.

#88: Dr. Sibley present a convocation on 17 November 1980 on the topic of "Current Interpretations of Freedom: Political Freedom."

Convocation #088A and 88BConvocation Tapes #88A and #88B wave sound In November of 1980 Dr. Sibley speaks on the topic of "freedom."  He is part of a series of lectures examining contemporary images of Freedom.  More lectures on this theme will follow in weeks following.  
Convocation #089: Nyman, Dr. Melvin, 1 December 1980Convocation Tape #89 wave sound Dr. Melvin Nyman speaks as part of the Faculty Series on 1 December 1980. He speaks on the Solar Energy Research Institute, a national research and development laboratory. 
Convocation #090: Christmas Convocation, 1980Convocation Tape #90 wave sound Christmas Convocation of 8 December 1980 led by Bob Knechel, campus pastor. 
Convocation #091: Levy, Michael, 1981Convocation Tape #91: Levy Michael Levy presents, "2500 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology," 2 February 1981. 
Convocation #092 A and 92 B: Schomer, HowardConvocation Tapes #92A and #92B wave sound Howard Schomer delivers morning and evening convocation addresses, 9 February 1981, related to the topic of "freedom." 
Convocation #094: Helman, President A. Blair, 1981Convocation Tape #94: President Helman President A. Blair Helman gives an address on 16 February 1981. 
Convocation #095 A and 95 B: Boulding, KennethConvocation Tapes #95A and #95B: Boulding Dr. Kenneth Boulding presents morning and evening sessions on 16 March 1981 focusing on the questions, what do we mean by "freedom" and "how do we get it?  
Convocation #096: Community Council SpechesConvocation Tape #96: Community Council Community Council speeches delivered 19 March 1981. 
Convocation #097A and 97B: Kuhn, Maggie, 1981Convocation Tapes #97A and #97B wave sound Maggie Kuhn speaks upon "Growing Old In America," at Convocation on 23  March 1981. 
Convocation #099: Evans, Robert Mayer, 1981Convocation Tape #99: Evans Broadcasting journalist, Robert Mayer Evans, ends the 1981 Artist Lecture Series by speaking in Convocation on 15 April 1981.  The title of his lecture is, "The Politics of Oil." 
Convocation #102: Helman's Opening ConvocationMU2014/75 President Helman presents the opening convocation on 3 September 1981. 
Convocation #105: Baird, Arthur, "Bible in Electric Age"MU2014/76 Dr. J. Arthur Baird presents Convocation #105, "Bible in this Electric Age," on 21 September 1981. 
Convocation #106: Driftwood, JimmyMU2014/77 wave sound Jimmy Driftwood presents Convocation #106 on 28 September 1981. 
Convocation #107: Escott, Stan, 1981Convocation Tape 107: Escott Stan Escott leads Convocation on 5 October 1981. Several individuals express what an education from Manchester College means to them. The title appears to be, "Clarifying Values in a College Community."  
Convocation #112: Tucker, Len "Reconciliation and Justice..."MU2014/78 Convocation #112 by Lem Tucker, who talks on "Reconciliation and Justice in the Church."  Mr. Tucker is part of the "Focus on Faith" campus observance. 
Convocation #113: Raimondi, Father Cosmos, "El Salvador"MU2014/79 waver sound Father Cosmos Raimondi speaks at Convocation #113 on 30  November 1981. His topic is El Salvador. 
Convocation #114: Knechel, Robert, ChristmasMU2014/80 wave sound 

Campus Pastor, Robert Knechel, Jr. leads the Manchester College Christmas program on 7 December 1981.

Convocation #115: Helman, President, Opening Convo 1982MU2014/81 wave sound President A. Blair Helman opens the Convocation series with an address on 8 February 1982.  Robert Knechel, Jr. serves as minister. 
Convocation #116: Carter, JaredMU2014/83 wave sound Indiana poet, Jared Carter, author of "Work, for the Night is Coming," makes a presentation in Convocation on 15 February 1982. 
Convocation #119: Stevens, Leigh HowardMU2014/84 wave sound Musician Leigh Howard Stevens performs in Convocation on 1 March 1982. 
Convocation #120: Dushkin, Dr. RonaldMU2014/85 wave sound Dr. Donald Dushkin presents, "Fully Healthy/Fully Alive," in Convocation on 8 March 1982. 
Convocation #121: Community CouncilMU2014/86 wave sound Community Council election speeches during Convocation on 11 March 1982. 
Convocation #123: Bielesiak, "Poland in Crisis," 1982Convocation #123: Jack Bielasiak,1982 Dr. Jack Bielasiak delivers an address, "Poland in Crisis," on 29 March 1982.  At this time he was Assistant Professor of Political Science at Indiana University.  Born in Poland, he lived there through his teenage years and then came to the United States with his family. 
Convocation #124: Viehweg, StephenMU2014/87 wave sound Stephen Viehweg presents a Senior Series Convocation on 5 April 1982. 
Convocation #128: Teegarden, MattMU2014/88 wave sound Matt Teegarden presents a Senior Series Convocation on 3 May 1982. 
Convocation #129: Statler, AmyMU2014/89 wave sound Amy Statler presents a music oriented Senior Series Convocation on 10 May 1982. 
Convocation #130: Helman, A. BlairMU2014/90 wave sound President A. Blair Helman speaks during Opening Convocation 1 September 1982. 
Convocation #131: Bartlette, Dr. DonMU2014/91 wave sound Dr. Don Bartlette presents Convocation on 6 September 1982. 
Convocation #133: Keller, LisaMU2014/92 wave sound Lisa Keller presents a Senior Series Convocation on 20 September 1982. 
Convocation #137: Barr, JohnMU2014/93 wave sound John Barr presents an organ recital in Convocation on 8 November 1982. 
Convocation #139: Dramatic ReadingMU2014/94 wave sound 

A dramatic reading of "The Gospel According to St. John," is presented during Convocation 18 November 1982.

Convocation #140 Clarke, JamesMU2014/95 wave sound Jim Clark presents a Senior Series Convocation on 19 November 1982. 
Convocation #141: Christmas ConvocationMU2014/96 wave sound Christmas Convocation is presented on 6 December 1982.  Robert Knechel, Jr. is campus pastor. 
Convocation #142: Moscowitz, RaymondMU2014/97 wave sound Raymond Moscowitz, former instructor of journalism at Manchester College, presents a Convocation on 31 January 1983, "A Tiny Flame For World Peace." 
Convocation #143: McFadden, Dr. Wilbur, "The Last Epidemic"Convocation #143: McFadden, Wilbur The tape is labeled so that the listener expects to hear a presentation by Dr. Wilbur McFadden, 7 February 1983, "The Last Epidemic."   However, there are several presenters and Dr. McFadden is not identified (but he might be if someone listens to the entire recording).  A presenter gives a physical description of what happens during nuclear war.  He uses San Francisco as an example and projects what would happen if the city suffered a nuclear strike. 
Convocation #144: AAFRO Program Reader's TheatreMU2018/101 AAFRO Program, Reader's Theater, 14 February 1983. Dramatic acts and readings illustrating literary contributions of African Americans and the talents of students on campus. 
Convocation #147A: Crovello, TheoMU2014/98 wave sound Dr. Theo Crovello presents Convocation on 7 March 1983, "Computer Technology and the Teaching of Values." 
Convocation #148: Opening Convocation by HelmanMU2015/71 President A. Blair Helman presents Opening Convocation on 31 August 1983. 
Convocation #149: Barber, JohnMU2015/54 Dr. John Barber presents "Community and Conflict," at the 5 September 1983 Convocation. 
Convocation #150: Klein, Gerda WeissmanMU2015/147 

Gerda Weissman Klein speaks on the topic of "The Holocaust and Renewal," in Convocation on 12 September 1983.

Convocation #151: Bernstein, Thomas P.MU2015/146 Convocation #151 is presented by Thomas P. Bernstein on the topic of "Marxism in China," on 29 September 1983. 
Convocation #152: Bredow, Wilfried vonMU2015/145 wave sound Fulbright Scholar in Exchange, Dr. Wilfried von Bredow, presents, "A European View on the Current Debates in International Politics," in Convocation on 3 October 1983. 
Convocation #153: Arlinghaus, EdMU2014/144 Introduced by President A. Blair Helman, Dr. Ed Arlinghaus speaks on "The Future of Health Care in America," on 3 October 1983. 
Convocation #155: Hasse, JohnMU2015/74 Dr. John Hasse presents Convocation on 24 October 1983, "Back Home Again in Indiana," in which he speaks about Indiana Ragtime music and plays Ragtime songs. 
Convocation #157: McCracken, PaulMU2015/72 Dr. Paul McCracken presents, "Economics and Public Policy," during Convocation on 7 November 1983. 
Convocation #158: Reid, Dr. SteveMU2015/73 Dr. Steven Reid presents Convocation on 14 November 1983, "Faith and Courage in a Post-Industrial World." 
Convocation #159: Halasz, MaryMU2015/56 Senior Series presentation by Mary Halasz on 21 November 1983. 
Convocation #160: Keller, DeeMU2015/66 

Professor Dorothy Keller presents the 28 November 1983 Convocation as part of the Faculty Convocation Series.

Convocation #161: ChristmasMU2015/67 Christmas Convocation with Advent Celebration by Tim McElwee presented on 5 December 1983/ 
Convocation #162: Helman, A. BlairMU2015/65 

Manchester's president A. Blair Helman presents the opening Convocation on 30 January 1984.

Convocation #164 Faculty Series:Caldwell, CarlMU2015/64 In this Convocation "Faculty Series," Dr. Carl Caldwell makes a presentation on 20 February 1984. 
Convocation #165: Morrison, EleanorMU2015/63 Rev. Eleanor S. Morrison presents Convocation on 27 February 1984, "Sexuality, Faith and Values." 
Convocation #167: Richards, HowardMU2015/80 Dr. Howard Richards presents, "Nonviolent Economics,"  during Convocation on 12 March 1984. 
Convocation #168: Bennett, LeroneConvocation #168: Bennett, Lerone, 1984 At the time of the address on 26 March 1984, Lerone Bennett was the Senior Editor of "Ebony" magazine.  He was here because the Eby family ordered him to come to the College that day.  This reference is in regard to Kermit Eby Senior, and Kermit Eby, Jr.  He knows of the marvelous work that the Church of the Brethren has done in the area of peace and social justice and in trying to make sure that there is a world tomorrow. He will speak on black history and the multicultural educational challenges of the 1980's.  
Convocation #169: Stapleton, Dr.MU2015/79 Dr. Stapleton presents Convocation on 9 April 1984, "The Myths of Technology: Historical Perspectives." 
Convocation #170 A: Brown, Robert McAfeeMU2015/75 Convocation #170A is presented by Dr. Robert McAfee Brown on 30 April 1984, "But What About the Russians?" 
Convocation #170: Helman, A. BlairMU2015/55 Opening Convocation 5 September 1984 with Manchester University President, A. Blair Helman. 
Convocation #171: Haffner, TerryMU2015/76 Terry Haffner presents Convocation on 10 September 1984, "More Than Show and Tell" focusing on handicaps and disabilities. 
Convocation #173: Asher, Dr. H.MU2015/57 Dr. H. Asher presents, "The Mass Media and the Presidential Selection Process," in Convocation on 17 September 1984. 
Convocation #177: Bowman, ClayMU2015/58 Clay Bowman presents a Senior Series Convocation on 15 October 1984. 
Convocation #178: Fountain Square FoolsMU2015/59 "The Fountain Square Fools" make a presentation to Convocation on 22 October 1984. 
Convocation #179: Brethren Colleges AbroadMU2015/78 Brethren Colleges Abroad students present Convocation on 29 October 1984, "How to See Europe and Get an Education Too." 
Convocation #180: Gerzon, MarkMU2015/68 Mark Gerzon presents Convocation on 5 November 1984, "Neither Warrior nor Pacifist." 
Convocation #181: May, MelanieMU2015/62 Melanie May addresses Convocation on 11 may 1984, "Christian Unity: Women, Men and the Bible." 
Convocation #182: Harroff, S.MU2015/60 

Alumnus, Steve Harroff presents "Experimente im Lab des Herr Professor Dr. Wuerli," on 19 November 1984.

Convocation #183: Keller JohnMU2015/77 John Keller presents his Senior Series Convocation on 26 November 1984. 
Convocation #184: Boebel, CharlesMU2015/69 

Convocation on 3 December 1984  is presented by Professor Charles Boebel.  He focuses on "The Journalist as S. P.: Perspectives on the P. & S." 

Convocation #185: ChristmasMU2015/61 Christmas Convocation 10 December 1984 hosted by Tim McElwee. 
Convocation #186: Opening Convocation with HelmanMU2015/70 President A. Blair Helman presents Opening Convocation on 28 January 1985. 
Convocation #187: Wu, Wenzhong, "A Perspective on Life Within New China" Convocation #187: Wu, Wenzhong, 1985 Wenzhong Wu delivers the talk, "A Perspective on Life Within New China," on 4 February 1985.  At the time of the address Wu was a citizen of the People's Repulic of China was on a two year teaching exchange program. 
Convocation #188: Rankoe, Thandie, "Apartheid and the U. S. Role in South Africa"Convocation Tape #188 

Thandie Rankoe deliveres the address "Apartheid and the U.S. Role in South Africa," on 11 February 1985.  From South Africa, she and her family have fled the country.  Ms. Rankoe gives a woman's perspective to the issues of apartheid. 

Convocation #191: Deavel, Dr. Gary, "A Birthday Bouquest for Sebastian," 1985Convocation #191: Gary Deavel, 1985 A recital by Dr. Gary Deavel.  Not all pieces are by Bach, but the entire recital is in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach. 
Convocation #200: Harvey, ThomMU2015/118 Dr. Thom Harvey presents, "Some Notions about Creating Change," during Convocation on 30 September 1985. 
Convocation #201: On the Enjoyment of OperaMU2015/119 "On the Enjoyment of Opera," "A View from Germany," a recital given by Herr Doring and accompanist during Convocation on 7 October 1985. 
Convocation #202: Doug HallMU2015/120 President Helman introduces Dr. Doug Hall to present, "Stewardship: An Old Word, A New Challenge," as an extension of a conference on Stewardship and Brethren Values. This Convocation took place on 14 October 1985. 
Convocation #203: David BoothbyMU2015/121 The Rev. David Boothby presents, "To Feed or Not to Feed the Hungry," during Convocation on 21 October 1985 as part of "Focus on Faith Week." 
Convocation #206: ChristmasMU2015/122 Tim McElwee leads Christmas Convocation on 9 December 1985. 
Convocation #208: Senior Series - TrippMU2015/123 Alan Tripp presents his Senior Series Convocation on 10 February 1986. 
Convocation #210: Siders, RonMU2014/99 wave sound Ron Sider presents Convocation on 3 March 1986, "Would Jesus Kill Communists to Defend Democracy?" 
Convocation #211 A: Discussion DayMU2015/103a 

Discussion Day #1 was held on 10 March 1986.  Discussion centered around a film, "Bread and Life."  It appears as if this approaches the problem of population balance and food supply.

Convocation #211 B: Collins, JosephMU2015/103b 11 March 1986 Discussion Day presentation by Dr. Joseph Collins. 
Convocation #211 V: Discussion Day WorkshopsMU2015/103c Discussion Day #3, workshops on 10 March 1986 - World Hunger. 
Convocation #212: Planer, John and Traxler, JaninaMU2015/106 Professor John Planer and Professor Janina Traxler present a Faculty Series Convocation on 14 March 1986. 
Convocation #213: Senior Series - BishopMU2015/124 

Student, Becky Bishop, presents her Senior Series Convocation on 21 March 1986.

Convocation #215: JamesonMU2015/125 Dr. Penny Jameson, psychologist, presents, "Piecing Us Together: A Feminist Vision of Human Relationships,"during Convocation on 5 May 1986. 
Convocation #216: President RobinsonMU2015/126 

Manchester College President, Dr. William Robinson, presents Opening Convocation on 3 September 1986.

Convocation #217: Congressional DebateMU2015/127 Debate of candidates for the House of Representatives from the North Manchester, Indiana District. Butcher (Republican) Senator Jontz (Republican). This debate takes place during Convocation 8 September 1986. 
Convocation #236 A and BMU2015/117a,b 

Convocation #236 A and #236 B focus on AIDS.

Convocation #237: Klingler, CharlesMU2015/116 Manchester Professor, Dr. Charles Klingler, presents Convocation on 13 April 1987, "Things Fall Together: A Sabbatical Journal." 
Convocation #284: Cotton, Dorothy - Tribute to Dr. KingMU2015/105 Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by Dorothy Cotton. 
Convocation #285: Robinson, PresidentMU2015/107 President Robinson presents "Opening Spring Convocation" on 6 February 1989. 
Convocation #289 A, B: Helman, A. Blair and Coffin, William SloaneConvocation Tape #289A and B sound wave A) President Emeritus A. Blair Helman gives an overview of Manchester College's history in preparation for the College's "Faith Centennial Lecture" to be presented by Dr. William Sloane Coffin. B) Presentation by Coffin at Manchester Church of the Brethren. 
Convocation #289: Coffin, Dr. William Sloan, "Inaugurate Peace in 1989"Convocation Tape #289 wave sound 

In this 6 March 1989 presentation, Dr. William Sloane Coffin, Pres. of SANE/FREEZE speakes on , "Inaugurate Peace in 1989."

Convocation #290 A: Social Science Symposium Convocation - Sowles, MarciaMU2015/85 MC alumna, Marcia Sowles, presents, "The Evolution of the Public Interest Law" during a Social Science Symposium Convocation on 13 March 1989.   
Convocation #290 B: Chenault, Gehres, Mann, RixlerMU2015/86 "Law and Social Change" is the topic of a Social Science Division Centennial Symposium on the evening of 13 March 1989. Speakers include alumni, Myron Chenault, Dan Gehres, Pat Mann, and Barry Ritzler. 
Convocation #291: Student SenateMU2015/87 Student Senate electoral speeches are presented during Convocation 3 April 1989 as well as various programs initiated within the campus community.  
Convocation #293: Sherpa, Wangdi, Senior SeriesMU2015/88 Wangdi Sherpa presents his "Senior Series Convocation" on 17 April 1989.  The topic is "Nepal." 
Convocation #294: Caine, Virginia MDMU2015/89 Virginia Caine, M.D. presents, "An Approach to STDs" during Convocation on 24 April 1989. 
Convocation #295: Baldwin, FerneMU2015/90 Alumna and MU professor, Ferne Baldwin, presents, "Manchester at One Hundred Years, Illustrations of Manchester's Story." 
Convocation #296: Glassford, Barb - Senior Series MU2015/91 Barb Glassford presents a Senior Series Convocation on 8 May 1989. 
Convocation #297: Robinson, President WilliamMU2015/92 

Manchester's President William Robinson presents the Opening Convocation address on 30 August 1989.

Convocation #298: Lindeman, LeslieMU2015/96 Leslie Lindeman presents, "With Russia, From Love," in Convocation on 4 September 1989.  He focuses on the 1987 Soviet American Peace Walk. 
Convocation #299: ChinaMU2015/84 A gathering of individuals who have visited or lived in China, sharing their impressions of and experiences in China.  This Convocation took place on 11 September 1989 and is titled, "Changes in the Peoples Republic of China.". 
Convocation #300: Brown, CherieMU2015/93 Cherie R. Brown speaks on "Welcoming Diversity in Relationship'" during Convocation on 18 September 1989. 
Convocation #301: Arnett, RonaldMU2015/94 Dr. Ronald Arnett, MC alumnus and Manchester's Dean of Academic Affairs, presents Convocation on 25 September 1989, "Academic Issues for the 90's." 
Convocation #302: Smith, Todd - Senior SeriesMU2015/95 Todd Smith presents his "Senior Series" Convocation on 2 October 1989. 
Convocation #303: Hispanic HeritageMU2015/108 "Our Hispanic Heritage" is the topic of the 9 October 1989 Convocation. The Latin American Music Ensemble presents a program. 
Convocation #325: Ningkun, Wu 1990MU2014/19 

A video recording of Manchester College's opening Convocation 29 August, 1990, featuring Dr. Wu Ningkun.

Convocation #372: "Understanding Human Diversity," 1992MU2014/35 MP4 video Convocation #372, "Understanding Human Diversity" (16 March 1992) presented by Manchester College faculty and students. 
Convocation #431: Student Senate and Activities CouncilMU2015/109 The Manchester College Student Senate and Manchester Activities Council present Convocation on 11 April 1994, "Working for Manchester Students" featuring highlights of the academic year. 
Convocation #432: Hess, EarlMU2015/110 Dr. Earl Hess presents, "Ethics in the Marketplace," during Convocation on 18 April 1994. 
Convocation #433: Gustin, TomMU2015/81 MC alumnus and musician,Tom Gustin, presents Convocation on 25 April 1994, "Musical Heritage of Indiana." 
Convocation #434: Honors ConvocationMU2015/82 Closing Convocation for the 1993-1994 academic year was an "Honors Convocation" in which students were recognized and awarded. 
Convocation #435MU2014/57 Video of Opening Convocation 31 August 1994  #435] in which Jo Young Switzer introduces the new MC President, Parker Marden. 
Convocation #435: Marden, ParkerMU2015/83 President, Dr. Parker Marden, addresses the Manchester College community during Opening Convocation on 31 August 1994. 
Convocation #442: Ningkun WuMU2016/32 Dr. Ningkun Wu presented Convocation on 31 October 1994 during International Week. 
Convocation #540: Cultural DiversityMU2015/111 Convocation 540 is titled, "Synergy from Others: Cultural Diversity on Campus."  It was presented 20 April 1998. 
Convocation #551: Peace StudiesMU2015/129 "A Celebration of 50 Years of Peace Studies at Manchester College," is presented during the 5 October 1998 Convocation. A synopsis of the lives of Andrew Cordier and Gladdys Muir is given.  Andrew Cordier's portrait is presented. Bob Johansen, MU alumnus, gives his perspectives of Peace Studies at MC. 
Convocation #551: VHS Tape and Digital CopyMU2013/152, #27 A Celebration of FiftyYears of Peace Studies at Manchester College, Convocation #551, presented on 5 October 1998.  This convo followed a presentation made by Dr. Arias, former president of Costa Rica and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, on 2 October 1998. 
Convocation #579: A Century PastMU2015/112 Manchester College Faculty present Convoction #579 on 1 November 1999, "Reflections on a Century Past." 
Convocation #657: Remembering World War IIMU2017/92 

"Remembering World War II," was presented on 11 November 2002. Professor Katherine Tinsley gives an overview of "Armistice Day" and "Veterans Day," and intervies three MC alumni about their experiences during WWII; Gene Stone, Onita Johnson, Gilbert Weldy.

Convocation 2007: Triptych MU2014/142 DVD and MP4 video "Triptych." DVD of 19 February 2007 Convocation.  Professor James. R. C. Adams explains symbols used in paintings created for display in the Science Center lobby.  
Convocation and Public Programs: PhotographsMU2017/95 

Photographs of Convocation and Public Programs sponsored by Manchester College (identified by speaker/performer and/or year).

Convocation and Public Programs: PhotographsMU2017/98 

Photographs of Convocation and Public Programs sponsored by Manchester College (identified by speaker/performer and/or year).

Convocation List 1968 - 2008: RecordingsConvocation List of Recordings 

A listing of Convocation cassette tapes and recordings.  Some of these recordings have been digitized but this list does not reflect this information . 

Convocation: Hamilton, Dr. Charles, "Black Power, Theory and Practice, 1968" MC2010/195 Three copies of Dr. Charles Hamilton's Convocation address, "Black Power: Theory and Practice," delivered 11 November 1968. 
Convocation: Harris, Sydney, "On the Topic of Communication"MC2011/25 Author and newspaper columnist, Sydney Harris talks about "Communication" during convocation. 
Convocation: Kozol, Jonathan, 1980MC2011/29 8 April 1980 Convocation with Jonathan Kozol, a public schooteacher who spoke out about inadequate conditions for learning. He authored, Death at an Early Age: The Destruction of the Hearts and Minds of Negro Children in the Boston Public Schools,first published in 1967.   
Convocation: Lens, Sidney,1967 and Schedule for Convocation and Fine Arts Series, Summer 1969MC2010/150 

Schedule for Convocation and Fine Arts Series, Summer 1969.

Transcript of Sidney Lens Convocation, 6 April 1967.

Convocation: Mow, Anna, Circa 1974MC2011/42 

Dr. Anna Mow graduated from Manchester Collage in 1918.  A Church of the Brethren icon, Anna speaks on "Spiritual Vitality and the American Family."

Convocation: Snyder and McGonegal, RecitalMC2011/43 Elaine Snyder, vocalist, and Rian McGonigal, guitarist present a convocation recital. 
Cooking Class 1914MU2017/77 Postcard of a men's cooking class in 1914 with H. Spenser Minnich (Class of 1917) and G. B. Royer (Mount Morris 1919). 
Cordier, Andrew and Butterbaugh, Dorothy Cordier: Louise King Collection, Part 3MU2014/119 

The Collection of Louise (Cordier) King, daughter of Andrew Cordier and Louise (Butterbaugh) Cordier. Louise's photographs from "The Seven Year Itch," and personal family momentos, including recording of Andrew Cordier's memorial service in North Manchester, IN.

Cordier, Andrew W and Dorothy Butterbaugh: Collection of Louise KingMU2014/12 Louise King's collection of photographs and materials related to her father and mother, Andrew W. Cordier and Dorothy Butterbaugh Cordier. 
Cordier, Andrew W.: Memorial ServiceMC2011/19 Memorial service for Dr. Andrew W. Cordier.  Participants include President Helman, Rev. David Rogers and Dr. Gary Deavel, organist. 
Cordier, Andrew: PhotographsMC2008/60 

Photographs of Andrew Cordier.

Cordier, Andrew: Helman Interview by CableMU2014/133 wave sound 

3 May 1977 recorded interview with President A. Blair Helman regarding significant influences on the life of Andrew Cordier.

Cordier, Andrew: PhotographsMC2008/135 

Photograph of Andrew Cordier with President Truman.

Photos of Andrew Cordier, dressed in gown for commencement, dining with college officials, and as a Manchester College student.

Cordier, Dorothy: Memorial Service 1972MC2011/5 wave sound Dorothy Cordier is the wife of Andrew Cordier.  Both individuals were Manchester College alumna and instructors. This is a recording of Dorothy's memorial service. 
Courses: Newspaper clippingsMU2017/68 

Clippings include but are not limited to:

1923? Dr. Charles Morris and O. W. Neher plan student trips to Chicago.

1953 - "Liberat Arts School puts Emphasis On Religion."

1960 - Independent and Honors Study Programs - Public Programs series offering more programs - Driver Training - Nutrition - Russian History.

1961 - Summer terms - College to utilize Airborne TV  - Income Tax course.

1963 -  Summer offeres courses in 8 areas - Home Economics Workshop - Saturday classes begin 26 January 1963.

1963 - "Education New Area Industry."

1973 - "College to Offer Two-year Degree Program in 1974."

1975 - Two New Teaching Licenses offered.

1976 - College offers a variety of summer workshops and courses - Modern Dance - Reading Workshop.

1973 - 1978 circa) - teacher education students experience the-instrument families.

1976 - Bicentennial art course.

1992 - Greg Shoup teaches seminar to design weather curriculums for teachers.

1992 - Summer video workshop.

1992 -Summer Joggercise.

1994 - New Modern Language Department.

1996 - Conflict Resolution seminar.

2000 - Social Work and Teacher Education program re-accredited.

2003 - Heritage Program at Koinonia  - MC celebrates its 115 year.

(undated ) Maximum 7 year accreditation of Teacher Education Program received  -

Cross Country and Track Collection: Brad YoderMU2018/106 Cross Country and Track and Field photographs, statistics, and information. 
Cross Country, Men's and Women's, Newspaper ArticlesMC2012/10 Newspaper articles about Men's and Women's Cross County events, generally from 1995 - 2003.  One article features a run sponsored by the Manchester College Athletic Trainers' Club. 
Cross Country: Women's Photos 1982MU2017/48 Women's Cross Country pictures 1982: Phyllis Orpurt, Deb Kreps, Michelle Brewer.  
Cross County: PhotographsMC2012/41 Cross Country photographs of Manchester College students.  Some images are identified. 
Cunningham and Dolby Family: ResearchMU2017/55 Archivist Jeanine Wine's research on Mattie Cunningham Dolby and brother,  Joseph Cunningham, along with multigenerational research on their family of origin. 
Curriculum: Revision Committee, 1944 - 1946MC2011/165 

This file was found by the archivist in the vault of the Archives.  It contains many papers about curriculum revision discussions that took place circa 1945 and 1946.  Materials deal with a myriad of topics including teacher education, a possible program for elementary teachers, veteran's education, the establishment of a program for Industrial Arts teachers, changes in the Home Economics program, a Secretarial Science survey, proposals for revisions in the Psychology program and much more, including a comparison in the number of full and part-time Latin teachers vs. the number of full and part-time instructors teaching Library Science and Industrial Arts.

Also included are pamphlets entitled:

"Educational Opportunities for Veterans," and "Educational Opportunities for C. P. S. Men."

Curriculum: Revision Committee, 1944 - 1946MC2011/157 

"The Nature and Purpose of General Education Courses as offered in American Colleges," by the Curriculum Revision Committee, J. I. Baugher.

The General Survery Courses: Philosophy of Living - description.

Meeting of Curriculum Revision Committee 14 November, 1944 - outline.

Schwalm's memo to the members of the Curriculum Revision Committee, 5 November, 1945.

"Criteria to be Considered in Curricula Evaluations."


Cyrille ArnouldMU2017/84 Cyrille Arnould and friend sunbathe in Winter. 
Dailey, PaulMC2009/123 

Graphic artist on staff at Manchester College.

Large negatives for the watercolor painting that Paul had done of the Administration Building.

Dan West DisplayDan West Boxes and Files Old Archives Office  Backup files for filmstrip, "Each One Helps," and for the Dan West Display. 
Dan West:Obituary from HPIHeifer Proj News pg.1 and Heifer Project News pg.2 A biographical tribute to Dan West by Heifer Project
Dances: PostersMC2009/71, File Folder D: Dances 

1976 "Halloween Dance featuring The Three Traces."

1978 A.A.F.R.O. Club Presents, "Essence in Twilight," Semi-Formal.

circa 1985 Manchester College AAFRO Club and East Hall present "Take Your Sweetheart to Vegas."

1991 Presidential Ball, "The Future is Ours."

April 1993 Presidential Ball, "New Beginnings."

1992 Formal, "Sailing with the Night."

No year on poster: "Winter Wonderful's Semi Formal Dance, Featuring: Catch."

Davis, ErnestMU2018/27 

Obituary and brief biography of former Mount Morris College President, C. Ernest Davis.

Davisson, Homer G.MC2002/90 

3 Davisson paintings are currently in the archives/

A digital image of Homer Davisson is available. Inquire with Archivist.

A biographical piece about Homer Davisson is available.  Inquire with Archivist.

1998 revised location list of Davisson's paintings at Manchester College (MU2019/15).

2015 Peabody Collection auction booklet.

Dean's Scholarship MC2009/24 incorporated into MU2012/117 

Various types of scholarship announcements, large formatted checks and names of recipients from Academic Year 1995 - 1996, Dean's Scholarship, newsclippings.  Scholarship Information Assortment. 

Dean's Student Scholarship SymposiumMC2003/317 

"MC Students Shine in Symposium," The Manchester Monitor, 26 March 2002, p.19.

An additional folder was added including materials found in the Archives stacks.  This is an assortment of information including an announcement of the first symposium on 9 April 1999, newspaper clippings, programs, a 2004 symposium checklist, behind-the-scenes material for the 2004 symposium, promotional posters, etc.

Dean's Student Scholarship Symposium: PapersMC2007/57 Dean's Student Scholarship Symposium, selected papers from Spring 2002. 
Dean's Symposium 2005: ImagesMU2015/114 Digital scans made from negatives documenting the Dean's Symposium, March 2005. 
Dean, Arthur L.: Petersime ChapelMC2007/84 Service of Dedication for the Arthur L. Dean Memorial Chancel Candle, Petersime Chapel. 
Deavel, Gary: This Green Morning, RecordingMC2010/199a,b 

Recording of  the Manchester Symphony Orchestra, MC's A Cappella Choir and Gary Deavel on 5 November 1989, featuring the premier performance of Deavel's "This Green Morning."

Deavel: Manchester VariationsMC2011/139 Musical score composed by Dr. Gary Deavel for Robert Jones and the Manchester Symphony Orchestra. 
Deeter, Al: Personal CollectionMU2018/55 Box 1 Personal correspondence, ministerial and CPS documents, papers written while a student at Bethany Biblical Seminary and at Princeton, studies in Anabaptist Theology, Princeton dissertation correspondence, early Environmental Studies grant materials, Christian College Day presentations,  negatives, slides, photographs, and Bridgewater College's diploma granting Allen Deeter the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters Honoris Causa
Deeter, Allen: Ethnographic Art CollectionMU2016/16 

Ethnographic art collected by Allen Deeter, Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Manchester College.

Deeter, Allen: Peace Studies Institute BulletinMC2004/153 

Peace Studies Institute Bulletin

Correspondence, articles, items for possible inclusion in PSI Bulletin, book reviews, and a list of Bulletin dedications from 1971 through 1983.

Deeter, Allen: Personal CollectionMU2018/55 Box 2 

Correspondence, 1958 -1978 including but not limited to: Gladdys Muir's retirement, Peace Studies News-Letters from Gladdys Muir with handwritten notes, Memo from MC Treasurer regarding Gladdys Muir's library and retirement matters, the effect that a resignation would have on the Peace Studies program, Deeter's doctoral thesis, Conflict Resolution proposal, discussions with Professor William Schuhle, Ken Brown, Grady Snyder, Donald E. Miller, Dale Aukerman, and Linda Rehfeldt.

Materials related to: Council for Intercultural Studies and Programs, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Environmental Studies at Manchester, Brethren Volunteer Service, India 1973, 1978, India Delegation, 1975-1976, On Earth Peace, Testimony to Senate Subcommittee on Education - United States Peace Academy, On Earth Peace Academy, 1975-1976, World Without War Council, 1976. Deeter syllabi, papers, and Brethren Heritage materials.

DemonstrationsMC2008/94 Peace marches and dialogue. 
Dietz, EarlBrethren People File: Dietz Information regarding Rev. Earl D. Dietz. 
Diploma Release FormMC General File: Diploma Release A diploma release form that was to be completed and returned to the Registrar's Office. 
Diploma: Wright, Lowell, Preparatory DepartmentMC2007/184 Lowel Wright: One diploma for Lowell Wright graduating from the Manchester College Preparatory Department in 1898. 
Discussion DaySmall Box 16 Discussion Day materials from 1965 "Zith Day" until the present, including a brief history, topic suggestions, press releases, newspaper clippings, committee memos/arrangements, and two photographs.   
Discussion Day: 1993 and 1997MU2013/37 

Schedule, expenses and correspondence regarding Discussion Day 1993.

Program for Discussion Days, March 1997, "Politics and Morality."

DiversityMC2009/206a,b,c AAFRO House and minority concerns.  

Diversity: Assortment of international student materials including:

  • Copies of international student records 1920's - 1940's. (Restricted)
  • Newspaper clippings
  • International Association
Diversity: Correction of Cultural Biases to Prepare Students for the Real WorldMC2011/56 

Recording of a conference that took place at Indiana University.  Presentation titles are:

  • Cultural Pluralism and Ethnic Studies, a Latino's Perspective.
  • Teaching Undergraduate Afro-American Studies.

Another presentation focuses on teaching culture in a multi-cultural society, such as the U.S. 

Diversity: Multicultural AffairsMC2007/2 

Booklet entitled, "International Student's Host Family Program, Sponsored by The Office of Multicultural Affairs, Dr. Peter Gitau, Director, Katrina Bruce, Assistant Director.

Diversity: Multicultural Affairs CollectionMU2013/77 

Materials reflecting the past of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the intercultural Center.  They show the circumstances in which the AAFRO House was created and its evolution into the intercultural Center and developing Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Diversity: Multicultural Affairs ProgramLarge Box 114 

A brochure describing The Multicultural Affairs Program that was designed to offer American ethnic minority and international students an enriched social, cultural and educational experience.

Diversity: Multicultural Affairs, Arrival of Nigerian Student, 1977Large Box #114 Arrangements for the arrival of a student from Nigeria, 1977. 
Doctoral Degrees: Chemistry and Science RelatedMU2013/33 Materials related to Manchester College and alumni receiving Chemistry Ph. D. degrees. Other information showing Manchester's national rank for the percentage of graduates receiving Ph. D. degrees. Special report from the National Science Foundation, "Science and Engineering Doctorates: 1960-81." Related articles about psychological and sociological factors that play a role in a person's desire to obtain a Ph. D. 
Donald E. and Olive Kessler Collection: Liberian MaterialsMC2008/196 

Artifacts and books from Donald and Olive Kessler's work in Liberia.

Drama and Music Performance: Casts and MembersMC2007/58 

Members of the Madrigal Club 1935 -1939.  The Madrigal Club also played for the Messiah and for Operas.

Members of dramas, The Messiah, operas 1934-1935 through 1938-1939.

Alumni of the Classes of 1936-1939, who took part in musicals, dramas, and plays that were probably directed or assisted by Professor Sadie Stutsman Wampler.

Cast of "The Bartered Bride," 1934-35.

Drama and Music Performance: Strode, Scott, Theater and Children's TheaterMC2009/90a,b,c,d,e,f,g Scott Strode Collection: Theater and Children's Theater Collection including the "History of Play Production at Manchester College," including posters, programs, production files, VHS tapes and DVDs of productions.  
Drama: Photographs, pre-1930MC2010/36 

It is not known if this picture was taken at Manchester College or Mt. Morris College, however it was not found wtih the Mt. Morris materials.  Portrait photographs hang on the wall and an archivist might be able to identify these individuals and identify the location.  Each character is in a costume.  It appears as if the following costumes are represented and perhaps the players are the cast of a variety show or vaudeville presentation:


Brethren man in collar and hat

White man in black face with top hat holding a child in fur cap on lap

One man reclining in a suit and hat holding a laughing mask


Nun or woman in burka with face exposed

Lady wrapped in a striped flag with a ribbon of stars.

Drama: ScriptMC2007/66 Handwritten script from early production. 
Drama: TRI ALPHAMU2018/105 1973 Homecoming images from the TRI ALPHA presentation of "The Imaginary Invalid." 
Drawings, East of East Street and West of East Street: ACAD-R12 Computer ProgramMC2011/209 

ACAD-R12 computer program with actual drawings that are unreadable in 2011 because there is no campus computer program able to read them. These files were compressed 4/5/1996.

2 discs and one CD with information that was transferred to CD by Stan Pittman's staff in 2010.  The discs are labeled as containing drawings, "East of East Street," and "West of East Street" and were compressed 5 April 1996.

Dress CodeMC2009/60  

Dress Code.

Also see Women's Residence Organization (WRO).

Drugs, Sex and AlcoholMC2010/142a,b 

Manchester College position statements and policies on drugs and alcohol.  Drug, Sex and Alcohol Survey (undated).

Drum Group: RecordingMC2011/88 An audio segment of a group drumming. Segment appears to stop then picks up again. 
Dunbar, Dr. Willis: Is Present Day Education Anti-Intellectual?MC2011/21 Dr. Willis Dunbar talks on the topic, "Is Present Day Education Anti-Intellectual?" 
Dunbar, Wilbur: Correspondence with President William RobinsonBrethren People File: Dunbar, Wilbur Wilbur Dunbar, alumnus (Class of 1943), corresponds with President William Robinson and Dean Ronald Arnett about the College's curriculum. 
Duvall, Powell, Kenboro, Harensen: Family BibleMC2011/129 Duvall, Powell, Kenboro?, Powell, Harensen?: Family lineage found in The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ..," 1845. 
Earth Day: PosterMC2009/71, File Folder MC2009/71-E: Events on Campus 

Poster for Earth Day, "Go Plant a Tree!!!, Earthday Celebration 20 years."

East Hall Stunts 1993: PhotographMC2010/158 

Theresa Onderko, Becky Freel and Denise Sadja in photograph taken in East Hall.  

East Hall: Dedication and Resident PhotographsMC2009/01  Photographs of East Hall Groundbreaking and Dedication Events and residents.  Some pictures of the women living at East Hall are from the 1970's and 1980's. 
East Street Apartments Construction BidsMU2013/20 

Bids for the construction of married students' housing - "East Street Apartments."

Easter in the ClassroomMC2006/31: He is Risen, Amen Picture #22, blackboard.  "Happy Easter He is Risen, Amen" Photo of black board, perhaps from Professor Rieman's class? This is part of a larger collection MC2006/31.  Professor T. Wayne Rieman had a reputation for bold statements such as this.  The picture might have come from one of his classrooms. 
Eberly, WilliamMC2007/25 William Eberly: "The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College," original manuscript and digitized illustrations. 
Eberly, William: Personal Library and Professional MaterialMU2018/66 

Materials from William Eberly's collection related to Bill's professional career and personal library. Eloise Eberly's College Woman's Club directories. Letter to Eloise from Bill's January Term trip West (circa 1976) and related snapshots. Notebook documenting Bill's participation in the "Citizen Ambassador Program (China)." Programs: Groundbreaking Celebration for the MC Recital Hall (March 2004) - Dedication of the Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall (October 2004) - Celebrating the Marden Years (2005). 1889 Scholarship granted to Samuel Miller. Charles Lekrone's reflections on President Howe and early North Manchester College, including classrooms in future Ikenberry home. The history of Tall Oaks. "Environmental Education, The Big Picture," by Eberly (1991). Video of the dedication of Koinonia, 21 April 1990.

Eberly, William:Science Core LectureMU2015/102 wave sound Dr. Bill Eberly presents a Science Core lecture focusing on environment, ecology, and environmental health. 
Eberwein, LowellFaculty/Staff Boxes: Eberwein, Lowell  Material regarding Lowell Eberwein.  
Ebey, Adam: Student at Mount Morris CollegeMC2004/721 

Adam Ebey Collection: Collection of grade reports, Sunday School certificates, and other material documenting Adam Ebey's time at Mount Morris and Manchester Colleges.

Ebey, Alice KingMC2006/36: License and Records File Alice's teacher's licenses and Mt. Morris and Manchester College records. 
Ebey, Alice KingMC2007/48 Alice King Ebey: "," published by The Bible Society, North Manchester, IN.  1896. See "Pastoral Epistles," by Alice King. 
Ebey, Alice KingMC2004/635-29 Letter from Alice King Ebey, India, to Edith Miller, North Manchester, Indiana.  
Ebey, Alice KingMC2004/635-29 Letter from Alice King Ebey, India, to Edith Miller, North Manchester, Indiana.  
Ebey, Alice King DiariesMC2006/36 Diaries relating stories of Alice's life and missionary work in India. 
Ebey, Dorothy Helen: Doctoral DissertationMU2012/68 

An alumna of Manchester College, Dorothy Helen Ebey (Class of 1937), submitted the dissertation, "Music Therapy for Children With Cerebral Palsy at the Ruth Lodge Residential School, Chicago, Illinois," for partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctor of Music Education degree, Chicago Musical College, in August of 1955.

Echoes, by Patsy La VarMC2012/2 "Echoes," a book of poetry by Manchester College Student, Dorotha Mae Crowl Yoder (Patsy La Var). 
Eclipse 10 May 1994: VideoMU2016/28 Dwight Beery and Stan Pittman make a video of the May 10, 1994 eclipse of the sun. The sun, moon and earth will probably never be aligned/centered this well in any of our lifetimes. 
Economics Course on TelevisionMC General File: Television Course An article citing Manchester College as one of more than 400 colleges and Unitersities in the U.S. that will offer credit for a television course, "The American Economy."   
Economics: Special ProblemsMC2007/78 

A Special Problems in Economics:  The economic impact of Manchester College on the community of North Manchester.

Edith Miller: Postards Sent ToMC2004/635-33 Postcards to Edith Miller from her mother, Levi Neher, Ida Miller Winger, and others.
Education and Professional Programs Division MC2006/25 

Education and Professional Programs Division: Assortment

  • Phi Delta Kappa permanent charter status certificate, November 10, 1984.
  • 1907 Certificate of Proficiency to Lulu Waggoner.
  • Manchester College SEA Plaque of Appreciation.
  • Partners In Learning History Policy Manual as well as background, permission letters and forms.
  • TEP Model History.
  • State Teacher Education Approval Letters 1947 - 1969.
  • NCATE Accreditation Reports.
Education Department: Classroom Observation 1908, Photograph MU2012/75 Future educators observe children and their instructor in a classroom (first floor of  Library "Reading Room"). 
Education Department: Indiana State Teachers' Licenses - Historical CollectionMC2012/86 A variety of types of Indiana State Teachers' licenses that belonged to various individuals.  Dates range from 1881 - 1990. 
Education Master's Theses: MathMC2012/59,a-c Education Master's Theses:  Math. 
Education Master's Theses: MusicMC2012/60a,b Education Master's Theses:  Music. 
Education Master's Theses: Political ScienceMC2012/62 Education Master's Theses:  Political Science. 
Education Master's Theses: ScienceMC2012/63a,b,c Education Master's Theses:  Science. 
Education Master's Theses: SociologyMC2012/65a,b Education Master's Theses:  Sociology. 
Education Master's Theses: ArtMC2012/54a Education Master's Theses in the area of Art. 
Education Master's Theses: BiologyMC2012/55a-e Education Master's Theses: Biology. 
Education Master's Theses: Elementary EducationMC2012/58, a - iii Education Master's Theses: Elementary Education. 
Education Master's Theses: EnglishMC2012/56a-e Education Master's Theses: English. 
Education Master's Theses: HistoryMC2012/57a,b Education Master's Theses: History. 
Education Master's Theses: Physical EducationMC2012/61a-d Education Master's Theses: Physical Education. 
Education Master's Theses: Social StudiesMC2012/64a,b,c Education Master's Theses in the area of Social Studies. 
Education Master's Theses: Speech DramaMC2012/66 

Education Master's Theses: Speech Drama

Hull, Kim JoTheatre Makeup For Beginners

Education: Acme SchoolMC2007/175 

"Stories of Days Long Gone in the Acme School, North Manchester, Indiana," by Bertha Miller Neher.

Education: Professional Programs DivisionLarge Boxes 42, 43, 44, 45 Education/Professional Programs Division 1, 2, 3, 4. 
Educator's Who's Who: Top TeachersMU2017/61 There is a select group of American teachers listed in "Who's Who Among America's Teachers (3rd edition)," and  three are from Manchester College: Steve Naragon, Jo Young Switzer, and Janina Traxler (1994). 
Ehrhardt, BarbaraMU2017/4 Photograph of Barbara Ehrhardt, December 1988 AAUW Scholarship recipient. 
Ehrhardt, BarbaraFaculty/Staff Boxes: Ehrhardt, Barbara Material related to Barbara Ehrhardt.  
Eicher, David: Organ RecitalMU2018/100 Recording of David Eicher's organ recital that took place in Cordier Auditorium on 6 May 1990. 
Eicher, David: PhotographMC2010/41 Photograph of David Eicher at the organ. 
Eikenberry and Wagoner: Family BibleMU2015/13 Bible containing the family register of Eikenberry and Wagoner (Wagner) families.  Also mentioned is Nancy Miller and Mary Clingenpeel. 
Eiler, David: SyllabiLarge Box 78 Syllabi and course material for the classes of Professor David Eiler. 
Elementary Education Photographs: Education and Professional Programs Division, Photographs MC2009/02 Elementary Education photographs. 
Elgin Kintner CollectionMC2004/394 Elgin Kintner Collection - deaccessioned 2005.  
Enemy: OvertureMU2017/76 Music for "The Enemy," by R. Wilford, published 1926. 
English Department: Conkling, 1928, Practice SheetsMC2007/194 

"Practice Sheets in the Minimum Essentials of English Composition," 1928 by Professor Fred R. Conkling.

1.  One bound volume by Professor Fred R. Conkling.

English Department: Guide, English 110, Gilliar, 1996MC2007/192 In Our Own Write, A Guide to English 110, Fall 1996. 
English Department: Take it From Us, English 101E, Publication, 1991MC2007/193 

"Take It From Us..." Volume 1, December, 1991, An English 101E publication.


Entertainers: 1984 TourMU2018/80 Negatives and scanned images from "The Entertainers 1984 January Tour of Florida. 
Entrepreneurship: Symposium and EndowmentMCGeneral File: Entrepreneurship 

1997 Entrepreneurial Symposium packet.

2003 article - endowment from the estate of Mark Johnston, MC Class of 1968.

Escott, Stan: DiscussionMC2011/23 Stan Escott, Dean of Students, leads a presentation around the topic of, "What is important to you and other members of the College community? This discussion takes place two weeks before Fall Fest 1980. 10 individuals tell what they value most about Manchester College. 
Espeset, RickFaculty/Staff Boxes: Espeset, Rick 

Material related to Rick Espeset.


See also: Photo of Rick Espeset Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph Collection MC2004/729.

Ethnic Studies ProgramsMC2011/79a,b,c 

CD #1 Much blank and irregular space before recording begins. The valuable amount of material on this recording is questionable. Sometimes students are clowning around. If listened to closely, this appears to be a recording of a class.  The Archivist did not have time to listen to it all the way through.

CD#2 Continues with a student that is part of a panel of presentors that and is very hard to understand. There is also discussion.

CD#3 A latin individual talks about ethnic studies programs.  This recording is very distinct but is only a partial recording of the entire presentation.  The presenter is also a teacher from a small institution in Chicago. 

Event PhotographsMU2018/62 David Waas and Dick Harshbarger are included in pictures of at least three events taking place on Manchester's campus (circa late 1960's?).  
Executive Board: Minutes 1919-1922, 1923-1941MU2012/27a,b,c,d Executive Board: Minutes: 1919-1922, 1923-1926, 1925-1939, 1939-1941. 
Executive Committee Minutes April - June 1900 and Faculty Meetings April 1900 and 1925MC2009/100a,b 

MC2009/100a: Executive Committee Minutes from April, May June 1900 as well as Faculty Meeting Minutes ( 11 April and 18 April 1900).

MC2009/100b: Executive Committee Minutes from 4 March 1901 - 4 June 1901.

Letter from Balsbaugh Over the Death of Sister Catherine Forney

Experts ListMC2009/71: Folder MC2009/71-V: Various  

Folder MC2009/71-V: Various - Poster for "Beat the Deadline."  Receive information from Manchester College faculty about many topics.

Expressions Class, circa 1907 - 1916: PhotographsMC2004/586 

Expression Class photographs:  [(Andrew D. Ward Jr)?] Picture upper left:  Top row (l-r):  L.W. Shultz, D.L. Stoner, Wagner.  Middle row (l-r):  Thomas, Sadie Stutsman Wampler, Lola Dickey.  Lower row (l-r):  Chas. A. Light, Cordelia Crouch.

Facilities Planning: PresentationMU2014/59 MP4 video 

Video - Eldon Eugene Fahs introduces a report prepared by consultants who present a long term campus plan for Manchester College, 19 October 1990.

Faculty and Staff, A-Z: PhotographsMC2003/225 

Large Faculty Photograph Collection including but not limited to:

Photograph of Manchester College alumus, Wangdi Sherpa.  Photo with Dr. William Eberly.

Carl Caldwell and parents during parent's weekend, 1978 - 1979.

Richard Nixon headline in newspaper with students and Stan Davis, Speech and Drama.


Go to accession page to view listing of this assortment of faculty and staff pictures.

Faculty and Staff: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/3 - Folder #4 

Faculty and Staff pictures:

  • Denise Howe - Director of Writing Center, circa 1995.
  • Jean Anne Tribolet.
  • Brad Grinstead, Chris Wells, Fred Unsicker.
  • Ken Brown
Faculty Grade BooksLarge Box 142 Grade books belonging to professors, Reed, Stutsman Wampler, Holsinger, Reber, Shultz, Eikenberry, and Della Lehman. 
Faculty Index CardsMC2007/41 Index cards including various facts, figures and photographs of Manchester College faculty and staff. 
Faculty ManualsMC2007/29 

Collection of Faculty Manuals.

Faculty Meeting Minutes MC2006/7  

Various sets of faculty meeting minutes dating from the incorporation of Manchester College in 1895 onwards towards the present.

Faculty Meeting MinutesMC2007/181 

Faculty Meeting Minutes starting in 1895, beginning with notes taken by Professor A. B. Ulrey, Secretary. Minutes continue through 20 April 1899. 

On page 70 of this notebook...following a big gap... Faculty Meeting Minutes resume, starting on 13 February 1918 and continuing through 2 December 1919.

Faculty Meeting Minutes: 1932 - 1942MC2012/20 Faculty Meeting Minutes September 1932 - May 1942. 
Faculty Meeting Minutes: April 2007 - May 2008Faculty Minutes File Drawers - Vault Faculty Business Meeting Minutes 13 April 2007 through 9 May 2008. 
Faculty Meeting Minutes: May 2008Faculty Meeting Minutes File Drawers - Vault Faculty Meeting agenda for 15 May 2008.  Included is a General Education proposal, the institution of a Skills System for studends(WOQ = written, oral and quantative skills) as well as proposed revisions to the Faculty Manual. 
Faculty Meeting Minutes: November 1952 and Agenda for February 1989Faculty Meeting Minutes File Drawers - Vault 

Faculty Meeting Minutes:  19 November 1952.

Agenda for Faculty Meeting 14 February 1989.

Faculty Photograph CollectionTwo Large Boxes: Photo Shelves 

Photographs of faculty.  This is a large list of faculty and a large collection of pictures.

Faculty Retirement Dinner, 1992: VideoMU2018/113 

"A+" Faculty Retirement Dinner, 16 May 1992, a video.

Faculty Rock BandMC2010/124 

Newspaper article from "The Monitor," 29 November 2005.


See also: Otho Winger experience.

Faculty Workshop: Helman Address 1985MC2011/163 This "Address at Faculty Workshop, August 29, 1985, Summing Up and Looking Ahead," was probably written and presented by President A. Blair Helman.  Supporting this theory is an attached memorandum from the Office of the President. 
Faculty Workshop: Recording of August 1995 WorkshopsMU2012/37a,b,c,d 

Recordings of the Faculty Workshop held on August 24 and 25, 1995.  Dr. Karl Smith speaks on "Cooperative Learning" and Jo Young Switzer makes a presentation.

Faculty, Staff, Student, and Alumni PortraitsMU2015/15 Black and white portraits of Manchester College faculty, staff, students, and alumni that were sometimes used on the "Wall of Fame" in the Administration Building and for other promotional purposes.  Additional portraits not "Wall of Fame" related are also included. 
Faculty, Trustee and Early PhotographsMU2014/13 Photographs of many faculty members from what appears to be the early 1900's as well as the 1950's and 1960's. A few other pictures showing trustees, the MC Chorus' oratorio of 1912, and various student groupings. 
Faculty/Staff IssuesMC2009/155 

Files include scattered materials on the following:

Faculty Workshops.

Faculty Professional Development Meetings.

Faculty Research and Artistic Endeavor, call for proposals for summer 1995.

Lists of Faculty Instructors.

Faculty Workload study.

End of Third Year Evaluation.

Faculty Policy decisions.

Faculty Emeriti.

Faculty Executive Committee.

List of Faculty Dissertations and Theses.

Part-time Faculty and Special Situations - Confidential

Proposal for an Energized Faculty Atmosphere.

Faculty/Staff PhotographsMC2008/79 

Russell Bollinger: Photograph with Kintner, Hartsough and Beahm.  H. L. Hartsough served as pastor of Manchester Church of the Brethren.

For more information on H. L. Hartsough see See: Gospel Messenger, 7 April 1945 p.12; 5 May 1945 p.12; 19 May 1945 p.20; 2 June 1945 p.12; 1 September 1945 p.12; 6 April 1946 p.7-9; 16 November 1946 p.5-6, 10-11; 8 November 1947 p.5-6.

Faculty/Staff PhotographsPhotograph Box 142 Many faculty and staff photographs from the beginning of the 1900's forward. 
Faculty/Staff Photographs: IdentifiedMC2010/89 

Faculty and Staff photographs. Most are identified.

Faculty/Staff Photographs: IdentifiedMC2010/90 

Faculty and Staff photographs. 

Faculty/Staff: PhotographsPhoto Boxes 138, 142, 154, 155, 166,* 167,* 165, 167, 179 

Photos of many faculty and staff. 

*Note:  Boxes 166 a, b, c, 167 and Box 138 have been combined into two large boxes in the photo shelves. Faculty and staff are stored in alphabetical order. 

Faculty/Staff: Photographs and ImagesLarge Faculty/Staff Photo Boxes, Unit #7, IS A collection of Faculty and Staff images of various media located in alphabetical order within 3 Large Boxes located on the Photography shelving unit #7.  When looking for a picture of faculty or staff member  - look here first. 
Fahs, Eldon Eugene Faculty/Staff Boxes: Fahs, Eldon Eugene 

Material regarding Eldon Eugene Fahs. Included is a bulletin for E. Fahs' memorial service.

Photographs - See 3 large Faculty/Staff photograph boxes, IS, Unit #7, in alphabetical order.

See also: Faculty/Staff A-Z; Manchester College Bulletin March 1977 p.8-9; July 1977 p.10; Oak Leaves 22 October 1964 p.1
Fahs, Eldon Eugene: FilesVault: Filing Cabinet Drawer 2 Materials belonging to Eldon E. Fahs who served the college from 1964 forward, through the department of Education, and as Registrar, Treasurer, Business Manager, Assistant to the President and as Vice-President. 
Fahs, Eldon Eugene: PhotograhMC2008/133 Photo of Eldon Eugene Fahs conversing with Mike and Sue Wine, parents of Michelle Wine (1992).  Photo taken in 1990. 
Family: Groff, Warren and Mollenkott, Dr. Virginia, 1980MU2015/138 wave sound files 

During the Church Leaders Conference, October 1980, Dr. Warren Groff, President of Bethany Theological Seminary, speaks on family under the lordship of Christ. Dr.Virginia Mollenkott speaks on "Sexuality and the Formation of Family," October 1980. She deals with the Biblical basis for male and female equality within the covenant community. 

Fashion Show: Men's, Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/7a - Folder #5 Snapshots from men's fashion and talent shows. 
Female Graduates and Marriages 1924 - 1930MC2008/103 

Handwritten list of female graduates (1924 - 1930) and who they married.

Female Students Costume Switch: PhotographMU2012/109 A group of female students stand in a line and arrange their hats and coats to trick the viewer into seeing something that is unusual. 
Financial Affairs: ReportsLarge Box 154 

"Financial Report and "Report of Examination" for Manchester College - including but not limited to 1956, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1974-1975.

Financial Records of Manchester CollegeMC2007/137 

Financial records of the college, college classes, college student groups and organizations.

Annuity Funds.

Alice King Ebey: Handwritten record of income and expenses for the college including student/faculty/staff accounts.  Alice King is included, see: July 7, to December 12, 1898, Alice King 7/16/1898).

Clubs, societies and organizations: Account books for various clubs and organizations.  Aurora, College Quartet, Lincoln Adelphia Treasurer's Book, Philalethea Cash Books, Phronia Lethea, Physics (Sigma Pi Sigma), Rhetoria - Mathea or Mathea Rhetoria Society, Science Club, Service Fellowship, Sociology Club, Tau Kappa Alpha Journal of Finances, Y.M.C.A. records for 1930 - 1931, and Women's Glee Club receipt books. Deputation Work at Manchester College 1945 - 1946: Receipts, expenditures and reports by Bill Eberly.

Financial Records of Manchester College: Tuition and Student ReceiptsMC2007/137: Student Accounts, Financial Ledgers and receipts of tuition, typewriter and piano fees, lab fees, room and board fees to students from 1893  through at least 1942. This information is part of a much larger collection MC2007/137. 
Financial Records: Articles of Incorporation andLedger 1931-1941MU2015/34 

Manchester College General Ledger and ledger for the Manchester College Foundation and Holding Company, with records for 1931 - 1941.  Copy of articles of Incorporation.

Fish, Stanley: Discussion Day Presentation - VideoMU2014/34 MP4 video This Discussion Day rises out of issues stemming from 11 September 2001.  Professor Stanley Fish talks about first amendment issues and raises questions regarding "free speech."  
Fisher: Family BibleMU2015/6 Fisher Family Bible, printed in German (1828), stereotyped, J. Howe, Philadelphia, with handwritten notes in English referencing family births and deaths.  
Flory, Charles: Addresses and PublicationsAlumni Large Box 187: Flory, Charles 

Materials authored by Manchester College Alumnus, Charles Flory.  Including:

The Day of Small Things, Homecoming Address, Church of the Brethren, Nokesville, Virginia, 25 October 1970.


Flory, Ezra: Personal Publications, Notes, BooksMU2013/144 

The first full-time General Secretary of the General Sunday School Board in the Church of the Brethren, Ezra Flory, minister, elder, and educator, was the father of MC alumnus, Paul Flory. Ezra Flory received his Master of Arts degree from Manchester College in 1918.

Flory, Paul J.: Reflections by an Eminent ChemistMU2017/20 Interview with Manchester College alumnus, Paul Flory, who received the 1974 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 
Flory, Paul: Biographical InformationMC2008/179 

Various articles and biographical pieces of information about Paul Flory. Copy of Flory's Nobel Lecture, 11 December 1974.

Flory, Paul: Degrees and CertificatesMU2013/87 A collection of some of the degrees and certificates conferred upon Paul Flory. 
Flory, Paul: Dr. Allan R. ShultzMU2012/36 A scholarly paper and biographical material related to the career of Dr. Allan Shultz, Paul Flory's first graduate student.  A copy Chapter 8, "PVT, Specific Heat, and Thermal Transitions," by Allan R. Shultz, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, from the publication, "Handbook of Polycarbonate Science and Technology, edited by Donald G. LeGrand and John T. Bendler.   
Flory, Paul: Family History Link with Herbert HooverMC2010/19 Paul Flory: Relationship to U.S.President Herbert Hoover. 
Flory, Paul: PhotographMC2004/612 Photograph of Dr. Paul Flory in his research lab at Stanford University in 1974. 
Flory, Paul: VideoMU2013/131 

Gary Patterson, Professor of Chemical Physics and Polymer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, remembers Paul Flory.

Flying Club" PhotographsMC2011/190 

Four photographs of what appears to be the Flying Club

The 1967 Aurora features the Flying Club on pgs. 62 and 63.

Folk Guitarists and Singers: RecordingMC2011/87 

Folk Guitarists and Singers: Recording

Beyond the Sky

More time is need to listen to the full recording to identify singers and songs.

Food Service: Cooks MC2009/55a,b  Food Service: Etta Stinebaugh was a cook at Manchester College for many years.  Here are photos from her scrapbook as well as other older pictures of women working in Food Service.  The photo of chickens at the chopping block helps date the pictures.  
Food Service: Cooks MC2009/56a,b Photographs of Food Service and possibly photos of cooks, from the 1960's.  
Food Service: PhotographsFood Service Photos 

Pictures of Food Service staff 1960 - 1981.

Food Service: The OaksMC2009/120 

Newspaper article: "New Oaks Sets Collegiate Atmosphere."

Food Service: The Oaks, PhotographsMC2003/368 

Photographs pertaining to "The Oaks" in it's various locations through the decades.  History of the various locations ot "The Oaks."

Football 1952: PhotographMC2009/203 Football Photo, 1952, "Rondeau carrying, Burrows fakes to Blocher."  
Football 50 Year Reunion, 1990MU2018/91 The Manchester College 1940 Football team reunites for a 50 year reunion in 1990. 
Football ImagesMU2012/2a - Folder #6 Football images with contact sheet dated 08 31 96 A  [31 August 1996). 
Football Statistics and Souvenir ProgramsMU2014/165 Football Football records for the 1924 -1986 seasons. Statistics for 1982-1983, 1990 media guide, and Football statistics and souvenir programs for most years 1992 through 2007. 
Football Team, 1939, Lieberum, Don: PhotographMC2011/214 

Grouping of football players, all from Fort Wayne, on 1939 football team with all-state quarterback #93 Don "Hank Lieberum.

Football Team, 1950 Spartans: PhotographMC2011/123 This football team photograph, 1950, is framed.  The entire team is identified on the verso. The picture is published in the 1951 Aurora on page 136. 
Football: 1969-1970 ImagesMU2019/16 Images from the Manchester College vs. Olivet football game, first football game of the 1969-1970 academic year. 
Football: 50th Anniversary CelebrationMU2014/51 

Images for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Manchester College Football, highlighted at Homecoming, 12 October 1954.

Football: Digitized Footage of Football GamesMC2011/228 Link to the Finding Aid through the Accession Number for a listing of games and dates. 
Football: History of Manchester College and Ball State MC2010/196 

A football history composed by Archivist, Ferne Baldwin, that tells the story behind Manchester College, and rival, Ball State.  Also included are the heroic efforts of student, Bob Brandon.

Football: Manchester College vs. Ball State, 1940MU2012/64 

Footage of the Manchester College vs. Ball State football game of 1940.  The score: MC 7, Ball State 6.

Football: PhotographsMU2019/44 Photographs of Football athletes, many are identified (see accession record). 
Football: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/4 - Folder #1 Football snapshots circa 1977. 
Football: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/4 - Folder #2 Undated Football pictures and snapshots.  Some possibly from 2001. 
Football: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/4 - Folder #3 Football pictures undated and unidentified.  Some might be from the mid 1990's (?). 
Football: VideoMU2018/117 

21 October 1967 Homecoming football game, Manchester 27, Anderson 0.

ForensicsMC2008/44 Communication Studies and Manchester Forensics Union Public Address Award, 1995. 
Forensics and DebateMC2010/173a,b,c,d 

MC2010/173a: The history of Debate at Manchester College by Dr. Larry Underberg.  Other materials include Forensices-Debate History lists of members taken from yearbooks 1910 - 1983

MC2010/173b:  An article about a triangular inter-collegiate debate between Goshen College, Mr. Morris College and Manchester College, from the "Oak Leaves." (undated)

MC2010/173c:  Department of Communication Studies and Manchester Forensics Union recognize Gary B. Moughler, Kirby Van Vliet, Daniet M. Nickels, Sarah B. Ladd and Amy Graber, for outstanding performance in Public Address, November 1994.  Department of Communication Studies and Manchester Forensics Union recognize Lejla Kucukalic, Sami Bradfield and Jen Patterson for outstanding performance in Public Address, 1995.

MC2010/173d:  Evaluation forms and guidelines for oral interpretation and debate.


Forensics: Awards, 1949-1950MC2011/205 

Tau Kappa Alpha Ritual, a booklet published by the National Office, May, 1949.

Tay Kappa Alpha order blank, 1949.

TKA Chapter postcard addressed to Professor Paul Keller regarding nominations for national officers.

Speech Awards for 1949-1950.

Forensics: LogosMC2008/42 Two copies of Forensics logo, one in black and white and the other black and white in reverse. 
Forensics: State-Interstate Oratorical Contest ManuscriptMC2011/204 

Drafts and final drafts of manuscripts tor the State-Interstate Oratorical Contest - various years. 

Forney, Catherine: Illness and DeathMU2013/10 

One letter from 1925 from Walter Balsbaugh to Brother Ulry. It was sent with monetary gifts to help defray the expenses caused by the illness and death of Sister Catherine Forney.

Fountain: PostcardMC2003/54 Postcard: Photograph of the original fountain, with College Avenue in the background.  Postcard is labeled on front, "Fount on College Campus, North Manchester, Indiana."  
Four Square World Record Attempt: MoviesMU2019/18 Movies of Manchester College's four square world record attempt on February 25 and 26, 2011. 18 
Frances Slocum Trail: MapMC2007/161 The Frances Slocum Trail. Map Designed and drawn by Otho Winger and Ada Louise Duckwall. 
Frantz, Dean: EditorialsMU2016/30 A book of editorials written by Dean Frantz that were published within Fort Wayne and North Manchester area newspapers.  They include topics relating to war and peace, September 11 2001, the war in Iraq, the mindset of President Bush, cancer, homelessness, as well as social and ethical concerns. 
Freshman Orientation: 1990-1991MU2018/90 

A picture identified as "Part of freshmen orientation, 1990-1991." This is a Wabash Plain Dealer photograph.

Freshmen in Auditorium circa the 1950's: PhotographMC2010/167 Photograph of freshmen in the auditorium of the old gymnasium, circa the 1950's. 
Freud and the MotherMC2011/18 

A Man is Not a Thing: Freud and the American Mother

Eric Fromm, Psychoanalyst and Author

Robert Nesbitt, Dean ----- , University of California, Riverside.

Floyd Ross, Professor of World Religion

Dr. Edward Ruden, Chief Psychiatrist

This is a recording of a radio program discussing Freuds views towards the child and the mother.  The speakers also talk about the errors in Freud's theories.

Friermood, David: CollectionMU2016/15 

Materials collected by and related to David Friermood. Also, information on campus buildings and presidents. Retirement photographs of Friermood, Pat Weller, and Linda Richards.

Videos: Eel River Dam Removal, 2005 Alumni Honors Banquet, 2004 A Cappella Alumni Concert, 2004 Wine Recital Hall Dedication, 2004 Honors Convocation 2004.



Funderburg Library/Library: Newspaper Clippings and MiscellaneousMC2009/163 Newspaper clippings and assorted materials.  
Funderburg Library/Library:Periodical, Circulation,Accounting RecordsMU2015/152 Funderburg Library periodical holdings lists 1990 - 1996, circulation record books September 1945 -1947, 1947 - 1953, 1953 - 1959, 1959 - 1965, 1965 - 1975, Student-Reserve and Non-Reserve use and Faculty use of library 1943 - 1945, library accounting ledger for purchases 1940 - 1959. Circulation Statistics Records (1975 - 1997). Bibliography of Afro-American Materials, 1 October 1982. 
Funderburg Library: Baldwin BronzesMC2004/683 

Sculptor, John Baldwin's design for bronze sculpture in Funderburg Library.

Funderburg Library: Building plans.MC2004/13 

Plans created by McGuire & Shook, Compton, Richey, and Associates (Architects).  Labeled on outside:  First Plan.  All three floors of library are shown.

Funderburg Library: Business Cards and BookplatesLarge Box 80b - Library Business cards of some Funderburg Library faculty and staff along with a variety of bookplates. 
Funderburg Library: Director's BoxMC2012/16 Materials from the office of the Funderburg Library Director, Robin Gratz. 
Funderburg Library: Images and Attitudes, Research Study, 1992MC2008/86 Library: Images and Attitudes, a Research Study done for Prof. J.B.Cockrum, Marketing Research, 1992. 
Funderburg Library: Periodical Holdings ListsLarge Box 80b - Library Periodical Holdings Lists 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994-1995, 1999-2000, 2004-2005.  
Funderburg Library: Photograph, 1967MC2008/162 Funderburg Library, 1967. 
Funderburg Library: PhotographsMC2003/115 

Photographs of the construction of Funderburg Library (1966)and floor plans, Allen Wilmert and Rob Gratz with Paul Kantbambi of the University of Malawi, May 1988, the 1992 National Library Week Reception, pictures of sculptures, artwork and library equipment, musical instruments, photos of faculty, staff and students....and many more.

Funderburg Library: Prior to Stairs RenovationMC2009/191 Slide of Funderburg Library before east stairs renovation.  
Funderburg Library: RenovationMU2013/16 Pre-renovation plans for Funderburg Library. 
Funderburg Library: Self-Study, 1980MC2003/284 

Self-study using the Small Library Planning Program prepared by the Office of Management Studies of the Association of Research Libraries, dated 1980. along with situational analysis 1979-1980, and background material.

Funderburg, Cyrus and Emma: PhotographMC2004/637  Photograph of Cyrus Funderburg.  
Funderburg, Cyrus and Emma: PhotographMC2004/636 Photograph of Emma Funderburg. 
Funderburg, Cyrus: Picture with FamilyMU2017/53 A photograph of Cyrus Funderburg with daughter, Ruth, and a grandson, Frank, on the day Cyrus turned over $100,000 in checks to MC as a personal gift toward the library. One copy of the "Manchester College Bulletin," July, 1962 reporting on Cyrus and the donation.  
Funderburg, Cyrus: PoetryMC2007/176, 1-29 The original works of Cyrus Funderburg 
Funderburg, David: Family BibleMU2012/115 The bible of David Funderburg records significant dates in the life of David, his three wives, and his children. 
Fundraising by Decade/CampaignMU2013/98 

Advancement materials including but not limited to:

  • Funderburg Library funding correspondence.
  • Hall of Science funding soliciation and dedication ceremonies, 1960.
  • 2001 reports on additions and renovations to the Science Center.
  • Science Center Campaign - promotional materials, groundbreaking, and dedication ceremony, 2005.
  • Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall Campaign - and dedication events.
  • Breaking ground for the Union.
  • PERC building project.
  • The Next Step Campaign: Science Center, Union, Winger Recital Hall.
  • 2010 -  2011 President's Report.
  • The Next Step Campaign Notebooks [2000 - 2003]: Science Center, Union, Winger Recital Hall.
  • Manchester College wraps up The Next Step! Campaign.
  • Manchester's March of Progress.
  • Step Up To The Future - The Centennial Campaign for Manchester College.
  • Focus on the Seventies [Phase I and II].
  • Oak Leaves article 17 March 1960 - Cordier pays Two-Day Visit, UN Executive To Address Community Sunday, Monday.


Fundraising by Decade/Campaign: Centennial Campaign, Step Up To The Future, circa 1988MC2009/115 Newspaper article announcing the launch of the Centennial Campaing with a fundraising event and speech by President Robinson.  
Fundraising by Decade/Campaign: College Gymnasium, 1926 MC2009/110  1926 newspaper spread announces the need for a new gym and fundraising plans. Andrew Cordier chairs the fundraising committee.  The basketball team is featured and the entire campus is highlighted in a spread on the verso.  
Fundraising by Decade/Campaign: Congratulatory Gift Matching Newspaper Statement to CompaniesMC2009/109  Wabash Plain Dealer spread, "Manchester College Congratulates...Container Corporation of America, The General Tire and Rubber Company and Honeywell Inc., For Their Forward-Thinking Action In Establishing Gift Matching Programs To Aid Education..."  
Fundraising by Decade/Campaign: Focus on the SeventiesMU2013/99 

Focus on the Seventies - Campaign Materials July 1970 - 23 January 1975 - CONFIDENTIAL.

Focus on the Seventies - Phase II - Campaign Materials 1978 -1982 - CONFIDENTIAL.

Focus on the Seventies Transmittal Forms - CONFIDENTIAL.

Fundraising by Decade/Campaign: The Next Step, circa 1997 - 2006MC2007/10 "The Next Step" closing gala.  March 19, 2006. 
Fundraising by Decades/Campaigns: Newspaper ClippingsMU2017/66 

1963 Newspaper articles related to the "March of Progress."

2006 newspaper article related to "The Next Step! A Campaign to Strengthen Manchester College." 

Fundraising: Education Initiatives, PhonathonMC General File: Fundraising, Phonathon A page created for use in the "Education Initiatives" Phonathon.  It includes a list of Manchester College Gift Clubs and gift confirmation notices. 
Fundraising: Nucleus Fund Committee, 1994MC2006/29 

Nucleus Fund Committee 1994:

1.  Letters

2.  Members of committee

Garber, Daniel: ArtistMC2002/117 

Lists of paintings, news articles, photos about artist, Daniel Garber.

Garber, JamesMU2017/9 

James Garber, article and photograph.  Co-recipient of the L. D. Ikenberry Award in 1960 and recipient of an Alumni Honor Award in 1985.

Garber, OraBrethren People File: Garber, Ora Information regarding Ora Garber, a Manchester College graduate, and editor at the Brethren Press, Elgin, Illinois. 
Garey, Doris: CollectionMU2017/11 Memorabilia, mementos from college days at Mount Holyoke, research and class materials, diaries, sewing sampler notebook, written papers and documents, John Bunyan book notes, travel slides and documentary of trip to Great Britain, belonging to Professor Doris Garey, who taught English at Manchester College from 1956-1972. 
Garner, WarrenMC2010/198 

Certificates, Licenses and Diplomas of Warren K. Garner

Garner, Warren Collection: Felt Pillow Cover, Belt-buckle and 1950 Athletic PassMC2008/187a,b,c Warren Garner Collection. 
Garver Hall: Northeast Residence, Resolution for Construction and Hall Fire,1970MC2011/164 

Garver Hall:

1.  Background and agreements made with the construction company prior to the construction of the Northeast Hall, circa 1968.

2.  Materials pertaining to a fire in the Northeast Hall in April 1970. 

Garver, Earl S.MC2009/57 Photograph of Earl Garver and Graph Showing the Number of Births in the U.S. 1923 - 1953.  
Garver, Earl S.MC2002/104h 

Earl Garver: Civilian Public Service, correspondence, speeches

Garver, Earl: BookMU2019/22Garver Book presented to Earl Garver by President Helman, "The Deanship of the Liberal Arts College." 
GenealogyMC General File: Genealogy  

An assortment of resources for the study of genealogy.

Get Away WeekendMC2009/71-E,f 

This is a large collection of materials ranging from MC2009/7-A  -  MC2009/71-V,j1a,b.  

These printed and hand-made posters and other memorabilia accumulated throughout the years in the Manchester College Archives. 

Get Away Weekend materials are found in

  • MC2009/71-E,f - "Get Away Weekend Schedule" featuring courses and faculty, Patricia Helman, Richard Harshbarger, David Waas, Carol Tice, Ken Brown, Dorothy  Keller, Graydon F. Snyder, Floyd Slotterback, Paul Keller.  2 May - 4 May 1980.
    Gilbert, Art: CollectionMU2018/44 The personal collection of Art Gilbert, 1953 alumnus and accounting professor at Manchester College, including materials related to Bethel Church of the Brethren, Milford, Indiana. 
    Gill, MicheleFaculty/Staff Boxes: Gill, Michele Material related to former head coach of the Manchester women's basketball team. 
    Gladdys Muir Peace Garden: Construction Images and PlansMU2018/92 

    Digital images of the Gladdys Muir Peace Garden landscape/architectural plans by designer, Daniel Krall ('68), and photo record of the garden's development. Article related to the formation of the garden by Tim McElwee.

    Gladdys Muir Peace House and GardenMC2007/179a and b 

    Gladdys Muir Peace House and Garden: Background, fundraising, architectural plans.

    Globalization of Indiana EconomyMU2013/31 Brochure advertising the symposium, "Globalization of Indiana Economy," held on the Manchester College campus 1 March 1993. 
    Gockley, Anna: Student, Mt. Morris, Plant Analysis Notebook MC2011/124 

    About 52 plants are recorded in this personal notebook kept by Anna Gockley, thought to be a student at Mt. Morris College, Illinois in 1987.  The book is dated May 9, 1887 and spans spans May 9, 1887  through April 24, 1890.  The preprinted formatted notebook is entitled, “APGAR’S PLANT ANALYSIS: Adapted to Gray’s Botanies," by E. A. and A. C. Apgar. Although preformatted, the individual fills in the blanks.  Ms. Gockley included localities where specimens were found, such as:

    Timber near Spring Creek,

    Timber near Frenchtown, Iowa,

    New Cemetery, Mt. Morris, Illinois,

    College Campus, Mt. Morris, Illinois.


    See Also: Botany Notebook of Mt. Morris College student, Cottrell, D. Owen, MC2011/114, and that of Mt. Morris College student, E. N. Goshorn, MC2011/125


    Goldwater, Barry: Contact PrintsMU2013/7 

    Contact prints from the visit Barry Goldwater made to Manchester College one week after Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke on campus 1 February 1968.

    Goldwater, Barry: SlidesMU2018/38 Nine slides of Barry Goldwater made by Professor James R. C. Adams upon Mr. Goldwater's visit to the Manchester College campus during February1968. 
    Goldwater, Barry: Speech at Manchester College 1968MC2011/6 wave sound 

    A recording of the speech Barry Goldwater made when on campus in 1968, a week following Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s visit to campus.

    Golf Statistics: 1999MU2014/165 Golf Golf Statistics 1999. 
    Golf, Womens and Men's: PhotographsMU2019/45 Men's and women's golf photographs, possibly circa 2001 and 2002.  Also included are photos of Roger Lundy. 
    Golf: Team Photo 1972MU2017/51 Men's Golf Team at Manchester College: Gary Goshert, Randy Olinger, Tom Walton, Andy Butterbaugh, and Ron Karn. 
    Gongwer, Mary Blocher: AlbumMC2010/12 

    Memory and Fellowship Book of Manchester College alumna, Mary S. Blocher Gongwer (BA 1926).  The book records Mary's Manchester College Experience.

    Gorden, WilliamAlumni Box 187: Gorden Information related to WIlliam Gorden as well as a copy of his article, "Buried Treasure," presented at the Indiana State Oratorical Contest at Saint Mary-if-the-Woods College, 13 February 1950. 
    Goss, Madonna Wine: Video TributeMC2008/64 MC alumna, Madonna Wine Goss ,Video Tribute by Bill Jacobs. 
    Government, CommunityMC2009/18 

    Manchester College Community Government: Handwritten ledger for school year 1949 - 1950 through school year 1960 - 1961, listing income and expenses.

    Graduate and Continuing Education Council: Change in Faculty Manual Recommendation, 1989MC General File: Graduate and Continuing Education Council 23 March 1989 recommendation for change in the Faculty Manual that reflects the current status of the Graduate and Continuing Education Council  along with a recommended change.  Included are line-staff arrangements that would be altered upon approval. 
    Graduation 1918: Commencement InvitationMC2010/23 

    1918 Commencement Invitation and envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Miller, Columbiana, Ohio, with 1 cent stamp. 

    Graduation 1922: circa 1922 Panoramic PhotographMC2011/178 Graduating Students, Manchester College: Panoramic Photograph, circa 1922. This picture's year will be able to be identified  by the women's collars.  See Aurora, 1922. More research will be needed to make a positive identification. 
    Graduation 1938: Baccalaureate and Commencement ActivitiesMC2012/38 

    Invitation to Alumni Day and Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises May 1938. 

    Handwritten notes on verso describing elements and costs of building a house. Quite interesting.

    Graduation 1972MC2011/11 wave sound and CD 

    James Farmer, civil rights activist, Thurl Metzger, of Heifer Project, and Robert Stauffer are given the Honorary Doctoral degrees during graduation 1972. of Laws Honorary Degree.

    Recording of jazz music.

    A presentation on the political history of Africa given by an unidentified speaker.

    President Helman speaks on future goals of Manchester College with an introduction by Dr. Replogle..

    Graduation 1983MU2016/34 Senator Mark Hatfield gives the address during Commencement 1983. 
    Graduation 1986: Baccalaureate and Commencement: Dr. Durnbaugh, President HelmanBaccalaureate and Commencement 1986: Durnbaugh and Helman Baccalaureate Address 25 May 1986 given by Dr. Donald F. Durnbaugh and Commencement Address delivered by President A. Blair Helman 25 May 1986. 
    Graduation 1986: Baccalaureate and Commencement: VideoMU2013/50 

    Footage of 1986 Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises [MP4 file].

    Graduation 1987: Commencment VideoMU2013/51 Video footage of Manchester College Commencement, 1987 [MP4 file]. 
    Graduation 1989: Baccalaureate and Commencement PhotographsPhotograph Box 44  

    Dr. Al WIlliams, David Kreps and Phil Orpert in cap and gowns, 1989.

    Graduation 1990: Commencement VideoMU2014/23 

    Video footage of the 1990 Commencement Exercises [MP4 file]. Address delivered by Dr. Jane Henney(MC alumna).

    Graduation 1990: Scanned NegativesMU2016/6 Images of alumni award recipients and baccalaureate and commencement exercises for graduation 1990. 
    Graduation 1991: Commencement VideoMU2013/52 Video of Manchester College Commencement, 1991 [MP4 file] and DVD. 
    Graduation 1992: Commencement VideoMU2014/20 VHS tape and MP4 digital file documenting Manchester College Commencement exercises 1992. Dr. Hyedima Bwala receives an honorary degree. 
    Graduation 1993MC2004/122 

    President WIlliam Robinson: Commencement Photograph Collection, 1993.

    Honorary Degree recipient: Andrew Murray.

    Honorary Degree recipient: Howard Brembeck.

    Many faculty/staff, students and alumni are identified in this set of photographs.

    Graduation 1993: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2013/53 Video coverage of Manchester College Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises, 1993 [MP4 files]. 
    Graduation 1994: Baccalaurete and Commencement VideoMU2013/54,1-7 Edited and unedited video footage [MP4 files] of the 1994 Manchester College Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. 
    Graduation 1995: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2013/55 Video footage of Manchester College Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises,1995 [MP4 File]. 
    Graduation 1995: Baccalaureate VideoMU2014/21 and MU2014/22 Video footage and sound recording of the Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises at Manchester College, 21 May 1995. 
    Graduation 1995: Commencement VideoMU2014/22 and MU2014/21 MP4 video files of Manchester College Commencement exercises held in May of 1995.  Heifer Project International is given an honorary degree. 
    Graduation 1996: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2013/56 Unedited video footage of Manchester College Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises 1996 [MP4 file]. 
    Graduation 1997: Baccalaureate VideoMU2013/57 

    Unedited video footage [MP4 file] of the Manchester College Baccalaureate service, 1997.

    Graduation 1998: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2013/58 Unedited video footage [MP4 file] of the Manchester College Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises, 1998. 
    Graduation 1999: Baccalaureate and Commencement Video MU2013/59 Video footage [MP4 file] of the Manchester College Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises, 1999. 
    Graduation 2001: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2013/60 Video footage [MP4 file] of the 2001 Manchester College Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. 
    Graduation 2003: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2012/42a,b MP4 files of Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises at Manchester College 2003. 
    Graduation 2004: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2012/43a,b 

    MP4 files of Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises held at Manchester College in 2004.

    Graduation 2004: ImagesMU2015/115 Digital images of Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises 2004. 
    Graduation 2005: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2012/44a,b MP4 files of Baccalaureate and Commencements exercises at Manchester College in 2005. 
    Graduation 2006: Baccalaureate and Commencement Video MU2012/45a,b MP4 files of Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises at Manchester College in 2006. 
    Graduation 2007: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2012/46a,b MP4 files of Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises held at Manchester College in 2007. 
    Graduation 2008: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMC2008/104a, b 

    MP4 files of Manchester College Baccalaureate and Commencement 2008 by James R. C. Adams - with campus scenes.

    Graduation 2009: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2014/14 2009 Baccalaureate and Commencement videos [MP4 files]. 
    Graduation 2010: Baccalaureate and Commencement Video MU2014/15 Video documentation [MP4 files] of the 2010 Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises at Manchester College. 
    Graduation 2010: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMC2010/78a,b 

    MP4 files of Baccalaureate and Commencement 23 May 2010, by videographer, James R. C. Adams.

    Graduation 2011MU2018/118a,b DVD and digital copies of Manchester College's 2011 Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. 
    Graduation 2012: Baccalaureate and Commencement VideoMU2014/16a,b Video footage [MP4 files] of Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises, 2012. 
    Graduation 2013: Baccalaureate and Commencement: VideoMU2013/78 MP4 files of the 124th Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises,19 May 2013. 
    Graduation and Commencement: Photographs from Various YearsMC2010/25 

    Commencement and graduation photographs from 1914, 1924, 1920's?, 1940, 1997, 2004.

    CHAPPELL STUDIO and GRADUATION IMAGES (TM), 1997, 2002, and 2004.

    Graduation Event: Photograph, circa 1920'sMC2011/179 

    This photograph of a graduation event is not titled or dated so one can not be sure if it related to Manchester College or not.  It was found with photographs of Manchester College, Mount Morris College and pictures related to the Church of the Brethren.  The image was made by "Rickert Studio, Huntington, Indiana," a town close to Manchester College, so therefore could be Manchester College or a related institution.  Evidence pointing away from Manchester College comes from the lack of individuals dressed in Brethren garb. There might be one man in a Brethren collar at the back table towards the viewer's left. Manchester College Faculty and Staff are not identifable.

    Graduation: Commencement PhotocopiesMC2010/24 Baccalaureate and Commencement: Photocopies of commencement and graduation photograph collection. 
    Graduation: Newspaper ClippingsMU2017/65 Newspaper clippings related to MC graduations:1963, 1992, 1993,2003,  2004. 
    Grandstaff, Paul and MaryMC2006/21 Two Grandstaff photo albums. 
    Grandstaff, Paul and Mary: Photo Collection, 1971-1972MC2007/13 Grandstaff slide and photo collection including years 1971 and 1972. 
    Grant: Lilly Endowment, Inc., Grant Announcement, 1973MC2011/169 An announcement from the Board of Trustees outlining the grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc., 1973. 
    Grants: Indiana HeritageMC2002/298 

    Indiana Heritage Research Grant.

    Restricted access and reproduction.

    Gratz, James: Memorial Service DVDMU2017/12 Video of the memorial service for Jim Gratz, 6 February 2017 at the Manchester Church of the Brethren. 
    Gratz, Robin, Organ RecitalMC2008/02 Robin Gratz, Faculty Recital, 8 September 1998. 
    Groninger, Joy: Publications and DesignMC2009/14  

    Personal and Assorted departmental files from Joy Groninger, Publications and Design.

    Group, Kathleen: ObituaryAlumni Box #187: Group, Elna Kathleen  

    Obituary for Elna Kethleen (Group) (Snyder) (Stewart) Kirkwood

    Gump: Family BibleMC2006/20 Thought to be a rare edition, this bible is described as being brought to America by Johann Georg Gumpp on September 18, 1732.  
    Gymnasium, Old: PhotographsMC2009/205 

    Gymnasium: 1928 and 1929 photographs.

    Gymnasium, Old: 1928 PhotographsMC2009/205 Gymnasium/Auditorium (1926-2000): Photograph of clean-up day in front of gym and others (1928).  
    Gymnasium, Old: Stage PhotographMC2009/198 Gymnasium: Program on stage in the auditorium.  
    Habitat for Humanity: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/7a - Folder #2 Photographs of Habitat for Humanity or Volunteer Services. Pictures of individuals working on a house. 
    Haircuts: PhotographsMC2010/165 Student with head shaved and only a hairy "M" for Manchester College, remaining.  Picture of lavatory floor covered with hair from haircuts. 
    Halladay, Paul: PhotographMC2009/159 Photo of male choral group with a young Paul Halladay, possibly circa 1924.  
    Hamer, O. StuartMU2018/68 Photograph of Professor O. Stuart Hamer, with colleagues, A. R. Eikenberry, and Alice Domer, Dean of Women. 
    Hardman, Eva: Diploma, Bible School, 1897MC2009/65 Hardman, Eva, diploma from The Bible School, 1897  
    Harold Daveler and Auditorium Lighting Unit: PhotographsMC2009/59 Daveler, Harold, and the remote control lighting unit installed in the Manchester College auditorium. 
    Hartman, Ambassador: Russian IssuesMU2015/141 wave sound 

    Ambassador Hartman reports on challenges faced by Gorbachov, such as Christianity in Russia, during an assembly on 20 April 1988.

    Hate Incidents:1998, 2003MC2011/193 In 1998 an anonymous, threatening e-mail message, was sent to MC students. In 2003, students received threatening messages through various means. These materials record the events and circumstances surrounding that time.   
    Hauser, Phillip: PresentationMU2013/134 

    Dr. Phillip Hauser, eminent authority on urban studies and population growth, speaks on the population explosion 23 November 1970.

    Hawthorn Program: FilesMU2014/163 Dr. Onyegi's records of the Hawthorne Program (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) – A Lilly funded grant designed to help prepare Hispanic and African American middle school (grades 6-8) students for college. Some records are confidential. 
    Hay, Mary Elizabeth: Certificate, Business Writing, 1919MC2004/667 1919 Certificate in Penmanship for Practical Business Writing through the Zaner Method of Arm Movement Writing, Ina Hornish, instructor.  Student: Mary Elizabeth Hay  
    Heavilon, TerryFaculty/Staff Boxes: Heavilon, Terry 

    Material related to Terry Heavilon, Practical Arts and Letters, Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

    Heifer International: Power Point Photos, Movie ClipMU2015/24 2003 Power Point presentation, images, and movie clip about Heifer International believed to have been supplied by Jan Schrock, daughter of Dan West, and is to be used for historical and educational purposes only. 
    Heifer Project Incorporated, "Help Yourself," by Melissa BaynesMC2012/6 An article about Heifer Project Incorporated by Melissa Baynes.  
    Heifer Project InternationalMC2010/80a-e 

    This informative DVD/CD combination has pictures of individuals throughout the world who have received livestock from Heifer International as well as pictures of volunteers who have contributed to Heifer International.  Also is information about Dan West as well as the Andy Murray songs:

    "Cowboy Dan" and "One Person at a Time"

    Heifer Project: Goshen OfficeLarge Box - Long Term Loan - with Dan West Boxes, Sanctum Materials relocated to the Manchester College Archives following the closure of the Goshen Office of Heifer Project. Materials include Seagoing Cowboy related articles. 
    Helman Hall and Patricia Kennedy Helman Lounge Dedication: VideoMU2013/72 

    9 October 1993 video of the dedication of A. Blair Helman Hall and the Patricia Kennedy Helman Lounge.

    Helman Tapes: Centennial Interview with Tim Jones 1988MC2011/64c 

    A Manchester College Centennial Interview with President Helman on 8 June 1988 by Timothy Jones.

    Helman Tapes: Centennial Interview with Tim Jones Part 1 and 2MC2011/64a,b,c Centennial interview with President A. Blair Helman by Tim Jones, May 1988 accessioned as MC20211/64a,b. The third interview is accessioned as MC2011/64C and was recorded on 8 June 1988. 
    Helman Tapes: Exit Interview 30 April 1986 MC2011/63 Student George Boudreau's interview with President A. Blair Helman on 30 April 1986. 
    Helman Tapes: Exit Interview with A. Blair and Patricia at Tall Oaks MC2011/66 Helman Tapes: A. Blair Helman and Patricia Helman are interviewed in Tall Oaks in 1986 by student, George Boudreau. 
    Helman Tapes: Movie AwardsMC2011/61 Mrs. Patricia Helman presents the Helman Movie Awards, "Stars Fell in September." Dr. David Waas, Master of Ceremonies. The "Oakey Awards," in honor of people whose talent and creativity has brought us entertainment throughout the years.  A comedic spoof. 
    Helman Tapes: Retirement Part 1, 2 and 3MC2011/65a,b 

    Three cassette tapes with tributes to A. Blair Helman upon his retirement and corresponing CDs.

    Helman, A. Blair, Myer, James and Neff, Robert: PhotographMC2008/63 A. Blair Helman: Photo with Robert Neff, former COB General Secretary and former President of Juniata College and James Myer, leader of the Brethren Revival Fellowship.  Photo circa 1984 - 1985. 
    Helman, A. Blair: Baccalaureate Address 1976MC2011/162 One sermon entitled, "Focus on the Future," delivered by A. Blair Helman at the 1976 baccalaureate service. 
    Helman, A. Blair: Speeches and AddressesMC2011/167 Addresses authored and delivered by President A. Blair Helman.  
    Helman, A. Blair: TributesMC2011/159 
    • An assortment of materials pertaining to President A. Blair Helman, Including:
      Letter of retirement to the Board of Trustees, April 1985.
    • Nomination materials for the Council on International Educational Exchange Award.
    • Vernon Schwalm correspondence.
    • Helman, Member of theThe Indiana Academy, elected 9 June 1987.
    • Presentation of Doctor of Humane Letters degree to President Helman, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1981.
    • Also in this folder are items from Kay Batdorf, Andrew Cordier, Vernon Schwalm, Sarafian, President, University of LaVerne and President William Robinson, etc.


    Helman, Pat: Star Church ServiceMC2011/83 

    Pat Helman narrates a slide presentation delivered at Manchester Church of the Brethren on the topic of understanding God.  Other voices join in.

    Helman, Patricia: Faculty FunMU2014/128 Program  from "An Evening at the Oak Branch," sponsored by Mrs. A. Blair Helman (Patricia Helman), faculty and staff presented delightfully hilarious performances (1982 production). 
    Helman, President A. Blair: Presidential PortraitMU2016/19 Oil painting of Manchester College President, A. Blair Helman. 
    Helman: DeskMC General File: Desk  Information regarding President Helman's desk and credenza.  
    Helman: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/9 

    Information and photographs about A. Blair and Pat Helman.

    Photographs from the farewell celebration and from the welcoming of President Robinson and family.

    Helman: President's Memo FileMU2013/101 

    An assortment of memos including but not limited to; IRS regulations, the State of Indiana, telegram to President Richard Nixon, student behavior, tuition Remission, student appointments, standards of progress for Schools approved for veteran's training, lobbyist registration law, drug policy, alcohol.

    Helser, A. D. and Lola Bechtel: Photographs.MC2008/132 Helser, A. D. and Lola Bechtel, missionaries to Africa, early photos. 
    Hicks, DavidFaculty/Staff: Hicks, David 

    Material regarding David Hicks.

    See also:  Manchester College General File: Faculty, New

    Higher Education: PerspectivesMU2014/160 Faculty-Student Conference on 'Perspectives in Higher Education,'" Manchester College, 1959 with comparative statistics for Classes of 1957, 1958, 1959 on the Graduate Record Examination. 
    Hiroshima: Ken BrownMC2010/38 wave sound 

    Professor Ken Brown's Sermon Regarding Participation in 1977 Peace Walk and A-Bomb Conference, Japan.

    Hiroshima: World Friendship Center, Leona Row Eller CollectionMC2011/195 

    Extensive collection of photographs, publications and memorabilia from the collection of Leona Row Eller from her participation in the World Friendship Center,  Hiroshima, Japan.

    Historical Committee: Northern Indiana District of the Church of the BrethrenBC2016/12 

    Files of the Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren Historical Committee, historical resources,  and congregational surveys. Information related to the following congregations:

    Arnold's Grove, Auburn, Baugo, Beacon Heights, Cedar Lake, Forest Grove, Goshen, Goshen City, Middlebury, Osceola, New Paris, North Liberty, North Webster, Pine Creek, Plymouth, Rock Run, South Bend City, Syracuse, Union, Wakarusa, Wawaka, and Camp Alexander Mack 65th anniversary celebration.

    Historical Mural: Church of the BrethrenBC2007/2 

    History: Church of the Brethren history mural.


    See Also: Professor L. W. Shultz gives a narration of the paintings included in the history mural.  See the Digital Media Cabinet.

    History of Manchester College: Written MC2004/257: Written Histories Barnhart, Marjorie.  "Manchester College Starting to Build Campus-of-Future."  The News-Sentinel.  8 November 1947.

    Bavender, Christine.  "Manchester Born as a Seminary."  Wabash Plain Dealer.  2 May 1989.

    Ferne Baldwin's word-processed notes from The College Standard.

    "Manchester College."  Undated, unsigned document describing the history of the College.

    "Manchester College Begins 85th Year This September."  Unknown newspaper.  16 August 1973.

    "Manchester College Dates Back to 1860 in Roanoke."  Wabash Plain-Dealer & Times Star.  17 May 1941.

    Schwalm, V.F.  "Some Periods and Persons in the History of M.C."  Text of speech given by V. F. Schwalm during A. Blair Helman's tenure as president.

    Notecards with typewritten notes about College history.

    History: Indiana, Town of North Manchester and LocalMC2009/34 

    Author, Theodore Dreiser, visited North Manchester during the summer of 1915.  His observations of the community were included in his autobiography, "A Hoosier Holiday."  John Knarr writes about Dreiser's family and includes material on the Snap/Snepp/Sheneb/Shenep/Schneb/Schnebb family as well as on the Fruit family.

    A second article, "A Trip to Niagara Falls, 1925," was discovered among papers donated to the North Manchester Center for History by Descendants of Ellis and Harold Miller. 

    History: Manchester MemoriesMU2017/78 

    Professor David Waas interviews members of the College Women's Club regarding their memories of Manchester College.

    History: Newspaper and Magazine MC2008/197 

    Collection of newspapers and magazines from 1918 through 1974.  The first article is titled, "Kaiser Abdicates Throne; Surrender Is At Hand, Say German Socialists."  The last article is headlined, "Nixon's transcription of Watergate Tapes, The next question: Will House be satisfied?"

    History: Postcard, Dead Man's Hill, Argonne, 1918MC2009/136 History, Indiana and Local: Postcard: Dead Man's Hill, Captured by the 35th, 26 September 1918, Argonne.  
    History: The Village of Roanoke and the Wasmuth FamilyMU2012/104 

    "The Saga of a Hoosier Village," by E. M. Wasmuth that tells the story of Roanoke, Indiana and the Wasmuth family.  Also included is information about the early years of Roanoke Classical Seminary.

    History: Webster, Mary, Scrapbook, 1882MC2009/36  Mary E. Webster Scrapbook, Eureka, Kansas, 1882.  
    Holiday Celebration: Images, 2011MU2013/146 Images from the Annual Board of Trustees Holiday Celebration for Faculty and Staff, 18 December 2011. 
    Holl, Carl Waldo Faculty Staff Boxes: Holl, Carl Waldo  

    Material regarding Manchester College alumnus, Carl Waldo Holl, who graduated from Manchester College in 1916.  From 1923 until his death in 1961, he served as a chemistry professor and dean.


    Holl, Carl Waldo: PhotographsMC2004/223 

    Carl Holl photograph collection. *Some pictures deaccessioned and given to Carolyn Holl Leffel, sister of Carl W. Holl, Jr.

    Holl, Carl Waldo: Scholarship FundMC2007/183 

    Dr. Carl Waldo Holl Scholarship Fund Resolution, 1948


    1.  One resolution, 1948, signed by Roy J. Plunkett, Harry R. Weimer and Don Martin.

    2.  One bulletin following Dr. Holl's death revising the name of the scholarship to "the Carl Waldo Holl Memorial Scholarship Fund."

    Holl, Carl: BooksMU2019/22 Holl 

    A book with Carl Holl's name written on the interior, "College Organization and Administration,:" by Reeves and Russell.

    "Manchester College Bulletin, April 1927, bearing Carl W. Holl's name.

    Holl-Kintner Hall of Science: Dedication and ConferenceMC2008/170 

    Holl-Kintner Hall of Science: Newspaper clippings about dedication and conference entitled, "Science and Tomorrow."

    Holl-Kintner: Preliminary PlansMC2007/47 Holl-Kintner Hall of Science: Manchester College Bulletin and notes regarding overview of cost and specs. 
    Holsinger, Clyde: Memorial Service Audio RecordingMC2011/28 An audio recording of Dr. Clyde W. Holsinger's memorial service, 18 April 1975.   
    Home Economics and Office Administration: Education and Professional Programs Division MC2009/175 

    Home Economics and Office Administration phase out letter by President Robinson, 1990.

    Home Economics: DecoratingMC2011/49 Two women with delightful voices speak about the "museum look" for the home, that includes art everywhere, even in the bath.  There is a plethora of art for purchase, from newly sprouting galleries to department stores.   The remainder of the tape records stock prices. 
    Homecoming 1969: ImagesMU2018/82 

    Homecoming Queen, Joyce Malott, and escort, Dennis Steinhilber, are pictured in these images from Homecoming 1969, along with images of the football field and football fans.

    Homecoming 1975: Production PhotographsMU2018/76 

    Images from the 1975 Homecoming production of "Fiddler on the Roof."

    Homecoming 2009 ImagesMU2015/17 

    Football, King and Queen, and royalty candidate pictures, processed on 3 October 2009 and probably taken during Homecoming 2009.

    Homecoming: Kings and Queens, Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/7a - Folder #3 Homecoming and other Kings and Queens circa the 1900's and beyond. 
    Homecoming: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/14 The pictures are most likely from the October 1998 Homecoming festivities. They include the Homecoming King and Queen and Homecoming parade in the rain.  Also included are images of Football, Soccer, President Marden and "Now is the Time, Steele for Congress." 
    Honorary Degree: PhotographsMU2017/8e Anna Mow was an honorary degree recipient during graduation 1976.  Photograph of Anna Mow at dinner table with President Helman. 
    Honorary Degrees: Ford, RichardMC2008/01 

    Ford, Richard E.: On September 15, 2005, Manchester College celebrated Wabash resident Richard E. Ford for his life work as a philanthropist and preserver of the humanities and fine arts.

    1.  One copy of news release.

    2.  Two copies of event program.  The program details the career of James Giles, the musician who performed at the event.

    Honorary Degrees: Mow, Anna BeahmMC2008/137 Photograph of Anna Beahm Mow (MC Class of 1918) eating at a table with President Helman during the 1976 Commencement exercises.  Anna was a 1976 Honorary Degree Recipient. 
    Honorary Degrees: Murray, Andrew, 1993MC2004/122: Murray Degree Photographs 

    Andrew Murray received an honorary degree from Manchester College in 1993.  See MC2004/122 for photographs from this event.

    Honors or Math Banquet: Photograph 1981-1982MU2017/8f Photograph of either the 1981-1982 Honors Banquet, or the Math Banquet? 
    Hood, JeffreyMC General File: Faculty, New, Hood, Jeffrey 

    From the fact sheet, Manchester College New Faculty 1986: Jeff hood has been appointed as Assistant Football Coach and a teacher in physical education. 


    See also: Material related to Jeffrey Hood in the Faculty/Staff Boxes 46-48

    Hoosier Conference for WomenMU2019/55 

    1 September 1986 certificate noting Scholar Athletes in the Hoosier Conference for Women (HCW).

    Hoover, Jacob and Hisey: Family BibleMU2015/12 German Bible printed in 1829 with the Jacob Hoover family register written between the Old and New Testaments. It appears as if Jacob had was briefly married to Elisabeth Ganse (29 January1826) and remarried to Susana Skidler in October of that same year. 
    Hostetler: Summer 2003 Imagination GrantMU2018/72 Power Point presentation used as evidence for Summer 2003 Imagination Grant. 
    Houser, BarbaraFaculty Staff Boxes: Houser, Barbara Barbara Houser, program for "Come and take a...Sentimental Journey, A Celebration to Honor Barbara Houser for Her 28 Years of Dedicated Service to Manchester College," 12 January 2005. Photograph. 
    Houser, Barbara: ImagesMU2015/21 Images from celebrating honoring Barb Houser (January 2005), "Come and take a Sentimental Journey."  Included are many faculty and staff pictures. 
    Housing: College PropertiesHousing: Small Box 34 1945 Minutes of the Board of Trustees listing property to be used exclusively for College purposes. 
    Housing: VisitationMC2007/95 Manchester College Housing Annual Reports for 1971, 1974, 1976,1977,1980,1982,1983, 1984. 
    Howard, Oca: MC and Alumni MaterialsMU2015/51 

    Manchester College as experienced by Oca Howard, MC Class of 1932.  Also included are Alumni Association materials.

    Howe, President: PhotographsMC2008/59 Miscellaneous photographs of President Howe. 
    HPI Living Gift Market: PosterMC2010/20h MC2010/20h; Poster for the HPI Living Gift Market sponsored by North Manchester Area Churches. This poster is part of the larger collection MC2010/20. 
    Huffman, Virginia SlabaughMC2009/189 "The Acorn," 1938, beloning to Virginia Slabaugh Huffman.   
    Humanities Core Three: Arts and IdeasLarge Box 131 Humanities Core Materials including Arts and Ideas.  This box needs description. 
    Humanities Division: Assortment MC2009/178 

    Humanities Division: Assortment of materials, circa 1969 - 2001.

    Humanities Division: Performances, "The Bartered BrideMC2004/710 Poster Advertising "The Bartered Bride," 1953.  This production of Smetana's Opera features, Ronald Walton, Thyra Neff, Ralph McFadden and Joe Ogden. Director, Clyde W. Holsinger.  
    Humanities Division: PostersMC2010/53:Folder #1 Humanities Division Poster: Fine Arts Week, undated, including Peking Acrobats, Alpha Psi Omega One-Act Play Festival, Faculty Art Show with paintings by James R. C. Adams in File Folder #1 of MC2010/53. 
    Humanities: Cores and DivisionsLarge Boxes 72 through 78 

    Box 72, Humanities Core 1.

    Box 73, Humanities Core 2.

    Box 74, Humanities Core 3.

    Box 75, Humanities Division 1 - Communications.

    Box 76, Humanities Division 2 - Humanities and Religion.

    Box 77, Humanities Division 3 - Music, English, Foreign Language.

    Box 78, Humanities Division 4, Music.

    Ikenberry Hall Demolition: VideoMU2013/70 A video showing the preparation of ikenberry Hall for demolition, including interior and exterior shots.  Footage of the demolition of the brick house located west of Ikenberry on the corner of College Ave. and Wayne Street. Footage of the demolition of Ikenberry Hall. 
    Ikenberry Hall, Demolition and Construction of Helman Hall: VideoMU2013/71 A video continuing the story of the demolition of Ikenberry Hall (see MU2013/70).  Groundbreaking and dedication of the construction site of Helman Hall with President Robinson officiating. Footage of the construction of Helman Hall, 1992. Openhouse showcasing the interior of Helman Hall. 
    Ikenberry Hall: Alumni MemoriesMU2019/19 Video of alumni reminiscing about their experiences in Ikenberry Hall. 
    Ikenberry Hall: Demolition PhotographMC2009/193 Ikenberry Hall: Watching Ikenberry come down. 
    Ikenberry Hall: PhotographMC2009/192 kenberry Hall: Showing a dorm room to prospective student and family, presumably this is Ikenberry Hall.  
    Ikenberry Hall: Publication and Resident ListMC2007/69 Welcome to Ikenberry Hall!  Publication and list of residents for the fall quarter of 1962 - 63 school year...and another year circa 1964. 
    Ikenberry Hall: Reunion 1992MC2007/70 Ikenberry Hall: Alumni Reunion 1992. Past residents present stories about life in Ikenberry Hall. 
    Ikenberry Hall: SpecificationsMU2013/18 Ikenberry Hall - 1961 general construction and equipment specifications. 
    Ikenberry, L. D. Surveys Land with Students: Photograph MC2009/181 

    L. D. Ikenberry surveys land with students, possibly for the frame gym.

    L. D. Ikenberry was an architect and responsible for much of the rebuilding and remodeling on the early campus during the presidency of Otho Winger.  In this photo the Bible Building and Bumgerdner Hall had not yet been connected.  It appears that L. D. Ikenberry and most-likely, students, are surveying in preparation to construct another building.  The construction of the gym was planned and announced by Winger to the Board of Trustees on 25 September 1911. 

    Inauguration: Photographs from Oak Leaves or Aurora OfficesMU2012/54 

    One photograph is marked "inauguration" - perhaps of President Robinson?  A. Blair Helman is in the picture.  Some other faculty members are identified.

    Independent StudiesMC2002/142 

    Independent Studies Records and Special Problems.

    Individualized programs 1960-1990, general information.

    These materials include but are not limited to:

    • A Student's Guide to Independent Study, 1977.
    • Guidelines for special problems courses, 1970.
    • Memo from Professor Charles Klingler, 1978.
    • Rebuttal to Oak Leaves article from May 1978.
    • Application for Independent Study, 1977.
    • Minutes of the Individual Instruction Committee, 2 September 1977.

    See Also: Two Large Boxes on top of Filing Cabinets (IIS) containing material on Special Problems. These Materials have not yet been accessioned.

    Independent StudyMU2013/116 A list of Independent Study papers kept while the materials were part of the Funderburg Library collection. 
    Independent Study Papers: ArtMC2012/67 

    Independent Study Papers: Art

    Batzka, Stephen A. The Visual Arts And Contemporary Religion

    Independent Study Papers: BiologyMC2012/68a-jj Independent Study Papers: Biology. 
    Independent Study Papers: ChemistryMC2012/69 Independent Study Papers: Chemistry 
    Independent Study Papers: Economics & BusinessMC2012/70,a-i Independent Study Papers: Economics & Business. 
    Independent Study Papers: EducationMC2012/71a,b,c Independent Study Papers: Education. 
    Independent Study Papers: EnglishMC2012/72a-m Independent Study Papers: English. 
    Independent Study Papers: HistoryMC2012/73a-j Independent Study Papers: History. 
    Independent Study Papers: Home EconomicsMC2012/75a,b,c Independent Study Papers: Home Economics. 
    Independent Study Papers: MathMC2012/76a,b,c Independent Study Papers: Math 
    Independent Study Papers: Modern LanguagesMC2012/74a-p Independent Study Papers: Modern Languages. 
    Independent Study Papers: MusicMC2012/77 

    Independent Study Papers: Music.

    MC2012/77 Gratz, Reed A Survey of West African Music 9-May-72

    Independent Study Papers: Physical EducationMC2012/78 

    Independent Study Papers: Physical Education.

    MC2012/78Seymoure, CathyTechniques Involving the Roving Player in Women's Basketball1963-1964

    Independent Study Papers: PhysicsMC2012/77a Independent Study Papers: Physics 
    Independent Study Papers: Political ScienceMC2012/78a-h Papers: Political Science. 
    Independent Study Papers: PsychologyMC20212/79a-m Independent Study Papers: Psychology. 
    Independent Study Papers: ReligionMC2012/80a-bb Independent Study Papers: Religion. 
    Independent Study Papers: SociologyMC2012/81a-t Independent Study Papers: Sociology. 
    Independent Study Papers: SpeechMC2012/82a-h Independent Study Papers: Speech. 
    India Story 2004MU2016/53 "The India Story, Seminar," presented by The India Foundation, New Delhi, 2004, during July 8 - July 21, 2004. 
    Indiana Commission for Higher EducationMU2017/93 1979 Annual Report of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and questionnaire, "Indiana Needs and Higher Education." 
    Indiana History: Wabash CourthouseMC2010/125 A photograph circa the 1930's - 1940's (look at car) of the Wabash County Courthouse. 
    Institutional Planning Reports, 1984, 1990 and 1991MC2008/30 

    Institutional Planning Reports

    1.  Vision '91 - Focusing on Growth and Excellence, progress Report 27 April 1990.

    2.  Vision '91 - Focusing on Growth and Excellence, proposal.

    3.  Report of the Task Force for program Adjustment to President A. Blair Helman, December, 1984.

    4.  Report of the Forward Planning Committee, 6 October 1984.

    Institutional ResearchMC2009/171  

    This folder contains but is not limited to the following:

    1.  Failing And Incomplete Grades: Fall 1979 - January 1984.

    2.  1976-1977 statistics for Fall Term 1976, number of full-time undergraduate students according to Indiana county.

    3.  Graph showing the number of classes and class size by year, 1970 - 1980.

    4.  Admissions profile issued 8/27/97 for Fall 1986 through Fall 1996.

    5.  "Characteristics of Freshmen Entering Manchester College Fall, 1970."

    6.  1985 Freshman Profile from selected institutions.

    7.  Fall Term 1989: majors listed by incoming Freshmen.

    8.  Fall Term 1992: majors listed by incoming Freshmen

    9.   "Prelimlinary Report on the Academic Profile," from Roger Buzzard, Director of General Education, 18 August 1988.

    10. "Student Survey 1995, Seeking to serve student needs better."

    11.  News Release 15 March 1973 giving characterization of student body.

    12.  1971 questionnaire.

    13.  Freshmen placement (1990?).

    14. Incoming student testing results.

    Institutional Research: How the Class of 1998 Came to Manchester College MC2009/168 

    Institutional Research: "How the Class of 1998 Came to Manchester College."

    1. One report giving characteristics of students from Fall 1994 through graduation 1998.

    Institutional Research: 1952 National Sophomore Testimg Program ReportMC2010/44 Institutional Research: Final Report on the 1952 National Sophomore Testing Program, 1952. - CONFIDENTIAL FILE. 
    Institutional Research: Manchester College and Doctoral DegreesMC2009/167 

    Articles and studies related to Manchester College and the number of alumni who go on to receive doctoral degress.

    Institutional Research: National College Sophomore Testing Program Results, 1952 MC2009/183 

    Institutional Research: 

    1. National College Sophomore Testing Program Summary of Results for Manchester College,1952. CONFIDENTIAL FILE.

    Institutional Research: Sophomore Comprehensive Tests comparison 1967 through 1971 MC2009/169 1. Comparison of Sophomore Comprehensive Tests 1967 through 1971 for Science, Humanities and Social Science-History.  
    Institutional Research: Statistics for Freshmen 1981 and 1982 MC2009/164 

    1981 and 1982 Freshman class profiles and characteristics.

    Questionnaire from the Cooperative Institutional Research Program conducted jointly by the American Council on Education and the University of California, Los Angeles.



    Institutional Research: Student Enrollment Projections MC2009/170 Manchester College student enrollment projections.  
    Insurance: Manchester College and Manchester Civic Symphony SocietyMU2014/66 Insurance - Common Policy Declarations - 1991, 1992, 1993. 
    Insurance: Manchester College, Civic Symphony, Church of the BrethrenBC2014/7 Insurance policies from the Mutual Aid Association of the Church of the Brethren for Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren properties [circa 1985 - 1992]. Also included is "Pastoral Counseling Professional Liability Insurance."  
    Intercultural and Multicultural MaterialsMU2018/112 

    Materials describing events honoring the 50th Year Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s visit to the Manchester campus.

    Programs and materials created for the groundbreaking ceremony and dedication of the Jean Childs Young Intercultural Center. 

    International Buffet 2003: ImagesMU2018/8 Images from the December 2003 International Buffet held on the Manchester College campus. 
    International Business Trip to Bangladesh: Education and Professional Programs DivisionMC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-V:Various International Business Trip to Bangladesh, 1982. Poster. See MC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-V:Various, including Admissions Material, parents' Weekend, Fundraising, Phonathon. Graphic Department.  
    International FairMU2013/77 folders #9 and #10 Newspaper clippings related to the 1998, 1999, and 2000 International Fair. 
    International Fair RecordsMU2018/111 Background materials, programs, and photographs related to the 1993,1994 and 1995 International Fairs. Extensive article about Andrew Cordier, his wit and wisdom, and the intersection of his UN career with world events. 
    International Fair: VideoMC2012/37 

    Video footage of International Fairs held at Manchester College in 1993, 1994 and 1995.

    International or German Music Group Circa 1953: PhotographMC2010/144 Student group with a musical instrument, some women in German costume. One student is Lois Snyder. 
    International Student Group and Multicultural Event: PhotographsMC2009/188 

    Picture of international student group taken in front of the old gymnasium.

    Photographs from international/multicultural event like the International Fair.

    International Week: PostersMC2009/71-E  

    International Week Posters. File Folder MC2009/71-E, object number MC2009/71-E,n.

    Jackson, JesseMU2013/5 

    Contact prints and negatives recording Rev. Jesse Jackson's visit to Manchester College in the spring of 1969. Publicity picture of Rev. Jackson from the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

    Jackson, Rev. Jesse: Speech at Manchester CollegeMC2011/7 wave sound 

    This CD and audio-tape are probably from "An Experience in Soul," a "March 30 - April 1 event held on Manchester College Campus in 1969.

    January Session: Peru-Bolivia, Jan. 2006MU2015/31 Images from Manchester College's January Term trip to Peru-Bolivia in 2006. 
    January Term: 1970 Usumacinta ExpeditionMU2013/115 DVD and MP4 video A video documentary of the 1970 January Term expedition that Professor James R. C. Adams led to Usumacinta. Participants primarily included James R. C. Adams and Manchester College students. 
    January Term: India Trip, PhotographsMC2009/165 Sixteen photographs including a picture of Jean Zimmerman and Jeri Seese-Green. 
    January Term: Israel by Lichtsinn June 2006 MU2015/30 Images from Jill Lichtsinn's Israel experience during 2006.  
    January Term: PostersFile Folder 2009/71-V: Various 

    January Term posters.  See MC2009/71 File Folder 2009/71-V: Various.  This file includes

    • January 1982, International Business Trip to Bangladesh, with Mohammed A. Haque, Dept. of Economics and Business.
    • January 1981, The Language and Literature of Ireland with Professor Rowan Daggett, Ph.D.
    Jarrett, JackMU2018/85 

    Photographs, newspaper clippings, and personal statements related to the career of Manchester College's coach, Jack Jarrett.

    Jean Childs Young Intercultural CenterMU2018/11 Video of the official groundbreaking ceremony of the Jean Childs Young Intercultural Center along with digital copy of the program. 
    Jefferson Twp., Wayne Co., 1864 - 1871 School Record and Deportment Record Book MC2009/134 

    Jefferson Twp., Wayne Co., 1864 - 1871 School Record and Deportment Record Book for Schools Number 4 and 5.

    Jo Young Switzer: Newspaper Articles About PresidencyMC2007/7 Newspaper articles announcing Jo Young Switzer's presidency. 
    Jobs and Positions for Graduates: Otho Winger AppealMU2017/39 In 1931 President Otho Winger makes an appeal to graduates and to potential employers to find positions for qualified alumni of Manchester College.  He develops a list of male and female candidates and cites their individual qualifications for teaching and other positions. 
    Johnson, Dorothy Winnifred: MU2017/19 

    Former MC professor, Dorothy Johnson, is interviewed by Victoria Eastman regarding Dorothy's membership in the Delta, Kappa, Gamma, Alpha, Zeta Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma International Society for Key Women Educators.

    Johnson, Dorothy: Letter 1943, AccommodationsMC2007/94 Dorothy Johnson:  Letter regarding rooming accommodations. 
    Johnston, Mark E: Small Business and Entrepreneurship ConferenceMU2014/55a,b MP4 video Video footage of the Mark E. Johnston Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference at Manchester College, 11 June 2003. 
    Jones, DorothyBC2012/2 A travelogue probably written by Dorothy Jones, Administrative Assistant to M. R. Zigler, Director ot the European Program of the Berthren Service Commission.  This trip was taken by 5 women and Dorothy describes their excursion through various European cities and countries directly following WWII.  This is an interesting documentary of culture, food, place and custom. 
    Jones, Professor Robert: Structural Elements in Polyphonic MusicMC2011/104 Professor Robert Jones gives instruction on the topic of "Structural Elements in Polyphonic Music," 12 January 1971. 
    Junior/Senior: Banquet and ReceptionMC2010/26 

    Invitation for The Junior Class of Manchester College reception in honor of the Class of 1956.

    Newspaper clipping reporting the Junior/Senior reception and banquet, 14 May 1959.

    See Also: Junior/Senior Banquet/Reception and Dance, see also: Oak Leaves, 16 April 1964 p.1; 6 May 1965 p.1.

    Justiniano Collection: Memorabilia 1950-1954MC2007/34 

    Myrtis Becker Justiniano 's (MC Class of 1954) collection of Manchester College memorabilia, including May Day 1953.

    Kauffman, Bruce S.MC2007/18 

    Writings of S. Bruce Kauffman, and Kauffman Award Recipients 1997-98, 1998-99, 1999-2000.

    1. Documents from one three ringed notebook that include Bruce's writings.

    2.  Materials include a list of those receiving Kauffman Awards from; 1997 - 1998, 1998 - 1999, 1999 - 2000.

    3.  Application form and description of the Bruce Kauffman Award.

    For Kauffman Award Memorandum and description, See: Alumni Large Box 187, then Kauffman.

    See Also:  MC 811.52 Au23zk.

    Keim, Ray: A historical site recital tour,(A Field Course in History) MC2009/54 

    Ray Keim: A historical site recital tour,(A Field Course in History) Sponsored by Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana, July 4 - August 1, 1933 - This tour started at North Manchester and proceeded down the Wabash and Mississinewa Rivers as far as Lafayette, covering nearly three thousand miles. A map is included with the brochure.

    Keller and Morton: PhotographsMU2018/75 Negatives and scanned images of Professor Dorothy Keller with student. 
    Kessler, Donald and Olive: Liberian Artifacts and BooksMC2008/196 

    Liberian art collection.

    Books related to Manchester College alumnus, Donald E. Kessler's, (Class of 1946), work in Liberia.




    See also: Kessler file in Museum Box - Archives Office
    King, Dr. Martin Luther: DVD, TributeMC2007/117 

    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: DVD, "Tribute to a King."

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made his last speech on a college campus here at Manchester College.  This DVD examines the effects that it had on others.

    King, Dr. Martin Luther: Signed LetterMU2012/74 

    A letter to Manchester College Professor, T. Wayne Rieman, signed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 21 December 1959.

    A letter to Professor T. Wayne Rieman dictated by Dr. King, but not personally signed by Dr. King, 16 June 1959.

    King, Dr. Martin Luther: Speech Transcription MU2012/41 Transcription of the speech, The Future of Integration, delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Manchester College 1 February 1968. Revision to former speech booklets. 
    King, FlorenceMC2004/207 

    Craig Largent shares his research materials on Florence King, 1891 graduate of Mount Morris College, and the first female patent attorney in the United States.

    King, Martin Luther: Response to Campus VisitMC2011/151 

    Correspondence to and from President A. Blair Helman on the decision to invite Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to be a guest on the Manchester College campus.

    King, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther: Contact PrintsMU2013/6 Contact prints from the visit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made to Manchester College on 1 February 1968. These prints are different from the King negatives and also include images of Andrew Young. 
    Kintner, Dr. ElginMC2007/43 

    Dr. Elgin Kintner, honored. Photocopy of article by Tom Sherlin in "The Daily Times" November 27, 2006.  "Blount Memorial names lab after Dr. Elgin Kintner."


    See Also: Faculty/Staff Kintner, Edward; Manchester College Bulletin July 1976 p.5-6.

    See also: The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College by William R. Eberly
    Kintner, Dr. Elgin: Physiology Experiments, First Year Medicine, Indiana UniversityMC2011/97 

    Dr. Elgin P. Kintner, M.D., the son of Dr. Edward Kinter, graduated from Manchester College in 1939.  This book of "Physiology Experiments" was completed with a laboratory partner during Elgin's first year of medicine at Indiana University. 


    See Also: "The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College," by William R. Eberly.

    Kintner, Edward, Dedicatory Prayer, Hall of Science, 1960: PhotographMC2007/98 Photograph of Kintner:  Dedicatory Prayer, Hall of Science, March 26, 1960 
    Kintner, Edward: Faculty/Staff CollectionMC2002/104L 

    Kintner Collection, including: “Introduction to Cytology,” Kintner's 1932 calendarClass Record Books, newspaper clippings (retirement, honors, scholarship, wedding anniversary), 1946 receipt for license to preach, Kinter's admittance to Manchester (March 1900).

    Kintner, Edward: FuneralMC2011/33 

    Audio recording of Professor Edward Kintner's funeral. 

    Kintner, Edward: Mastodon Skeleton, UnearthingMC2011/91 Edward Kintner writes an article for the "Proceedings of the Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting, Indiana Academy of Science, Volume 39, 1929," Stanley A. Cain, Editor. The article is found on page 237 and is titled, "Notes On Unearthing Parts Of A Mastodon Skeleton," Edward Kintner, Manchester College. 
    Knuth, JulieFaculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Knuth, Julie Copy of emaill announcing Julie Knuth as Executive Assistant to the President. 
    Kock, Jeff: Faculty/Staff Large Boxes: Kock, Jeff Article about Jeff Kock, golf coach (2004). 
    Koile, David: Orchestra Photograph 1929-1930MU2013/96 

    Photograph of David Koile and the Manchester Symphony Orchestra, as seen in the 1930 Aurora.

    Koinonia: Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Koinonia 

    Articles about Koinonia:

    Taxidermist, Luke Hunt prepares mounts for scientific and educational purposes.

    Students at Manchester College work with the U.S. Fish and WIldlife Service to study waterfowl populations in reconstructed wetlands in Kosciusko County.

    Koinonia is recipient of the Kosciusko County Environmental Enhancement Award (1993).

    Kornegay, Jeri MU2017/87 

    "The News Journal" article about Jeri Kornegay, Manchester College's new (2002) Director of Media and Public Relations.

    Kurtz, Ruth Smith: CollectionMU2014/39 

    The collection of Manchester College alumna, Ruth Smith Kurtz, that includes a MC flyer containing an aerial photograph of campus and vicinity (1940) and College Woman's Club directories. Smith family history regarding relationship with the College.

    Ladies Chorus: 1898 PhotographMU2019/33 Photograph of the 1898 Ladies Chorus. 
    Lassa Fever: John Hamer, MD CollectionMU2016/2 

    Collection of articles, publications, letters, videos, and photographs dealing with Dr. Hamer's time in Nigeria, especially his connection with the discovery of the Lassa Fever Virus.

    Laundry 1976 - 1977: PhotographMC2010/164 One photograph of female student doing laundry in residence hall. 
    Lay Counselor ProgramMC2008/92 

    Lay Counselor's Program;

    Included in the event is "Report on Self-Study," by Dr. David A. Waas.

    "Manchester Through Student Eyes," Robert Mock, Joyce Clinton, Lowell Hartman, Jan Miller, Charles Tayler.

    Leachman: Assortment of MaterialsMU2017/80 James Leachman's alternative service and draft counseling materials during the Vietnam War (1970's). Refugee resettlement materials (1970's and 1980's). 
    Leckrone, Joyce: Kennedy CollectionMC2009/22 John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy magazine and newspaper collection with a Christmas card reproduced from an original painting by Mrs. John F. Kennedy with a handwritten note to Joyce from "Gladdys."  This is presumably Gladdys Muir.  
    License Plate: Manchester CollegeMC2008/48 1. One license plate with the Manchester College logo. 
    Likens, GeneMC2002/188 and MC2002/188b  

    Newspaper clippings, news releases, articles and other materials related to Dr. Gene E. Likens, Manchester College alumnus, graduating in 1957 with a degree in zoology.  He is known for being the first scientist in North America to discover acid rain.

    Lilly Endowment Workshop on the Liberal Arts Team ReportMC General File: Lilly Endowment, Liberal Arts Workshop, 1985 

    "Team Report by Manchester College," 7 July 1983 for The Lilly Endowment's Workshop on the Liberal Arts.

    Lilly Endowment, Inc.: Survey Report, 1951 - 1959MC2011/155 

    Lilly Endowment Inc., surveys, reports and grant approval.

    Lilly Endowment: Gerontology and the Community of North ManchesterMC General File: Lilly Endowment, Gerontology 21 July 1998 announcement of a grant from Lilly Endowment to bolster the connections between the College, its gerontology program, and the Town of North Manchester's older citizens. 
    Lincoln, Adelphia: Treasurer's BookIIS North Shelving Unit on the South Side of the Shelves 

    Lincoln, Adelphia Treasurer's Book: 1939 - 40, Dean Farringer, Treasurer, through 1946 - 1947 (in one book).  1944 - 1945 - 1946 in one notebook.

    This is part of the larger collection MC2007/137 that contains the financial records of the college, college classes, college student groups and organizations.

    Little Siblings Weekend: Photographs, Oak Leaves or Aurora OfficesMU2012/55 Photograph - possibly from Little Siblings Weekend
    Local History: Indiana County Boundary ChangesMC2010/34 History, Indiana and Local: "Indiana County Boundary Changes, A Special Sampling From 'Outline Maps of Indiana Boundaries,'" Reprinted from Indiana Boundaries by George Peace and Nellie C. Armstrong. 
    Local History: Clear-Creek Township High School: PhotographMC2008/127 Clear-Creek Township High School, 1901 class photo. 
    Local History: Shively, BillMC2007/169 One laminated newspaper article by Rufus King reflecting the life and personality of Bill Shively.  
    Long, Mary Elizabeth: Photograph MC2008/73 A magazine picture with a caption that identifies Mary Elizabeth Long having a snack with dorm mates in their room  at Manchester College.   
    Machester College: 1929 Group PhotographMU2014/140 Photograph of Manchester faculty, staff and students taken on 21 May 1929. 
    Male Chorus and Group with Children and Sadie Stutsman Wampler: Photographs, early picturesMC2009/48a,48b 

    Unidentified early photograph of a male choir.  This might be a group from Manchester College or from Mt. Morris College.

    Unidentified early photograph of a group of young people and children. Sadie Stutsman (Wampler) might be the tall woman in the middle of the second row from the back.  She either has a large corsage or is holding flowers.

    Manchester Activities Council: Banquet Poster, 1991MC2010/53: MAC Banquet 1991  

    Manchester Activities Council (MAC) poster: MAC banquet for Officers and new members, 1991 with yearly calendar of events. This poster is part of the larger collection MC2010/53.


    Manchester College 1993: VideoMU2013/67 Scenes from Manchester College during 1993, including Steve Alford, Jane Henney, and 1993 commencement exercises.  Faculty and students are interviewed.  Andy Murray receives an honorary degree during commencement. 
    Manchester College and Mount Morris College: Photograph Collection2004/454-457  

    Photos 1 - 72 : Manchester College Photographs.

    Photos 72 - 105: Identification of Locations and Buildings (72 - 77 are missing).

    Photos 106 - 189: Portraits and Uknown Affiliations.

    Photos 191 - 229: Mount Morris College Photographs .

    Manchester College and Mount Morris College: Photographs, Postcards, Assorted Materials, HistoryMC2005/3 

    Mt. Morris College Material: Student Body pictures [1907, 1908], approximately 150 postcard and postcard size photos, [1909-1912], other photos [1920's], baccalaureate address [1907], Mt. Morris College Students Guide [1927], and other publications and newspaper clippings. Photographs of the fire's devestation.

    Manchester College Material: Postcard, M.C. Mission Band [1917], snapshots of campus and people [1917-1929], Commencement Week Booklet [1925], Manchester College Bulletin, 4 (August, 1911):22, 7, and program, Manchester College A Capella Choir, n.d, Arthur Kennedy, Director, V. F. Schwalm, President. 

    Manchester College and the Church of the BrethrenMC2009/151 

    Church Relations - objectives, resources, and implementation.

    Manchester College BulletinsShelving Units in Archives Office and Archives IS 

    Manchester College Bulletins, a publication of Manchester College.

    Manchester College Calendar: Jubilee, 1939 MC2009/85 

    Manchester College celebrated her Jubilee Year (50th Anniversary) in 1939.  This is a commemorative calendar/promotional piece for the College featuring the College Hospital, Women's Gymnasium and proposed Arts Building.  It also gives a brief description of Manchester College and Mt. Morris College.

    Manchester College Campus and Town of North Manchester: Postcards, circa 1910MC2009/135a,b,c,d 

    Two postcards, circa 1910, are of the College.   They are the same card showing a drawing of the four primarybuildings with two horse drawn carts on College Avenue.

    • MC2009/135a is addressed to Miss Lillian Haines, Warsaw, Indiana.  It has a 14 May 1910 postmark from North Manchester and also has a 1 cent stamp.
    • MC2009/135b is addressed to Miss Anna Beagle, Warsaw, Indiana with a postmark of March 1910 from North Manchester, along with a 1cent stamp.

    MC2009/135c - Vandalia Park, North Manchester, Indiana. 
    MC2009/135d - four college age girls around a desk.

    Manchester College Celebrates: Heifer Project International, 1995MC2007/55 

    Manchester College Celebrates Heifer Project International May 20, 1995. Commencement 1995  - photograph of students with heifer and letter to Bill Eberly from President Parker Marden.

    Manchester College Class of 1932: Alumni ReunionMC2011/117 Program book from the 1932-1987 Manchester College Alumni Reunion, including students from Mount Morris College.  This is the 55th reunion for this class.  One letter (1987) to the members of the Class of 1932 written by Paul Kinsel, Class President.  One letter (1987) from Karl Merritt, Director of Alumni and College Relations to the Class of 1932.  One print of the 23 May 1987 Class Reunion photograph with accompanying identification page. 
    Manchester College Collection: Collected by Ferne BaldwinMU2013/155 

    Dr. William Robinson speaks at Pike Creek COB (1990), Centennial Celebration auction, Dagny Boebel offers Shakespeare course, David Eicher gives recital (1990), "The Glass Menagerie" (1990), “Good Health and Quality Health Care” workshop, IN State graduate degree to Robert Plummer, Mary Bombich and James Clark in "Hamlet," Dr. R. H. Miller officiates at Guthrie funeral service,Du Pont awards two grants (1963), Carol Stubbs in "Hamlet," Ed Johnston in "Fantasticks," Martha Smeltzer in "Hamlet," City schools employ MC graduates (report by Howard Book), MC appreciates community support (1995), "Oak Leaves" theft of papers and return (1975), Lynn Baker, Howard Sollenberger, A. Blair and Pat Helman, art shows, Public Programs, COB events on campus, new phone system, Charolotte Schutz Deavel, Doris Garey books, Deeter (Religion vs. Christian Tradition requirements), grade change policy (1996), Perry Graham/Peace Center, Nuclear Warfare, Men and Women's Soccer newspaper clippings.

    Manchester College Faculty and Students: Panoramic Photograph, 1916MC2011/180 One 1916 photograph of Manchester College faculty and students.  A note with the picture says, "Contribued to MC by the family of O. Glenn and Elma (Weaver) Kindy, 6/1/1987. 
    Manchester College Faculty and Students: Panoramic Photograph, Fall 1930MC2011/188 This is a photograph of the Manchester College Students and Faculty taken in the Fall of 1930.  Ikenberry appears to have shaved his beard and given up Brethren garb and President Otho Winger can be seen in the center of the picture. 
    Manchester College Foundation and Holding Company: Minutes, 1931 forwardMU2012/24a,b 

    MU2012/24a: Minutes of the meetings of the Directors of the Manchester College Foundation and Holding Company. The minutes start with 14 February 1931.

    The last recorded meeting in this book is 24 September 1938.

    MU2012/24b: "Minutes of the Executive Board of Manchester College Foundation and Holding Company," beginning with a report on the first meeting held on 4 April 1935.

    Farm Income and Expense for period ending 30 June 1937.

    Manchester College Group Picture and Graduating Class: 1916MC2011/226 Photograph of the Manchester College faculty, student body and graduating class of 1916.  Dan West, as a non-graduating student, is standing in the back row. 
    Manchester College Photographs: circa 1926MU2018/28 Manchester College photographs from the collection of Lynn and Mary (Gilbert) Sheller who graduated with the MC Class of 1926: Fred Conkling, Otho Winger, May Day. 
    Manchester College Promotional: "Rotogravure, The News-Sentinel," Saturday, November 8, 1947 MC2009/99a,b 

    Trailer Court: Rotogravure, The News-Sentinel, 1947.

    Trailer Court: Rotogravure, The News-Sentinel, 1947.

    Featured in this newspaper spread are:

    • the Chime Tower and Oakwood Hall
    • Spartan Halls (barracks for men)
    • (the new dormitory to house 100 men and costing an estimated $225,000
    • Professor O. W. Neher and Professor Edward Kintner conferring in biology building with crayfish chart
    • Tennis courts and 30 trailers for married veterans
    • Campus radio station featuring Irvin Hoff, student and Dr. Orland lefforge, speech professor officiating as members of TKA, honorary speech fraternity, broadcast. Photographed are Wayne Miller, from North Manchester; Miss Elsie Rossmanith, Rensselaer; Ralph Yaney and Glen Crago, North Manchester
    • Coeds, Miss Anna Mae Ehrmin, Mishawaka and Carlton Stoddard, Louisville, Ohio
    • 1947 May Queen Mary Kathryn Cooper, Dayton, Ohio with football players John Krieg, Ft. Wayne and Ellis Lehman, Windbor, PA.
    • Miss Mary Jane Penrod, Bluffton, IN, learns how to be a school teacher at Thomas Marshall School with Mrs. Esther Mae Ashley, student teacher director, and Miss Lucille Wright, critic teacher, along with a class of schoolchildren.
    • Professors A. R. Eikenberry (Psychology), Fred R. Conkling (English) and Dr. C. S. Morris (Physics) in Administration Building with portrait of Otho Winger, President from 1911 - 1941 in background.
    Manchester College: 1921 Group PictureMU2014/138 Group picture of faculty, staff and students at Manchester College, 1921. 
    Manchester College: 1922 Group PhotographMU2014/139 

    1922 group photograph of Manchester College faculty, staff and students.

    Manchester College: Church of the BrethrenMC2009/71-V,j1a,b Poster: "Manchester College, A College of the Church of the Brethren, Sustaining and Challenging Students on Their Faith Journeys" (no date).   
    Manchester College: Contributions to a Better WorldMC2010/194 

    Letter to Timothy K. Jones of Manchester College by Robert S. Zigler, Washington, DC.  The letter starts:

    "Here's the stuff re MC and the contribution to a better world."

    A list cites Manchester College graduates that have been involved in Relief, Rehabilitation and/or Development.

    Manchester College: CostMC2010/181 Newspaper article ranking Manchester College in relation to total cost expenses per year in relation to 32 largest colleges and universities in Indiana.  Manchester ranked 18th of the 32. 
    Manchester College: Deed Records,1895,1899 MC2010/15 

    Manchester College transcription of deed records 1895 and 1899. This is the transcription of the Deed Record 71, Microfilm Reel 41 found in The North Manchester Center for History, North Manchester, Indiana. Transcribed are pages 67 and 68.

    Manchester College: DirectoriesMC2006/8 Manchester College Student, Staff and Campus directories. 
    Manchester College: Early PhotographMU2017/22 This photograph (circa 1923?) remains one-of-a kind and includes faculty, staff, trustees, and students. Identified are: Otho Winger (President), L. W. Teeter, Trustee, Edward Kintner, L. W. Shultz, Sadie Stutsman Wampler, S. S. Blough, Vernon Schwalm, L. D. Ikenberry, Edward Stoner, Ikenberry Hall, the Bible School Building, College Hall, Oakwood Hall. 
    Manchester College: Eberly, WIlliam Collection: Manchester CollegeMC2011/221 

    Materials related to Manchester College including the diploma of Bill's father, John Eberly, Class of 1929. 

    Manchester College: Feature in Newspaper Supplement, 1993MU2013/45 One supplement to "The News Journal," 26 October 1993 featuring events at Manchester College. 
    Manchester College: Financial RecordsMC2007/13: July 7, to December 12, 1898 

    Financial records of the College from July 7, to December 12, 1898: Handwritten record of income and expenses. Alice King 7-16-1898, A. B. Ulrey 7-19-1898, Ladies Home, Brickwork, Plastering, Stamps, Gasoline, etc., part of the larger collection MC2007/13, Financial Records of Manchester College.

    Manchester College: Financial RecordsMC2007/200 a,b,c,d,e Audited Financial Statements for U. S. Government Financial Aid Programs and Internal Accounting and Administrative Controls and Compliance. 
    Manchester College: Financial RecordsMC2009/158 Manchester College Financial Statement July 31, 1957 & 1956.  
    Manchester College: Financial Statements MC2008/32 Manchester College Financial Statements, Year Ended June 30, 1995 With Comparative Totals for 1994. 
    Manchester College: Historical Movies MC2009/147a,b,c,d 

    Historical videos of 1934 Homecoming, 1934 May Day festivities, sports events, and graduation exercises 1939 and 1941.  Camp Mack Day circa that same era.

    Manchester College: Historical Recording of MemoriesMC2011/78 Manchester College's present superimposed upon the history of Manchester College's  past.  This was recorded during Manchester's 90th Anniversary and included faculty and staff emeriti. Some of these individuals had also been students at Manchester College:  Max Allen, Professor Emeritus of Art (MC Class of 34), Russell Bollinger (MC Class of 1926), Nettie Leasure, Eldon R. Burke, Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science (MC Class of 1922), T. Wayne Rieman, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, L. W. Shultz (MC Class of 1914). 
    Manchester College: Ideals, Objectives, RequirementsMC2008/84 

    Ideals and objectives and requirements for various years, beginning with President Schwalm and ending with President Marden.

    Manchester College: Lapel Pin, DadMU2013/84 Lapel pin with the words, "Manchester College, DAD." 
    Manchester College: Lease MU2014/129 Photocopy of article from the 10 March 1904 "Manchester Journal" announcing that Manchester College had been leased to four individuals. 
    Manchester College: Maps and Architectural Plans, and Proposed ProjectsMC2009/83a,b,c Maps and proposed plans of Manchester College (1945), with campus map, proposed building plans as well as primary electric, sewer and water line information for north Kenapocomoco Athletic Field.  
    Manchester College: Mission and Visions Statement, 2005 - 2006MC2010/65 One poster-like mission statement with a vision statement for 2006. 
    Manchester College: MuseumMC2002/210 

    Manchester College Museum: Correspondence, committee minutes, budget.

    Expenses for the set-up of the "Museum."  Correspondence.  Ferne Baldwin, organizer. 

    Ethnographic art files: Zigler, Kessler, Moyer, Rupel.

    See also: Oak Leaves, 30 November 1944.

    Manchester College: Old PhotographMU2014/137 

    Little publicized picture of Manchester College campus before the joining of Bumgerdner Hall and the Bible school.  Featured is the "spoon holder" and original fountain.

    Manchester College: Photograph AlbumMC2007/39 A photograph album containing photographs of Manchester College faculty and staff as well as pictures from theatrical productions/plays ranging from 1916 through 1965-1966. 
    Manchester College: Promotional Audio and Conferring of 1972 Honorary Degrees and GraduationMC2011/10 wave sound and CD 

    This recording is in two parts:

    "What is Manchester College?" promotional audio portion of a filmstrip or slide show ("a chairbound tour").  Audio of choir singing "By the Kenapocomoco."

    1972 Conferring of Honorary Degrees and Graduation:

    James Farmer, Civil Rights Activist,  with Dean Howard Book presentating. James Farmer was Race relations secretary with Fellowship of Reconciliation.  He was also involved in the labor movement. Author, "Freedom When," Random House, 1966. Recommendation for the Honorary Degree, "Doctor of Humanities."  Conferring of degree by President Helman.

    Thurl Donald Metzger: Doctor of Humanities. Conferring of degree by President Helman.

    Robert Miller Stauffer: Conferring of degree, Doctor of Laws. Manager of North Manchester Foundry.

    Manchester College: Promotional Calendars, 1925, 1935MC2009/86a,b 

    Manchester College Promotional Calendars 1925 and 1935.

    Manchester College: Promotional Material, OlderMC2010/169 

    Older promotional materials for Manchester College:

    One small booklet promotes the Educational Department that "has gained recognition in Indiana, Ohio and other states." 

    There is also a publicity postcard in black and white showing 9 shots of locations and buildings on campus.

    One small print of Oakwood Hall.

    Manchester College: Property and RentalsMC2007/137: Annuity Funds, Real Estate, Rents, Ledger 

    Financial Records of Manchester College - a larger collection MC2007/137 that includes:

    • Annuity Funds, Real Estate, Rents, Ledger: 1931, 1937 - 1943, 1934 - June 30, 1944. Partially restricted.
    Manchester College: ReportsMC2011/168 

    One report from an unidentified source from January 1961 that talks about the physical plant, the faculty, the curriculum, students and student life and the outlook for the future.

    One report: "Report of a Visit to Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana, November 14 - 16, 1972, for the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools."

    One report: "Report of a Visit to Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana, April 18 - 20, 1983 for the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

    Manchester College: Resource GuideMC2010/146 This booklet was produced by Cathleen Arnoldy, Director of Media Relations (undated).  It lists departments and professors and famous MC alumni. 
    Manchester College: Review and ObjectivesMC2010/35 

    "Manchester College Review and Reflection Paper," by Commicorp, The Education Group, 1995. Quotations from interviews with faculty, staff and students.  The paper points out the College's strengths and gives input regarding the institution's plans for the future.

    Manchester College: Seal, Photograph of Old DesignMC2008/116 

    Photograph of the old Manchester College Seal.

    Manchester College: Seals, Stickers, Decals and NametagsMC2008/45 

    1.  One parial pack of gold seals.

    2.  Two Manchester College decals.

    3.  Gold stickers, "Manchester college 100 Years of Service."

    4.  Manchester College nametage (yellow on shimmery paper).

    5.  Manchester college nametags (gold on white).

    6.  One decal.

    Manchester College: Statements of Purpose and ObjectivesMC2010/117 

    A group of statements about the purpose of Manchester College with a note from Professor Doris B. Garey, English Department, to Professor David Waas, Department of History. 

    Professor Garey had the idea that some students might apply these statements to their own experience.  She writes a paragraph about this idea.

    Manchester Subscription Agency MC2009/17 

    D. C. Reber, was the manager of Manchester Subscription Agency. Prof. Reber’s service would have been like toady’s EBSCO – a centralized vendor of periodical subscriptions. This handwritten book begins on December 11, 1930 and continues into 1935.  Individuals from North Manchester, and out of state, local high schools, the Manchester College library, the public library etc. have their periodical subscriptions recorded along with price and shipment address. D. C. Reber is the Manager of the agency whose address is 901 N. Wayne St., North Manchester, Indiana.  

    Manchester Symphony Orchestra and Music Competitions: PostersMC2009/124 

    Manchester Symphony Orchestra poster assortment with some concerts in conjunction wtih the A Cappella Choir and featuring various soloists throughout the years as well as Student Competition Winners 1990, 1992, and Young Artist Competition Winners (1991, 1993, 1994).

    For more posters see: MC2010/20.

    Manchester Symphony Orchestra RecordingMC2011/53 

    Although unconfirmed, this recording is probably the Manchetser Symphony Orchestra performing at an unidentified and undated concert.

    Manchester Symphony Orchestra: Concert Recording, 1989MU2012/29 Recording of the Manchester Symphony Orchestra concert performed on 5 November 1989. 
    Manchester vs. Bluffton, 1982: Football, VideoMC2011/131 Manchester College Football, Manchester vs. Bluffton, 30 October 1982 reel-to-reel tape and digitized transfer to DVD. 
    Mangai, Dagnew, Hailu: Memorial ServiceMU2016/5 MP4 

    Video of memorial service for Manchester University students Nerad Grace Mangai, Brook M. Dagnew, and Kirubel Alemayehu Hailu in MP4 Video and DVD format.  Copies of memorial service program.

    Mann, Patrick: Publications Authored By MannAlumni Large Box 187: Mann, Patrick 

    Publications authored by Patrick C. Mann, including items such as:

    "A New Focus in Water Supply Economics - Urban Water Pricing, Reprint Series V, No. 3, Reprinted from the Journal American Water Works Association, Vol. 62, No. 9, September 1970. 

    Maps of North Manchester MC2009/82a,b,c,d 

    Four maps of North Manchester from various years and sources.  Maps show stores and identify buildings in the town.

    Marden, Parker: "A Celebraton of His Presidency"MU2018/117 A video honoring the work of Parker Marden, who served Manchester College as President from 1994 - 2005. 
    Marden, Parker: BookMU2019/22 Marden Book belonging to President Parker Marden, "Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases." 
    Marden, Parker: President's SpeechesMC2006/9 Six typed speeches by Parker Marden. 
    Marken, Parker: Celebration of Presidency, DVDMC2006/11 Parker Marden: "A Celebration of His Presidency, 1994-2005," DVD-R by Manchester College. 
    Marketing Materials for AdmissionsMU2018/9 Admissions materials used for marketing Manchester College
    Master's Theses: ListMU2013/117 A list of Master's Theses from the Department of Education that includes student name, title, Department and date kept during the years that these papers were in the collection of Funderburg Library. 
    Math ClubsMC2007/15 Information about three clubs: Mathematics Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon and Chi Psi. 
    Mathea Rhetoria Society or Rhetoria - Mathea Society: RecordsMC2007/137: Mathea Rhetoria Society or Rhetoria - Mathea Society 

    Financial Records for Mathea Rhetoria Society or Rhetoria - Mathea Society. These records are part of a larger collection MC2007/137.

    Rhetoria - Mathea or Mathea Rhetoria Society: 1939 - 1944 (in one book).  1942 - 1943, receipts 1944 (in one composition book).

    Mathea: PosterMC2009/114 

    "Would You Develop Grace And Poise, Create With MATHEA"

    Mathea: PosterMC2009/66 Hand-made poster advertising Mathea.  
    Mathean Scrap Book with Philomathea Literary Society InclusionMC2006/38 Scrap book containing materials on the Mathean and Philomathea Literary Society. 
    Mathematical ModelingMC2011/16 wave sound and CD An unknown speaker talking on "mathematical modeling" with emphasis on the work of Ray Fulkerson.  This symposium highlights the life and work of mathematician, Ray Fulkerson. 
    Mathematics: Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Mathematics Newspaper articles related to the Mathematics program at Manchester College.  Included are the 1972 Math Field Day, the 1978 Mathematics Field Day and the 1976 Math Day at Manchester College. 
    Matthews, JamieFaculty/Staff Boxes: Matthews, Jamie "Matthews Deserves Our Appreciation," article about the career of Head Coach, Jamie Matthews, at Manchester College. 
    May Day 1961: ProgramMU2017/75 

    May Day 1961 schedule of events program featuring "Queen of the May - 1961," Miss Rosemary Blickenstaff, along with the musical production of "Oklahoma," directed by Professor Tom Roland.

    May Day Celebrations: 1930 - 1948MU2013/32 C Photographs of May Day celebrations spanning 1930 through 1948, along with Queens of the May and their Courts. 
    May Day Celebrations: of the 1920'sMU2013/32 B 

    Photographs of May Day celebrations, May Day Queens, and their Courts (1920 - 1929).

    May Day Celebrations: The 1950'sMU2013/32 D 

    Photographs of May Day celebrations, along with Queens and their Courts from the 1950's.

    May Day Celebrations: The 1960'sMU2013/32 E Photographs of May Day celebrations, May Queens and their Courts, from the 1960's. 
    May Day Celebrations: The 1970' s through 1993 MU2013/32 F Photographs of May Day celebrations, May Day Queens and their Courts from 1970 through 1993. 
    May Day Weekend: Oak Leaves or Aurora PhotographsMU2012/50 Contact sheet of May Day Weekend events, including Mud Volleyball. 
    May Day: General Report, 1958MC2007/64 May Day 1958, General Report with photographs. 
    May Day: Homecoming, Valentine and May DayMU2013/32 A Photographs of 1943 and 1969 Valentine Queens and Court.  Pictures of Homecoming Queens and Courts for various years during the 1960's and 1970's.  Unidentifiable pictures from May Day celebrations circa 1920 and forward. 
    May Day: Photographs, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931MC2012/8 Splendid pictures of May Day Queens and their courts as well as floats and May Day activities including images of students in the river. 
    May Day: Production, 1933, PosterMC2009/71-E,a  "The Senior Class of Manchester College Presents 'Hotel Universe' in a two cast production."  This Senior May Day 1933 poster is part of the larger collection MC2009/71.  See MC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-E: Events on Campus, object number MC2009/71-E,a.  
    May Day: Program, 1932, 1954, 1961MC2004/30 May Day Programs, 1935, 1954, 1961. 
    May Day: Queen and Court, Oak LeavestMU2012/7b - Folder #1 May Day Queen and Court photographed by Professor Hoff, circa the 1960's. 
    Mayer, Major William E. and Student Readings for Oral InterpretationMC2011/38 

    The first recording is of United States Army psychiatrist, Major W. E. Mayer.  The title of the speech is Communist Management of Korean War Prisoners

    The second recording is similar to MC2011/37 and probably done by students for a class in oral interpretation.



    MC2009/04MC2009/04 Picnic on campus lawn.  
    McFadden, David: Video of MU Presidential InaugurationMU2014/159 

    7 November 2014 video documentation of David McFadden's inauguration as President of Manchester University.

    McGrath, EarlMU2015/101 

    Dr. Earl McGrath gives a presentation for the Indiana Office of Campus Ministry Consultation, 30 November 1978.

    McPherson, PaulFaculty/Staff Boxes: McPherson Materials regarding Coach Paul McPherson. In 1949 "Mac" became head football coach and assistant physical education instructor at Manchester College.  He also coached basketball, track, and baseball. 
    Medallion: Presidents'MU2013/83 Medallion worn by the presidents of Manchester College, when dressed in regalia, before the institution became a University. 
    Medical Practicum: HistoryMU2018/116 Statistical information regarding Manchester University's Medical Practicum: Medical Practicum Data 1981 - 2018, Medical Practicum Sites, Students and Staff, Medical Practicum History 2018 to 28 June 2018. 
    Medical Practicum: Nicaragua 2006MU2014/144 

    Images of the 2006 medical practicum in Nicaragua that took place during January Session.

    Men's Basketball 2010: Manchester College vs. University of New MexicoMC2011/232 

    Images of the Manchester College Men’s basketball exhibition game against University of New Mexico, November 2010. The photographer is unknown.  Coach for the University of New Mexico team, Steve Alford, was a famous basketball player and once a coach for Manchester College.  Featured in the pictures is President Jo Young Switzer, Steve Alford and the Manchester College athletic director/baseball coach, Rick Espeset. 

    Men's Basketball: PhotographsMU2019/24 Men's Basketball photographs, circa 2001, 2002, and 2003. A few shots from random years are included, eg. 1992, 1995, 1996. 
    Men's Glee Club: Photograph, 1902 - 1903MC 2011/138 One photograph of the Men's Glee Club, 1902 - 1903. 
    Men's Glee Club: Photograph, circa 1903MC2011/136 

    Photo montage of Men's Glee Club. circa 1903.

    Men's Glee Club: Photograph, circa 1930MC2011/135 Men's Glee Club, photograph taken in New Lebanon, Ohio.  Walter Weck from New Lebanon, Ohio is in the picture as is Paul Halladay. 
    Men's Tennis: PhotographsMU2019/47 Identified and unidentified photos of Men's Tennis including images from 2002, 2003, and of CoachTodd Hartsough. 
    Messiah, 1970: RecordingMC2011/31 Presentation of The Messiah, 1970. 
    Messiah: Holsinger, Clyde W.MC2008/04 1948 letter and response from soloist regarding production of The Messiah
    Messiah: MusicMU2016/22 "The Messiah, A Sacred Oratorio," composed in the year 1741 by G. F. Handel and edited, and the pianoforte accompaniment largely re-written, by Ebenezer Prout, copyright 1902 by Novello and Company, Limited. 
    Messiah: Oak Leaves ArticlesReferences: Oak Leaves Messiah: Oak Leaves, 11 December, 1941, 12 December 1963 p.1; 19 December 1963 p.2. 
    Messiah: PhotographsMessiah Photographs: Flat File Drawer and Old Office Wall Messiah: Photographs 
    Messiah: Production Programs, 1948, 1958MC2008/91 "The Messiah," 1948 and 1958 production programs. 
    Messiah:Program 1947MC2008/117c "The Messiah, " 1947 production program. 
    Metzger, David: Family BibleMU2014/68 The David Metzger family Bible published in 1936, with registry of births. Included are clippings of articles: The death of Elder John Metzger by Sallie Cart, and Sketch of Elder S. S. Mohler by Enoch Eby. 
    Meyer, Barbara Carlile: ScrapbookMU2018/99 A digital copy of the scrapbook of Barbara (Carlile) Meyer (MC 1957) that documents and illustrates her Manchester College experience, September 1953 - Spring 1957.  
    Michigan City Church of the Brethren: RecordsBC2019/4 Materials related to Michigan City Church of the Brethren, including but not limited to: development, pension, payroll, tax statements, council discussions, financial and congregational records, membership certificates, baptism, congregational photos of 60th anniversary 1992. 
    Military: IraqMU2017/60 

    MC Offers Operation Connect (April 2003) - North Manchester residents welcome to use College computers o e-mail military stationed in Iraq or to "surf" the Internet for the latest war news.

    "MC Remembers Six Of Its Own Serving Wartime in Military (Iraq, May 2003) -

    Miller Edith: Family PhotographMC2009/45 Nine photographs and postcards with images of Ida, Edith, Bertha and Ray Miller and of Amos Miller and Sarah Cupp Miller. 
    Miller, Amos: PhotographMC2004/635-34 Photograph from objects belonging to the Ida Miller, Otho Winger, Edith Miller and Bertha Miller Neher Stine families. Amos B. Miller is written on the back of the picture.   
    Miller, E. C. and Lou: Wedding Party PhotographMU2013/92 

    Composite photograph of the wedding party of E. C. and Lou Miller.

    Miller, Ed and Martha: Collection of Programs and MemorabiliaMU2013/86 Handmade programs and memorabilia for MC clubs and organizations circa the 1950's. Photographs and identification of 1953 May Day Queen, Jean Childs Young and Court. Programs from Home Economics events (1950's). Oak Leaves issue announcing MC's Cherry Princess candidates. 1991 and 1992 issues of the Manchester College "Bulletin."  Photos from May Day 1956. Copy of "The Acorn," 25th year edition. 
    Miller, Edith Alice CollectionMC2008/208 

    Much more material than can be described. Please go into the accession page to read Scope and Contents. The collection includes the following but is vastly larger:

    Obituaries, information on the Shull children, photograph of son of Moy Gwong,  "Memory Speaks, North Manchester Celebrates Its First 150 Years," program for play written by Dr. Charles Boebel, article from "The Noble County American," Albion, Indiana, Thursday, June 24, 1982, pg. 7 regarding the Potawatomi Chief Simon Pokagon, Last Chief of the Potawatomies, personal information about Edith Alice Miller, letter by Otho about his wife's, Ida's death, and Class of 1926 Information, as saved by Edith Miller.

    For more information on Edith Alice Miller see West Manchester Church of the Brethren.

    Miller, John J. and Elizabeth Chrowl Miller: Family HistoryMC2009/44 91st Annual John J. and Elizabeth Chrowl Miller Family Reunion, The Miller Odyssey from Switzerland to Elkhart County, IN and Beyond, Proof Edition, published by Mearl Grabill.  
    Miller, John: Family BibleMU2014/69 This Bible, previously identified as the John Miller Family Bible, records the marriage and baptisms of Joseph Fike and Susannah Miller (1857). 
    Miller, Martha: Arthur Showalter AlbumMU2018/35 

    A collection of scanned excerpts from Arthur Showalter's  photograph album reflecting his Manchester College and Church of the Brethren experience from Fall 1925 through Spring 1928, including a trip to Annual Conference (Summer 1928).

    Miller, Martha: Poster CollectionMC2010/20 


    • "Spartan Pride," Homecoming, October 14, 1995.
    •  Manchester Symphony Orchestra, 16 May 1993, featuring Young Artist Competition Winners.
    • Manchester Symphony Orchestra, 6 November 1994, Jodie DeSalvo, Piano Soloist.
    • Manchester Symphony Orchestra, 13 March 1994, featuring Julie Eckert, Soprano Soloist. 3. 
    • Manchester Symphony Orchestra, 12 May 1996, "High School Young Artist Competition Winners."
    • Manchester College Theatre presents, "The Miser, 1668," by Moliere, October 1994.
    •  Manchester College Theatre presents, "Mehitabel," May 1993.
    • Heifer Project International Living Gift Market, Sponsored by North Manchester Area Churches.
    • "The Voice KCMO of the Prairie," by John Olive, May 1994, Cordier Auditorium.
    • Public Program: "The Mikado," 10 April 1994.
    • Manchester College Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon for members of Class of 1995.
    Miller, Robert Henry: Minister, Church of the BrethrenMC2009/87 

    Elder Robert Henry Miller, minister in the Church of the Brethren had a son, Manchester College Professor Robert Henry Miller, a minister as well.  The accession page gives information about both father and son. MC2009/87 is the manuscript of an unpublished book by Professor R. H. Miller, "Comments on the Gospel of John."

    Miller, Robert Henry (1825-1892) obituary in the Gospel Messenger.

    Mindpower: 1983 Domino VideoMU2014/7 MP4 video 15 year old, Dr. Domino [Kurt Shady] , a sophomore from Muncie's Delta High School, uses 8,000 dominos during a Mindpower program at Manchester College, 5 October 1983. 
    Ministers 1900 - 1901, Photograph: Church of the BrethrenMC2008/72 Photograph of ministers from 1900 - 1901. 
    Mission Band: Postcard, 1913, 1914MC2010/11 

    Postcard of the Volunteer Mission Band of Manchester College, 1913 and 1914


    The postcard is addressed to Mrs. [T.?] S. Eikenberry, Arcanum, Ohio RR

    "Sun. eve, five min till C.W. meeting.  This is a picture of the famous Volunteer Mission Band of M.C.  Basket Ball is becoming popular.  We Freshmen vs Srs 20 - 12 [ ...?...] School work about as usual.  Would be glad to hear from you more. 


    Missions: Church of the Brethren General Mission BoardMU2018/63 

    Qualifications for a Foreign Missionary and missionary wife - Reorganization Plan of COB Home Mission Work to carry on the work of Church Extension in America and the World. - 1925 Report of the Regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the C. B. I. S. Held at the School 9 1925 along with Recommendations for the Idaho request  - Private School Inspection form - Balance Sheet and Statement For Year Ending 1913, 1916,1919, 1925 for the Brethren Publishing House, and Schedule of Business for Directors meeting of the Brethren Publishing House, 1925 - Newspaper clippings - 1942 clipping recapping President Schwalm's Lion's Club speech -"Odd-Fellowship" and its history and Why Christians cannot belong - Secret Societies - 1922 Brethren Publishing House Financial Report - Buying Brethren Publishing Co. stock to support missionary work - Young People's Commission appeal promoting their own publication -  Manchester College Audit Report for F/Y 1935 - Manchester College and Manchester College Foundation and Holding Co., Inc. audits,1937 -  Preliminary meeting and estimates for Fine Arts Building construction and pledge reports - Official Reports of the General Mission Board 1920-1927 - Helser correspondence - Early Nigerian missionary conflicts - Correspondence 1920 forward, between Charles Bonsack and Otho Winger, including the1937 Japanese capture of the China mission area - Correspondence between the General Brotherhood Board and missionaries in India and China (1913 - 1918) - Copies of  Business/Financial Reports/and Minutes of the Church of the Brethren General Mission Board (1912 -1947).

    Model of Tabernacle, 1899, May Day Dancers: PostcardsMC2010/96 

    One postcard showing a construction of the tabernacle, from Bible Class at Manchester College, 1899.

    Two postcards of differing qualities showing a group of women, probably dressed for ta May Day celebration, circa early 1900s.

    Model United NationsMU2017/63 
    Newspaper articles announcing the "Model United Nations Assembly" at Manchester College for area high school students (1962). .
    Moments with ManchesterMC2011/34 James Garber speaks for Manchester College as Mr. Garber hosts a radio program of music and inspiration.  This show was delivered on 1 January 1967. 
    Moments with ManchesterMC2011/35 

    James Garber speaks for Manchester College as Mr. Garber hosts a radio program of music and inspiration.  This show was delivered on 5 April 1967. Dean Frantz, Director of Church Relations at MC, gives a homily.

    Moments with ManchesterMC2011/36 

    James Garber speaks for Manchester College as Mr. Garber hosts a radio program of music and inspiration featuring the Manchester College Symphonic Band (not dated).

    Moments with Manchester: Fanning, Nancy and Frantz, DeanMC2011/98 Nancy Fanning (MC Class of 1966) and Dean Frantz, Director of Church Relations, are highlighted on this recording of the radio broadcast, "Moments with Manchester."  Nancy Fanning (Bachus) plays piano solos and Frantz reads a story of bees, relating the work of bees to the potential spirit of Christian living. Circa 1966. 
    Moore, Blanche HollingerAlumni Box 187: Moore, Blanche Hollinger Information about Blanche Ester Hollinger Moore, MC Class of 1930. 
    Morel Mushrooms: PhotographMC2010/95 Photograph of three Morel mushrooms on top of a "Reader's Digest" magazine. 
    Morris, Charles: MemorialMC2011/9 wave sound and CD 

    Recording of the Charles Morris memorial service.

    See Also: "The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College," by Williaim R. Eberly.


    Morris, Charles: Photograph CollectionMC2008/36 
  • Photo of Dr. C. S. Morris, Physics Dpt., and student.
  • Photo of newly constructed Holl-Kintner Science building.
    Mother's Day: Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Mother's Day 

    Newspaper articles about the Mother's Day programs presented at Manchester College.

    Mount Morris CollegeSmall Box 31 - Mt. Morris Metal Cabinet The early history and other items related to Mt. Morris College, Mount Morris, Illinois. 
    Mount Morris College (circa1916): Group Photograph with Railney and DolbyMU2014/134 Among the faculty, staff and students at Mount Morris College (circa 1916), Newton Dolby, husband of Mattie Cunningham Dolby, is pictured as engineer, and Mattie's friend, Nellie Rainey, is photographed while a student. 
    Mount Morris College and Academy: Graduation 1914MC2011/142 A segment of the Mount Morris Index, 4 June 1914 featuring baccalaureate and commencement exercises at Mount Morris College along with a photograph of faculty and a description of their individual summer plans. 
    Mount Morris College BookletMC2008/47 Mount Morris College Booklet circa 1920 with photos of school and students featuring students in 1918 - 1919. 
    Mount Morris College Student Picture: Photograph, 1923MC2011/181 Mount Morris College student picture taken 17 January 1923. 
    Mount Morris College Students and Faculty: PhotographMC2011/187 A picture of Mount Morris students and faculty that might have been taken during the 1920's. 
    Mount Morris College Students Photographs: Negatives circa 1888, 1889MC2010/76a,b 

    Mt. Morris, negatives of photographs from 1988, 1989.

    Mt. Morris College Ladies 1888, negative of photograph of the picture.

    Mt. Morris College Graduating Class 1889, negative of photograph of the picture.

    Mount Morris College Students: Panoramic Photograph, 1929MC2011/184 This is a photograph taken at Mount Morris College in 1929.  The man, Moses Diehl, is identified.  
    Mount Morris College: 1924 Group PhotographMU2014/135 Group photograph from Mount Morris College (1924) probably picturing faculty, staff and students. 
    Mount Morris College: 1929 Group PhotographMU2014/136 1929 group photograph from Mount Morris College that probably pictures faculty, staff and students. 
    Mount Morris College: Anniversary BookletMU2013/26 A booklet commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Mt. Morris College, Illinois.  Brief history of Rock River Seminary and Mount Morris College. 
    Mount Morris College: Athletic RecordsLarge Box 141 Athletic records for Mount Morris College. 
    Mount Morris College: Biography of Florence King, 1891 Graduate of Mount Morris CollegeMC2004/728 

    Mount Morris College Alumni: Florence King, First Woman Patent Attorney.

    • Biography of Florence King, 1891 Graduate of Mount Morris College.

    Mount Morris College: Campus Photograph, 1910MC2009/160 Photograph of Mt. Morris College Campus, 1910.  
    Mount Morris College: Faculty Photograph, 1886 - 1887MC2004/575 

    Photograph of Mount Morris Faculty, 1886 - 1887.

    Mount Morris College: Fire, 1931, Newspaper ArticlesMC2008/51 Newspaper articles about the April 12, 1931 fire. 
    Mount Morris College: Fire, 1931, Newspaper ArticlesMC2008/57 Newspaper articles about building plans following the 1931 fire. 
    Mount Morris College: Fire, 1931, PhotographsMC2009/146a-e 

    Photographs of the 1931 fire at Mt. Morris College.

    Mount Morris College: Heisler Collection, Photographs of Alumni, 100th Anniversary, College Song, 1912 Fire, History, Old Folks HomeMC2004/540  

    Milly Heisler Collection including a history of Mount Morris College.  Picture of Mount Morris Old Folks Home. Photos of "pigtail day" and "tie day," as well as other interesting images.


    Mount Morris College: History Prior to President RoyerMC2008/55 History of Mt. Morris College prior to Royer as President. 
    Mount Morris College: List of Four Year GraduatesMC2009/05 A list of the four year graduates of Mount Morris College from 1904 through 1925 giving the address and occupation.
    Mount Morris College: Miller,President D. L., PhotographMC2008/120 Photograph of President D. L. Miller. 
    Mount Morris College: Newspaper ClippingsMC2004/236 
    Newspaper clippings from 1952 and1976 about Mount Morris College, her athletes, alumni, and history.
    Mount Morris College: Permanent RecordsLarge Boxes 140 and 141 Permanent Records of Mount Morris College and Academy, Mt. Morris, Illinois. 
    Mount Morris College: PhotographsMU2015/45 A collection of photographs from Mount Morris College, Mt. Morris, Illinois. 
    Mount Morris College: PhotographsMU2015/46 Photographs from Mount Morris College, Illinois. 
    Mount Morris College: Register of Students 1902 - 1921MC2011/211 

    Register of the Students of Mount Morris College from September 1904 through school year 1920 - 1921.

    Mount Morris College: Royer, President J. G., PhotographMC2004/558 

    Photograph of Mount Morris President, J. G. Royer

    Mount Morris College:1880 Publicity Flyer and Association with Jane AddamsMC 2008/79: Mt. Morris, Jane Addams 

    Richard Edwards and John Harvey Parr, who were teachers of Jane Addams in Cedarville, Illinois - later taught at the Rock River Seminary.  Rock River Seminary closed in 1878 and reopened as Mount Morris College.

    One flyer from 1880 advertising Mt. Morris College to interested Brethren.

    Mount Morris Memorial Endowment Fund MU2015/44 

    Materials related to the Mount Morris Memorial Endowment Fund - held by General Education Board - Church of the Brethren.

    Mount Morris: Academy, Photograph, circa 1925MC2011/176 One photograph identified as "Academy, Mt. Morris, Illinois,"  circa 1925.  The picture is not dated but one individual is identified as being Mose Diehl.   
    Mount Morris: Catalogues and GradesMU2018/42 

    Mount Morris catalogues and bulletins from 1879 (the first), forward through 1932 (incomplete). Teacher grade books (confidential)1910-1911-1912 forward - incomplete). Time Schedules and Pay Records for Desk Librarians - Daily Desk Service Record.

    Movie and Theater: Program Books and StagebillMC2007/68 

    Souvenir Program Books and Stagebill: You Can't Take It With You (Harris Theatre, Chicago, Illinois), " Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Presents Ben - Hur," by General Lew Wallace, Directed by Fred Niblo (Souvenir Book, 1926), Walt Disney presents Fantasia, in Technicolor and Fantasound (Souvenir Book, 1940), Gone With The Wind (Souvenir Book).

    Moyer, Faye: African and Mideast Artifacts CollectionLarge Box: Museum  Correspondence regarding the Faye Moyer African and Mideastern artifacts collection.  
    Muir, GladdysLarge Box 89 (Peace Studies 4): Muir, Gladdys 

    Correspondence, memorabilia and photographs pertaining to Gladdys Muir.

    Added from MU2019/15 Establishment of the Gladdys Muir Memorial Peace Studies

    Muir, Gladdys: Peace Collection, Peace Studies InstituteLarge Box #121 

    Promoting Enduring Peace Collection MC2004/383.

    Peace Studies Institute Committee Minutes MC2004/361.

    Gladdys Muir Papers: "The Place of Brethren Colleges...Peace Leadership" MC2004/282.

    Gladdys Muir Letter Collection MC2003/369.

    Peace Studies Institute Records MC2004/161.

    "War is Contrary to the Will of God," July 1941.

    Muir, Gladdys: MusicMC2007/221 

    Gladdys Muir's music.

    Muir, Gladdys: The Ken Brown CollectionMU2013/122 Professor Ken Brown's collection of Gladdys Muir related materials. 
    Multicultural and International PhotographsMU2014/17 A variety of photographs documenting multicultural activities including the International Dinner, International Bazaar, College Vision Day, AAFRO House events, the Black Student Union, the Manchester College International Association, Hispanos Unidos, Brethren Colleges Abroad, special speakers, along with a wealth of  identified pictures of student participants. 
    Multicultural: Student ArrangementsLarge Box 114 

    Special arrangements for Nigerian student in need of assistance, 1977.

    Muncie Church of the Brethren: South Central Indiana DistrictOne Large Box Historical materials related to the Muncie Church of the Brethren. 
    Music and Choral: PhotographsMU2013/140 Pictures of music related classrooms as well as choral and instrumental groups spanning 1900 through the 1970's. 
    Music DepartmentMU2018/110 An assortment of materials from the Department of Music, including A Cappella Choir and "What is Man?" (1966) photographs. Slides of instructors and students within the Music Department. 
    Music Department: Auditions and Scholarships, PostersMC2009/128 

    Music Auditions and Scholarships:

    Posters advertising:

    Scholarships for Strings.

    Manchester College music auditions for the

    • Manchester Singers, The Entertainers .
    • Manchester Symphony Orchestra.
    • A Cappella Choir.
    • Chamber music.
    • The Jazz Ensemble.
    Music, Choir, Recitals, Concerts: Newspaper Clippings, 1960's, 1970'sMC2007/230 

    A collection of newspaper clippings from the 1960's and 1970's related to music, choir, recitals and concerts at Manchester College.

    Music, Chorus, Bands, and Clubs: PhotographsMU2013/141a-l Photographs of choral groups, bands, and organizations on the Manchester College campus. 
    Music, Drama and Visiting Artistis: PostersMC2009/71 

    This large collection of materials ranging from MC2009/7-A  -  MC2009/71-V,j1a,b includes printed and hand-made posters and other memorabilia accumulated throughout the years in the Manchester College Archives. 

    Music, Recitals, Programs, Performances: Extensive Record, 1967 - 2011MC2007/56 

    Program booklets containing printed programs for all campus performances associated with the Manchester College Music Department 1967 - 2012.

    Music: Newspaper ClippingsMC2009/176 

    1. "West Side Story 'Terrific' Hit," 1963. 

    2.  1963, "College to Give "Elijah."

    3.  1995, "Music Festival Planned At MC Winger Hall."

    4.  "Manchester College to host A Night...," 2007.

    5.  "Elijah" newspaper articles.

    Music: Photographs from the Oak Leaves or Aurora OfficesMU2012/52 

    Music images:

    • Male student playing french horn.
    • Band playing in the PERC gymnasium
    Music: PostersMC2009/122a-x Posters: An assortment of posters reflecting musical productions and performances.  
    Music: Recital Photographs, 1950'sMC2009/08  

    Photographs of reception at a recital or musical event, probably in Winger Auditorium sometime in the 1950's.

    Musical Events: 1987-1988 and 1990'sMC2010/46 Calendars of "Music Events at Manchester College," 1987 - 1988, 1992 -1993, 1993 -1994, 1994 -1995.  
    Musical Performances at Manchester College: Stinebaugh, VernonMC2011/41 

    Recording of musical segments that include the String Symphony Concert, 1964, and Janice, a 1966 soloist singing The False Prophet.

    Musicals: Oklahoma, 1961MC2012/44 Photographs from the production of "Oklahoma," May 1961. 
    Myer, James: Brethren PeopleBrethren People File: Myer, James 

    Photographs of Jim Myer and others taken in Petersime Chapel 1987-1988 at what appears to be a seminar or conference. 

    Copy of the publication, "Faith, Learning and Service: A Commitment Recalled," with a photograph of President Helman greeting James Myer and Robert Neff during the 1984 Church Leaders' Conference.



    Myers: Actress, Michaele Myers Collection. MC2009/156 

    Actress Michaele Myers Collection that includes personal books and pamphlets, as well as clippings, scripts, pictures and correspondence surrounding her acting career. 

    National Science Foundation: June 1962MU2012/66 

    Photograph of participants in the National Science Foundation summer institute at Manchester College, summer of 1962.  One publication that served as a type of "yearbook" for the experience. Biographical information related to Charles Bolden, an NSF summer institute participant.


    Native American Pottery Sherds: ArizonaMC2007/139 Native American relics - potsherds from Arizona pueblo and some (Miami) tool fragments found on the Manchester campus 
    Native AmericansMC2007/67 "The American Indian," May, 1928, Vol. 2, No. 8. 
    Natural Science Division: Minutes of 5 November 1997MC2012/28 

    Minutes of the Natural Science Division, 5 November 1997.

    Natural Science: Alcohol PermitMU2016/40 1925 letter from the U. S. Industrial Alcohol Company, Manufacturers of Cologne Spirits and Alcohol, Pure and Denatured, 3652 Archer Avenue, Chicago, Illinois regarding expiration of Tax Free Alcohol permit. Notes from Faculty Meeting 1925 on verso. 
    Natural Sciences Division: Symposium, "Contemporary Problems in Biology," 1980Media Cabinet: Contemporary Problems in Biology, 1980 Original cassette tapes and  CDs of presentations made at the symposium, "Contemporary Problems in Biology," 1980.  
    Natural Sciences Division: Bird and Flower Sighting Chart by YearMC2007/180 Bird (including 1936, 1947, 1950, 1964-65, 1967, 1970, 1973) and Flower (1950) Calendars: date / bird (flower) / sighted where / by whom . 
    Natural Sciences Division: Centennial Science Symposium, 1990MC2008/198 

    Centennial Science Symposium, 1990, " Global Change, Human Impact."

    1. One folder with flyer, programs and brochures.

    Natural Sciences Division: Chemistry Symposium 1975MC2008/171a-h 

    Chemistry Symposium 1975 speaker correspondence, resume and presentation files.  One 1899 Oregon H.S. commencement program.


    Natural Sciences Division: Chemistry Symposium 1975MU2017/54  
    Natural Sciences Division: Chemistry Symposium 1975MU2017/56 Correspondence in preparation for the 1975 Chemistry Symposium, along with the attendee registration list including names, addresses and affiliations. 
    Natural Sciences Division: Chemistry Symposium 1975, PhotographsMC2009/194 

    Photographs from Chemistry Symposium 1975.

    Natural Sciences Division: Northern Indiana Regional Science Fair, News ClippingsMC2008/172 An assortment of Science Fair newsclippings from various years.
    Natural Sciences Division: Radio Station Collection from Barr, Francis H.MC2004/538  

    The first known radio communication from the Manchester College campus was through an unlicensed amateur [HAM]radio station privately operated by the Singer brothers in 1927.  Their endeavor was entirely different from and unrelated to the first Manchester College radio station [WMIB] built by Dwight Farringer in 1945.  Francis Barr provides objects from the Singer brothers' interest and gives physical information about the construction of WMIB.

    Natural Sciences Division: Science Club 1944 - 1948MC2007/137: Science Club Minutes and Records 1944 - 1948 Science Club Minutes and records 1944 - 1948.  These materials are part of the large collection, Financial Records of Manchester College MC2007/137. 
    Natural Sciences Division: Science Core, RecordsMC2002/243 

    Science Core Course materials.

    Science 1 Manual, 1971 Fall Term, Manchester College. 

    Biology 109, Principles of BIology II Laboratory Manual, Manchester College, Spring, 1995. 

    Natural Sciences Division: Science Manuals MC2009/143a,b,c 

    MC2001/143e:  Teaching Outline, Coure 1 (First Term)

    MC2009/143a:  Science II, Manual, 1971 Spring Term, Manchester College.  Authors are J. Beard, D. Farringer, R. Foreman, D. Kreps, P. Ray and H. Weimer.

    MC2009/143d: Science II Manual, 1972 Spring Term, Manchester College

    MC2009/143b:  Science I, Manual, 1973 Fall Term, Manchester College. Faculty are D. Farringer, R. Kilgore, D. Kreps, D. McCauley, J. White, J. Streator.

    MC2009/143c:  "Plant Science, A Study Guide With An Audio Tutorial Approach," Second Edition, 1967, by S. Postlethwait, H. Telinde and D. Husband, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.

    Natural Sciences Division: Science Symposium 20 April 1990 Media Cabinet: Science Symposium April 1990 

    Science Symposium 20 April 1990.   SVHS tapes copied to DVD-R in 2010, see Media Cabinet, IIS.

    Dr. Dale Oxender, "Impact of Biotechnology on Man's Environment." [dubbing master]

    Dr. Gene Likens, "State of the World's Ecosystem-Environmental Prospects for the 1990's." [SVHS original]

    Dr. Gene Likens, "State of the World's Ecosystem-Environmental Prospects for the 1990's." [dubbing master]

    Dr. David Miller, "Management of Low-Level Radiocactive Wastes." [SVHS original] (SLIDES)

    Dr. David Miller, "Management of Low-Level Radiocactive Wastes." [dubbing master] (SLIDES)

    Dr. Roger Dilling, "Global Warming-Physics of Phantasm? An Environmental Mandate for 'Mission to Planet Earth.'"  [SVHS dubbing Master]

    Dr. Richard Ringeisen, "Mathematical Sciences..." and Dr. Roger Dilling, "Global Warming..." [SVHS original SLIDES]

    See Media Cabinet, IIS.


    Neff Scrapbook: Professor Schutz and FamilyMC2008/186  Photographs of J. Raymond Schutz with family from the Scrapbook of Ida Fields Neff. 
    Neff, Ida Fields: Drama, Poor Richard, Photographs, circa 1920MC2010/30 

    One photograph of a scene from the play, "The Poor Richard,"  from the Ida Fields Neff Photograph Collection.


    Negatives from the 1977-1978 academic year: Artist Lecture series, library "Peace" woodcarving by Virgil Ledford (unveiling), Cross Country team, student groups, prank.

    1973-1974 (circa) Photos of Helman and Howard Book taken during financial campaign, Focus on the Seventies.

    Undated (circa 1977-1978) of old gym and students working with children. Old gym and students practicing for a performance.


    Images include: Individual portraits of Football players (circa 1976) -  Dr. Ed Miller presenting the the Carl Waldo Holl Scholarship - Football Coaches Jack Jarrett and Jim Gratz with assistant,  Bill Phillips - football game with fans - Images from a "Jesus" concert - Baseball pictures (Mark Frey and Jim Jenkins) - the Morris Observatory telescope (circa December 1973) - early to mid 1970's track and football players (including Dan Taylor) - Spring 1972 track photos with Pat Hollar and discus discus, Lindsey Grantham, and the Spring 1972 Track Team - pictures from 1975 Business class.


    Negatives from circa the late 1960's and 1970's. More research is needed in order to more closely date the pictures which include: Football field, individual (Dan Taylor) and team football photos, theater, Women's Tennis, Homecoming (circa 1976), Coaches Claude Wolfe, James Gratz, Jack Jarrett, Bill Phillips (assistant coach), Basketball, Wrestling, and 1968 Track Team with pictures of Rob Gratz, Kent Stump, Kurt Stump, Dave Smith,  Craig Schneider, and Mike Wolfe.

    Negatives: 1977-1978MU2019/1 Negatives from 1977 with images of football players, a student dance (probably from the Fall of 1977), and President Helman.   
    Negatives: 1994MU2018/86 Images circa Spring 1994. Pictured is an archer in a wheelchair, an individual processing envelopes, and professors Daggett, Harshbarger, and Kreps assisting students..  
    Negatives: Aurora 1969MU2018/58 Scanned images from negatives processed during January 1969 for the 1969 Aurora
    Negatives: ImagesMU2018/45 A variety of negatives and scanned images from the MC Publications Department. Pictures appear to illustrate the 1970's. Topics include: 1978 dedication of Cordier Auditorium with Andrew Young, accompanying reception in Tall Oaks, the 1978 alumni reunion, "Bus Stop" (May Day Play 1978), May Day trike and bike races, instrumental and music related photos, faculty/staff pictures, McFadden family pictures, athletic images including; Soccer, Frisbee, football, track and field, tennis. 
    Neher, O. W. Collection: Mount Morris CollegeMC2011/210 

     O. W. Neher served as Acting President at Mount Morris College following the presidency of Professor W. W. Peters and prior to that of C. Ernest Davies. His dates at Mount Morris spanned from 1924-1932.   When a fire forced Mount Morris to close its doors and merge with Manchester College, Neher came to Manchester and taught Biology from 1932-1954.

    For additional material regarding O. W. Neher, see: Manchester College Bulletin ,January 1977 p.10.  Faculty File in Vault containing confidential information.  The public segment of this file contains Neher's obituary, memorial service and remarks by President Helman, as well as Neher's sermon "Nature and God."

    Neher, O. W.: Photographs Biology Dpt. and Hall of ScienceMC2009/53 

    O. W. Neher photographs: Biology Department Photos and Hall of Science Dedicatory Materials.

    Neher, OscarMU2019/40 The Oscar Neher Mount Morris College and Manchester College Collection 
    New Beginnings: PeriodicalPeriodical Section: New Beginnings A collection of the periodical, "New Beginnings," a newsletter encouraging congregational renewal, growth, and development within the Church of the Brethren.  
    Newman, Paul: Contact PrintsMU2013/8 Contact prints of Paul Newman's stop on campus in April of 1968 while campaigning for Senator Euguene McCarthy who was seeking the Democatic presidential nomination. 
    News From Manchester CollegeMC2012/27 

    One newsletter, October - November 1998 that highlights the unveiling of a portrait of Andrew Cordier by artist, Noelle Knight, through the W. Earl Beyer Fund, as well as other articles of interest.

    News ReleasesLarge Boxes 133, 134, 135 

    Large Box 133: News Releases January 1961 through December 1964.

    Large Box 134: News Releases January 1968 through December 1970.

    Large Box 135: News Releases 1981 through December 1984.


    News Releases: August 2000 - August 2001ROSeptember2012/25 News Releases from Manchester College August 2000 - August 2001, along with partial listing from 16 August 2000 - 27 November 2000. This finding aid is in process.  Not all of the releases have been recorded. 
    Newscast: 21 September 1994MU2013/62 Channel 15 newscast from 21 September 1994, featuring Manchester College as " A best value among Midwestern Colleges." 
    Newspaper Spread: Education and Professional Programs DivisionMC2009/118 Newspaper spread, "Manchester Makes Educators," by Joe Gaskill.  
    Newspapers: HistoricalMU2018/65 
    Newspapers from 1940's through 1970's.  Topics include: 1945, Japan wants to quit - 1974, Nixon resigns - 1974, President Ford settles in - 1974, Ford Seeks Vice-Presidency - 1974, Evel Knievel parachutes to safety - 1977, Indiana in deadly cold - 1978, "The Blizzard of 78" - 1978, Digging-out from Blizzard - 1978, "Begin Asking Sadat for Talks" - 1974, "President Steps Down" - 1942, "Remember Pearl Harbor" - 1941, Roosevelt orders fire on axis raiders - 1943, "Italy drops from war" - 1944, Invasion slashes into France  1944, Allies into France - 1945, "French Liberate Paris" - 1941 "War Declared on Japan" - 1945, "U.S. Aerial strike destroys Japanese planes and vessels - 1945, Launch into Reich - 1945, Soviets troops 55 Miles east of Greater Berlin -  1945, Truman President after Roosevelt's death - 1945, "Capital Bids Farewell to Roosevelt" - 1945, Truman pledged to war plans - 1945, Germans Surrender to Allies - 1945, "V-E is Declared" - 1945, "Atomic Bomb answers Japanese rejection of Potsdam Ultimatum" - 1945, "Reds Enter Pacific War" - 1945, "White House waits on Japanese surrender - 1974, Ford becomes President.

    Ningkun, Wu: PostersMC2010/48a,b 

    Posters: "Meet the Author:  Wu Ningkun, Author of A Single Tear:  A Family's Persecution, Love, and Endurance in Communist China..."

    • Posters including one with autographs and message, "Love and best wishes to Lola," signed by Ningkun and also by his wife, Yikai.
    Noffsinger: Family BibleMU2014/110 German bible belonging first to Samuel Noffsinger (1803), then to Eli Noffsinger (1832), then to Soll Noffsinger (circa 1870), and finally to Ezra Noffsinger of Union City, Indiana. 
    North Manchester Historical Society: Historical Presentations on Local HistoryMU2017/18 Papers on aspects of North Manchester's history presented to the North Manchester Historical Society. 
    North Manchester History: HousesMC2011/230 

    "Old Houses of North Manchester, Indiana," written by L. Z. Bunker, M. D. and retyped and illustrated by Allan White.

    North Manchester: Historical FiguresNewsletter of the North Manchester Historical Society, Inc.  

    Eleven issues of the Newsletter of the North Manchester Historical Society, Inc., containing historical information about events and figures of North Manchester.  Some of these people are connected to Manchester College.

    North Manchester: Local HistoryMC2010/153 A publicity postcard with the family portrait of the Rev. J. I. Byler and Family, "Gospel Singers" from North Manchester, Indiana. 
    Notes from the President of Manchester College December 2004 - December 2006 MC2009/88 

    Notes from the President, one set from December 2004 - December 2006.

    Printed Notes from the President can be found in the Archives Office, bottom right shelf.

    Notes from the President, January 2007 - December 2008 MC2010/6 

    Notes from the President, one set from January 2007 - December 2008.

    Printed Notes from the President can be found in the Archives Office, bottom right shelf.

    Nursing Program: Photographs, circa 1982-1983MC2009/184 Four photographs of a female student who appears to be in nursing training.  
    Nutt, Grady: ConvocationMC2011/48 Mr. Grady Nutt is a comedian and a minister.  He performed at Manchester College on 7 April 1975. 
    O. G. A., International Competition: Winning TelegramMC2004/628 Telegram announcing Manchester College's team winning second place, college division, in the OGA contest.  The date is possibly 17 April 1925. 
    Oak Leaves or Aurora: ImagesMU2012/22 

    Contact sheets and negatives from either Oak Leaves or Aurora offices.  These were taken during the Parker Marden Years. Carnival images.

    Oak Leaves or Aurora: PhotographsMU2012/23 
    Contact SheetOak Leaves or Aurora Pictures
    International Fair
    Oak Leaves or Aurora: Photographs, 1997MU2012/21 
    Photographs circa  1997Oak Leaves or Aurora Pictures
    • Athletics and cheerleading photos with negatives.
    Oak Leaves Staff, 1993: PhotographMC2009/12,b 

    Oak Leaves Staff, Aurora photos 1993:

    Oak Leaves, 7 March 1925MC2011/110 One Oak Leaves from Manchester College 7 March 1925 with many interesting articles. 
    Oak Leaves: Book of QuotesMC2011/144 

    According to a note adhered to the cover of this notebook, this collection of quotes was gathered while the writer was working on the "Manchester College" pager; 62 years ago.

    Oak Leaves: Contact Sheets and PhotographsMU2012/13 Pictures most likely from September 1998.  They include, Soccer, a buffet, Benson Onyegi, Football, and a demonstration about the Palestinian condition. 
    Oak Leaves: Idea Box, Photograph and Printing RemnantsMU2014/2 A wooden suggestion box from the "Oak Leaves" office, wood-backed plates for printing, some photographs. 
    Oak Leaves: Metal Printing PlatesMU2012/17 Metal plates used for printing from the Oak Leaves Office that was dissassembled and moved on 14 May 2012. 
    Oak Leaves: PhotographsMU2012/8 - Folder #1 Identified and unidentified pictures of faculty, staff and students. 
    Oak Leaves: PhotographsMU2012/11 - Folder #1 Primarily pictures of students and possibly the Oak Leaves staff somtime during the 1990's?  Unidentified photographs including Groundskeeping. 
    Oak Leaves: PhotographsMU2012/16 - Folder #1 

    These pictures appear to be from 2004 and 2005.  They are snapshots of students on campus,  theatrical production, Schwalm Hall alarm, Day of Silence - Night of Noise.

    Oak Leaves: PhotographsMU2012/16 - Folder #2 An assortment of unidentified and undated pictures.  These images might related to January term trips, Habitat for Humanity, and concerns in the Middle East.  Student photographs are included. 
    Oak Leaves: PhotographsMU2012/7a - Folder #4 

    A variety of photographs:

    • Halloween - costumes - circa the 1990's.
    • International Fair - circa the 1990's?
    • Campus staff including Patty Cox in Foodservice.
    • Barbeque and music on the "lawn" with a stack of CDs.
    • Mock United Nations (circa the 1990's?).
    • "Opening?" Perhaps opening events at the beginning of school.
    • Tunnel.
    • Siren.
    Oak Leaves: PhotographsMU2012/129 Photographs from the Office of the Oak Leaves. Pictures include men's basketball (circa mic 1990's) and men's wrestling. 
    Oak Leaves: Photographs and Corresponding Contact SheetsMU2012/15 Pictures are most likely from November 1998.  They include football, students and professors, Habitat for Humanity, theShack-a-Thon, theater, and soccer. 
    Oak Leaves: Photographs circa1993 MU2012/112 Most of these photographs were used in issues of the Oak Leaves from 11 February 1993 through 7 May 1993.  There is one folder of negatives and images that did not appear to be correlated with this time-frame and will be arbitrariliy dated - circa 1992-1993.  
    Oak Leaves: Photographs, Contact Sheets, 1992 - 1995.MU2012/7c These contact sheets include but are not limited to the identified images of people and events from 1992 - 1995. 
    Oak Leaves: Photographs, ID 09 17 95MU2012/7a - Folder #1 

    Contact sheets and students photographs, 1995.  People in sombreros. Golf pictures

    Oak Leaves: PhotographyMU2012/3 - Folder #1 

    Amusing photography "bloopers" with captions.

    Oak Leaves: PlateMU2012/18, Folder #2 Oak Leaves plate of campus homes and residences. 
    Oak Leaves: PlatesMU2012/18 - Folder #3 

    Plates of President Otho Winger.

    Oak Leaves: PlatesMU2012/18 - Folder #4 Oak Leaves: Plate of floutist, and plates of employees. 
    Oak Leaves: PlatesMU2012/18 - Folder #5 

    Oak Leaves plates circa the 1950's.

    • Firemen hosing with water.
    • Group of students.
    • Men's tennis.
    Oak Leaves: TemplatesMU2012/18 - Folder #1 Cardboard-like plates probably used in the printing process.  Some subjects and images are identified. 
    Oakwood Hall Demolition and Rebuilding: VideoMU2013/69 A video showing the exterior and interior of Oakwood Hall prior to demolition, the demolition of the building, and video footage of the construction of the new Oakwood Hall. 
    Oakwood Hall: Photograph Circa 1958MC2012/49 Residence life in Oakwood Hall circa 1958 with students, Jean Noffsinger and Jayne Moore. 
    Oakwood Hall: Rehabilitation Contractor ProposalsMU2013/17 Contractor proposals and bids for the general contruction/rehabilitation of Oakwood Hall, 1964. 
    Oakwood Hall: Slides and ImagesMU2014/46 Slides and digitized copies of the old Oakwood Hall and the newly constructed Oakwood. One image of The Oaks exterior. 
    Oakwood Open House November 1989: PhotographMC2010/112 

    The photograph is labeled "Oakwood Open House, November, '89."  The students in the picture are identified as:

    • Haruko Yamamoto (Koko)
    • Vanessa Truss (MC Class of 1991)
    • Stempanie Peters (MC Class of 1993)
    Obama, President Barack, Election: Photographs MC2009/30 President Barack Obama takes his first oath of office as students, faculty and staff watch the television broadcast on 20 January 2009. 
    Observatory: Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Observatory A collection of newspaper articles about the observatory at Manchester College.  Topics of interest include an eclipse event 12 May 1994 and the appearance of Halley's comet in 1986. 
    Office Equipment: PhotographsMC2009/38 

    Photo of office and other equipment circa the 1960's or 70's ?

    1.  One photo with students using an oscilloscope or oscoloscope (circa the 1960's?).

    2.  One photo of office equipment (circa the 1960's or 70's?).

    3.  One photo by Lloyd Hoff dated 20 April 1967 of the inside of a piece of equipment.

    4.  Two photos by Lloyd Hoff showing the interior of the language labs with cubicles and headphones (probably shot during the 1960's).

    Office of Academic Affairs: Materials Transfer July 2009 MC2009/97c,d 

    Transfer of files from the Office of Academic Affairs.

    Office of Institutional Research: SAT Scores of Incoming Freshmen, Admissions Committee Rules, Reports and Comparisons for the 1970's and 1980's.MC2007/212 

    Office of Institutional Research:  SAT Scores of Incoming Freshmen, Admissions Committee Rules, Reports and Comparisons for the 1970's and 1980's.

    Office of Printing Services: PosterMC2010/53: O.O.P.S. Groundhogs, 1994 This is part of the larger collection accessioned as MC2010/53.  
    Opening Convocation, 2017: ProgramMU2018/93 Program for the Opening Convocation of the 2017-2018 academic year, 29 August 2017. 
    Opinion Survey: Faculty and Student, 1978 and 1982MC2007/30 Faculty and Student Opinion Surveys 1978 and 1982. 
    Oral History of Indiana 1983 - 1984: PhotographMC2010/160 

    1983 - 1984 photograph of Manchester College students working with local citizens to produce an "Oral History of Indiana."

    Also see:  President's 1984 Annual Report, page 12.

    Oral Interpretation and ASCD Eductional ConferenceMC2011/37 

    It appears that two unrelated recordings are on one reel-to-reel audio tape.  T

    Track #1 - a presentation of readings by students for the study of oral interpretation, circa 1959 - 1963. 

    Track #2 is of an ASCD education meeting featuring Harold Taylor and Gardner Murphy. 

    Organizations: Pledge BookMU2012/33 A handwritten book of pledges starting with the date of September 1920. 
    Oriental Manuscripts MC2009/47 Japanese or Chinese calligraphy in black ink on large pieces of paper.  
    Orpurt, Philip: Classroom PhotographsMU2018/73 Photographs of Professor Phil Orpurt in classroom setting. 
    Otho Winger Experience 2014MU2014/71 MP4 file documenting "The Otho Winger Experience," musical event, 2014. 
    Our Missing LinksMC2006/18_Removed 

    Newsletter/magazine published by Kosciusko County Historical Society, IN., Genealogy section .  Also included is a genealogy publications list (May 1990).

    1.  Genealogical Newsletters pertaining to Kosciusko County, IN,  from 1981 through 1991.  It has not been determined if all issues are included.

    2.  Publications List of the Kosciusko County Historical Society, Indiana, Genealogy Section (May, 1990).

    Oxender, DaleMC2006/5  

    Dale Oxender is an alumnus of MC and a prominent scientist. Five boxes containing personal items, certificates/awards, photographs, science equipment and writings, etc.etc.


    See also, "The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College," by William R. Eberly.

    Painting: Sekular, Landscape,1983 MC2007/223 

    Small Painting by Sekular, 1983.

    Papa is All, Chicago Stagebill, 1941MC2007/72 "Papa is All"  Chicago Stagebill, 1941.  Play depicting "the Plain People" of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 
    Parachute Landing on Campus: PhotographMC2008/177 Photograph of parachutist landing on campus.
    Parade: Photograph, Oak LeavesMU2012/5 - Folder #1 

    Probably pictures of a Homecoming parade.  There are vehicles carrying:

    • International students and country flags
    • Musicians and band instruments
    • Amanda Walters and Matt Fisher. 

    There is also a photograph identified as a "town" picture.

    Parades: PhotographsMC2008/178 

    Photographs of parades.

    Parents' WeekendMC2002/220 

    Parents' Weekend programs, news releases and clippings.

    Parker, PhilMC2008/146 a, b, c, d Professor Phil Parker was a professor in the Education Department from 1960 - 1985.  He also was an instructor in audio visual materials.  16mm film versions of "It Happens Every Noon." 
    Paul and Snoberger: Family BibleMU2013/24 

    A bible [1813] that contains letters related to the Paul and Snoberger (Snowberger) families.  List of "Paul" family children and their birthdates.

    Paul Family Record MC2009/46 Paul Family Record 1763 - 1963 (partial book) compiled and edited by Lawrence W. Shultz with the assistance of members of the Paul Family. 
    Paul Keller and Students in the Rural Life RoomMC2010/104 

    Photograph of the Rural Life Room with Professor Paul Keller, and students, Joyce Rupel, Keim Houser, John Holl and others that are unidentified.  Circa 1960.

    PeaceLarge Box #87 Archival collections related to "Peace," including but not limited to: Center for Research on Conflict Resolution, Curriculum, Educational and Career Inventory, Education of Brethren for Social Missions, Internships, Institute for International Study, Inventory of Peace Studies Students, Kenapocomoco Newsnotes, Nuclear Threat Seminar in Peace and Justice, Peace Corps, Peace Studies, Peace Studies Correspondence. See finding aid for more accurate inventory. 
    Peace and Pool: PhotographsMC2009/10 Photograph of handmade poster behind student playing pool.  
    Peace Choir: AlbumMU2017/91 Digitized copy of the Manchester College Peace Choir's album, "While I Live, I Will Sing." 
    Peace Heroes: Anna MowMU2016/43 Anna Mow, Charlotte Paugh, "Peace Heroes" of the "21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation."  Peace Cards and photograph from the 2nd Annual Peace Heroes Walk. 
    Peace House 

    Additional information on the Peace House can be found in, "The Sunken Garden Home of Ralph G. and Vinna C. Rarick."

    Peace Pole: PhotographMC2009/186 Peace Pole photograph with Jim Garber, David Rogers and others.  
    Peace Studies Program 25th Anniversary: Boulding, EliseMC2011/54 

    25th Anniversary of the Peace Studies Program. President Helman gives a history of the Peace Studies program at Manchester College. A keynote speaker is Dr. Elise Boulding, the wife of Dr. Kenneth Boulding, world renouned economist and peace activist.

    Peace Studies Program at Manchester CollegeLarge Boxes 87, 88, 89 History of the Peace Studies program at Manchester College, including newsletters and Gladdys Muir materials. 
    Peace Studies, Fifty Years: Arias, OscarMU2015/151 wave sound Sponsored by the Ropchan Endowment, fifty years of Peace Studies at Manchester College is celebrated with speaker, Dr. Oscar Arias,  former president of Costa Rica, and Nobel Laureate for his work to effect peace in Central America. 
    Peace Studies: CorrespondenceLarge Box #86 Peace Studies Correspondence 1967-1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975. 
    Peace Studies: Deeter, AllenMC2009/185 

    Peace Studies Materials Including Helman and Deeter Articles.

    • President A. Blair Helman's, "The Peace Studies Program: Retrospect and Prospect."
    • Professor Allen C. Deeter's, "Pioneering in Peace Education in the Church Colleges."
    • Allen Deeter's, "Educational and Career Inventory of Peace Studies Students, Manchester College, 1948-1970."
    • Fellowship of Reconcilliation events (folder #7).
    • "America's Post-War Foreign Policy."
    • "Towards a World Organism, Specific Proposals for - an integrated, functional approach to world organization - and for creative technics of building world unity and understanding.  This much we could achieve by 1960," by Kenneth Ives.
    • "From UMT To Peace," by E. Paul Weaver, Chairman Commission on National Legislation, Indiana Council of Churches, Mexico, Indiana.
    • Bookmark, "Please Remember, Bombs Are Made To Kill People."

    • Clipping, "Sobbing, Fainting Mark Realistic War Rehearsal..."

    Peace Studies: Faith Perspectives in PeaceMU2015/137 wave sound 

    Representatives from different faiths give their tradition's perspectives on peace in an event sponsored by the Manchester College Peace Studies Program and the Manchester Church of the Brethren.

    Peace Studies: Faith Perspectives in Peace - IslamMU2015/142 wave sound Bilal Abdula talks about Islam during "Faith Perspectives on Peace" on 24 February 1990.
    Lois Barrett, a Mennonite, presents during "Faith Perspectives on Peace."
    Peace Studies: Fiftieth Anniversary, Committee NotesMC2007/99 

    Materials related to the 50th Anniversary Celebration for Peace Studies.

    Peace Studies: Miscellaneous MaterialsMC General File: Peace Studies Materials collected by Ferne Baldwin and others about the Peace Studeis Program at Manchester University. Letter [1 December 1967] from Thurl Metzger proposing "Dr. Cordier School of International Relation (or Peace Studies)."   
    Peace Studies: Newspaper ClippingsMC2012/30 Newspaper articles related to Peace Studies at Manchester College.  See the finding aid for some of the topics included in this collection. 
    Peace Studies: Papers and MinutesMC2003/360 
    •  "A Study of the Peace Program at Manchester College with Suggestions for Strengthening It," Carolyn Zunkel, 24 May 1956.
    • "An Evaluation of the Peace Studies Program of Manchester College," George A. Lopez (circa 1992).
    • Peace Studies Advisory Council Minutes 18 April 1992.
    • 1965 Report of the Committee on Instruction, "The Peace Studies Program."
    • Cover page for Lilly Curriculum Study (undated) and "Progress Report of Peace Studies Committee for Lilly Curriculum Study
    Peace Studies: Poem by Bill HerodMC2010/17 

    Poem by Bill Herod, "I Hear A Different Drummer"

    Peace Studies: Student European Tour, circa 1950MC2008/117a,b 

    Wilbur Mullen, Muir letter and Vernier letter regarding student tour to Europe during the summer of 1950 or 1951.

    1.  MC2008/117a - One letter from Dr. Gladdys Muir, 1959.1
    2.  MC2008/117b -One letter from Philip Vernier of Belgium circa 1950 - 1951.
    3.  One letter from Wilbur Mullen to Ken Brown.

    Peace Week: Posters, Schedules, 1994, 2004MC2009/71-E: Events on Campus, Object number MC2009/71-Ei, Ei2  

    Poster with schedule of events for Peace Week 2004.  This poster  is part of the larger collection MC2009/71.

  • MC2009/71-E, i - Peace Week 2004, schedule of events poster.
  • MC2009/71-E,i2 - Peace Week 1994, schedule of events poster (formerly #24 2003/114).
    Peace" ClippingsMU2017/72 Peace related newspaper clippings: School of Peace held in Peru COB(1962), Harry Zeller speaks "Sane Living Under the Threat of Nuclear Extinction" (1963), 58th annual contest of the Indiana Peace Speech Association (1964), peace rally and candle-light procession (1971), peaceful rally to end the war [MOBE] (1971), Senator William Proxmire will speak at 25th anniversary of the Peace Studies program (1974), Church as Peacemaker Conference "Living With Diversity" (1991), Robert Bowman at MC Peacemaker Conference (1992), "Let Justice Roll" tour with Ken Mediema and Jim Wallis (1993), workshop on organization for social change (1993), artist Phan Nguyen Barker brings "Seedlings of Peace" art show (1994), Norman Solomon speaks at Peace Studies Institute (1993). 
    Peace: ArticlesMU2018/26 Articles regarding the topic of "peace," along with the announcement of Dr. Gladdys Muir's addition to the history department.  Included are issues of "Our Young People" from the 1940's with MC related authors Dan West and Paul Keller. Articles regarding the acceptance of men returning from both civilian an military services (1944) and Japanese internment camps (1943). 
    Peace: Mason, JudyBC2015/13 wave sound Member of the Church of the Brethren, and Manchester College alumna, Judy Mason, is interviewed about her formation as a peacemaker and about her experience as a U.S. student in Ghana. 
    Peace: Negatives, Oak LeavesMU2012/10 - Folder #1 Packet of negatives circa 1995 featuring the work of a muralist, that includes the slogans, "Stop Nuclear Power Plants" and "Stop War."  Also included is a musician from Peace Week 1995. 
    Peace: Posters MC2010/63a,b 

    March for Peace and Justice, June 12, New York.

    • Arms Race? Or Human Race?, March .
    • Rally, June 12, New York.
    Peace: Ralph BoyerMU2016/51 Boyer writes to MC President regarding the right tools, the right equipment, the right training for building peace. 
    Peace: ResourcesMU2018/31 Booklets and brochures and bibliography related to the topic of "Peace" written by various organizations and individuals. 
    Peacemaker Fund: Zunkel, Charles and CledaMC2010/53: Zunkel Peacemaker Fund Poster: The Charles and Cleda Zunkel Peacemaker Fund presents, Rev. Dr. C. Wayne Zunkel, Manchester College alumnus.  This is part of the larger collection accessioned as MC2010/53. 
    Pep Band SupportMC2007/53 

    Pep Band:

    The year prior to September 1994, students had organized a volunteer pep Band that played at football and basketball games.  The Pep Band was continued in 1994.  Butterbaugh agreed to raise money to furnish the Band with sport shirts and jackets.  This letter requests that recipients contribute $100 each to defray the cost of shirts and jackets. 

    1. Pep Band letter from Edgar Butterbaugh, Chair, Board of Trustees and Former Trombone Player. 

    PERC Renovation Groundbreaking Ceremony: VideoMU2014/18 MP4 video A video of the PERC renovation groundbreaking ceremony on 3 September 1997. 
    Performance, Opera, Bartered Bride: PosterMC2010/54a-b  Poster: Smetana's Opera, "The Bartered Bride," 1953, presented by Manchester College choral organizations and directed by Clyde Holsinger.  
    Performance: News ReleasesMC2008/58 1.  An assortment of news releases dating from 1960 - 1989.

    These news releases primarily feature guest artists performing on campus, some through the College Union Board and the  Artist-Lecture Series. Examples of the performers are; The Dale Warland Singers of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., rock concert by "Featherstitch," the Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater, the Arbors, Leonard Rose (cellist), The Lettermen, Duke Ellington, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Si Zentner (trombonist), Eugene Holmes (baritone), The Four Saints, the new York Brass Quintet, the Concert Choir of Columbus Senior High School.

    2.  An assortment of newspaper articles regarding performers appearing at Manchester College    (1960's - 1990's).

    Newspaper articles include:  Rosa Page Welch (classical sacred musical singer), The Sounds of Hope.

    3.  Six Programs:  Fort Wayne Philharmonic, 1983, Wilma Jensen, Organist, 1988, Brian L. Best Presents A Musical Tribute to Walt Disney, 1980, "Journey Into Blackness," featuring VOICES, Inc., Black Musical Theater, The Ethnic Dance Theatre, 1990, Musicke of Sundrie Kindes, An Evening of Eighteenth-Century Entertainment.


    Performances, "The Devil Passes"MC2008/102a,b 

    Sadie S. Wampler directed many wonderful theatrical productions on campus.  This correspondence deals with royalties for the play, "The Devil Passes." 

    "The Devil Passes" Letters from Samuel French, Play Publishers, New York, regarding royalty fees.

    Performances: "Ye Olde Tyme Concert At Ye College Chapel," circa 1917MC2008/49 

    "Ye Olde Tyme Concert At Ye College Chapel." circa 1917.

    • The cast of players and singers includes individuals graduating in 1917, 1918, the program probably took place 1917 or earlier.  This humorous event quips:
    • In Ye Borough of North Manchester, On Ye 19th Day of November.  Ye Doors Will be Open at Earlie Candle Light.  Ye Synging Will Begin at 7:45 by Ye Tymebeater's watch.
    • N. B.  Lester Bowser will attend to ye snuffin' of ye candles.
    • N. B.  If at any tyme ye desire to heare ye sweet strains again, ye will clap ye hands and not stampe or scrape ye unseemlie.
    • N. B.  Ye syngers will bring ye tune books, and slippery elm for ye voice, less they syng falslie.
    • N. B.  A solemn silence should prevade ye assembly; yet peradventure some of ye tunes be funny, a little laughter may be indulged, but ye listeners are not to think they can do better than ye syngers.
    Performances: Newspaper Clippings and ProgramsMC2008/09 An assortment of music, drama, artist lecture and performance newspaper articles, programs and press releases. 
    Peters, J. Everett and Madonna:: Collection of Photoraphs and MemorabiliaMU2014/111 Class reunion pictures of the Class of 1931, photograph of the 1931 Manchester College graduating class, picture of the 1930-1931 MC Women's Student Government, and other pieces of memorabilia. 
    Petersime Chapel MC2006/15 Petersime Chapel: Photo of spire during installation.  Correspondence regarding function of devotional chapel and use of organ.  Program, "Service of Dedication." 
    Petersime Chapel and Campus Aerial: ImagesMU2018/81 Negatives and digital copies of Petersime Chapel interior photographs and aerial views of campus circa 1963.  The construction of the Student Union can be seen from the air. 
    Petersime Chapel: PhotographsPhoto Box 127 Many photographs of Petersime Chapel, including the dedication event.  Transparencies of the stained glass windows are within this collection. 
    Petersime, Amy: Winner, Women's HurdlesMU2013/39 a,b Video recording of the 1995 NCAA D3 National 100 Meter Women's Hurdles, won by Amy Petersime, Manchester College. 
    Petersime, Ray: Photo CollectionMU2019/54 Ray Petersime's images of the construction of Petersime Chapel and buildings on the college campus, including the newly constructed Holl Kinter Hall of Science. 
    Pharmacy: Visitor RegisterMU2019/21 

    Visitor's register from the Manchester University College of Pharmacy, Natural and Health Sciences. The book records visitors from 25 July 2012 through the Homecoming Open House on 14 October 2012.

    Phi Beta Lambda: Education and Professional Programs DivisionMC2009/09 Business, Phi Beta Lambda photo Aurora 1993.  
    Phi Delta Kappa: History, 1983 - 2001 MC2007/33 History of the Manchester College Phi Delta Kappa, 1983 - 2001, a membership directory, 1987 - 1988, and news clippings. 
    Philomathean: BanquetMC2010/1 

    Philomathea and Philorhetoria, "Hearts on Parade Banquet," 1935 and Program Booklet, with autographs.

    PhilophronianMC General File  

    Male literary society, counterpart to Philalethean.  Photocopy of image of key fob. 

    1921 Aurora, pg. 74.: Motto: "Strength United is Stronger."  

    Philorhetoria Literary SocietyMC2003/358  Philorhetoria (male) and Philomathea (female).  
    Philorhetoria Photograph circa 1931MC2010/93 

    One photograph of the Philorhetoria Literary Society circa 1931, with five students identified.

    See also: Manchester College: A Century of Faith, Learning and Service by Timothy K. Jones
    Photgraph MontageMC2007/60 Montage of re-printed material featuring MC characters, buildings, organizations. 
    Photograph and Memorabilia AssortmentMC2011/192 

    A packet of materials was dropped at the Front Desk of the Library by an unidentified individual during the month of July 2011.  The contents contained photographs from Manchester College and one paper fan from a local funeral home.  The Archivist believes this assortment was received from former Archivist, Ferne Baldwin. Two of the photographs were of the "Flying Club?" and were accessioned as MC2011/190.  A listing of the remaining objects follows:

    1.  One fan from George N. Bender & Son Funderal Directors, North Manchester, Indiana.  The picture on the fan is that of a young mother holding a sleeping baby in her arms and is titled, "Loves Gift Divine." This fan will be filed in the Local History Box of the Archives by its accession number MC2011/192fan.

    2.  Eight Photographs:

    Two photographs of the gymnasium layout for a program held in June 1967.  At first glance, until looking at the date, it appears as if this could be for baccalaureate and commencement exercises.

    One photograph of Student Alumni Service Award recipients, Cynthia Bull (MC Class of 1990) and Matthew Smucker (MC Class of 1990) as well as Alumni Service Award reciptients Robin Lahman, Florence Freed (MC Class of 1928) and Helen Taylor (MC Class of 1973).

    Two color snapshots of the footfield field with chairs, platform and band.  This is possibly for graduation exercises.

    One black and white photograph of aerial view of campus with Petersime Chapel, Funderburg Library, the Gymnasium/Auditorium, Holl-Kintner Hall of Science and the Winger building before it was the Wine-Winger building.

    8" x 10" black and white photograph of students, possibly from the 1970's. 

    Black and white 8" x 10" publicity photograph of Paul Polivnick, Associate Conductor, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.


    Photograph: 1976, Mock Democratic ConventionMC2010/161 Photograph of students during the mock Democratic Convention, 1976. 
    Photograph: American Chemical Society, 1964MC2010/99 One photograph of students and faculty who were members of the American Chemical Society, 1963-1964. 
    Photograph: Manchester College Class of 1922MC2011/70 This 28 inch photograph is of the Manchester College Class of 1922.   
    Photographic Negatives circa 1958MC2010/79a-i An assortment of negatives for black and white images shot circa 1958. 
    PhotographsMU2013/157 A conglomeration of decade spanning images reflecting student life and faculty/staff experience at Manchester College. 
    Photographs 1958 - 1962MC2012/48 

    A collection of photographs representing residence life, May Day events, A Cappella Choir, religious life, classes and athletics at Manchester College circa 1958 - 1959 - 1960 - 1961 - 1962.

    Photographs 1963Neg27195: 1963 Pictures of a function in the old dining hall in the basement of Oakwood. Two separate occasions might be documented including what might be a Christmas tea/student art exhibit. A Foodservice picture ends this collection. 
    Photographs 1963Neg27196: 1963 

    Images of one or two events, possibly including students and alumni.  A decorative turkey plate might indicate this is a Thanksgiving function.  Also included is a bicycle race down College Avenue.

    Photographs 1963Neg27197: 1963 Blurry images of faculty in classrooms and of a possible holiday event, including tea and orchestra. 
    Photographs 1963Neg23484: 1963 

    Images processed 19 September 1963:

    a.) Russian Orthodox clergy visiting campus. b.) An interview (radio?) with President Helman on campus mall. c.)Students walking from Holl Kintner Hall of Science. d.) Male students in front of (Ikenberry Hall?).

    Photographs 1963Neg24556: 1963 Images of campus buildings, including the fountain, Communications building, and students receiving mail from individual mailboxes. 
    Photographs 1963: Football Neg26116: 1963 Images of what might be a  Homecoming football game circa 1963.  They contain images of cheerleaders leading the team in a grand entrance, as well as pictures of spectators and what might be alumni. Also included is a family group outside of Petersime Chapel. 
    Photographs 1964Neg28283: 1964 

    Blurry pictures, possibly of Executive Board with President Helman.

    Photographs 1964Neg29619: 1964 

    Images of what appears to be one or two events, possibly with alumni, at Manchester College.  President Helman is sitting next to an individual that might be Church of the Brethren leader, M. R. Zigler?

    Photographs 1984MU2015/100a,b,c,d Slides (circa 1984) from the Public Relations office picturing students, campus scenes and buildings, faculty/staff, and classroom scenes. 
    Photographs circa 1964Neg15305 

    Pictures of Professor Genita Speicher giving piano instruction, choral event in old gymnasium, language lab, exterior of old gym, and Seniors holding candles at graduation.

    Photographs circa 1964Neg16021 Pictures of individual playing chime and students studying  an intimidating piece of equipment.  Perhaps this is a type of computer? 
    Photographs from the College MuseumMC2008/173a-e 

    Photographs from the Museum.

    Fenton art glass lamp celebrating the town's sesquicentennial year, May 1985 Bulletin pg. 12.

    Commemorative china, 1986-87.

    African artifacts, Photographer, Bob Cheeseman, (class of 1992), photo taken 29 September 1989.

     Photo of commemorative glassware, Manchester pennants and miscellaneous college artifacts, including Bawlings Basketball Score Book.  Photographer, Bob Cheeseman.  Photo taken 29 September 1989.

    Photo of projector from the Biology Department.  Photographer, Bob Cheeseman.  Photo taken 29 September 1989.

    Photographs of Conductor, Arthur FiedlerMC2010/102 Photographs of Arthur Fiedler on the Manchester College campus when he came to direct the Manchester College String Festival. 
    Photographs of International StudentsMC2010/92 

    Group and individual photographs of international students. Included in this collection is:

    • Pawn Chanthalangsy, Manchester College Class of 1976.
    • Group photograph, undated.
    • Group photograph circa the 1950's of students around a desk pointing to a poster advertising the "United Nations Banquet."


    Photographs of Male Students circa 1935 - 1945MC2009/153 Unidenitified male students, possibly Juniors, possibly from the Aurora.  The photos might have been taken between 1935 and 1945?  
    Photographs: 1966-1967MU2019/12 Pictures obtained from negatives.Topics include:1966-1967 basketball game between Manchester and Terra Haute, 1966 HCC Co-Champ football with Jarrett and Jim Andrews, Tim Dubois, Steve Hazelwood, Don Blair, along with student and campus photos. Photos of the 1967 Aurora staff,1966-1967 Baseball team and of Funderburg Library move-in.  
    Photographs: 1976-1977 Academic YearMU2019/11 

    Scanned images created from negatives processed from July 1976 through December 1976. Pictures from the Alumni trip to Great Britain during the summer of 1976.

    Photographs: 1978-1979MU2019/13 Pictures from the 1978-1979 academic year, including professors such as Gary Zimmerman, Richard Harshbarger, and Paul Keller.  Union pictures show students playing pinball, eating in the Union, and talking on the stairs.  Classroom and campus scenes involve students and unnamed professors. 
    Photographs: Art, Buildings, College Campus, Ceremonies, Students, Football, SportsMC2006/31 

    Assortment of photographs of campus buildings, the construction of Holl-Kintner, the old observatory, May Day, Ikenberry Hall, students and professors, including Allen Deeter, Niswander and Glade.

    Also included are photographs of Football 1960 - 1976 and Martial Arts.

    Students in class and on campus, 1974 and earlier: 1974 photo of Yvonne Frey, Dave Ball, Margie Schaeffer.  Phil Amadon, Donna Hubscher, Nancy Hood, Patricia Dickens.

    Photographs of pottery and painting art class.

    Photographs: circa 1963 and1964Neg12874 Images from circa 1963 and 1964. An assortment of pictures reflecting the construction of the College Union,  Earl Garver and Jim Garber, the renovation of Wample Auditorium, and possibly the renovation of the Oakwood Hall basement. 
    Photographs: Contact Sheets, 1980'sMC2008/139a,b 

    Photographs and contact sheets from the 1980 featuring faculty, staff and students.  Also included are athletics pictures, Camp Mack Day, President Robinson, theater, the radio station, students playing the chime, and many other images.  Many pictures are identified.

    Photographs: Faculty and StaffMC2010/71 

    Slides of Faculty and Staff 1951 - 1963 and beyond into the President Robinson Era.

    Photographs: Faculty and StaffMC2003/226 Faculty/Staff Photograph Collection  
    Photographs: Faculty and Staff, Business OfficeMC2008/142a-f Photographs of Offices and Departments:
    Business Office
    Photographs: Faculty and Staff, Student DevelopmentMC2008/143a-i Photographs: Student Development Staff. 
    Photographs: Identified photographs of Faculty / Staff / Student / FriendsMC2010/88 

    An assortment of identified photographs of Faculty, Staff, Students and Friends that span many years.  See Scope and Content for names.

    Photographs: Images circa 1996MU2012/2c - Folder #1 Contact sheets from 1996.  Images of basketball, coaches and of Camp Mack Day with Professor Scott Strode. 
    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, January 1997 - May 2000 - Part 1MC2012/36 

    Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. January 1997 through December 1997.

    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, January 1998 - May 2000 - Part 2MC2012/36b 

    Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. January 1998 through December 1998.

    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, January 1998 - May 2000 - Part 3MC2012/36c 

    Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. January 1999 through July 1999.

    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, January 1998 - May 2000 - Part 4MC2012/36d 

    Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. August 1999 through December 1999.

    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, January 1998 - May 2000 - Part 5MC2012/36e 

    Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. January 2000 - May 2000.

    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, January 1998 - May 2002: Miscellaneous AssortmentMC2012/36h Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. January 1998 - May 2002.  These images were out of order within the collection and the subject and/or date could not be determined. They form a miscellaneous group that falls somewhere within this general time period. 
    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, January 2001 - May 2002 - Part 1MC2012/36g - Part 1 Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. January 2001 - September 2001.  
    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, June 2000 - December 2000 - Part 6MC2012/36f Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. June 2000 - December 2000. 
    Photographs: Media and Public Relations, October 2001 - May 2002 - Part 2MC2012/36g - Part 2 Photographs, contact sheets and negatives for the purposes of Media and Public Relations. October 2001 - May 2002. 
    Photographs: Oak Leaves and AuroraMU2012/1 - Folder 2 Interesting photographs from various years that might have been used for a display.   
    Photographs: Students from Mid 1970'sMC2010/100 

    Two photographs of two groups of students from the mid 1970's.

    • Brenda Eberly
    • Sharon Knechel
    Phronia Lethea: Financial records 1937 - 1944.MC2007/137: Phronia Lethea 

    Financial records for Phronia Lethea: 1937  - 1944  are in one book.  This is part of the larger collection MC2007/137.

    Physical Education: Exercise VideoMU2013/61 Video focusing on exercise and physical fitness.  The VHS tape was identified as Jill Morgan, 1992 
    Physical PlantMU2013/155, Folder 8 

    Topics related to MC's safety and maintenance concerns and include but are not limited to:

    1959 – Shrubbery memorial by Dr. Lee Smith.

    1960 - Gift of property.

    1965 - Gift of car to College.

    1969 – Business Office renovation.

    1974 - Auction notice.

    1977 – Railroad track removal.

    1977 – Renovation of Administration Building – letter of concern.

    1980 – Storm warnings.

    1981 – Vehicle maintenance 1981

    1981 –Computer use by Physical Plant -  Paul Shrider’s establishment of the computer system in the power plant building.

    1985 – David Good in enclosed  snowplow.

    1988 - Tornado Preparedness Week.

    1993 – custodial care.

    1994 - Policies - use of facilities.

    1994 – Staff saves $200,000.

    1995 - Insurance Safety Inspection

    1995 - Use of fleet vehicle policy 2000 - Parking

    Physical Plant 1981: Fleet of VehiclesMC2010/180 Newspaper article from unknown paper dated 9 November 1981 about the existence and maintenance of Manchester College's fleet of vehicles. 
    Physical Plant: Fleet of VehiclesMC2010/143 One copy of a 1981 newspaper article about the College's vehicular fleet. 
    Physical Plant: ProjectsMU2016/7 The Physical Plant presents photographs of campus projects titled, "Your Tuition Money at Work." 
    Physical Plant: Projects, In House MaintenanceMU2016/8 Money-saving in-house projects achieved by Manchester's Physical Plant. Descriptions and photographs. 
    PianoMC2010/47 Cordier piano fundraising performance and dedication. 
    Planer, John: PhotographsFaculty/Staff Large Photo Boxes, Unit 7, IS - alpha order - Planer Pictures of Professor John Planer, including Planer playing the crumhorn as part of the Collegium Musicum, circa 1978-1979. 
    Planer, Professor John: An Introduction to Electronic MusicMC2011/101 This is a recording made for class.  Professor John Planer pre-records a presentation that is an introduction to electronic music.  Music samples are played. 
    Plant Analysis Notebook: Ikenberry, Mt. Morris College, 1888MC2011/113 

    About 150 plants are recorded in this personal notebook kept by W. Lewis Ikenberry, thought to be a student at Mt. Morris College, Illinois.  The book spans 21 April 1888 through 30 May 1893.  The preprinted formatted notebook is entitled, “APGAR’S PLANT ANALYSIS: Adapted to Gray’s Botanies," by E. A. and A. C. Apgar. Although preformatted, the individual fills in the blanks.  W. Lewis Ikenberry, from Waterlook Iowa, filled this book out in detail, including localities where specimens were found, such as:

    College campus, Mt. Morris, Ilinois, May 9, 1988.

    Pine Creek 3 mi. W. Mt. Morris, May 16, 1888.

    Rock River below Oregon,Illinois,June 2, 1888

    Cedar River, opp J. Murphy, Waterloo, Iowa, July 4, 1892

    Cascade Glenn, Ann Arbor, Michigan,May 30,  1893.

     About 150  plants are described and recorded. 

    Plaque: Library Furnished in Memory of Max And Joyce Rust Snider, From Class of 1958MC2010/84 One metal plaque made by the U.S. Bronze Sign Co., N.Y.  "Gifts From The Class of 1958 And Others Helped Furnish This Library In Memory of Max and Joyce Rust Snider." 
    Plays and Musical Productions: PostersMC2009/125 

    1. A variety of posters for plays and musical productions:

    Steel Magnolias, 1993.

    The Musical Comedy Murders of 1930, no year on poster.

    The Scarlet Letter, 1996.

    The Importance of Being Earnest, 1990.

    The Miser, 1994.

    Archy and Mehitabel, 1993.

    The Madwoman of Chaillot, 1992.

    Fiddler on the Roof, 1989.

    The Extremity of Love, 1991.

    Plowshares Collaborative: CriticismMC 2007/186 

    A critical look at the "Plowshares Collaborative."

    Plunkett, RoyAlumni Box 187 - Placed with MC2001/3 

    Plunkett, Roy, Manchester College alumnus, Class of 1932.  Biographical material related to this prominent scientist and inventor of Teflon.



    See also: The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College by William R. Eberly.
    Plunkett, RoyMC2007/121  

    Plunkett, Roy: Pivotal scientific publication


    See also: Manchester College Bulletin April 1952 p.3; August 1952 p.1; October 1952 p.1; October 1976 p.7
    Plunkett, RoyMC2001/3 

    Photograph albums, memorabilia from Du Pont related trips, yearly publications of  "The National Inventors Hall of Fame," member directory of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry of the American Chemical Society (1989-1990) and other miscellaneous materials.

    Plunkett, Roy: CollectionMC2001/3 Small Box Plunkett materials on the role of "serendipity" in discovery.  Notes on travel, awards and speeches. Correspondence. "Teflon" product advances and applications. Other articles on "Teflon." Unidentified photographs and miscellaneous papers. 
    Plunkett, Roy: Collection 1988-1994 and Biographical MaterialMC2001/3 Box 3 A detailed description of the Roy Plunkett collection - Box #3: 1988 - 1994 - including biographical material, relationships with Manchester College and Ohio State, as well as personal associations with organizations. There is a report and description of the oral project conducted by "The Center for the History of Chemistry." Also included are copies of "Polymers and People," by Eric Elliott, and "Polymer Pioneers," by Peter Morris. 
    Plunkett, Roy: Diplomas, Awards, CommendationsMC2001/3 A collection of Roy Plunkett's diplomas,  awards and commendations. 
    Plunkett, Roy: Honors Assembly Video 1990MU2014/8 MP4 video Dr. Roy J. Plunkett is recognized (video location 24:30) through receipts of the ASME Holley medal for the discovery of Teflon. 
    Plunkett, Roy: ObjectsMC2001/3 Objects and plaques in the possession of Plunkett that were received as awards, commemorative items, gifts, or as examples of the varied uses of Teflon. Slides and notecards for presentations. Other Plunkett awards and objects are on display on the second floor of the Science Center and are not documented. 
    Plunkett, Roy: Video CollectionMC2001/3 MP4 file Videos within the Plunkett collection: National Inventors Hall of Fame (1992), "TEFLON, The Accidental Wonder," by K. Birkemeier (1990), The Plunketts in Shimizu (1988), News 11,  San Jose,  "Dr. Roy Plunkett- Du Pont Teflon," (1985), "Our Commitment to Tomorrow Began 50 Years Ago." Plunkett on "The Today Show," and the 1989 and 1991 Plunkett Awards. Note: Not for reproduction or duplication. Came to Archives as part of Roy Plunkett's personal collection. 
    Pollution: GarnerMC2011/89 

    Dr. Garner, who had been affiliated with the Environmental Protection Agency, talks about pollution, the auto industry, catalytic converters and their pollutants, consumption, oil shortages, and the idea that "technology can disrupt nature but it can't transcend it." 

    President Helman is captured giving an address about Manchester College and higher education in a Christian college. He also touches on environmental concerns.

    Postcard and Clipping ScrapbookMU2016/21 Postcards, clippings, and advertisements are contained in this scrapbook that was probably assembled during the late 1800's or early 1900's. 
    Poster: Centennial Auction, 1990. See MC2010/53 The poster labeled, "Centennial Auction," 1990 is part of the larger collection MC2010/53.  
    Posters and Articles From Manchester College MC2009/71,A-V  
    • File Folder MC2009/71-A: A Cappella Choir
    • File Folder MC2009/71-AL: Artist Lecture Series
    • File Folder MC2009/71-B: Brethren Colleges Abroad
    • File Folder MC2009/71-C: Children's Theatre
    • File Folder MC2009/71-CB: Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble
    • File Folder MC2009/71-CH: Choral Events
    • File Folder MC2009/71-CY: Church of the Brethren Youth Conference
    • File Folder MC2009/71-D: Dances
    • File Folder MC2009/71-E: Events on Campus
    • File Folder MC2009/71-MSO: Manchester Civic and Symphony Orchestra
    • File Folder MC2009/71-MU: Music Department
    • File Folder MC2009/71-PEV: Performances and Events
    • File Folder MC2009/71-PMOA: Plays, Musicals, One Acts
    • File Folder MC2009/71-SP: Sports, Posters with Football schedules.
    • File Folder MC2009/71-V: Various, including Admissions Material, Parents' Weekend, Fundraising, Phonathon, Graphics Department
    Posters: Events and ScholarshipMC2009/71File MC2009/71-V: Various 

    Posters about campus events and various scholarships.

    Pottenger, James LeeMC2009/37 

    Pottenger, James Lee, Class of 1939.

    Letters, information about the debating team, photo, interesting items, see: Betty (Pottenger) Refior (Class of 1943) Collection MC2009/37.


    See Also: Betty Pottenger Phelps Refior typed copies of her brother's letters that recorded his missionary experience.  Included in the collection are photographs, drawings, architectural plans and other memorabilia.  This collection is now at the DePauw University Archives, 11 E. Lrabee St., Greencastle, Indiana 46135


    See also: Manchester College Bulletin August 1950 p.3
    Power Plant: Construction photoMU2019/34 Photograph of the construction of the Power Plant. 
    Power Plant: PlansMU2013/22 Plans for the Power Plant. 
    Powerhouse 1967: PhotographMC2009/40 

    The campus powerhouse and incinerator were renovated or rebuilt during 1967.  More information can be found in the Manchester College Bulletin.  The tower being constructed in this photograph was probably part of that project.  The picture was taken by Hoff and is dated 18 April 1967.

    Pranks and Ditch Day: PhotographsMC2010/168,a-e 

    Five photographs

    Paul Shrider, Robert Ebey, Benton Rhoades circa 1939? Shave and haircut?

    Benton Rhoades, Robert Ebey, John McCormick, Elbert Reish, 1939. Four men on a bike.

    Freshmen - Sophomore water fight, 1927.

    Three men "mummified" in sheets.

    Group of guys "fixing up" a guy sitting in a chair.

    Prayer: PhotographMC2010/107 

    Photograph of a circle of students in prayer.

    Presentation: Wright, Dr. NathanMC2011/73 

    Dr. Nathan Wright, African-American leader, educator, and activist presents, "What Black Educators Are Saying."

    President Helman: History of Manchester CollegeMC2011/27 

    Helman opening Spring Term of the academic year.   The box is dated 1/29/1978. This could be wrong. The actual date could be 1/29/1979.  Helman states that the College is opening an anniversary year and that During the 1979 calendar year, MC will be observing its 90th anniversary.  1979 is an anniversary year.

    President's AtticMC2006/13 President's Attic. Assortment of letters, papers, memorabilia pulled from forgotten storage space. 
    President's Box: #1MU2016/20 MC Factbooks, 1988, 1999, 2000, Dashboard Indicators (Fall 2000, 2001), "Toward a Margin for Excellence, Strategic Indicators" (1977), VIA 1996 - 1997 notebook, Helman retirement preparations, Helman portrait preparations, Labor force changes in Indiana, projections for 1996 - 2010, fifty years of Brethren Volunteer Service, BVS volunteers from MC and influence on career, CPS and Brethren Service Committee including Cordier, Shultz, Kinsel, Zigler, Durnbaugh, Eby, West, Indiana Higher Education Facility Study (1967, 1973), Hegis Facilities Data (1970, 1971), ""A Campaign to Strengthen MC," PERC building project, "Reflections on the Theological Exploration of Vocation," study of financial and academic resources at MC (1965). 
    President's Box: #2MU2016/23 

    Reports; Focus on the Seventies (July 1, 1970 - May 31, 1971),  Commission of Institutions of Higher Education, North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools - visit, Liberal Education Prospects for the Next Century (1995).

    President's Box: #2MU2016/20b 

    Major Report for "Focus on the 70's" Campaign. Materials related to the Church of the Brethren Education Query 1987-1989 with the intent of strengthening the relationship between church and education. Brethren Colleges Abroad Materials 1988 -1992.  Church of the Brethren Committee on Higher Education materials for the years 1985 -1992.

    President's Box: #3MU2016/20c 

    Materials belonging to President Helman, President Robinson, and Vice President Fahs.

    National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education materials (NCATE) for reaccreditation: 1970 - 1982, 1972 - 1973, 1982 - 1983, 1972 - 1973 through 1976.

    Council on Social Work Education: 1973 - 1979, 1979 - 1984, 1986 - 1987 through 1992. Evaluation of Social Work program for reaccreditation through site visit reports.

    Facilities planning studies and preparations for specifications of Science Center and building updates. Building and programmatic needs by department.

    Discussion related to historic preservation of fountain and buildings on College Avenue.

    Residence Hall Planning Committee  surveying improvement options, circa 1990 - 1993.

    Space Inventory 1972 as part of Indiana Higher Education Facilities Study.

    Proposed Campus Plan with guidelines for long range physical development.

    1991 Student Housing Evaluation.

    1990 Physical Plant Study.

    Structural and regulative report of major Campus buildings.

    1958 Plan of Campus Development.

    President's OfficeMU2013/103a,b,c Collection from the Office of Jo Young Switzer, President of Manchester University [CONFIDENTIAL]. 
    President's Office: AssortmentMU2012/103 Box 8 An assortment of materials from the Office of the President spanning 1986 through 1999. 
    President's Office: AssortmentMU2012/103 Box 9 An assortment of files from the Office of the President spanning approximately 1956 - 2001. 
    President's Office: AssortmentMU2012/103 Box 5 A vast assortment of materials from the Office of the President, some confidential. 
    President's Office: COB, BCA, Elderhostel and MoreMU2012/103 Box 4 President's Box ihat includes Church of the Brethren materials, information about Brethren Colleges Abroad, and other topics beginning with the letter, "A." 
    President's Office: Departments and DivisionsMU2012/103 Box 3 

    President's Box #3: Departments and Divisions.

    President's Office: McFadden Pre-Presidency FilesMU2014/125 

    McFadden files including institutional self-study, strategic planning, admissions, COBCOA, College of Pharmacy, board of trustees, and Church of the Brethren materials.

    President's Office: Offices, Commissions, InstitutionsMU2012/103 Box 7 President's Box containing materials for various councils, foundations, colleges, institutions, boards, offices and academies. 
    President's Office: Other Collegesand OrganizationsMU2012/103 Box 6 Material on the Council of Independent Colleges, Commission of Higher Education, Commission on the The Aging and Aged, College Board Workforce Development Conference, Church of the Brethren Colleges and Seminary. 
    President's Office: Presidential Correspondence A - MMU2012/103 Box 1 Presidential Correspondence A - M. 
    President's Office: Presidential Correspondence N - ZMU2012/103 Box 2 

    Presidential Correspondence N - Z.

    President's Report to the Board of Trustees: Schwalm and HelmanMC2011/166 

    Copies of the President's Report to the Board of Trustees including President Schwalm and A. Blair Helman from 25 March 1955 through Helman's 30th annual and final reports 25-26 April 1986 and 3-4 October 1986.

    Schwalm's final annual report is dated 23 March 1956.  Schwalm gives an overview of the 15 year period that he was president.

    Also included is the Audited Financial Statements, Year Ended June 30, 1985 with Comparative Totals for 1984.

    President: Inauguration MaterialsMC2006/24 A. Blair Helman, Robinson, Marden and Switzer: Inauguration materials. 
    Presidential Search MaterialsPresidential Search: Manchester College 

    2004 packet containing presidential search position announcement, presidential profile and nomination form. 

    Presidents of Manchester College and University: Group photographMU2017/88 Group photograph of current and past presidents of Manchester College circa 2004: Helman, Young Switzer, Marden, Butterbaugh, Robinson. 
    Presidents' Appointment Books: Manchester CollegeMC2005/16 

    Manchester College Presidents' appointment calendars, 1956-2005.

    Presidents, Faculty, Trustees, Staff: Public Relations PhotographsMC2007/228 

    Photographs of presidents, faculty, trustees, etc. from their College Advancement, PR files.

    Presidents: Photograph CollectionMC2003/105 Photographs of the Presidents of Manchester University - oversized collection.  Also included are the photographs of the Chinese Wedding performed by President Winger. 
    Presidents: PhotographsMC2008/65 

    Photographs of Manchester College presidents (incomplete collection).

    Presidents: Stories and PranksMCGeneral File: Faculty - Presidents Stories and pranks related to former Manchester College presidents; E. S. Young, Winger, Crouch, Bixler, and Ikenberry.   
    Previously Accessioned and Unaccessioned Posters and Articles From Manchester College MC2009/71 Entire Collection 

    A large collection of materials ranging from MC2009/7-A  -  MC2009/71-V,j1a,b consisting of  printed and hand-made posters and other memorabilia that accumulated throughout the years in the Manchester College Archives. 

    Print Shop MC2009/13 

    Print Shop: Photo showing individual working in print shop with typesetting equipment and press in the background.

    Printed Page with MC College Summer School 1921 and Fall Term 1921: Photographic Reprint 1921MC2011/182 Images of Manchester College Summer School students, 1921, and Manchester College Fall Term students, 1921. The Fall Term photograph is dated 27 October 1921. 
    Printing Plates and PostcardMU2017/24 

    Printing plates of the 1925-1926 Aurora Staff, 1925-1926 Manchester College Male Quartet (E. Boyer, G. Heeter, K. Findley, C. Brown), 3 signature plates, and one New Years Greetings postcard from Manchester College (1923).

    Professional Studies: Video 1991MU2014/58 MP4 video Professional Studies, 2 October 1991, "'Front Loading' Resources to First Year Students." 
    Professors in the NewsMU2018/121 DVD titled "Professors in the News," and includes  Manchester's Department of Career Services (Lani Roberts),  Barb Ehrhardt (Koinonia Environmental Studies Grant 11 June 1991), Dr Wu Ningkun (Class of 1948) interviews taking place during March and April 1993. 
    Property Deeds, Titles, Abstracts and Articles of Incorporation and CharterMU2016/55 

    Deeds of property owned or administered by Manchester College and Mount Morris College, including property divided with the Church of the Brethren. Documents of agreement between MC and Calvin Ulrey and Miriam Ulrey. Lots including Railroad Addition North Manchester (Judge John Comstock). Cook family property. Koinonia. Property associated with Eel River Church of the Brethren. Insurance policies (property/equipment/autos).

    1895 articles of incorporation and charter (E. S. Young) - also documents following administration change 1900 and also the formation and dissolution of Manchester College Foundation and Holding Company.

    Protest: Anti-NuclearMU2017/44 Newspaper article relaying the account of Jean Zimmerman who was arrested in May of 1978 for protesting on property belonging to the Rocky Flats Rockwell International weapons plant.  Jean was part of a large and non-violent protest against the nuclear weapons plant and radiation fallout. 
    Protest: April 1964 Student DemonstrationMU2017/42 Newspaper articles related to April 1964 student demonstration in which about 75 students marched from campus to the North Manchester town hall. Several were charged with disorderly conduct. 
    Protest: Arm Bands MU2017/40 20 May 1973 stating the reason some individuals are wearing arm bands. 
    Protest: Moratorium DayMU2017/43 Newspaper clippings primarily focusing on student unrest (1969), student moratorium of MC classes to protest Vietnam War (Oct. 1969), "Moratorium Day Ends with Burning of Cards," burning of draft cards (16 October 1969), Anti-War Literature Distributed on Vietnam Moratorium Day," armbands symbolize anti-war garb, "Moratorium is Slow in Indiana," "Moratorium Day Demonstrations Expected to Include Millions, War Protests in Churches, in Streets, on Campus," "Peace-In-Vietnam March Starts at North Manchester Church of Brethren" (1967), peace bus travels to Washington, D.C. (1971), "A Statement Regarding The Manchester College Program During The Final Two Weeks Of The 1969-70 School Year," "High School, College Students Impressed With Order, peacefulness During March," "Classes Continue as MC Students Strike" (24 April 1972...and many other Vietnam/Manchester College protest related newspaper stories. 
    Protest: PollutionMU2017/46 

    Newspaper article documenting Manchester College students conducting a funeral for a gasoline engine as part of a program aimed at combating pollution (March 1970).

    Protest: Self-Determination and Housing PoliciesMU2017/45a,b Newspaper articles and photograph documenting the campus tent-in during May 1969. One article writes,"...students staged a tent-in following a mass marriage a peaceful protest in support of self-determination and open housing policies." The marriage was performed by Rev. Ken Brown and its purpose was to demonstrate the students' desire to initiate a new relationship  resulting with the freedom to govern their relationship and create rules within their residences. 
    Protest: Women's Housing HoursMC2017/47 One newspaper article (28 February 1972) describing a peaceful demonstration by female Manchester College students demanding the abolishment of women's hours on campus. 
    Protests: COB and MC Resolution and PolicyMU2017/41 

    The Church of the Brethren Standing Committee shares with Annual Conference the resolution and action taken by the District of Southern Ohio - "A Resolution on Campus Disorder."

    Statement from Stanford University to parents of Stanford undergraduates 19 May 1970.

    Draft of Manchester College's policy related to calls for moratoriums on "business as usual," with a bibliography for when and where previous policies can be found.

    Memo regarding 13 March 1970 student/non-student violation of College rules and policy in regard to protest.

    Public Program Series: Peabody ContributionMU2013/41 Confirmation of financial contribution from Peabody Retirement Community to help offset expenses for the college's Public Program Series presentation of the Big Band Salute to Glenn Miller. 
    Public Programs Series SurveyMC2010/152 

    Brochures advertising Public Programs for 1961 - 1962.

    Public Program Series Survey listing the public pgograms from 1952 through 1974.

    Mock-up for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic playing at Manchester College on 13 March 1992 and for The Notre Dame String Trio performing at Manchester College 11 April 1992.

    Public Programs, Artist Lecutres Series, Cinema, Special Music Performances and Masterclasses: PostersMC2010/52a-u Posters for Public Programs / Artist Lecture Series / Cinema Series / Manchester College Department of Music Special Performances and Masterclasses.  
    Public Relations Photograph Collection: Faculty and Students. MC2003/367 

    Photographs of faculty, staff and students were taken and displayed in the Administration Building's main hallway on the "Wall of Fame." There are many identified faculty and students in this collection:

    Public Relations: Assorted FilesMC2009/32  

    Assorted Files from Public Relations - 1962 through1998.

    Public Relations: CollectionMU2014/143 MP4 videos and DVDs Informational files, news clippings, publications, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes from the Public Relations Office, various years from 2001 - 2013. Topics include but are not limited to: Jim Adams, teaching awards, dedication College of Pharmacy, Switzer to retire and receives leadership honor, Jennifer Shepherd, Andrea Murray, Eel River watershed, Blair and Pat Helman memorial info, Yom HaShoah, Stacey Morgan, Rainn MacPhail, Beth Sweitzer Riley, Jerry Sweeten, LaFountain Mural, A Cappella tour, Science Center dedication, Switzer inauguration, fire, CASE Professor of the Year,  
    Public Relations: Dedication of Administration Building 1921MC2009/113a,b Newspaper articles regarding the festivities surrounding the dedication of the Administration Building, 1921. 
    Public Relations: Images and media coverage 1994 - 2006MC2008/145a-z2 

    Slides, Transparencies and News Clips From the Office of Public Relations including Manchester College campus and classroom scenes, athletic and other events, faculty, staff, students and images from the North Manchester area.

    Public Relations: Manchester College Media Coverage 2002 - 2006MC2006/4 

    Manchester College Media Coverage 2002 - 2006.

    Public Relations: MU in the News, 2011MU2016/54 

    Manchester College in the news during 2011, including; the deaths of alumni, Alina BigJohny and Jennifer Haskell (Indiana State Fair stage collapse), one rainy morning Manchester's peace studies students appear on ABC's "Good Morning America's" segment  "My Three Words" ("Work for peace. Rain or shine),  MC starts construction of School of Pharmacy, Christer Watson, associate professor of physics at MC (Pluto review), Coach Shannon  Griffith (Spartan football), Manchester has highest enrollment in forty years.

    Public Relations: News Journal 1911 Newspaper SpreadMC2009/111 

    Newspaper: The News-Journal 1911 newspaper spread: "Wonderful Progress of Manchester College."  An interesting historical account about the founding of the College.

    Mentioned in the "College Notes" section is Catherine Forney, a student in Manchester college and instructor in French in the academy. Her parents, D. L. Forney and Anna Shull, were one of the first students to enroll at Manchester college and served also as missionaries at Jalalpor, India.  

    Public Relations: News Releases 1953 - 1988MC2009/172 Public Relations: News releases - assortment ranging from 1953 - 1988. 
    Public Relations: News Releases and News ClippingsMU2016/1 News releases and news clippings 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 -  2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003. Not all of these releases have been recorded.  More work is needed. 
    Public Relations: Newspaper Articles 2004 - 2005MC2007/9 Newspaper: Assorted newspaper articles from 2004 and 2005. 
    Public Relations: Newspaper PromotionalMC2009/99 

    Newspaper spread: Promotional: "Rotogravuer, The News-Sentinel," Saturday, November 8, 1947.

    Public Relations: Newspaper Spread August 1911MC2009/112 

    Newspaper spread August 1911: "One of the Best Colleges Located in the Middle West." 

    A history of the institution and how it is conducted. 

    Public Relations: PhotographsMU2012/80 Photographs of faculty, staff, students, alumni, college events, athletics, etc. circa 2001, 2002, 2003. 
    Public Relations: PhotographsMU2012/81 Photographs, negatives and contact sheets primarily from 2003. 
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual MediaMU2012/120 Photographs, negatives and other forms of visual media from Public Relations. Most pictures are from 1994 and include students,professors, and campus events such as Homecoming, May Day Weekend and Graduation. 
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual MediaMU2012/121 Visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012. Pictures are from Alumni Days (circa mid to late 1990's) and photographs from 1995, 1996, 1997.  
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual MediaMU2012/122 Visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012. Reunion pictures of alumni from Class years of 1928 through the early 1990's.  Negatives from reunions circa 2000.  Photographs from reunions taking place in 2004.   
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual MediaMU2012/118 Photographs, negatives and other forms of visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012.   
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual MediaMU2012/119 Photographs, negatives and other forms of visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012. These pictures are mainly from 1993. 
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual MediaMU2012/130 Visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012. Included are pictures of men's wrestling, campus shots featuring buildings and signage, the chime and its chimers, Funderburg Library, international flags, and the inauguration of Parker Marden. 
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual MediaMU2012/127 Visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012. Photographs include pictures of the members of the administration and Board of Trustees. Special members of the faculty are also recognized with a picture. 
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual Media, MU2012/128 Visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012.  
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual Media, MU2012/123 Visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012. Pictures include Philanthropy Convocations and awards, graduation photos from different years, Homecoming images, faculty and student pictures, PERC and athletics photographs, music images, and campus scenes.  
    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual Media, MU2012/124 

    Visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012. Many pictures of students, events, and faculty/staff circa the mid to late 1990's.  Pictures from other years offer campus scenes, Fall 2003 Service Day at North Mandchester Historical Society, Fun Fest and more.

    Public Relations: Photographs, Negatives and Visual Media, MU2012/125 Visual media from Public Relations that came from the Administration Building during the office moves of 2012. 
    Public Relations: PostersMC2009/71: Entire Collection 

    This is a large collection of printed and hand-made posters along with other memorabilia that had accumulated thorugh the years in the Manchester College Archives. 

    Public Relations: Press Releases and News ClipsMU2012/79a,b,c,d,e 
    • News Clips: October 1998 - May 1999.
    • News Releases: September 2001 - September 2002.
    • News Clips: September 2001 - September 2002.
    • News Releases: 1 September 2003 - 31 August 2004.
    • Press Releases - student admissions and awards for 1998-1999 and 1999-2000.
    Public Relations: Public MediaMU2019/38 Public media in the format of pdf files for the years 1998, 1999, 2006 and prior (along with random), 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, wherever Manchester and her program, students, alumni, faculty, or faculty emeriti are printed in the news. 
    Public Relations: Wall of Fame PhotographsMU2012/82 Student head shots and Faculty and Student Wall of Fame pictures [2006]. 
    Public Relations: Wall of Fame PhotographsMU2012/83 Faculty/Staff and Student contact sheets, negatives and photographs taken for the Wall of Fame.  Biographies of some individuals are attached to the picture's verso. Dates include 2003-2004, 2005 
    Public Relations: Wall of Fame PhotographsMU2012/84 

    Faculty and student photographs for the Wall of Fame.

    Publication: Galaxy, November 1934MC2009/27: Galaxy 

    Galaxy is a College magazine "... created so that students, alumni, and even professors may express themselves..." Associate Editors: David Blickenstaff, Marjorie Barnhart, Elizabeth Miller, Joe Van Dyke.  Business Manager: Robert Gage. Faculty Adviser: Prof. R. C. Wenger.


    So, all you need to do is to hitch your manuscript to a star, and you will appear in GALAXY.

    Publication: Manchester Mirror378MT M67 shelved  Manchester Mirror, Volumes 1-6 from 1936 through 1941, MC 378MT M67 shelved in the Archives. 
    Publications: Faculty and StaffLarge Box 53 Faculty and staff publications. 
    Publications: Late 1800's - Brethren, Non-Brethren, Sunday-SchoolMU2013/119 
    • Primary Quartely, 1895 - non Brethren.
    • Revised Normal Lessons by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut, 1893.
    • Sunday School lessons, 1893 - non Brethren.
    • 1894, Young Folk's Library of Choice Literature, "Enoch Arden," Tennyson.
    • 1886, Second Quarter, "The Brethren's Quartely," Brethren Publishing Co.
    • 1887, Second Quarter, April, May, June, "The Brethren's Quarterly," Brethren's Publishing Co.
    Publicity: Photographs, Oak LeavesMU2012/3 - Folder #3 Publicity photographs of entertainers who have performed on campus. 
    Quartet, Records, 1948, 1952, 1953, 1954MC 2007/137: College Quartet 

    These records are part of the larger collection, MC2007/137.  See MC 2007/137 for a full listing.  Quartet materials are to be found under College Quartet (Men's and Women's) for Years:  One book with records for years 1948, 1952, 1953, 1954.

    Queen EstherMC2013/13 

    One 1913 "Aurora" with pictures from the production of "Queen Esther." One program for "Queen Esther," produced by the Expression Department, 22 May 1918.

    Quips, Jokes and NotesMC2010/148 

    Quips and notes of indeterminate authorship found scrawled on the back of old student cards.  Circa 1938.

    Railroad: Nickel Plate Road, MenusMC2009/35a 

    Dinner and Breakfast menus created for "Manchester College Students" from Pullman Restaurant Car Service via the Nickel Plate Road.

    Train and Railroad: See Also, "Memories of...Manchester." by Otho Winger for the story of the Big Four Tragedy, pg. 179.

    Recital, Eicher, David, and White, William: Centennial Organ Recital, 1990 and Alumni Recital, 1992MC2010/49a,b 

    David Eicher, Organ Recital, A Centennial Public Program, 1990.

    Alumni Recital, May 1992:

    • William White, tenor.
    • David Eicher, piano.
    Recitals, Faculty and Student: Posters MC2009/71-MU: Music Department  

    These materials are part of the larger collection, MC2009/71.  See MC2009/71 for a complete listing of the entire collection. 

    File Folder MC2009/71-MU: Music Department

    • MC2004/711 - This object was given an accession number in 2004 by a previous Archivist but no paperwork had been created. An accession page is being created by Archivist, Jeanine Wine, and this object is now located in file folder MC2009/71-MU.
    • MC2009/71-MU,a - 1979, December, "Manchester College Music Department Presents a Faculty Exchange Recital with Findlay College, Music For Romantics."
    • MC2009/71-MU,b - 1981, February, "Manchester College Music Department Presents a Faculty Exchange Recital with olivet Nazarene College."
    • MC2009/71-MU,c - 1981, April, "Manchester College Music Department Honors Recital," with Barry Coe, Tenor, Pamela Duffy, Soprano, Julie Hunn, Piano, Karen McKimmy, Soprano, Susan Penner, Organ, Lisa Savage, Piano, Mary Tilsy, Soprano, Robin Zeider, Saxophone.
    • MC2009/71-MU,d - 1980, April, "Manchester College Music Department Honors Recital," with Mary Patterson, Bassoon, Susan Penner, Organ, Nina Hill, Piano, Julie Hunn, Piano, Lisa Savage, Piano, Diana Gunnerson, Soprano, Cathy Mishler, Soprano, layra Swantner, Soprano.
    • MC2009/71-MU,e - 1982, April, "Manchester College Music Department Honors Recital," with Diana Coe, Pam Duffey, Patty Jones, Janie McCauley, Lisa McMillan, Christine Oetama, Ingrid Rupel, Loa Traxler.
    • NC2004/708 - This object was given an accession number in 2004 by a previous Archivist  but no paperwork had been created.  An accession page is being created by Archivist, Jeanine Wine, and this object is now located in file folder MC2009/71-MU.
    Recorded MusicMC2011/81 

    Recording of light rock, possibly from the 1960's along with some laughter.

    Recording AssortmentMC2011/86 Recording of dog barking, bird chirping, song of "the Great Pumpkin" from the comic strip, "Charlie Brown," recording of a newscaster, Russell Warren Howe, in Washington.  Mr. Howe reads the same newscast in different ways. 
    Recording of the Manchester College ChimeMC2011/76 This is a recording of the Manchester College chime circa 1967 including Eidelweiss, Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away and the College hymn, By the Kenapocomoco
    Recruiting: Photograph 1990-1991MC2010/56 Photograph: Manchester College Recruiting Core 1990 - 1991.  
    Reed, Tom: Artist, Petersime ChapelMC2008/98 

    Tom Reed's charcoal drawing of Petersime Chapel.

    Reel-To-Reel TapesMC2007/229 

    Old Ampex reel-to-reel format tapes including the lectures given by professors such as Gary Deavel, Jim Hollis, John Planer, Steven Batzka, Charles Klinger, James R. C. Adams, and others.  The college does not have the equipment necessary to listen to some of these recordings.

    In 2009 and 2010 Pittman and his staff were able to digitize some of the recordings that were on particular types of tape.

    RegistrarMC2008/23 Registrar' Office, September 1969: academic regulations and new grading system, 1969. 
    Registrar: Selective Service Information CardMC2010/136 One "Selective Service Information Card" from the Office of the Registrar 
    Registrar: Statistics 1974 - 1984MC2007/208 Registrar's Notebook:  Official Statistics 1974 through 1984. 
    Reinoehl, Kim: Public Relations Wall of Fame, Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: Reinoehl, Kim Photograph of Kim Reinoehl: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph Collection. This photograph of the Office of Admissions: #42 with Jolane Rohr, Sandy Bendsen, Jill Biehl, Kim Reinoehl, Melissa West, and Steve Schaum, is part of the larger collection MC2004/729. 
    Religion and Philosophy: Focus on Faith Week, PostersMC2010/50a,b  

    Focus on Faith Week:

    • 1.  MC2010/50a: "Environmental Theology, Focus on Faith Week," November, 1992.
    • 2.  MC2010/50b: "Let Justice Roll!," Focus On Faith, October, 1993.
    Religious Activities on CampusMC2009/27 

    A broad collection dealing with campus ministry and religious activities.

    Religious Activities, Aid Society BibleMC2009/25 

    Possibly the Aid Society Bible with signatures of (President) E. M. Crouch, Sadie Stutsman, L. W. Shultz and many more.


    See Also: Annual Bible Institute.

    Religious EducationMC2008/17 Seventh Indiana Young People's Conference of Religious Education, Souvenir Program, 1927.  L. W. Shultz, Chairman. 
    Replogle, Fred A.: Founding of RHR InternationalMU2013/130 

    Manchester College alumnus, Fred Replogle, helped to found RHR International, a firm of management psychologists and consultants. Fred offers stories about the formation of the company.

    Retirement Workshop 1996MC General File: Retirement An invitation to the Spring 1996 workshops on Creative Living in Retirement. "The mature years bring joys and losses, opportunities and challenges.  Come and learn about how to cope with the losses, how to maximize the joys, how to avoid the pitfalls, such as frauds and scams, and how to live in ways that please yourself and contribute to life." 
    Retirement, Faculty Dinner 1992: VideoMedia Cabinet  

    "A+" Faculty Retirement Dinner, 16 May 1992.

    Retreat: PhotographMC2010/163 Photograph of Marxism and Christianity Retreat with Allen Deeter.  Also included in photograph are Tim McElwee (as a student) and Dan McFadden.   
    Rhudy, WilliamMC 2004/729: Rhudy, Bill, #31 Bill Rhudy, #31of the Public Relations Wall of Fame photograph collection.  This is part of the larger collection MC2004/729. 
    Rice, Mark: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: Rice, Mark, #44 Mark Rice, #44, part of the Chartwells Staff: Diana Stephan, Marcia Knee, Cheryl Budnik, Mark Rice.  This picture is part of the larger collection MC2004/729. 
    Rieman, Phil and Louise BaldwinMC2010/5 Video of Manchester College' s 2009 Homecoming plaque dedication to Manchester College alumni, Phil and Louise Baldwin Rieman, in the Muir Peace Garden. See also: Brethren People File: Rieman, Louise and Phil
    Roanoke Classical Seminary: PhotographsMC2007/115-1 

    Photographs of Roanoke Classical Seminary in Roanoke, Indiana.  The institution was founded by Professor F. S. Reefy in 1860 and construction began in the spring of 1861.  Many of its students later became prominent individuals.  Roanoke was described as the "Athens of Northern Indiana.  Included in a picture of Otho Winger and D. N. Howe from "The Kintner Collection."

    Robinson, WilliamMU2015/144 wave sound President Helman introduces President Bill Robinson as Robinson makes his first address to Manchester College faculty.   
    Robinson, WilliamMU2015/139 wave sound Manchester College President, William Robinson, is interviewed on "Wabash Talks," WAYT AM, Wabash, Indiana in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Manchester College. 
    Robinson, William: Farewell Roast for Bill and Bonnie MC2008/202 Farewell Roast for Bill (William) and Bonnie Robinson. 
    Robinson, William: Inaugural Worship ServiceMU2015/148 wave sound The inaugural worship service of President Bill Robinson, 8 November 1986. 
    Robinson, William: Inauguration as PresidentMC2002/310 Programs and materials from the inauguration of William Robinson as Manchester's President in 1986.  
    Robinson, William: President's PhotographsMC2008/71 Photographs of William Robinson, President of Manchester College 1986 - 1993. 
    Rohr, Jolane Ogden: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: Rohr, Jolane Ogden 

    Photograph of Jolane Ogden Rohr is included in the Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph Collection picture #42, Office of Admissions, along with,Sandy Bendsen, Jill Biehl, Kim Reinoehl, Melissa West, Steve Schaum.

    Rohrer, Perry Lawrence: Diploma, Bachelor of Arts Degree, 1922MC2009/50 1. One Bachelor of Arts Degree belonging to Perry Lawrence Rohrer, Class of 1922.
    Roller, Mrs. Frank: From Ruth W, 1952MU2013/93 Postcard to Mrs. Frank Roller, Bridgewater, Virginia from Ruth W., North Manchester, Indiana sent 25 March 1952. 
    Rooming Hall: PhotographMC2010/27 North Manchester College Rooming Hall.  Photograph of house with three people, circa early 1900's. 
    Roten, PaulFaculty/Staff: Roten, Paul Materials related to Professor Paul Roten of the Manchester College department of speech. 
    Royer, J. G. and Reiff, Elizabeth: Family AlbumMU2018/70 

    Printed family album of John Grove Royer and Elizabeth (Reiff) Royer.  J. G. served as president of Mount Morris College.

    Royer, John GroveMC2008/56 

    John G. Royer taught at Mt. Morris College and also served as  President of the College.  These are newspaper articles related to his death.

    Royer, Mildred Stackhouse: Scrapbook. 1936 - 1938MC2006/19 Personal scrapbook covering Mildred Stackhouse Royer's student life from 1936 - 1938. 
    Rummel, MerleMU2018/94 Manchester graduate (1956), Merle Rummel, is an educator, Church of the Brethren minister, and historian.   
    Rural Life Room: PhotographMC2008/122 Students in Rural Life Room reading an edition of the "Oak Leaves" with the headline, "Handel's Messiah To Be Given Dec. 14." 
    Russian Orthodox Delegation: Records and PhotographsMC2004/338 Photographs of students, Leon and Iris Wien, A. Blair and Pat Helman, David Waas (?), Russian Orthodox clergymen, and others participating in 1963 reception for Russian visitor. 
    Salary: Data for Personnel and StaffMU2013/11a,b,c Personnel and salary data 1976 through 1996-1997. CONFIDENTIAL 
    Salem Church of the Brethren: Organ RecitalMC2011/40 The box is labeled Salem Church of the Brethren, 16 March 1969.  It appears as if the participants include Fred and Mary Schmidt, Jr.  The recording is of an individual playing musical selections on an organ. 
    Same Sex MarriageMU2014/5 

    Articles surrounding the Manchester University Cabinet's response to being asked to take a stand on legislation regarding same sex marriage.

    Sandburg, Carl: Radio Interview MC2011/8 wave sound 

    Carl Sandburg: recorded radio interview during broadcast of "Listen America," produced by the University of North Carolina.

    Saur BiblesMC2008/140 

    Photographs of the title pages of the 1743 and 1763 editions of the Saur Bible..

    Schaum, Steve: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: #42, Schaum, Steve 

    Steve's Schaum's photograph is included with image #42, Office of Admissions. The picture includes Jolane Rohr, Sandy Bendsen, Jill Biehl, Kim Reinoehl, and Melissa West. This picture is part of a larger collection containing 44 photographs.

    ScholarsMU2017/6 Photograph of "scholars," Allen Mack, Jonathan Hess, and Beth Montel. 
    Scholars: PresidentialMU2017/8b Photographs of Presidential Scholars: 1982, 1984-1985, 1986-1986. 
    Scholarship: P. F. M. PhotographMU2017/8c Photograph of 1984-1985 P. F. M. Scholarship. 
    Scholarship: Summer ServiceMU2017/8a Photographs of Summer Service Scholarship recipients (1983-1984, 1984-1985, 1987-1988), including Community Appreciation Day (May 1989); Jeff Foust, Jeff Lehman, Karen Myers, Sallie Willoughby, Nancy Stickel, Tim Peter, Todd Smith, Laura Vanoorhis, Matt Smucker, Suzanne Beard. 
    Scholarships and Scholarship DayMC2010/122a,b,c 

    Three scholarships offered by Manchester College and a sheet regarding Scholarship Day:



    Scholarships: EndowedMC2008/100 "Celebrating Generations of Giving, Student Reflections on the Manchester College Endowed Scholarships." 
    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folders #3, #4 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. Information related to the 1980's and 1990's through the 2000's. 
    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folder #5 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. Information related to the 1990's. 
    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folders #7, #8, #9, #10 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. 
    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folders #11, #12, #13, #14, #15 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. 
    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folders #16, #17, #18, #19, #20 

    Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations.

    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folders #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. 
    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folders #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37, #38, #39, #40 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. 
    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folders #41, #42, #43, #44, #45, #46, #47, #48, #49, #50 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. 
    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 File Folders #51, #52, #53, #54, #55, #56, #57, #58, #59, #60, #61, #62 

    Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations.

    Scholarships: Names and LocationMU2012/117 Master File 

    Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. 

    Scholarships: Names and Location Detailed Folder DescriptionMU2012/117 File Folder #1 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations Detailed description of folder contents. File #1 details activity in the 1950's and 1960's. 
    Scholarships: Names and Location Detailed Folder DescriptionMU2012/117 File Folder #2 Information about scholarships awarded by Manchester College, memorial scholarships, and scholarships awarded by other organizations. Detailed description of folder contents. File #2 details activity in the 1970's. 
    Schuhle, William Faculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Schuhle, William 

    Dr. William Schuhle, Professor of Political Science and History (1956-1967 and from 1968-1970).  In addition to being a professor at Manchester College, he was  an artist and drew portraits and caricatures of individuals.

    Obituary of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Martin Schuhle.

    Schuhle, William: Political Cartoon CollectionMU2012/72 

    In addition to being a professor at Manchester College, WIlliam Schuhle (Political Science and History) was a political and social cartoonist.  This is a collection of original artwork and clippings of published cartoons.

    Schultz, L. W. and West, Dan: Group PhotographMC2009/148 

    Group photograph including L. W. Schultz and Dan West.

    1. One photograph.

    Schultz, L. W.: Canadian Tour, 1965MC2010/67 Photograph: 1965 L. W. Shultz tour to Canada with identified participants.  
    Schultz, L. W.: Indiana Young People's Conference, 1927MC2007/17 L. W. Shultz, Chairman of the Seventh Indiana Young People's Conference of Religious Education, 1927, Souvenir Program. 
    Schultz, L. W.: Wooden Postcard, 1945MC2009/51 Wooden postcard addressed to L. W. Shultz, who was interested in educating others about Native American lore.  
    Schutz, RaymondFaculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Schutz, Raymond 

    Material related to J. Raymond Schutz.

    Article, "J. Raymond Schutz," by Wilbur Brookover donated to the Archives by Ferne Baldwin.

    Postcard with writing, "Nine Rahs for Shutz."   The picture is identified on the verso as "Former Faculty Sheetz," but it is J. Wine's opinion this was taken during the rally where J. Raymond Schutz ran for Republican Candidate for Congress.  It is located in the Large Faculty/Staff Photo Boxes (166, 167 and 138 combined)

    For additional material regarding J. Raymond Schutz, see: Mountaineer; Oak Leaves, 4 October 1924 p.1; 11 July 1925 p.4;  6 June 1926 p.1, 2; 16 October 1926 p.1.

    Charlotte Schutz, daughter of L. W. Schutz, married Professor Gary Deavel. See her memories about Mrs. M. R. Gardner in the Gary Deavel section of the Large Faculty/Staff Photo Boxes.  This writing also includes a glimpse into the life of the Schutz family.

    Schutz, Raymond: Congress Campaign Poster MC2009/81 

    Poster:  "SHUTZ RALLY!, J. Raymond Schutz, Republication Candidate for Congress."

    • 12.5" x 19" poster with head shot of J. Raymond Schutz.  Professor Schutz taught English, French, Sociology, and Debating at Manchester College from 1919 - 1939.
    Schutz, Raymond: Kiwanis StarMC2004/687 

    "J. Raymond Schutz Given Kiwanis Star."

    1. One encapsulated newspaper article. 

    Schwalm Hall: Bids and PlansMU2013/23 Bids for the construction of Schwalm Hall including a Master Plan of Campus - Plan of Campus Development, 1958. 
    Schwalm, Vernon F.: Autobiography and Related MaterialsMC2011/160 
    • Draft of President Vernon F. Schwalm's autobiography.
    • "The Development of the Sciences at Manchester College, a historical statement given at the dedication of the Hall of Science, 1960.
    • Retirement plan and life insurance.
    • Remarks made by A. Blair Helman at Schwalm's memorial service.
    • MC Bulletin honoring Schwalm and giving his history.
    • Obituaries.
    • Correspondence between Schwalm and President Helman.
    • Student Death in Library - correspondence between Schwalm and Helman.
    Schwalm, Vernon F.: Drafrt of AutobiographyMC2011/156 A draft of Vernon Schwalm's autobiography, Chapter V, "Return to Manchester." 
    Schwalm, Vernon F.: Inauguration Invitation List and ResponsesMC2011/161 Packet of materials containing invitation lists for President Vernon Schwalm's inauguration as President of Manchester College.  Also included are acceptance cards and letters of congratulations. 
    Schwalm, Vernon F.: Merger of Mt. Morris with Manchester CollegeMC2011/152 Vernon Schwalm was President of McPherson College, Kansas, when the decision was made for Mount Morris College to merge with Manchester College.  This file contains correspondence of Schwalms opinions about the merger. 
    Schwalm, Vernon F.: Personal CorrespondenceMC2011/153 

    Personal correspondence of Vernon F. Schwalm, President Emeritus, Manchester College.

    Schwalm, Vernon F.: Policy of Manchester College Regarding WarMC2011/150 "Manchester College and the War," written by President Vernon Schwalm.  This policy was composed following World War II. 
    Schwalm, Vernon F.: Reports to Board of Trustees, Report from Curricular Revision Committee, Development Program, 1941 - 1947MC2011/154 

    "The Liberal Arts Tradition," chapel talk given in the McPherson College Chapel 6 January 1941 by Vernon F. Schwalm, three days before his election as President of Manchester College.

    Preident's Report 24 February 1941.

    Report to Board of Trustees, 20 Marcy 1942.

    Report to the Board of Trustees 23 March 1945.

    President's Report, March 1946.

    Report from Curricular Revision Committee to the President and Faculty, 26 March 1946.

    Report to the Board of Trustees 26 September 1947.

    To the Board of Trustees - Manchester College - Fall Report, 1948.

    Report to the Trustees, 19-20 March, 1948.

    Development Program for the College, 1948.

    President's Report to the Board of Trustees, Fall, 1949.

    President's Report: 1949, to the Board of Trustees.


    Schwalm, Vernon: Corresondence Folders 54 - 61 MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 54 - 61 Correspondence between Otho Winger and Vernon Schwalm. Included in this assortment is the controversy over the fate of Mount Morris College, a discussion started years prior to its merger with Manchester College.  Unpublished letters describing Schwalm's reaction to the conditions surrounding the merger of these two institutions. Winger's final years as president and his trials and tribulations. Personal reflections upon colleagues and institutional politics as he leaves the school in the hands of his former student, Schwalm. 
    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 1 - 20MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 1-20 The materials in these folders were identified, probably by Schwalm, as "confidential files."  They contain personal, College, and Church of the Brethren related correspondence.   
    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 105 - 143MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 105 - 143 

    A great deal of material including but not limited to: Correspondence surrounding Schwalm's trip to Nigeria, including letters to and from missionaries and interaction with the Foreign Mission Commission of the Church of the Brethren General Brotherhood Board. Issues regarding the Mexico Indiana Old Folks Home and Schwalm's leadership in the creation of Timbercrest.

    Many drafts of presentations as well as completed speeches, articles, and sermons by Vernon Schwalm, including an address given in the fall of 1923 at Manchester College, the year the Academy was eliminated. Schwalm gives a brief history of the institution.

    Addresses presented by outside speakers on the Manchester College campus.

    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 144a - 146144a-146 

    Schwalm's correspondence dealing with Church of the Brethren related materials, including reminescences of Baugo Church of the Brethren. Materials surrounding the 250th anniversary of the founding of the denomination. Bibliography for the study of church history.  Corespondence with individuals at the Church of the Brethren General Offices in Elgin, Illinois on a variety of topics. Annual Conference program committee notes and other Annual Conference materials. The collection contains a variety of letters, including that of Siegfried Leffler of Germany, giving thanks for a donation towards a peace bell.

    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 147 - 160 MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files – Folders 147 - 160  

    Vernon Schwalm's family and personally related materials,including family genealogy, family history, biographical sketch, resume, staement written for honorary degree,  "Oak Leaves" article recalling the campus during WWII, letters of appreciation. Family letters and letters from those who are "like family." Early photograph of Vernon and Florence Studebaker Schwalm and intimate letters between husband and wife. Personal correspondence regarding hospitalization, insurance and financial matters.Some materials ar confidential and are marked accordingly. Folder 148 - card from Schwalm's mother requesting that he does not move to "the wild west" (probably Kansas).

    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 161 - 169MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files – Folders 161 - 169  

    A vast assortment of correspondence and materials from a variety of sources concerning personal and professionally related topics. Some are related to the Church of the Brethren One letter of interest regards Mr. Max Pinney, Huntington, Indiana, who donated a charcoal drawing of Roanoke Classical Seminary (by the artist, Hansacre, of Chicago) to Manchester College.

    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 21-44MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 21- 44 The materials in these folders were identified, probably by Schwalm, as "confidential files." They contain personal, College, and Church of the Brethren related correspondence.  
    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 45-53 MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 45-53 

    Schwalm's materials surrounding President Otho Winger and family, including Otho's funeral service and tribute to Oscar Winger. Letters regarding Schwalm's book on Otho Winger. Assorted correspondence with Dan West, Gladdys Muir and others.

    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence Folders 62-104MC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files - Folders 62-104 Correspondence bidding Schwalm farewell as he leaves Manchester College as Dean and heads west as President of McPherson College in Kansas.  Letters of congratulation and support and appreciation regarding his great ability. The return of Schwalm to Manchester College as President and materials related to his inaugural event. Also, The Church of the Brethren celebrates its 250th anniversary, Schwalm gives tribute to Carl Holl, Manchester College experiences challenges during WWII. Correspondence between Schwalm and students in Civilian Public Service and students in the military. Schwalm works with the Board of Trustees, and faces staff and student issues. Schwalm's retirement and gift from the Board of Trustees offering theSchwalms a trip to Europe and Africa. Career following retirement and dedication of Schwalm Hall. Materials surrounding, "My Educational Pilgrimage," by Schwalm and a look into Schwalm's life following his presidency. A small collection on the history of Manchester College. Various writings by Schwalm including but not limited to the drafts, "College Life Since World War II," "Christian Higher Education in the Church of the Brethren at Mid Century," and "The Development of the Sciences at Manchester College."  Correspondence with A. Blair Helman. 
    Schwalm, Vernon: Correspondence with Andrew CordierMC2006/13: Schwalm's Confidential Files 

    Decades of correspondence between Vernon Schwalm and Andrew Cordier. Cordier gives detailed accounts of behind-the-scenes activity at the United Nations during the Cold War, and the reader can watch the situation in the Congo unfold.  Cordier's role in the Cuban missile Crisis is described to Schwalm as are events on the Columbia University campus during a period of student uprising in the the 1960's. Cordier is always in the thick of things and his descriptions of political figures and events are intriguing.

    Schwalm, Vernon: Presidential Portrait, PhotographMC2008/67 

    One large black and white portrait of Manchester College President, Vernon F. Schwalm.

    Schwalm: EducationMU2016/49 Manchester alumna, Geneva Burrows, writes President Schwalm about Schwalm's Modern History class and what she has learned about education and "the value of the search itself." 
    Schwalm: Job of the MC PresidentMU2016/50 

    MC President Emeritus, Schwalm, sends a personal note and an article titled, "Prexy," that was published in "Harper's Monthly Magazine" to MC President Helman.

    Schwalm: Muir, Gladdys, Peace Studies, Correspondence MC2011/158 
    • Correspondence between President Vernon Schwalm and Gladdys Muir regarding the formation of the Peace Studies program at Manchester College.
    • Correspondence between President C. E. Davis of LaVerne College, California and V. F. Schwalm.
    • Pamphlets announcing the introduction of the Department of Peace Studies at Manchester College under the direction of Gladdys Muir and associates.  This department was designed to prepare for leadership in the field of Peace and International Relations.
    Science CenterMC2008/03 Science Center: Features in R. L. Turner Resource, a construction magazine. 
    Science Center Dedication: VideoMU2016/22 Video footage of the dedication of the Science Center. 
    Science Center: Construction VideoMU2016/27 Time-lapsed photography of the construction of the Science Center, 17 November 2003, forward. 
    Science Center: GroundbreakingMU2015/113 Digital images of the groundbreaking ceremony held for the Science Center in 2003. 
    Science Center: Proposal, Fundraising, DedicationMC2007/11 

    Science Center: Proposal, fundraising, dedication.

    Material from MC2004/308 related to the Science Center is included with the folders of MC2007/11.

    Science Symposium 1990: VideoMU2014/25 Video footage of the presentations made at the Centennial Science Symposium of April 1990, "Global Change, Human Impact." 
    Science Symposium: 1990Media Cabinet: Science Symposium, 1990 

    Gene Likens as a participant in the Science Symposium, 20 April 1990. 

    • Dr. Gene Likens, "State of the World's Ecosystem-Environmental Prospects for the 1990's." [SVHS original]
    • Dr. Gene Likens, "State of the World's Ecosystem-Environmental Prospects for the 1990's." [dubbing master]
    Scott Strode: Theater and Children's Theater Collection Including the "History of Play Production at Manchester College" MC2009/90a, b, c, e, d, f, g Strode Collection: Children's Theatre VHS and DVDs of productions. Touring history.  Year-by-year historical files and photos 1979 - 2005.  
    Seagoing Cowboys: Shultz, Kosciuszko MedalMC2009/33 The Kosciuszko medal was given to L. W. Shultz by the mayor of Warsaw, Poland for L. W.'s service in 1945 and 1946 in providing post-war relief to the Polish people.   
    Selective Service SystemMC2004/248 

    Selective Service System Records.

    Senger, Nettie: Buddhist Bible Vol. 4MC2011/93 Nettie M. Senger, Manchester College Class of 1915 and Church of the Brethren missionary to China, presented "Buddhist Bible, Vol. 4" to the Manchester College Museum. 
    Senior Day: Ditch Day, PostcardMC2003/77 Senior Day Postcard 
    Senior Recitals: Berg, 1960 and Wagner, 1939 MC2008/88 
    • Program for the Senior Recital of Richard Berg, 1960, piano and clarinet.
    • Program for the  Senior Voice Recital of Lyric Soprano, Irene Winger, 1939.


    Senior Send-offMC2010/53: Senior Send-off Part of a large collection, the folder labeled, "Senior Sendoff," 1993 contains a poster for this event.  
    Senior Series Convocations: Miller, LisaSenior Series: Miller, Lisa and More Information 

    Lisa Miller, Senior Series Convocation, VHS tape converted to DVD-R 2010, Media Cabinet, IIS.

    Lisa Miller, Senior Series Convocation 21, September 1992.

    For more material related to "Senior Series Convocations," see: Manchester College Bulletin October 1977 p.5; Photo Box 33 & 49.

    Senior Series Convocations: Petry, DanMC2010/22 

    Dan Petry Senior Convocation 14 February 1977, Recording.

    Service FellowshipMC2007/137: Service Fellowship (General Fund, Relief, Work Camps  

    Part of a larger collection, records for Service Fellowship, a student group, contain financial records for General, Relief and Work Camps, for the years 1939 - 1940 and 1940 - 1941.

    Sexual HarrassmentMC2010/116 One booklet, "It's Never Okay.  Harrassment, Aaault, Discrimination, They Hurt, They are Illegal, They don't Have to Happen! Guidelines for Understanding, Prevention and Recovery." 
    Sharp, Albert and Sarah Jones: Sod Home, North DakotaMU2016/18 The book, "Dakota Portraits," was found on a bookshelf in the Archives with the bookplate of "Mrs. O. Stuart Hamer, R. R. 4, North Manchester, Ind. 46962"  Within the book are newspaper clippings about North Dakota pioneer life, a photograph of Albert Sharp and Sarah Jones Sharp with children standing in front of their sod home, and handwritten notes and typed stories describing experiences associated with the pictured "soddy." 
    Sherpa, WangdiMC2008/176 One photograph of Manchester College alumnus, Wangdi Sherpa, MC Class of 1989. 
    Sherrick, Dorothy: Mount Morris College Alumna, Diplomas, 1913 and 1915MC2011/140a,b,c 

    Three diplomas for Dorothy Sherrick, alumna of Mount Morris College.

    Sherrick, M. M.MC2008/75 

    M. M. Sherrick: Photograph from Coe College 1896.

    Sherrick, M. M.MU2013/155, Folder 2 M. M. Sherrick poem, Eisenhower newspaper clipping, and personal correspondence to family members. 
    Sherrick, M.M.: Family MaterialsMU2017/2 Sherrick family photographs, scrapbooks, photographs correspondence, poetry, publications, and memorabilia of M. M. Sherrick, Minnie Mae (Buck) Sherrick, Dorothy Sherrick, Marjorie Sherrick, Robert Sherrick, Paul Henry Sherrick, Burton Sherrick, and members of the Henry and Eliza Buck and E. S. Young families. Wilbur Stover tribute (Mount Morris Church of the Brethren). 
    Shock, Laura: Chinese BibleMC2011/92 Laura Shock donated a Chinese Bible to Manchester College Library on 25 January 1923.  The Archivist believes that this is the same Laura Shock that grauduated from Manchester College in 1916. 
    Shroyer, Harold and Mildred Shroyer Young: Photograph Collection 1933-1934MU2012/126 Many photographs belonging to Harold Shroyer and Mildred Inez Shroyer Young, who attended Manchester College. Harold's images were taken between 1929 and 1933.  Mildred's pictures are dated 1933-1934. They offer an interesting and not often seen perspective to resident life. 
    Shultz, L. W.: Correspondence and Personal DecisionsMC2007/37 

    L. W. Shultz: Correspondence and memorabilia, including important personal decisions.

    Shultz, L. W.: Gradebook, Lectures, Student Grades, Etc.MC2011/115 

    One notebook with class registers and lectures outlines for various classes.  Student grades are included making this a partially restricted file. Circa 1919 - 1920.

    Also included is a personal reading list from 1905 and an Adelphian-Lincoln Program from 22 May 1909 upon which a timeline has been written on the verso.

    Shultz, L. W.: Photograph CollectionMC2001/12h L.W. Shultz Papers: Photograph Collection including tours conducted by L. W. Shultz, Piney Woods, pictures of Cora and L. W. Shultz, and many more of European and Middle Eastern tours. 
    Shultz, L. W.: Wedding InvitationMC2001/12e 

    Wedding invitation of Cora Leona Winger and Lawrence Shultz, dated 1915.

    Shultz: Trip WestMC2011/122 

    These images appear to be from the 1960's and record a trip taken by  L. W. and Cora Shultz.  Stops include: Jackson Hole, Wyoming. a geyser at a national park, a church, the western mountains, and a decorative building with signage, "1966 Mitchell Corn Palace."

    Sigma Pi Sigma Physics SocietyMC2002/248  

    Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Society Collection.  Sigma Pi SIgma is an Honors Society for Physics.

    Newspaper articles about Sigma Pi Sigma.

    Silver Book, The: Tribute to Otho WingerMC2006/39 

    "The Silver Book," is the script for a pageant of pictured pages, the Silver Shadow Series of Manchester Murals, musing Otho Winger, President of Manchester College and the growth of His school during twenty-five years of service from 1911 - 1936. 

    Silver Symphony Menu and Program, 1967MC2010/121 Two programs for the "Silver Symphony," 3 February 1967.  What this program is about is unknown.  Officers are included as well as past officers, so this is some type of organization.  There is a reception and a dinner at the Sheller Hotel in North Manchester. 
    Skeleton in Cap and GownMC2012/50 Photograph of a graduating skeleton in cap and gown.   
    Slides, An AssortmentMC2010/77 

    This is a true assortment of slides including but absolutely not limited to:

    Campus and building shots, recruitment and publicity photos, construction, students and January term trips 1996, theater, radio station, Homecoming 1994, High School Band Day, children's gymnastics, Planned Giving presentation, fountain, Mexico Indiana Old Folks Home, Historic black and white shots including football, track, fountain, student with globe.

    Smoking: Photographs from Oak Leaves or Aurora OfficesMU2012/53 Images of student smokers and tobacco use circa the 1990's. 
    Snake DanceOak Leaves 

    Snake Dance.

    Soccer, Men's Women'sSmall Box 53 now Athletic Filing Cabinet Assorted materials related to Men and Women's Soccer. 
    Soccer, Men's: PhotographsMU2019/51 Men's Soccer photographs circa 2001, 2002 and possibly other years.  Some pictures are identified (see accession record). 
    Soccer, Women's: photographMU2018/15 Photographs of early women's soccer team circa 1994 that includes but is not limited to: Coach Martha Judge, Melissa Culver, Cheri Rieman, Brice Bedke, Joel Pippenger, Jennifer Vincent, Carolyn McGuire. 
    Soccer: January Session TripsMU2014/123 History of the Soccer team's January Term and January Session trips to Nigeria and Jamaica. 
    Social CommitteeLarge Box 38 Materials related to the Social Committee. 
    Social Justice: Race RelationsMU2013/4 In response to the racially charged sit-down demonstrations of Spring 1960, the Peace Fellowship group at Manchester College entered the May Day parade with 22 sign-carrying students under the banner "Stand Up for the Sit Downs."  
    Social Science Core I and II, History and Political ScienceMU2013/153, Folders 1 - 56 with Special Problems and Independent Study Papers A - Y Social Science Core I and II materials (circa1969-1976), History and Political Science, and Special Problems (1961-1983).  
    Social Science MaterialsMC2009/162a,b,c,d 

    Listing of Social Science Materials:

    Readings: Appalachia As A Sub-Culture," Social Science Core.

    Department Meetings 1996, 1997 - agendas, enrollments, learning goals for the sociology major, the learning portfolio.

    Press Releases, News Clippings, Papers.

    For Clubs, societies and organizations: Southern Belles Home Demonstration Club, see MC2009/162d.

    Social Sciences Division: Historical Chart of MankindMC2008/99 Teacher's Aid:  "Historical Chart of Mankind," in the form of a scroll to be hung from the wall. 
    Social Studies for the Primary Grades, 1932MC2012/3a,b 

    MC2012/3a: Holland - A study of some of the phases of Dutch life which are of mutual interest to students, with illustrations by Ruth Eidemiller.  Articles written by a group of students who were members of the class in Social Studies for the primary Grades.  Teaches - Agnes C. Kessler, May 20, 1932.

    MC2012/3b: A Study of the Swiss People, by Bargaret Brickley and Merdena Miller, Prepared for Miss Kessler's course - Social Studies fo the Primary Grades.  Manchester College, May 30, 1932.

    Social Work: AccreditationMC2009/97a,b,c,d : Social Work Accreditation 

    Social Work Accreditation materials from the Office of Academic Affairs. This is part of a larger collection accessioned as MC2009/97a,b,c,d.


    • Social Work Accreditation
    • Institutional Research
    • APC Minutes 1977-1988
    • APC Minutes 1988-1993
    • APC Minutes 1993-1998
    • Library Renovation 1999
    Social Work: Foster Parent Development MC2007/195a, b, c, d Foster Training Handbook, Home County, Dpt. of Public Welfare, Foster Parent Development Through Child Welfare Staff Training, Mid-Project Progress Report, Final Report. 
    Sociology and Social Work: Criminal Justice Exposure ProjectMC2009/15 

    Criminal Justice Exposure Project (various years) - background material, documents, sullabi, and reports. 

    Sociology and Social Work: Criminal Justice Exposure Project, Photographs, Newspaper ClippingsMC2009/03  

    Criminal Justice Exposure Project 1973 - 1974 photographs and news clippings.

    See Also: Criminal Justice Exposure Project, background and reports (North shelving unit Archives "Office.") and Fundraising Grants, MC2003/297.

    Sociology and Social Work: Foster Parent Development MC2007/195a,b,c,d Foster Parent Development Through Child Welfare Staff Training. 
    Sociology and Social Work: Interns-In-Probation Project Grant #3-34-72-F-1, 1972 - 1973MC2007/199 a, b, c 

    Interns-In-Probation Project, Grant #3-34-72-F-1

    1.  MC2007/199 a: Interns-In-Probation Project, Grant #3-34-72-F-1, First Quarterly Report, Jun 1 through August 31, 1972.

    2.  MC2007/199b:  Interns-In-Probation Project Grant #3-34-72-F-1, First Quarterly Report, Jun 1 through August 31, 1972 .

    3.  Interns-In-Corrections Project Grant #3-34-72-F-1, Final Report 1972 -3.

    Sociology Club CashbookMC2007/137: Sociology Club Sociology Club Cash Book 1952 - 1953. This book is part of a larger collection accessioned as MC20077/137, and titled, Financial Records of Manchester College. 
    Softball StatisticsMU2014/165 Softball Women's Softball statistics 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2007. 
    Softball: PhotographMU2019/26 Softball pictures from 2001, 2002, 2003 
    Softball: RecordsMU2015/3 Various Women's Softball records from 1986 through 2011-2012. 
    Software: Request for Proposal for Manchester CollegeMU2013/156 Administrative System Software Enterprise Resource Planning System (E-Service) - Request for Proposal for Manchester College, 15 June 2000. An "RFP" reflecting the overall administrative computing needs of Manchester College that was compiled form a variety of sources, the most important being input from users across the College community. 
    Sollenberger, HowardMU2017/28 Material related to alumnus, Howard Sollenberger.  
    Soul Review: MU2018/102 Indiana University(perhaps) presents, Soul Review, 20 February 1983. 
    Sound of Music 2004: Musical ProductionMU2015/20 

    Images of the cast from the 2004 production of "The Sound of Music."

    South Central District and Middle Indiana District MaterialsBC2018/27 South Central District of the Church of the Brethren materials, along with pieces of information from the former Middle Indiana District. 
    Spartan MascotMC2008/53 The history behind "Sami Spartan." 
    Spartan Season Recap 2003-2004: VideoMU2013/129 Video recapping Spartan athletic events of 2003-2004 and thanking donors who contributed to the year's success. 
    Speaker's BureauMC2010/120 Publicity for the "Speaker's Burueau."  Manchester College faculty and staff offer lectures and short speeches to outside organizations.  Lists of individuals and topics. 
    Speaker: Child DevelopmentMC2011/50 

    The first recording is a small clip probably from the Messiah.

    The second recording is a woman talking very slowly, probably for a speech or oral interpretation class.

    A female and witty child psychologist gives a presentation on child development.

    Speakers and Performers at Mancheser College: Newspaper ClippingsMU2017/74 Newspaper clippings related to speakers and performers sponsored by Manchester College: Carl Holl brings General Electric Company's "House of Magic" (undated), African American baritone, William Warfield (1963), the Four Freshman  (1963), Andrew Cordier (1963), Elizabeth Eiselen  (1963), Stanton Evans (1963), Mulford Sibley (1963), Dennis Baley (1963),  Albert Ravenholt, Joe Nixon, Clay Syler (1963), Harry Zeller (1963), Ernest Simmons (1963), Bruce Ergood (1963), Rev. John Sadiq (1963), Hollis Summers (1963) Willard Hanna (1963), Rabbii Maurice Davis (1963), Henry Steele Commager (1963), George Norris (1963),  Albert Ravenholt (1963), Ralph Shively (1963), Roger Fredrikson(1963), Theodore Hesburgh (1967), "Sons of Thunder" (1973), Robert Guralnick (1975?), Floyd Fithian, Senator Gene Snowden(1981),  Alice Friman (1985), Dr. John Robinson, Kathy Kelly, Dr. Eugene Roop, Dr. Thad Godish (1991), "Sounds of Hope" European concert tour group (1992), "Redcliff" (1992), Robert Channing  (1992), Steve Geyer (1992), Roger Fredrikson(1963), Eli Chacour "Blood Brothers" (1993), The Modernaires (1993), Greg Smith Singers (1993),  Bill Pelke (1993), Governor Robert Orr, Carlos Barbera and Giandomenico Picco  (1995), Heather Forest (1995), Chuck Collins (1996), Dr. Derek Penslar (1996), Dr. William Thomas (1996), "Prayer for World Peace" presented by Tibetan Buddhist (2003), Holocaust survivors share accounts (2003), Ferenc Miczlivetz (2003),Clyde Prestowitz (2004), Scott Rutter (2004).Zia Mian (undated). Nels Ferre, (undated). 

    Back-up copies of the Spectrum.

    A complete set of Spectrums is available in the Archives' [Sanctum].

    Spectrum: Digital Files 2004 and 2005MU2014/154a,b CDs and network copies of digital files for the "Spectrum," 2004 and 2005. 
    Speech and Drama: Award, 1973MC2008/43 Speech and Drama Certificate of Award, 1973 
    Speech Department: Voice Recording LedgerMC2010/119 

    A ledger (circa 1949), property of the Speech Department, with notes for the "Recording Department."

    Speech: MedalsMU2019/3 Five Intramural Champion Speech, "Debate," medals from the Meyer and Alexander Fraternity and Sorority Jewelers in Marion, Indiana. 
    Speicher, Tim: "Man and His Ideals"MC2011/77 Man and His Ideals, Parts I and 2, with host, Tim Speicher,ltaking a look at the poor and minorities under U.S. bureaucracy through words and music. 
    Squirrelee Company 1977 Fall FantasiaMC2008/50 A Gilbert and Sullivan - like performance.  A comedy with music given by faculty and staff September, 1977. 
    Staff AssociationMC2002/256 

    Staff Association Records.

    Constitutions, annual reports, flyers, general info.  Discussion about the "Staff Association Flower Fund Policy."

    Staff Association Ballott, 1996, 1998 newspaper article honoring staff members with photograph, programs and events, staff honored for years of service 1999 newspaper article, application for staff employment.

    Staff Manual and Staff Employee HandbookMC2008/12 

    1.  One Staff Manual, 1981.

    2.  Staff Employee Handbook, September 2000 (added to collection 5 March 2009).

    Staff Programs: Olympics Day, 1997MC General File: Staff Programs An advertisement for Staff Olympics Day, 11 June 1997.   
    Stafford, William: CollectionMC2005/13: William Stafford Collection 

    William Stafford (1914-1993), US Poet Laureate 1970, received Relief and Rehabilitationtraining in Civilian Public Service Camp 101 at Manchester College 1943, was member of MC English faculty 1955-56, and visited the college many other times. See letter in collection for further information.

    Stafford, William: Collection, CDMC2006/43 

    Images and materials related to William Stafford.  Stafford was a conscientious objector during WWI, English professor at Manchester College from 1955-1956, and United States Poet Laureate (1970).

    Stafford, William: JournalMC2005/13 Fellowship, the journal of the fellowship of reconciliation: Journal published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.  See William Stafford (faculty) and Dale Aukerman. 
    Stauffer, Barbara Fuller: VietnamMC2011/24 

    Barbara Stauffer Fuller is accompanied by her husband.  Also included are Bill and Peggy Herrod.  She speaks about reconstruction aid to Vietnam and her experience when visiting North and South Vietnam March 27 - April 10 (      ).

    Stein, John W. : Mount Morris College, PresidentMC2003/119  
    Mount Morris President J. W. Stein papers:
    • In 1881, J.W. Stein, then president of Mt. Morris College,  disappeared mysteriously, leaving behind his wife and children. 
    Stine, A. M.MC2008/208: Edith Miller Collection  

    "We Are What We've Come From," the family and life of A. M. Stine.  This object has been placed with geaneological materials in alphabetical order in the Archives Office.  This booklet is part of the Edith Miller Collection MC2008/208.

    A. M. Stine married Bertha Miller Neher following the death of Bertha's first husband, Levi Neher.  Bertha was a sister-in-law to Manchester College President, Otho Winger.

    Stine, Bertha Miller NeherMC2004/635-2 

    Bertha Miller's correspondence from tour to Europe and the Holy Lands, 1927.

    Stinebaugh, VernonMC2011/171 

    Five letters from Vernon Stinebaugh including:

    1. Music department statistics, 1972.

    2.  Professor Stinebaugh's days as a student at Manchester College, "A Public Paddling - Thwarted!"

    3.  Stinebaugh as Brethren minister's son, "Preacher's Kids Survive Wild Joy Ride."

    4.  Celebrity, Percy Grainger, oomposer and pianist, performs on campus, 1953.

    5. "Together in Harmony," Vernon and Angela Stinebaugh celebrate 77 years of marriage. 

    Stinebaugh, Vernon: Arthur Fiedler CollectionMC2012/52 Correspondence and photographs of famous Boston Pops conductor, Arthur Fiedler, with Professor Vernon Stinebaugh...and how Fiedler came to conduct the Manchester College String Symphony's Mother's Day Concert - 13th Annual String Festival, 1959. 
    Stoner Family Manchester College AlumniMC2011/100 All of Benjamin Oliver Stoner's brothers and sisters attended Manchester College between the years of 1909 and 1931.  Photocopies of Stoner family materials found in Manchester College publications. 
    Stover, Wilbur and Mary EmmertStover, Wilbur and Mary: Additional Information 

    Additional resources for material related to Wilbur and Mary Stover.

    Streator, Dr. James:Genetic Engineering VideoMU2014/33 MP4 video 

    Manchester professor, Dr. James Streator, speaks and illustrates the process of genetic engineering.

    Studebaker, George and Mary: Diaries and Autograph BooksMC2011/90a,b,c,d 

    MC2011/90a: Autobraph book belonging to Mary (Mollie) and Andrew Studebaker.  This book begins 1880 or 1881.

    MC2011/90b: Autograph book of Mary Simonton (Mollie) and George Studebaker,  circa 1881.

    Two diaries MC2011/90c and MC2011/90d dated 1888 and 1936 belonging to George Studebaker.

    Studebaker, George L.: Scrapbook MC2009/16 

    Scrapbook beloning to George Losh Studebaker.

    Studebaker, Ted MC2002/257 

    Ted Studebaker, MC Class of 1967, pacifist and conscientious objector who served as an agricultural worker during the Vietnam War and was executed by North Vietnamese in 1971.

    Studebaker, Ted: ABC News Story and Church of the Brethren DocumentaryMU2012/63 wave sound 

    An excerpt from a Church of the Brethren documentary on Ted Studebaker and a recording of an ABC News story by Jim Kincaid.


    Studebaker, Ted: Materials and PhotographsSmall Box 7: Alumni Materials and photographs related to Ted Studebaker, a 1967 graduate of Manchester College, who was serving as an agriculturist in Vietnam Christian Service, when he was killed in South Vietnam (1971). 
    Studebaker, Ted: Memorial and BiographyMU2013/126 digital recording 

    A memorial biography in tribute of MC alumnus, Ted Studebaker, a pacifist killed in 1971 while working with the people of South Vietnam.

    Studebaker, Ted: News ReportMC2011/116 

    Video - News feature on the death of pacifist,Ted Studebaker, in Vietnam during the Vietnam War in1971. Ted was a member of the Church of the Brethren and a Manchester College alumnus.


    See Also:

    Student Christian UnionMC2008/14 

    Student Christian Union Records Notebooks with records from 1943 - 1947 and 1947 - 1949.

    Student Couple in Lounge, circa 1950s: PhotographMC2008/110 Male and female student in lounge circa 1958/1959 with LIFE magazines on table. 
    Student Development MC2007/101 College Students- the Eighties.  A speech. 
    Student DevelopmentMC2010/154 Letters concerning recipes and information regarding pizza. 
    Student Development: 1998 - 1999 Annual SummariesMC2010/155 One report for 1998-1999. 
    Student Government, 2Large Box 117 Materials related to student government. 
    Student Government: Community Court Records: CONFIDENTIAL MC2003/31  Student Government: Community Court Records -  CONFIDENTIAL  
    Student Government: Judicial BoardLarge Box 99 

    Judicial Board materials.

    Student Government: Student Council Minutes, 1948 - 1949MC2009/19 Student Council: Minutes 1948 - 1949. 
    Student Job DescriptionsMC2007/201 1981 job descriptions for students, by department. 
    Student Leadership RecognitionMC General File: Student Leadership Recognition Programs for the 4 April 1993 and 10 April 1994 Student Leadership Recognition Banquets. Templates for the Manchester College Student Leadership Award Certificates. Invitation to the 10th annual Student leadership Recognition Dinner. 
    Student Life 1948-1948 Academic Year: PhotographsMC2004/714 1948 "Aurora" photographs of Louise Kline, Jack Kline, Ray Bowman, Thannis Darner, Paul Leckron, Eugene Kuszmaul, Robert Holcomb, Oliver Wade, Kenneth Miller, Robert Wilcox, Stanley Bittinger, Harry McNeary, Wilson Lutz, Richard Shirky, Leon Welling, Harold Yost, and John Bechtelheimer. 
    Student Life: Images circa 1983 and 1984MU2014/113 

    A group of slides titled, "A year in the Life of Manchester College," 1984, digitized in 2014. Many of the images probably from 1983.

    Student Life: Memorabilia from the 1920sMU2014/124 

    Memorabilia including a Manchester student handbook (1927), alumni banquet program (1929), and booklet, "Three Thousand Miles Between," by Prof. J. Raymond Schutz.

    Student Life: Photographs circa 1901MU2014/162 Photographs of Manchester College students taken at the turn of the 20th Century. 
    Student Life: Scrapbook 1937 - 1941MC2009/73 Thought to be the Marjorie Stinebaugh and Vernon Ferrell Miller's scrapbook reflecting highlights of 1937-38, 1938-39, 1939-40, 1940-41.  
    Student Life: Slides and ScansMU2014/48 
    A group of slides depicting the education and life of students at Manchester College from 1975 through 1992.
    Student Life: Slides circa 1992 - 1995MU2014/62 

    Digitized slides featuring students, professors, and campus scenes circa 1992 through 1995.

    Student Lobbying DayMU2018/119 News coverage of the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) Student Lobbying Day, 27 February 2007. 
    Student Petition to Board of Trustees, 1900MC2007/79  

    1.  One file containing an original letter from Manchester College students to the Board of Trustees, April 5, 1900.


    The student petition to the Board of Trustees was from an early era in Manchester College history when both the academic and administrative credibility were in question. This file contains an original letter from Manchester College students to the Board of Trustees,dated April 5, 1900.

    Student Photographers: PhotographMC2010/110 

    Three students looking at camera equipment.  This is  possibly a picture for inclusion in a 1940's Aurora.

    Student Photographs, 1926 and Artistic Portrait of a WomanMC2004/564ab 

    Photo montage 1926

    • Photo montage of students and faculty in 1926.
    • One picture of a woman that appears to be printed in a painterly way on a type of wallpaper composition.
    Student Photographs, 1990'sMC2010/101 

    One photograph of a group of students from the 1990's. Some persons are identified.

    Student Photographs: 1900-1901MU2014/157 Manchester College and/or Academy students during the years 1900 and1901, including members of "The Hollinger Boys," and a photograph of Edith Brubaker. 
    Student Photographs: Band, circa 1980'sMC2008/180 Funnystudent band photograph circa the middle 1980's including Dab Dobbs, Patti Bickel, Dianna Mutch (Brown), and Cynthia Hoff. 
    Student Photographs: Linnie Snider, in "Weaver's Class 1896." MC2009/161 

    One captioned photograph of a group of young people.

    A bearded man in the photo holds a sign:



    of ____(18) 96.


    Student Pictures of the 1890'sMU2014/155a,b,c A group of female students holding lilacs, 1897. Class, probably with Alice King (Ebey) as instructor, 1897. Group of female students with Alice King in the center - 1898. Group picture taken 18 May 1898. 
    Student Publications CommitteeLarge Box 39 Materials related to the Student Publications Committee. 
    Student Records: Faculty Grade BooksLarge Box 143 

    Faculty grade books.

    Student Records: TranscriptsLarge Boxes 144 through 152 

    Student transcripts and supporting documents from other institutions.

    Student Senate: Mission StatementMC General File: Student Senate This file contains the 1977 Mission Statement of the Student Senate as well as its powers and duties.  Also included is a photocopy of a 22 November 1995 newspaper article announcing Amy DeLau's, of Union Mills, election as the Oakwood Hall representative to the Student Senate. 
    Student with Kitten 1973: PhotographMC2010/157 Student in a big hat with kitten, outside of Garver Hall. 
    Student, Faculty, Staff and Buildings: Photographs of Mount Morris and Manchester CollegeMC2004/454-457 Photographs: Faculty, staff, students and buildings of Mount Morris and Manchester College. 
    Student: Harshbarger, Albert E., Memory BookMC2007/21 Memory book beginning in 1922 and accompanying photograph. 
    Student: PostersMC2009/71-V: Various  

    Student Related Posters.

    Student: Religious Affiliation 1973 - 1983MC2007/96 

    Records for the distribution by church membership of undergraduate full-time students for: 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980,1981,1983.

    Students 1926: Lyceum Course CommitteeMU2014/156 Photograph of the Lyceum Course Committee for the 1925-1926 school year: Dallas Dickey, Paul Garrett, and Kermit Eby. 
    Students 1965 - 1976: Troubled MC General File: Student Arrests A confidential file listing students and/or alumni who had altercations with the law circa 1965 - 1976.  
    Students in Class: PhotographsPhoto Box 92: Students in Class 

    A large assortment of images of students and faculty in class.  A partial listing is included on the information page.

    Students of Manchester College: Panoramic Photograph, 27 October 1921.MC2011/177 One photograph of the students of Manchester College taken 27 October 1921. 
    Students on College Avenue: Photograph MU2012/110 

    A group of students are entering a home on College Avenue. 

    Students Playing Early Videogames: PhotographMC2010/130 One snapshot of two male students playing an "early" videogame. 
    Students, circa 1920 to Current: PhotographsMC2010/197a,b,c,d 

    One humorous photo of a male student in a tuxedo jacket, looking at a periodical while sitting in front of a piano.  The student is wearing sunglasses, a rain cap of some type and a t-shirt with a large logo.

    One photo circa 1972 of Vicki Pell, LuAnn Weldy, Steve Bowne, and Jo Renbarger.

    1940's or early 1950's photographs of students, unidentified.  Two photographs are cut into a circle.

    Circa 1920?  "In front of Bumgardner (Bumgerdner), Georgia."  Georgia is wearing high-topped laced boots.

    Students: Photographs, 1932MC2003/357 

    Dean Beery Photograph Collection, including  photographs of Manchester College theater, Homecoming, May Day 1932. Many of these pictures are from the 1930's.

    Students: Photographs, circa 1980's, 1990's MC2007/218 

    Old Manchester College sign with two students talking.

    Cordier Auditorium building shot.

    Student reading under tree.

    Trio of students with guitar and drums on football field.

    Students with books around the fountain. 

    "Good Times" showing a barbeque on campus with two individuals and meat.

    Photo of football team at play.

    A Cappella Choir photo.

    Students: Photographs, Oak Leaves or Aurora OfficesMU2012/56 A variety of pictures of unidentified students.  Also - students spinning plates. 
    Students: Postcards, circa 1980's 1990'sMC2008/29 

    Postcards: Campus scenes with students circa 1980's or 90's?

    • Autumn leaves, Spring and Summer shots with students.
    • Petersime Chapel in the snow and in Spring with Students on walkway.
    • Professor Kreps with student in class.
    Stutsman, Charles Noble: PhotographMU2018/115 Photograph of the Lincoln Oratorical Contestants of Manchester College taken 14 March 1903.  The photograph contains the images of eight students, including Sadie Stutsman's brother, Charles Noble Stutsman, and that of Joseph Cunningham. 
    Summer Conference Schedule 1991MC General File: Conference Services, Summer 1991 A schedule of summer conferences on the Manchestser College campus for the summer of 1991.  The memo is from Pennie S. Hoover, Conference Coordinator.  Meal prices are included.  
    Summer SchoolMC2008/25 
    • Summer School booklets containing calendar, general information, class schedules, description of professors.
    • Two laminated pages featuring summer instructors: T. Wayne Rieman, Paul Keller, Max Allen, Neal Merritt, Ray Keim, Earl Garver, Dr. Bollinger, and Don Royer (no date given).
    • Brochures.
    • Summer Session 1954 brochure.
    Summer SchoolMC2010/145a,b 

    Two file folders.  The first folder has photocopies of various Summer School catalogue covers and copies of the description of several summer school courses, such as "Remedial Reading Techniques for Teachers," offered in the Summer School of 1952. There is even a copy of the June 6, 1989 advertisement, "North Manchester College, Will Hold Its Summer: Normal, in the Public School Building ....."  There is also an application for the June 9 to June 29,1971 first summer session and the June 30 to August 11 second summer session including a list of classes and prices.

    The second folder contains what might be a sample advertisement for summer school or for an alumni event.  It is a nostalgic picture rom the past with student witting on the "spoonholder" in front of the Adinistration Building.

    Summer School: PhotographMC2010/73 Photograph:  Possibly a photo of the Summer Session students and faculty.  Included is President Winger and L. D. Ikenberry.  
    Sunday SchoolMC2010/147 Copy of an invitation to attend the interdenominational "College Sunday School" featuring "...five vitally interesting classes."  Professors giving classes are Paul Keller, Ercell Lynn, Gladdys Muir, R. Wayne Rieman, and Dr. Charles Morris. 
    Sunday School Day in the College Chapel, 1899MC2004/706-3 

    Chapel: Sunday School Day in the College Chapel, 18 January 1899, with notes of lecture by Emma Bowman.

    Other speakers included:

    A, I. Mow, Edna Puterbaugh, E. M. Crouch, Owen Cottrell, Edson J. Ulrey, Mrs. T. T. Myers, Gorman Heeter, J. W. Kitson, J. R. Miller, Mrs. Emma Garver, Mrs. Kate Hollinger, Mrs. W. Wright, I. L. Burkey, Alice King, M. M. Sherrick, S. D. Royer.

    Sundial: PhotographsPhoto Box 113 

    Photographs of the sundial.

    Surbey, Donald L.MC2007/20 

    Scientist and Manchester College alumnus. Scientific writings and patents.

    See also: The materials were in the Archives but not documented prior to April 2006.
    Swank, Louella: Autograph Book 1899MC2008/80 Autograph book beloning to Louella Z. Swank of Bellefontaine, Ohio, with inscription and signature, 1899, by Otho Winger. 
    Swimming Students: PhotographMC2011/118 

    Oversized black and white photograph of what appears to be a male student in swimming attire, perhaps at a pool.

    Switzer, Jo YoungMU2014/121 Photograph of President Jo Young Switzer with sportscaster and Manchester alumnus, Mike "Doc" Emrick. 
    Switzer, Jo Young: Inauguration Media, Correspondence, ReflectionsMC2004/732 Media releases, personal reflections on presidency.. 
    Switzer, Jo Young: Inauguration VideoMU2014/11 "The Inauguration of Jo Young Switzer, Fourteenth President of Manchester College, September 17, 2005." 
    Switzer, Jo Young: Presidency, Announcements, TransitionsMU2014/63 Jeri S. Kornegay, compiled media and correspondence in chronological order that detailed the transition of Jo Young Switzer to the Manchester College presidency. 
    Switzer, President Jo Young: ImagesMU2014/108 

    Images of Jo Young Switzer as Manchester student, professor, Vice President and Dean for Academic affairs (1993), and as President (December 2004) assembled as an exhibition in honor of Jo's retirement. Accompanying notebook of audience reflections.

    Symphonic Band and Stage Band: Posters MC2009/91a,b 

    Symphonic Band / Stage Band (1971) poster and Symphonic Band poster (earlier poster).

    1. MC2009/89aL 8.5" x 11" poster for Symphonic Band and Stage Band concert for 28 Frebruary 1971.

    2. MC2009/89b: Poster with photo for Symphonic Band, David C. McCormick, Director,  McCormick taught at the College from 1956-1959 and from 1967-1970.  The poster has a photograph of the band.

    Symphony: Programs and Concerts,1956 - 1972MC2008/90 

    Manchester Symphony Orchestra, assorted programs including concert featuring guest conductor, Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops Orchestra and 300 Northern Indiana High School String Musicians along with the Manchester College String Symphony, Mother's Day Concert, 14 March 1959.

    Other conductors and musicians include the following:

    Mrs. Paul Speicher and Mr. Max Allen, Duo-Pianists, 4 November, 1956.

    John Barr, Student of Manchester College, piano soloist, 21 February, 1960.

    Jon David Toth, violinist, 26 February, 1961.

    Tall Oaks: Welcome BookletsMC2006/14 

    Tall Oaks' Welcome Brochures 1995 and 2006 including concept and history behind this structure.

    • Tall Oaks booklets with history from March, 1970 - March, 1995.
    • 2006 booklet about the history of Tall Oaks following recent renovation for President Jo Young Switzer.
    Tannreuther, George W.MC2007/128 

    Information about George Tannreuther who was the first college graduate of Manchester College in 1900.  Tannreuther became professor of Zoology at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

    Tape Recorder and Amplified Public Address SystemMC2011/80 

    Tape recorder that can also be used as an amplified public address system. This is a demonstration that new technology is always a challenge. 

    Another section of the tape features a woman interviewing a child.

    Tau Kappa AlphaMC2002/266 

    Tau Kappa Alpha ritual booklet and miscellaneous file, along with an assortment of papers containing speech awards, a report of the committee on public speaking in the matter of awards, a list of chapters of Tau Kappa Alpha in the Indiana-Michigan-Minnesota-Iowa Region, Chartered Chapters of Tau Kappa Alpha, a chapter report (undated), a press release (undated), a communications schedule for an unspecified year, draft of letter regarding a student "speakers' bureau."

    Tau Kappa Alpha: FinancesMC2007/137: Tau Kappa Alpha 

    Tau Kappa Alpha: Journal of Finances 1937 - 1947 (one book) and Record of Minutes (May 17, 1937 - April 30, 1947) one book.  This material is part of a larger collection entitled, "Financial Records of Manchester College," MC2007/137.

    Tau Kappa Alpha: MemorabiliaMU2016/14 T. K. A. , a speech organization, selected only a very small percentage ofspeech students and select faculty as members.The Archivescollection contains a stencil with the T. K. A. initials and a length of chainon which cards containing the names and initiation dates of members were connected. Names included in description. 
    Tau Kappa Alpha: Record of MembersMC2011/112 A bound notebook with letters in gold leaf, "TAU KAPPA ALPHA, Manchester College Chapter, RECORD OF MEMBERS."  Names of members and some minutes are inserted in the book.  The earliest members were initiated in May of 1936.  The name of the third initiate is Andrew W. Cordier. 
    Teacher Education: Substitute Teaching - CONFIDENTIALMU2015/40 CONFIDENTIAL FILE - Eligibility Letters for Substitute Teaching 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981. 
    Teacher on the Road to Readiness: Dr. HaupMC2011/55 "Teacher on the Road to Readiness."  Dr. Haup presenter.   
    Tennis Court: PhotographsPhoto Box 19a, File Folder #2a 

    Tennis Court photographs:

    • Tennis courts through the ages.
    Tennis StatisticsMU2014/165 Tennis 

    Men's and Women's Tennis statistics.

    Tennis Statistics and MaterialsMU2015/4 

    1985 Women's Tennis Roster and Coach's Final Season Report.

    2002-2003 Women's and Men's Tennis statistics, articles, newspaper clippings.

    "Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference 2005 Women's Tennis Tournament," statistics.

    Tennis, Men's and Women'sMC2009/173 2003 newspaper articles regarding Tennis for Men and Women.  
    Tennis, Men's: PhotographsPhoto Box 19b  

    Photographs of Men's Tennis.

    Tennis, Women's: PhotographsPhoto Box 19a, File Folder #3 

    Women's Tennis photographs:

    • 1978 - 1979 Women's Tennis photographs:
      • Judy Silvers, Cindy Rosenberger, Janie Leatherman, Erica Colburn, Pt McQuillan, Caryl Coy, Dar Miller, Becky Middleton, Sue Walker, Michele Miller, Ramona Seese, Janet Witwer, Denise Parcel.
      • Becky Middleton, individual photograph.
    • 1979 - 1980 Women's Tennis
      • Judy Silvers, Coach, Erica Colburn, Brenda Nichols, Caryl Coy, Cindy Rosenberger, Ramona Seese, Becky Middleton, Denise Parcel, Janet Witwer, Michelle Miller.
      • Denise Parcel, individual photograph.
    • 1982 - Shelly Miller
    • 1982 - 1983 Women's Tennis and athletic pictures
    • 1983 - 1984 Strycker
    • 1984 - 1985 Tennis photographs.
    • 1984 - 1985 Jill Bolze
    • 1984 - 1985 Kathy Kruetzman
    • 1985 - Kathy Kreutzman
    • 1985 - Theresa Ginzer
    • Unidentified
    • 1991 Aurora pictures
    Tennis, Women's: PhotographsPhoto Box 19a, File Folder #4 

    Women's Tennis photographs: Various individuals, group shots and years: 1975 - 1993.

    Tennis, Women's: PhotographsPhoto Box 19a, File Folder #5 

    Women's Tennis photographs: 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984,  1985, 1987, 1988,  along with pictures of unidentified players from unspecified years.


    Tennis, Women's: PhotographsMU2019/31 

    Photographs include but are not limited to: Women’s Tennis teams, Tennis Conference picture, Awald, Kirby Jasper, Laura Hunter, Kristan Frick, Elizabeth Waybright, Melissa Otterstedt, Chelle Blackburn, Anna Merrymen

    Tennis: PhotographsPhoto Box 19a, File Folder #1 

    Tennis photographs.

    • Contact Sheets
    Tennis: PhotographsPhoto Box 19a, File Folder #2b 

    Tennis photographs:

    • 1940's (?) and 1950's (?) coed tennis
    • 1924
      • Burr
      • Hendrix
      • Neher
    • 1949
      • Former Manchester College alumnus, President Ed Butterbaugh, as a student on the tennis team.
    The School and Home: Mount Morris Publication, 1893MU2013/81  "The School and Home," Vol. IX, No. 8, August 1893 edited by J. G. Royer, Mount Morris College, focusing on events in the lives of those associated with Mt. Morris College while featuring uplifting articles. 
    Theater, Children's: RumpelstiltskinMU2013/48 The Manchester College Children's Theatre Group presented "Rumpelstiltskin" on 21 January 1987 under the direction of Professor Scott Strode. This is a digital recording made from the original VHS tape.  
    Theater, Children's: Sleeping BeautyMU2013/47 The Manchester College Children's Theatre Group presented "Sleeping Beauty" on 16 January 1985 under the direction of Professor Scott Strode.  This is a digital recording made from the original VHS tape. 
    Theater, Children's: The CrossroadsMU2013/49 The Manchester College Children's Theatre Group presented "The Crossroads" on 15 January 1988 under the direction of Professor Scott Strode. This is a digital recording made from the original VHS tape. 
    Theater, Children's: The CrossroadsMU2013/46 The Manchester College Children's Theatre Group presented two performances of "The Crossroads" under the direction of Professor Scott Strode, on January 16 and 17 1984.   
    Theater, Children's: The StorytellersMU2013/44  

    "The Storytellers" was presented by Children's Theatre in 1983. It was originally recorded on VHS tape (see MC2009/90d) and digitized in 2013.

    Theater: Design Plans for ProductionsMC2009/94a,b Design: Historical design plans for theater productions.  
    Theater: PhotographMU2013/142 Photograph of a theater production or costumed event circa 1913. 
    Theater: Pictures from the 1980'sMU2018/78 Negatives and digital images from a theatrical production circa 1987. Pictures of preparations being made for another event. 
    Theatre: Alpha Psi OmegaMC2008/174 

    Alpha Psi Omega: Program from the New Student One Act Festival, circa 1998.

    Student directors, Assistant directors, actors, in this production include:
    Shawn Kobb, Jennifer Witty, Aaron Gardner, Jennifer Lundin, Sean Andes, Patrick Purvis, Beth Joseph, Larisa Hoke & Chris Fitze, Amanda Muench, Elaine Barajas, Eric Bendes, Laurel Sampson, Josh Brockway, Andy Helfrich, Kelly Tucker, Shelly Smith, Johanna Long, Anne Albright, Nicole Weaver, John Eshleman, Devin Keener, Jamie Eller, Ted Bryant, Ryan Hedstrom, Heidi Beck, Nick Studebaker.

    Theatre: Alpha Psi OmegaMC2009/71 Posters advertising Alpha Psi Omega productions.  See MC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-PMOA: Plays, Musicals, One Acts.  These materials are part of the larger collection, MC2009/71.  See MC2009/71 for a complete listing of the entire collection. 
    Theatre: Alpha Psi OmegaMC2007/81 Promotional for 2004 student one acts. 
    Theatrical Productions: PhotographsMU2014/10 Photographs of theatrical productions and musicals at Manchester University throughout the years. 
    Thomas, Frances Smith: Memorial Service in Petersime ChapelMC2007/134a,b Student of Cordier, friend of Coretta Scott King and Yolanda King, educator, musician, Manchester College alumna, a memorial service is held in Petersime Chapel honoring the life of Frances Smith Thomas, 13 March 1999. 
    Thompson, RobertMU2018/89 The Manchester College related photograph collection of Robert Thompson (MC 1934). These photographs give a glimpse at student life between 1930-1934, and an aerial view of the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference at Manchester College held during the summer of 1929. 
    Three Old Volumes Donated by Burke, Dr. Eldon R.MC2011/108a,b,c 

    The three volumes described are the gifts of Dr. Eldon R. Burke. At the time received, they represent the 100,000th volume of the library and the first volumne of the Library's second 100,000 volumes. 

    MC2011/108a: 1793 edition of the nine volumes of "Tristram Shandy," by Laurence Sterne.

    MC2011/108b: 1753 edition of "The Spectator, Volume 2." It includes the daily issues from Saturday, 2 June to Thursday, 13 September of 1711.

    MC2011/108c: Volume 4 of a 1754 edition of "The Tatler."


    Timbercrest Senior Living CommunityBC2014/6 Minutes, correspondence, newsletters and other materials pertaining to Timbercrest Senior Living Community, formerly of Mexico, Indiana, beginning with 1968 dedicatory service. Other Timbercrest files from 1961 forward are also included in COB General Filing Cabinet: Timbercrest 
    TinkleFaculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Tinkle One printed image of Mr. Tinkle that had been borrowed from the Archives by a historian from the Town of North Manchester for a town history project. When the historian died materials she had borrowed from the Archives were returned. This image of Mr. Tinkle is one of them. The Archivist does not know the position Mr. Tinkle held at the college. 
    Todd, Audrey: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: Todd, Audrey 

    Photograph #36, Audrey Todd with diverse books, ready to catch object not pictured. This image is part of MC2004/729.  See MC2004/729 for identification of 46 pictures.

    Tour: Church of the BrethrenMC2004/702 Guesthouse in Schwarzenau, Germany, bill for food, circa September 23, 1957, found in a stack of materials of the Ida, Edith and Bertha Miller collection 
    Town of North Manchester, Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Town of North Manchester Newspaper Articles 

    Newspaper articles dealing with the Town of North Manchester and/or the Town of North Manchester and the College.  Some titles are:

    At Manchester College, Conflict Resolution Course Set, 1996.

    Two Local Women Named Outstanding Young Women of America, 1988.

    Flat Tax Would Only Worsen Inequality, by Worth Weller.

    Town of North Manchester: HistoryMC2010/33 North Manchester:  "Then and Now, 1834 to 1992, North Manchester, Indiana, to Stockdale, Near Roann."  
    Town of North Manchester: History and DataMU2013/155, Folder 5 

     Article by Wilbur L. Dunbar, “Roads to Home Never Go Where You Want Them To." 

    Commencement Program for North Manchester Schools (1929).

    1990 Population Distribution in North Manchester with age-sex pyramid graphic -  56.1 percent of NM’s total population were women.

    Town of North Manchester: Louies, PhotographMC2008/20 Photograph: "Louie's Sodas Candies" by Bill Papodopoulous, 1991 Aurora. 
    Town of North Manchester: Main Street, PhotographMC2008/89 

    Main Street, black & white photo from the Kintner collection showing early cars and horses and buggies, same section of street in a color snapshot, 1990 Aurora.

    1. One black and white photograph showing Main Street with early cars and horses and buggies.

    2.  One color snapshot showing the same section of Main Street from the 1990 Aurora.

    Town of North Manchester: Manchester Recycling, Inc.MC2007/85 

    Manchester Recycling, Inc., is a project involving the citizens of the Town of North Manchester.

    1. Folder containing planning information for Manchester Recycling, Inc.  It includes the "Strategic Planning Summary," March 23, 1995. Copy of the "Articles of Incorporation."

    Town of North Manchester: MapMC2010/16 Map of North Manchester published by The News Journal, undetermined year.  
    Town of North Manchester: Storm Water AbatementMC2007/54 

    Town of North Manchester Storm Water User Fee Abatement Application for Type "B" Properties.

    Amended Declaratory Resolution #3 of The Department of Storm Water management of The Town of North Manchester, Amending Declaratory Resolution #1 (Adopted October 18, 1994) and Confirming and Restating Resolution #1, As Amended. 

    Track and Cross Country: ImagesMU2017/50 Women's Track 1990-1991 and Men's Cross Country team images from printed publication. 
    Track and Field: 2008MU2018/49 Digital images from the spring 2008 Track and Field athletic season. Disc 2 of 3 disc set. 
    Track and Field: History at MCMU2018/39 "History of Track and Field at Manchester College," by Steve Zellers, Charles Eppley, Harry Hochstetler, in partial fulfillment for Track Theory, Spring Term, 1965. 
    Track and Field: Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Track and Field Newspaper articles about Track and Field events at Manchester College. 
    Track and Field: Posters with SchedulesMC2009/71, Folder MC2009/71-SP:Sports Posters wtih Men's and Women's Track and Field Schedules.  See MC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-SP:Sports, listed as a group in Scope and Content.  
    Track Teams 1963 and 1960: PhotographsMC2010/174a,b 

    MC2010/174a: Photograph of 1963 Track Team.

    MC2010/174b: Photograph of 1969 Track Team

    Track, Men's: PhotographsMU2019/52 Track team photographs circa 2001, 2002, including a small number that have been identified (see accession record). 
    Track: Men's Races 2010MU2019/17 

    Movies of Men's Track 2010: HCAC Finals, HCAC Preliminary, Little State/Marian, Manchester Invite, and Rose Hulman.

    Trains: Photographs MC2010/139 

    Photographs of trains releated to Manchester College and students.

    1.  "On the elevated (Chicago), Carl, Hoover and I."

    2.  M.C. Camp Mack Outing October 1946, Photo by Phil Orpurt.

    3.  Photo of students (?) beside train with ".......(Manch?)ster" and other graffitti written on car.

    4. Photo of freight cars and caboose of Pennsylvania Railroad.

    Trees Being Removed: Oak Leaves PhotographsMU2012/12 - Folder #1 Snapshots recording the process of taking down trees next to the Union. 
    Trees: Biblical ReferencesMU2015/53 Workshop on "Trees of the Bible." 
    Trees: ToppedMU2018/84 Manchester College campus circa 1898 illustrating "topped trees." 
    Tri Alpha Dramatic Club Photograph From 1966 "Aurora" MC2010/141 Photograph of the Tri Alpha drama club taken in October of 1965.  Included in the picture is Fred Tackitt. 
    Trip: PhotographsMC2012/9 Contact sheet and other black and white picures of what appears to be travels within and out of the country by Manchester College students.  Some images might be from trips to Machu Pichu and India? These trips might have taken place during January Term. 
    Trueblood, EltonMU2015/136a,b wave sound D. Elton Trueblood addresses Manchester College on 25 January 1968 on the topic of "Trust and Mistrust." 
    Trustees: 2004 PhotographMU2015/128 2004 photograph of Manchester College Trustees with members of the Office of College Advancement. 
    Tuition FinancingMC2010/138 

    Papers describing tuition costs and methods of financing, 1986-1987.

    Turkel, Studs: Kermit Eby Memorial Lecture, PhotographMC2008/128 

    Studs Terkel photograph 1976 - 1977, Kermit Eby Memorial Lecture Convocation Speaker.

    Turn, Turn, Turn: A Presentation About Manchester College and Her StudentsMC2011/30 The audio portion of a slide show, "For Everything There is a Season," revealing what a day at Manchester College looks like through the feelings and thoughts of students.  The presentation was put together by David Bibbee and Carla Mitchell circa 1976 or 1977 but prior to 1978. 
    Tyler, JimMC2009/119 One newspaper article about this Manchester College alumnus and musician. 
    Typhoid epidemic of 1925Oak Leaves 

    Typhoid epidemic of 1925 articles in Oak Leaves 11 July 1925 p.1; 1 August 1925 p.4; 16 January 1926 p.3. 

    See Also: "Memories of...Manchester," by Otho Winger.

    Ulery, Rev. J . Edson and Sylvia: Funeral Memory BooksBrethren People File: Ulery, Rev. J. Edson and Sylvia Rev. J. Edson Ulery was a Church of the Brethren minister who died in January of 1959.  Two memory books, one for Sylvia and another for Edson, reflect the affection that people held for the couple.  Edson's life story is available in a book, "A Heap of Living," by Cora W. Helman. 
    Ulrey Genealogical MaterialMC2007/140 Ulrey reunion documentation, letters, stories. 
    Ulrey, A. B.MC2007/87 

    A. B. Ulrey: First biology teacher at Manchester College, born near North Manchester, Indiana.

    This material contains information regarding Ulrey's work done at the Venice Marine Station along with biographical notes and personal correspondence.

    Ulrey, Calvin and MiriamMC2006/41 Ulrey and Buck photograph album.  
    Ulrey, Calvin: SchoolteacherMU2013/91 Calvin Ulrey [viewer's left] is identified as a teacher in this photograph that was probably taken prior to 1902. 
    Ulrich and Hoover: Family BibleMU2013/74 John Ulrich and Mary Hoover family bible listing marriage date and births. Also included is a patent right agreement. 
    Underground Publication circa 1971MC2010/191 

    One newsletter. There is not a title or exact date on this publication, but a caricature of President Richard Nixon and a list of recommended anti-Vietnam War deadlines for action in 1971 serve as a date in themselves.

    Underground Publication: Vietnam War Protest, Nation-wide Student Strike MC2010/192 An underground publication announcing a nation-wide strike called by the National Student Association and the National Student Lobby in response to the Indochina War.  The date of the strike was set for April 21 and a year is not given. 
    Underground Publications: "Et Cetera"," 1941 (alone in its class, rival of the Oak Leaves) MC2008/35 

    "Et Cetera," 1941

    • 1. One newspaper.
    Underground Publications: [The] Pine NeedleMC2002/163 [The] Pine Needle Collection: This anti-war newsletter was produced by Manchester College students and contained articles, essays, artwork, and poetry.  
    Underground Publications: Manchester Mobe to End the WarMC2002/159 Manchester Mobe to End the War Newsletter Collection. 
    Underground Publications: Spart'n Spoof: The Liberal Arts GameMC2008/33 

    Spart'n Spoof:  The Liberal Arts Game.

    A sarcastic Monopoloy based game based on student experience at Manchester College.


    Underground Publications: The Indiana Echo, Manchester College, College News, 1933MC2011/143 

    One encapsulated newspaper collage with segments from other newspapers and typed copy related and unrelated to Manchester College.

    Captions include:

    • Widow Sole Heir in Coolidge Will
    • Hangs Self in Barn
    • Relief of Sneezing Girl is Attributed to Own Will Power
    • Rosanna Huff, Sophomore, Chosen to Head State Group Next Year
    • Prominent Manchester College Senior Wins State Honors, Father Hears Son's Speech
    • Will Rogers Says--
    • Spartans to Meet Bluffton and Huntington Colleges in Twin-Bill Here Saturday Evening
    Unidentified Photograph: MC2004/559 Unidentified black and white photograph of a gentleman.  
    Unidentified Photograph: Man in White Beard, Brethren GarbMC2004/572 Photograph of an unidentified gentleman done by Rice's Studio, North Manchester. 
    Unidentified Photograph: Man with long white beardMC2004/570 Unidentified black and white photograph of a man with a long white beard.  
    Unidentified Photograph: Men with GuitarMC2008/78 

    Unidentified photograph: Group of men with guitar.

    The photo is labeled by hand in ink: "Marshall Thompson? Manchester College or Boston Conservatory." 

    Unidentified Photographs: Child, and Possible Students MC2008/77 

    One photo of child, labeled, "Kenneth 1 1/2," and others of possible MC students, some taken at Rice Studios, North Manchester. 

    Unidentified Photographs: Faculty / Staff / Students / FriendsMC2010/87 

    An array of photographs spanning many years with students and other individuals taking part in various activities. Some pictures were professionally photographed for publicity purposes.

    Unidentified Photographs: MenMC2004/569 

    Unidentified black and white photograph of a man in Brethren garb, dark hair and beard.

    Unidentified black and white photograph of a cleanshaven man in "worldly" garments - photographed in Rice's Studio, North Manchester. 

    UnionUnion: Additional Information See Also: Building List; The Manchester Monitor, 9 July 2002 p.7; The News-Journal 10 July 2002 p.9;  28 August 2002 p.9 Oak Leaves, 7 November 1963 p.1; 16 January 1964 p.2; 27 February 1964 p.1; 19 March 1964 p.1; 17 September 1964 p.1; 19 November 1964 p.3; 18 February 1965 p.2; 29 April 1965 p.3; 6 May 1965 p.1  
    Union Groundbreaking: circa 1964Neg10451 Photographs of the groundbreaking for the College Union, now known as the Jo Young Switzer Center. Also pictured is the remodeling of Wampler Auditorium. 
    Union Plans and BidsMU2013/21 Original plans and bids for the student Union, also called the "Campus Centter." 
    Union Program Council BrochuresMC2010/135 

    UPC Spring Movie Guide 1980.

    One undated brochure listing student members of the Union Program Council, faculty advisor and others.


    United SexualitiesMU2015/133 Memos regarding Pride Week and the naming of the dance hosted by United Sexualities. 
    United SexualitiesMU2018/40 United Sexualities materials including: Email correspondence, posters, notes for circa 2014-2016, and Safe Zone manuals with notes. 
    Vacation Church SchoolMC2010/18 Vacation Church School instruction on Manchester College campus, newspaper article.  
    Values, Ideas and the Arts: Gregory, Dick, PhotographsMC2008/129 

    Photos, negatives, and contact sheet of civil rights leader, comedian, and speaker at MC campus event, "An Experience in Soul, " March 30 - April 1, 1969.

    Values, Ideas and the Arts: Jackson, Rev. Jesse, PhotographsMC2008/130 

    Jackson, Rev. Jesse:  Photos from "An Experience in Soul, " March 30 - April 1, event held on campus. Manchester College Bulletin Vol. 61: Number 8/June 1969.   Campus Pastor, Robert Mock, is also included in one of these photographs.

    Values, Ideas and the Arts: Public Program SeriesMC2009/117a,b Public Program: "La Boheme," 1959, newspaper articles with photos.  
    Values, Ideas and the Arts: Public Program SeriesMC2009/174 1963, "Othello," presented by The National Players, newspaper articles.  
    Values, Ideas, & Arts, Convocations, Cinema Series, Schedules, Programs including Martin Agronsky as well as Opening Convo 2004 MC2004/355 

    Values, Ideas, & Arts, Opening Convocations, Convocations, Cinema Series: Schedules, Listings and Programs, including"

    • 1967, Martin Agronsky, Washington Correspondent for CBS Radio and Television and Moderator of "Face the Nation."
    Values, Ideas, and ArtsMC2002/278h 

    Values, Ideas, and Arts records.

    Values, Ideas, and Arts: Convocation CommitteeMC2002/278e 

    Values, Ideas, and Arts Records - Convocation Committee.  Payments made to convocation speakers during the 1990-1991 academic year.

    Values, Ideas, and Arts: Cousins, Norman, Manifesto for SurvivalMC2009/70 

    Cousins, Norman:  Manifesto for Survival, 1967.  Cousins lectured at Manchester College 6 March 1956.

    Values, Ideas, and Arts: Sloane, Dr. William CoffinMC2009/195 

    Convocation photographs from Rev. Dr. William Sloan Coffin's visit to Manchester College, March 1989.


    Values, Ideas, and Arts:Goldwater, Barry, Photographs, 1968MC2008/124 

    Barry Goldwater spoke at Manchester College in 1968, a week after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s visit to campus.

    1.  One photo by Harold Chatlosh
    2.  Six photos by Edward Breen who at that time was Staff Photographer for The Leader Tribune, Marion, Indiana.

    Van Der Weele, WayneMC2010/28 

    Numerous programs, photographs, publications and items of interest about Manchester College received from Wayne Van Der Wheele, alumnus, MC Class of 1949.

    Manchester Symphony Orchestera, programs from the 1940's.

    One copy of "Manifesto," Vol. 1, No. 14, "Above All Nations is Humanity," April 1947, published monthly by the journalism section of Students for Federal World Government of Manchester College, Editor in chief, Cecil Powell.

    Van Dyke, JoeMU2018/29 Photographs, programs, memorabilia and personal writing that reflects the life and Manchester College experience of Jo Van Dyke, MC Class of 1935. A biography of the Life of Joe Van Dyke written by his son and daughter, Chris Van Dyke and Kathryn Kolb. 
    Van Winkle, Alma Rupel: Handbook and Cards circa 1898MU2013/100 

    A Student's Hand-Book of North Manchester for The Year of 1898.

    North Manchester College Prayer Meeting Topics - small pamphlet.

    The College Sunday School, North Manchester, Indiana, December 1897 - attendance and grade card.


    Video, Historical: Holl and Martin Family- Historical - circa 1930'sMU2013/89 Historical video from the 1930's with vignettes of Manchester College campus life and the Carl Holl and Don Martin families. Some cartoons of the era and captions are presented - along with clips of many students. 
    Video, Historical: Holl, Carl - Circa the 1930'sMU2013/90 This video begins with shots of Native American men, Chief Godfroy and his brother, along with President Winger.The football team runs out and the marching band plays. There are clips of College life in the 1930's and two segments are marked as Carl Holl films. The filmaker documents the May Day Queen and her court and various faculty/staff on campus, C. W. Holl No. 2. Probably film of a football (basketball?) trip to Niagara Falls to play the University of Buffalo - MC-21 UB-6. The movie shows a railroad track and train cars marked (in chalk?) "Manchester Special" - "We Got The Bacon!" Pictures of triumphant arrival back in North Manchester? C. W. Holl No. 3 - This segment documents a football game. 
    Video: Helman Celebration, "Faith, Learning, Service, A Commitment Recalled"MC2011/67 MP4 file A video labeled "Helman Celebration,"  is actually titled, "Faith, Learning, Service, a Commitment Recalled," and was probably part of the festivities prepared for President Helman's retirement.  
    Videotaping Guidelines - Copyright Standards for Colleges and UniversitiesMC2010/131 

    A folder with guidelines and memos:

    • Videotaping, 1982.
    • Memo from Office of the Dean, 1983 regarding Videotape Copyright Guidelines.
    • Memo and letter from t he law firm of Sargoy, Stein & Hanft concerning the use of cassettes of copyrighted motion pictures, 1981.
    Vietnam War Era: PhotographMC2010/60 Photograph from the Vietnam War era showing two individuals looking at a copy of the Chicago Tribune.  The headlines read, "ORDERS 20,000 GIs TO VIET,"  One individual in the photo is asian, the other is caucasian.  
    Vietnam War: Protest MaterialsMU2016/35 

    Primarily materials related to the national and campus observance of Vietnam Moratorium Day.

    Violence: Lemberg CenterMC2002/186 

    The Lemberg Center for the Study of Violence contains information on the race riots of the 1960s and originated at Brandeis University outside of Boston.  The archive was transferred to Manchester College on permanent loan in 1979, and was housed there until 1997, when it was transferred to the University of Notre Dame.

    See Also: Oak Leaves, 21 September 1979 p.6.

    Vogel, Tara: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: Vogel, Tara Tara Vogel with white coat, stethoscope, and crutches, photograph #37 out of 46. 
    VolleyballPhoto Box 22 Photographs of Volleyball.  Included are pictures of Jan Smaltz and Cynthia Jackson. 
    Volleyball: Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Volleyball 

    Newspaper articles about Manchester College Volleyball .

    Volleyball: Newspaper ArticlesMC General File: Volleyball 

    Newspaper articles about Manchester College Volleyball .

    Volleyball: RecordsMU2014/165 Volleyball Women's Volleyball statistics, records, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and promotional materials. 
    Volunteer Conference MC2009/41 United Student Volunteer Conference, 1938 photo.  
    Volunteer Corps and Volunteer ServicesMC2010/132 

    Volunteer information:

    One brochure, "Manchester College Volunteer Corps and Volunteer Services,  Volunteering Love, Care, and Support."

    One letter from the Office of Volunteer Services, 1997.

    Statement of Mission and Operation of The Manchester Volunteer Program, Manchester College, 1989.

    One newspaper article, "MC Students Volunteer Record Hours," 12 September 2000.

    Wabash County HistoryMU2014/103 

    A grouping of materials related to the history of Wabash, and Wabash County, Indiana.

    Wade, Nora: Manchester College CollectionMU2018/37 Diploma and 1933 Aurora of Nora Wade, who completed the Two Year Normal Course at Manchester College on 26 May 1933. 
    Walker, Wilmer: CollectionMU2019/59 

    Wilmer Walker's photographs and Manchester College memorabilia and diplomas:Two Year Normal (1926) and Bachelor of Science (1939). Biographical information about Wilmer and Helen Walker.

    Materials related to the dedication(October 2017) of the Wilmer and Helen Walker Active Learning Classroom.

    See also images on Archives Network - Alumni File

    Walnut Street and Manchester Church of the Brethren, South Central Indiana: Church of the BrethrenMC2009/68  "The Walnut Street Messenger": Manchester Church of the Brethren and Walnut Street Church of the Brethren. History of meeting houses from 1857 - October 1924.  
    Wampler AuditoriumMU2016/10 Metal bench end from Wampler Auditorium. 
    Wampler, Sadie Irene Stutsman: Hand O Graphs BookMC2011/126 

    Sadie Stutsman Wampler graduated from Manchester College in 1916.  This is the same year that she began entries in "The Hand O Graphs" book, and kept make entries for years following. This book comes with the instructions: Place your hand, palm downwards, on the paper and trace outline.  There are a couple examples given, and then the individual is on her own to gather outlines of the hands of friends, family and celebrities on the following pages.  It is like an autograph book for hands.  The name of the individual is also recorded along with the date.

    Wampler, Sadie Stutsman, "The Atlas Herbarium," A Collection of DrawingsMC2006/37 "Herbarium" notebook containing watercolor paintings by Sadie Stutsman Wampler.  
    Wampler, Sadie Stutsman: A TributeMC2009/06  A tribute to Sadie Stutsman Wampler from a member of the Class of 1921.  
    Wampler, Sadie Stutsman: Play and PostcardDrama/Theater Filing Cabinet: Wampler materials  

    Sadie Wampler play, "Mary of the Alabaster Box, A Biblical Play," by Sadie Stutsman (Wampler).

    Postcard to Cora Shultz from Sadie Wampler regarding costumes for a pageant.

    Wampler, Sadie: Dramatic ProductionsMC2007/82 

    Programs and memorabilia from Sadie Wampler dramatic productions.

    Wampler, Sadie: The Silver Book, 1936MC2006/39 

    "The Silver Book," directed by Sadie Wampler, 1936.

    "The Silver Book," is the script for a pageant of pictured pages, the Silver Shadow Series of Manchester Murals, musing Otho Winger, President of Manchester College and  the growth of His school during twenty-five years of service from 1911 - 1936. 

    Watson, Jonathan: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: Watson, Jonathan Jonathan Watson with daughters Olivia and Susannah, Photo #38, one of 46 images in collection MC2004/729. 
    Wehner, James V.Faculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Wehner, James Material related to James Wehner and photograph of Wehner playing a renaissance bass recorder (circa 1978-1979). 
    Weimer, Harry: PhotographMU2012/105 Oversized photograph of Professor Harry Weimer [Chemistry] in the classroom. 
    Weimer, Merle and Virgil: Memorabilia CollectionMU2012/62 

    Memorabilia from Mount Morris College and Manchester College. Autograph album of 1910 and 1911. Photograph album with early photograph postcards (circa 1910) of students at Mount Morris College. Some of these cards were sent to Mamie Wine of Cerro Gordo, Illinois. Manchester College Aurora yearbooks with autographs. Picture of Elder D.  L. Miller.

    Weimer, Orpha and Harry Collection: Manchester College Experience, 1927MC2011/189 

    Below is a small representation of this collection's holdings.  See the accession page for a more extensive list of photographs and memorabilia:

    "The Speaker of Tau Kappa Alpha, Golden Anniversary, 1908 - 1958," Vol. XL, No. 3, March, 1958, a booklet published four times a year.  Tau Kappa Alpha is a speech fraternity. 

    Orpha Jackson Weimer's scrapbook from her senior year of college, 1926-1927 including:

    • Ditch Day, May Day, Freshman - Sophomore water fight, graduating Class picture, athletic competitions, Senior Banquet, nature hikes, Philophronian and Philalethean memorabilia, May Day Court with Queen, Mother's and Daughter's Banquet, and Commencement week program for 1927.
    • Picture of shelved cans at the Weimer Canning Factory in North Manchester.
    • Manchester College marching band.

    Group photograph of MC male students.

    Female student in MC Chemistry library.

    Photograph of football team, presumably circa early 1920's.

    Photograph of Manchester College Philophronian members in the summer of 1923.

    Weller, Pat: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: Weller, Pat Pat Weller with "Schedule of Classes," photograph #39 out of 46 images. This is part of the larger collection MC2004/729. 
    Wells, CharlesMC2011/47 Charles Wells, founder of the news service, "Between the Lines," presents an evening lecture. His appearance was not part of the Church Leaders Conference but his presentation coincided with the conference. 
    Wenger, Mabel DitmerAlumni Box 187: Wenger, Samuel 

    Letter by Samuel Wenger referencing the work of his wife, Mabel Ditmer Wenger.  Mabel Ditmer is a Manchester College alumna in the Class of 1935.

    Wenger, SamuelAlumni Box 187: Wenger, Samuel 

    A letter from Samuel Wenger to the Class of 1922.

    West, Dan and Petersime, Ray: Heifer Shipment MC2008/61 Photograph of Dan West and Ray Petersime attending a service of dedication for a shipment of heifers to South America. 
    West, Dan: Display VideosMU2016/36 Videos used in the creation of the Dan West Display, Funderburg Library. 
    West, Dan: Exhibit Program and InvitationMC2010/40 Dan West Exhibit Program and letters of invitation to the unveiling.  
    West, Dan: Family and Heifer Project Photographs and MemorabiliaMC2011/208: Janet Schrock 

    An assortment of photographs and memorabilia about Dan West, his family and Heifer Project. These items were given to Janet Schrock, Dan West's daughter, by different individuals, including videographer, David Sollenberger.

    West, Dan: Heifer Project International, Long Term LoanArchives Office, North Shelving Unit 

    Objects are on Long-Term Loan from Heifer Project International.

    These include but are not limited to:

    • 25 years of Brethren Service Pin (in Dan West exhibit).
    • Nametag written on wood in shape of Brethren Service Cup.
    • Dan West's pocketknife.
    • Dan West's camera and case.
    • Dolls from Spain (in Dan West exhibit).
    • Manchester College momento 1895, acorn on leather strap.
    • Children's shoes from Spain (in Dan West exhibit).

    Contact the Archivist for questions about the entire list of objects.

    West, Dan: Materials, Gift From Heifer Project InternationalMC2009/130 a,b,c Dan West File with copies of writings, DVD with clips of radio broadcases, pictures and video.  Photographs of Heifer Project in other countries.  These materials were gifts to the Archives from Heifer Project International. 
    West, Dan: Memorabilia and LettersMC2010/113 

    1.  Letter to Sabra written and signed by Dan West on Church of the Brethren General Brotherhood Board stationery.

    2.  Christmas letter from the West Family to Sabra and her family with a handwritten personal note on the verso by Dan West.

    3.  Exhibit A: One article by Sabra (Baker) Staley (Unit 11, 1951) entitled "A Sign Along th e Road."  This is a story about how Sabra came to join Brethren Volunteer Service and accepted an assignment in Castener, Puerto Rico, in years 1951-1952.

    3.  Exhibit B:  One color copy of Dan West's name and address in the family guestbook, circa 1952.

    4.  Letter with vignettes about Dan West and Sabra's family.

    5.  The story of the "henna-haired landlady."




    West, Don: PresentationMU2013/123b Poet, educator, historian, Don West, gave a talk at Manchester College.  He was the founder of the Appalachan Sourthern Folk Life Center. 
    West, Melissa: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC 2004/729: West, Melissa Office of Admissions: Jolane Rohr, Sandy Bendsen, Jill Biehl, Kim Reinoehl, Melissa West, Steve Schaum, photograph #42.  This image is part of the larger collection MC2004/729. 
    Weybright, Edith: Diploma,1919MC2009/69 1919 Diploma.  Bachelor of Arts presented to Edith Weybright (Huber).  
    Wiebe Roten, Gertrude: PhotographMC2008/121 Photograph of Gertrude Wiebe Roten. 
    Wilbur's: Dedication ProgramMU2013/95 Dedication materials for the opening of Wilbur's, Funderburg Library, 5 October 2013. 
    Williams, Leonard: Public Relations Wall of Fame Photograph CollectionMC2004/729: Williams, Leonard Leonard Williams with his American Liberalism and Ideological Change, photograph # 40. This is part of the larger collection MC2004/729. 
    Willkie, EdwardMC2010/61 Edward Willkie, student at  the MC Academy, went on to wrestle in the 1920 Summer Games in Antwerp Belgium.  Edward's brother was Wendell Willkie and his sister, Julia, was a professor at Manchester College. 
    Wilmert, AllenMC2002/316 29 candid photos of Allen Wilmert's retirement party, held within Funderburg Library during the spring of 1989.  
    Wine Recital Hall: GroundbreakingMU2016/33 

    Video of the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Wine Recital Hall.

    Wine, Norman and Grace, Recital HallMC2006/22 Groundbreaking Celebration and Dedication Ceremony for the Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall. 
    Wine, Norman: CollectionMU2014/42 Materials related to Norman B. Wine - biography and related artifacts, diplomas, Auroras, Manchester College Bulletins reflecting his time with the Board of Trustees, congregational anniversary items for the Southern Ohio District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    Wine, Norman: PhotographMC2010/126 The archivist believes this is a photograph of Norman Wine, long-time trustee and MC alumnus.  He is seated to the viewer's left of the podium, in glasses.  The archivist also believes that President Vernon Schwalm is seated to the viewer's right of the podium, also in glasses. 
    Winger and Miller: Letters From Foreign LandsMC2004/635-1 Letters by Otho and Ida Winger to family members (Edith Miller, Amos Miller) while touring the world in 1927-1928. The last part of the collection are letters written by Bertha Miller Neher to Edith and Amos about her foreign travels. 
    Winger, Ida, Winger Otho: Letter from Egypt, 1928MC2004/635-14 Ida Winger's letter to family from Port Said, Egypt, 1928.  
    Winger, Joseph: Family BibleMU2016/17 

    The family Bible of Joseph Winger and Elizabeth Showalter, published in Philadelphia by J. B. Lippincott and Co. (1861).  List of marriages, births and deaths included between the Old Testament and the New.

    Winger, Otho and Ida: Letters on Route to India, 1928MC2004/635-15 

    Ida and Otho Winger's letters on route to India from port Said, Egypt, 1928, including a luncheon menu and envelope from the trip. 

    Winger, Otho and Miller, R. H.: Authors of Travel BooksMC2008/97 

    One copy of "Letters From Foreign lands," by Otho Winger - PART TWO.

    One copy of "Travel Letters," by R. H. Miller, 1954.

    Winger, Otho and Schwalm, Vernon: Presidents Files and Other ResourcesWinger and Schwalm: Additional Resources 

    Personal and confidential files and materials related to President Otho Winger and Vernon Schwalm are located in the Vault (IIS) in older metal filing cabinet drawers.

    Winger, Otho and Winger, Ida: Christmas Family PostcardMC2004/635-31 Christmas postcard with Otho Winger family house on recto.  
    Winger, Otho and Winger, Ida: Family Letter Before Tour, 1927MC2004/635-4 Otho and Ida Winger's first letter to family aboard the American Merchant 15 minutes before departure, 1927.  
    Winger, Otho and Winger, Ida: France, 1928MC2004/635-23 Otho and Ida Winger's letters (one from each) written in Strausburg, France, 15 June 1928.  
    Winger, Otho and Winger, Ida: Letters From SeaMC2004/635-30 Otho and Ida Winger's letters (one from each) written from aboard S. S. American Merchant, during their first days at sea...."P.S. Neither typewriter nor pen can describe the 4 1/2 days experience with a rolling, pitching sea and stomache.  Glad to be better!"  
    Winger, Otho and Winger, Ida: Memorabilia from Foreign TripMC2004/635-22a,b 

    Letters and momentos from Otho and Ida's foreign excursion.

    Winger, Otho and Winger, Ida: Wedding Announcement, 1902MC2004/635-32 Wedding announcement for Otho and Ida Winger, 1902.  
    Winger, Otho: Collection of Paul WingerMU2017/13 

    Objects related to President and Mrs. Otho Winger that were in the collection of their son, Paul Winger.

    Winger, Otho: Faculty ProspectsMC2006/13: File Folder Case - Faculty and Prospects Letters President Otho Winger's correspondence regarding faculty prospects primarily for the 1920's. 
    Winger, Otho: Memorial Fund GiftsMU2017/37 Financial data along with records of names and donations made to the Winger Memorial Fund. 
    Winger, Otho: Peace, Temperance, and TobaccoMC2006/13: File Folder Case - Peace and Temperance  

    What appear to be President Otho Winger's files on Alcohol and Tobacco which he labeled "Peade and Temperance."  Some of the materials were addressed to Mrs. Oscar Winger, his brother's wife.

    Winger, Otho: Picture of a PhotographMC2007/153 Photo of photograph: Portrait of President Otho Winger 
    Winger, Otho: Reports to State, Church, GeneralMC2006/13: File Folder Case - Reports: State, Church, General  A varied collection of Otho Winger materials containing a variety of information, including but not limited to: Reports made to the Church of the Brethren and to the government,Carl Burt being offered a job, a listing of salaries. 
    Winger, Otho: Silver Anniversary of President Winger, 1936MC2007/103 The Silver Anniversary...of Otho Winger, President of Manchester College."  Program for Silver Anniversary Week culminating in graduation of students on 29 May 1936. 
    Winger, Otho: State Official LettersMC2006/13: File Folder Case - State Official Letters 

    President Winger's correspondence with the State of Indiana as he strives to certify Manchester as a "standard college." This involves heavy financial requirements.These letters also deal with State of Indiana requirements for teaching certifications. The story behind the abandoning of the Academy. Corresondence 1917 - 1928.

    Winger, President Otho: CollectionMC2010/200 

    Manchester College and Church of the Brethren related letters, pamphlets, photographs, Sunday school records, newspaper articles, interesting pieces of local and national history, diaries, wedding invitations, datebooks, publication agreements, resumes of applicants from the Albert Teaching Agency and more.

    Winter Festival 1971 ProgramMC2010/127 

    Program for the Winter Festival, 1971.

    Wise, AlmaFaculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Wise, Alma 

    A biography of Alma Wise presented during a College Women's Club program (1997).  Also included are stories of historical interest regarding Oakwood Hall.

    Witches Glee Club: PhotographMU2012/108 Young women dressed up as witches gathered round an improvised firepit with pot. 
    Women and Children: Panoramic Photograph circa 1900MC2011/175 Many of the women pictured are in Church of the Brethren garb.  Children accompany the women, along with a dog.  Horse drawn buggies and scattered buildings are in the background.  It looks as if makeshift roofs cover a certain space.  Perhaps this is the cooking crew for a Church of the Brethren Annual Conference?  
    Women's Clubs and Organizations: Signature and Membership BookMC2012/22 

    A composition book containing the names, club affiliations and towns of various women.  Another page within the book gives another list, club affiliations and location.

    Women's Cross Country or Track: 1983 Heat PhotoMU2017/49 

    Women's Cross Country or Track - Little State 1983 timed photo-segments of various Heats.

    Women's Forum, an InvitationMC2010/128 

    One flyer announcing the Women's Forum, open to students, staff and faculty.

    Women's Soccer: PhotographsMU2019/49 Identified and unidentified photographs of Women's Soccer. Some are dated 2002. 
    Women's Track: PhotographsMU2019/46 Women's Track photographs circa 2001, 2002, 2003, including but not limited to, pictures of Cashdollar, Heckmen (Heckman), Borror, Siedner, Borror. 
    Wong, AlbertoMU2018/69 International Chinese student, Alberto Wong, lived with the O. Stuart Hamer family during Alberto's time at Manchester College, The collection includes a photograph, correspondence, and Alberto's research regarding the retirement of Chiang Kai-shek, and the rise of Mao and the Communist party. 
    Wong, LarryMC2009/137 Wong, Larry Wong, Manchester College alumnus,  Class of 1951.  Speech, ""Every One of Them."  
    Wooden, Morris: Republican Candidate for State Auditor, Speaks at Manchester CollegeMC2010/129 1994 copy of article from "The Paper," with picture of candidate, Morris Wooden, speaking at Manchester College.   
    Woodson, Rod: College Exploration DayMC2004/133_19 and 21 Photographs: Rod Woodson of the Pittsburgh Steelers participates in College Exploration Day, 14 March 1992.  
    Work Camps: GermanyMC2006/40 

    Photo Scrap Book of the Third Kassel Work Camp, 1953, with dedication to Dr. Gladdys Muir.

    Work Release Program: Starkey, Donn InterviewMU2013/135 Donn Starkey interviews five unidentified inmates at the Work Release Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, 4 May 1972. Prison conditions and regulations are discussed. 
    Work Study: Payroll TotalsMU2013/40 Comparison of the number of work study payroll checks and payroll totals for October 1992, November 1992, December 1992, and January 1993 against figures for October 1991, November 1991, December 1991 and January 1992. 
    World War II: Armed Forces1943 Aurora, pg. 128 Page in the Aurora that describes how "Manchester Serves" during WWII.  This section focuses on the Armed Forces. 
    World War II: Civilian Public Service1943 Aurora, pgs. 124, 125 Pages in the Aurora that describe how "Manchester Serves" during WWII.  This section focuses on Civilian Public Service. 
    World War II: Physical Fitness1943 Aurora, pg.127 Page in the Aurora that describes how "Manchester Serves" during WWII.  This section focuses on "Physical Fitness." 
    World War II: Reserves1943 Aurora, pg. 126 Page in the 1943 Aurora that describes how "Manchester Serves" during WWII.  This section focuses on "Manchester's Reserves." 
    World War II: Service Council1943 Aurora, pg. 128 Page 128 in the Aurora that describes how "Manchester Serves" during WWII.  This section focuses on the "Service Council," created to keep up morale and to soften the blow of war on student activities and to help MC adjust to the acceleration of the times. 
    World War Two - Record CollectionMC2011/132 

    A series of recordings done for Homecoming 1943.  They might have been pre-recorded for broadcast by WOWO Ft. Wayne.  They show the effects that WWII had on Manchester College.

    • War has taken 3/4th of our boys.
    • Intercollegiate football and basketball are part of war casualities.
    • College feels deeply the tragic effects of war.
    • 165 freshmen enrolled.
    • Enrollment of 270 women and 90 men. This unbalance among men and women makes life interesting (that is, for the men).


    Wrestling RecordsMU2014/165 Wrestling Spartan wrestling yearbooks, statistics, records, score-sheets, press releases, and other materials (1987 - 2007). Also grouped with this collection is MC2002/287, MC General File: Wrestling, and records from the athletic filing cabinet. 
    Wrestling, Johnson and Strom: PhotographsMC2008/21a, 21b Photos of wrestlers Alan Johnson and Rich Strom circa 1968/69. 
    Wrestling: ImagesMU2012/2b - Folder #1 

    Photographs of Wrestling.

    Wrestling: Newspaper ArticlesWrestling: Large Box 24c Newspaper articles about Wrestling at Manchester College. 
    Wrestling: PhotographsMU2018/48 Images from the 1995 and 1998 Division III Wrestling Championships and the Ohio Northern University NCAA Championships [HWT] [134] [190]  (undated). Pictures of Darrell Carr at 1998 Nationals. 
    Wrestling: PhotographsMU2018/51 Unidentified Wrestling team pictures, possibly circa the 1990's. 
    Wrestling: PhotographsMU2019/9a,b Wrestling photographs 1988 - 2004. 
    Wrestling: PhotographsMU2019/25 Wrestling photographs circa 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003. 
    Wu, NingkunBox # 2 from the President's Office, Archives Vault. 

    Wu, Ningkun.  Manchester College alumnus, Class of 1949. 

    Box # 2  from the President's Office, Archives Vault.

    Yearbooks and Publications: Church of the Brethren CollegesMC2011/96a--o 

    Yearbooks and publications from other Church of the Brethren colleges. 

    Yoder, BradMU2018/107 Brad Yoder materials: Chicago Crime Commissions,  Census 2000, Kokomo Police Department Community Organized Protection Strategy ("COPS"). 
    Young People's Department: Church of the Brethren, Middle IndianaCOB Filing Cabinets: South Central Indiana, see Young People One letter from "Bidey" to "Prof" stating distress at Bidey's inability to find transportation to the Executive Committee meeting of the Young People's Department of the Middle Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren, 1935. 
    Young People: Middle and Southern Indiana, South CentralBC2013/7 

    Middle Indiana youth confernce programs (1939 and 1949) and a booklet, "What Our 'Y.P.D.' Is Doing." 

    Program, Southern District of Indiana Church of the Brethren Youth Conference, "Witnessing for Christ," held at the Muncie Church, September 1945.

    Young's House, President: PhotographMC2010/159 One photograph of President Young's home, that would later become the College Hospital and finally the AAFRO House. 
    Young, Andrew: Address for Cordier Auditorium MC2011/1 wave sound and MP4 

    A video of Andrew Young speaking at the dedication of Cordier Auditorium on the Manchester College campus 23 September 1978. Digital Wave Sound recording of cassette tape.

    Young, Andrew: Birthday Newspaper ArticlesMC2008/205 Newspaper articles regarding Young's 75th birthday party. 
    Young, Andrew: Commencement Address, 2000MU2012/28b Dr. Andrew Young presents the Commencement address, 2000. 
    Young, Andrew: PhotographMC2008/125 Photographs of Andrew Young with students in Petersime lounge, along with contact prints and negatives.  
    Young, E.S.: President, Manchester CollegeMC2002/104v  

    E. S. Young taught New Testament history, hermaneutics, theology, sacred history, and Old Testament history.  He also served as Manchester's president 1895-1899.

    • Biographical information photo, letters.

    See Also: MCGeneral File: Faculty/Staff, Young, E. S. -  has copies of photographs of President E. S. Young, his family and house on 507 Miami Street, North Manchester.  His brother and business partner was S. S. Young.

    Young, Jean and Andrew: PhotographsMU2019/14 Photographs of Jean Childs Young and Andrew Young, and also of Howard Sollenberger 
    Young, Jean Childs Receives Honorary Doctoral Degree: PhotographMC2010/85 

    Photographs of Jean Childs Young receiving an honorary degree from Manchester College during Commencement (1979-1980).

    See also: MC2007/35, Alumni Box 187,
    Young, Jean Childs: Materials and PhotographsMC2007/35 

    Materials and photographs related to Jean Childs Young: 1953 May Day Queen, Manchester College alumna, 1954, wife of Andrew Young (married June 1954), and Manchester College honorary doctorate recipient.

    Young, John F. Photograph CollectionMC2003/6  

    John F.Young Photograph Collection of students circa 1939 - 1940, 1941, including the "Hash-House Gang."

    Young, Menno and Viola: Collection 1898 - 1924MU2014/82 

    A collection of Manchester College and Church of the Brethren materials belonging to Menno and Viola (Rau) Young, who attended Manchester during 1898-1899.  Materials range from 1898 to 1924.

    Young, S. S.: Historical Family CollectionMU2018/71 The Simon S. Young collection of family photographs, memorabilia, and the books, "History of Christian and Catherine Buck and Their Descendants," "The Young Family History." 
    Youth Events Sponsored by or Held at Manchester: NewsclippingsMU2017/59 Events for youth/young people sponsored by or held at Manchester College: Competition for High School writers (1992), Young Author's Conference (1992), Jr. High School Art Exhibit (1992), Metro North Social Studies Fair (1992), Wabash Valley Youth Orchestra String Festival (1992), MC Poetry Contest (1993), Wabash County MC math contest z (2003). 
    YW: TeaMC2009/67 Hand-made poster inviting senior girls and second year normal girls to a tea in the Banquet Room (no date).  

    These items in the Church of the Brethren collection may also be helpful:
    Click on the record's record number to see the full record information.
    TopicRecord #Description Summary
    Aged Person's Home and Mexico Welfare Home: Account BookBC2017/15 Account book for the Church of the Brethren Aged Persons Home of Mexico, Indiana (1920's forward), including funds transferred to the reorganized Mexico Welfare Home circa 1951. 
    Aged Persons Home and Orphanage: Southern Indiana District of the Church of the BrethrenBC2010/3 Secretary Book for Aged Persons Home and Orphanage of the Church of the Brethren, South Central Indiana District. Secretary's records from the creation of the Articles of Association in 1918 to its merger with the Mexico Welfare Home in 1951.  
    Album: Church of the Brethren, People, Highland AvenueBC2010/5 

    What makes this album interesting in the amount of history it records.  There are articles about Church of the Brethren missionaries, the Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren  in Elgin, Illinois, Church of the Brethren ministers and leaders, as well as personal stories about the compiler and folks this individual knows.  It is a shame that the source remains unknown.

    Annual Conference Booklets: Church of the BrethrenBC2011/10 

    Church of the Brethren Annual Conference booklets ranging from 1901 throu 1926 belonging to Otho Winger, Mrs. Otho Winger and J. L. Cunningham (?) of Flora Church of the Brethren.  MC President Winger's booklets have notes and typed notes and the book from Calgary, Alberta, Canada has interesting postcards, one with an image of a lodge.

    Annual Conference: MinutesBC2007/6 Annual Conference, Church of the Brethren and German Baptist Brethren:  Minutes of the Annual Meeting / Annual Conference for various years.  Back-up copies of previously catalogued materials.  
    Annual Conference: Winona Brethren Hymnal 1910BC2011/12 A song book published by the Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois, for use at Annual Conference, Winona Lake, Indiana, June, 1910. 
    Audio Tape: "A Look at the Brethren" BC2011/3 

    This reel-to-reel tape entitled, "A Look at the Brethren," was produced by Dean Frantz.  It answers questions about the Church of the Brethren:

    What is it,

    Who are the Brethren,

    What do they look like,

    What do they do? 

    This appears to be  the audio portion of a slide show or filmstrip that describes the Church of the Brethren.

    Aukerman, Dale: Tracts for the Brethren Action MovementBC2007/3 Peace: Dale Auckerman Tracts written for the Brethren Action Movement [BAM]. 
    Baldwin, Ferne: Church of the Brethren CollectionROBaldwinCOB2012/23 A collection of materials about the Church of the Brethren assembled by Archivist Emerita, Ferne Baldwin.  Some information deals with the larger church and its mission in Nigeria and other materials are related to the Church of the Brethren in Indiana. 
    Beery, William and Statler, Ruth: Brethren PeopleBC2010/16 

    "Invocation Hymn," by Ruth Statler (poet) and WIlliam Berry (composer)*.  SIgnature of WiIliam Berry on the lower left corner.

    Beliefs, Polity, Principles, Ideas: Church of the BrethrenBC2006/23a Christian Education: Church of the Brethren related publications. 
    Bethany Biblical Seminary: HandbookBC2011/5 One handbook from Bethany Biblical Seminary, 1939-40. 
    Bethany Theological Seminary Campus Moves Oak Brook, IL.BC2007/1 "A Dream Unfolds," brochure marketing campus move to Oak Brook, IL. 
    Bethany Theological Seminary: Tape for InterpretationBC2018/32 Warren Groff, president of the institution, interprets the program at Bethany Theological Seminary. Floyd McDowell makes a plea for funds. Graydon F. Snyder, and Donald Miller speak on texts involving ministry. 
    Bowser, Anna Maude: Jonathan Creek Brethren BC2018/28 Anna Maude Bowser 1877-1951, by her eldest granddaughter, Betty Jean Clark Laude and A. H. Laube. 
    Brethren Digital ArchivesBC2019/1 Brochures describing the Brethren Digital Archives project along with an appeal for donations. 
    Brethren History: Flat Rock, North CarolinaCOB General File: History 

    History: Flat Rock Church of the Brethren, Dunkards in Ashe County, North Carolina.

    Genealogical Notes on the Jonathan Miller Family.

    "Recorded Official Action of the Flat Rock Church."

    Brethren Peace Fellowship Newsletter BC2006/6  Issues of Brethren Peace Fellowship newsletter from July, 1972 through December, 1991.  
    Brethren Service and the Origins of the Peace Corps: Don Murray AccountBC2017/6 Excerpts from "Don Murray, Brethren Service and the Origins of the Peace Corps," with a serendipitous link to Marilyn Monroe. 
    Brethren, North Liberty, Indiana, 12 June 1921: PhotographBC2010/47 Although one can not be certain, it appears as if this photograph represents the Church of the Brethren congregation at North Liberty, Indiana and that it was taken outside the meeting house.  Many of the sisters and elders appear to be wearing the Brethren garb. 
    Burke, Homer and Marguerite: PhotographBC2008/4 1954 photo of Homer and Marguerite Burke. 
    Camp Mack: Historical MuralsBC2018/29 L. W. Shultz describes the Church of the Brethren historical murals at Camp Alexander Mack. 
    China Relief: Church of the BrethrenBC2014/12 

    Narrative and video documentation of the mission and relief work conducted by the Church of the Brethren in the country of China from 1908 through 1951.

    Christian Education: Brethren Graded SeriesBC2011/13a-e 

    BC2011/13a: Primary Year One, Fall Quarter, Course 1, Part 1, October, November, December, Brethren Graded Series, Teacher's Book, by Margaret M. Clems, E. G. Hoff, Editor, Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, 1950, published by the Brethren Publishing house, Elgin, Illinois.

    BC2011/13b: Primary Year Two, Fall Quarter, Course II, Part 1, October, November, December, Brethren Graded Series, Teacher's Book, by Nan F. Heflin, E. G. Hoff, Editor, Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, 1951, published by the Brethren Publishing house, Elgin, Illinois.

    BC2011/13c: Primary Year Three, Fall Quarter, Couse III, Part I, October, November, December, Brethren Graded Series, Teacher's Book, by Hazel A. Lewis, E. G. Hoff, Editor, Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, 1952, published by the Brethren Publishing house, Elgin, Illinois.

    BC2011/13d:Teacher's Book, Junior Year Two, Fall Quarter, Brethren Graded Series, by Doris Clore Demaree, Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, 1953, published by the Brethren Publishing house, Elgin, Illinois.

    BC2011/13e: Teacher's Book, Junior Year Three, Fall Quarter, Brethren Graded Series, by Hazel A. Lewis, A. Stauffer Curry, Editor, Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, 1954, published by the Brethren Publishing house, Elgin, Illinois. 




    Christian Education: My Bible BookBC2011/14a-L 

    BC2011/14a: My Bible Book, Primary Year One, Fall Quarter, Course 1, Part 1, Oct. Nov. Dec., prepared by Margaret M. Clemens, illustrations by Mathilda Keller, to accompany Brethren Graded Series Course, One; E. G. Hoff, Editor; Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, published by Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, copyright 1950.

    BC2011/14b: My Bible Book, Primary Year One, Winter Quarter, Course 1, Part 2, Jan., Feb., March., prepared by Margaret M. Clemens, illustrations by Mathilda Keller, to accompany Brethren Graded Series Course, One; E. G. Hoff, Editor; Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, published by Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, copyright 1950.

    See Scope and Content on the BC2011/14a-L Accession Page to review additional volumes of this graded series.

    Christian Education: My Bible GuideBC2011/15a-d 

    Church of the Brethren Christian Education materials published by the Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois.

    BC2011/15a: Home Reading Book, My Bible Guide, Junior Year Three, Fall, by Hazel A. Lewis, illustrated by James A. Talone, A. Stauffer Curry, Editor; Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, copyright 1954 L. W. Smith.

    BC2011/15a: Home Reading Book, My Bible Guide, Junior Year Three, WInter Quarter, by Blanche Hoke, illustrated by john Gretzer, A. Stauffer Curry, Editor; Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, copyright 1954 I. W. Smith.

    BC2011/15c: Home Reading Book, My Bible Guide, Junior Year Three, Spring Quarter, by Hazel A. Lewis, illustrated by Kreigh Collins, Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications, copyright 1955 by I. W. Smith.

    BC2011/15d: Home Reading Book, My Bible Guide, Junior Year Three, Summer Quarter, by Hazel A. Lewis, illustrated by Sid Quinn, A. Stauffer Curry, Editor Church School Publications, Hazel M. Kennedy, Editor Children's Publications., copyright 1955 L. W. Smith.


    Christian Education: Senior High Youth CurriculumBC2011/16a-c 

    In His Hand, Parts 1, 2 and 3, by Graydon F. Snyder, Church of the Brethren Senior High Youth Curriculum, copyright 1964 by General Brotherhood Board, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois.


    Christian Education: Senior High Youth CurriculumBC2011/17a-d 

    Church of the Brethren Senior High Youth Curriculum:

    BC2011/17a:  In Christ Jesus, Part 1, The Significance of Jesus as the Christ, by Dale W. Brown; In Christ Jesus, Part 1, copyright 1965 by General Brotherhood Board, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois.

    BC2011/17b: In Christ Jesus, Part 2, The Significance of Jesus as the Christ, by Dale W. Brown; In Christ Jesus, Part 2, copyright 1965 by General Brotherhood Board, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois.

    BC2011/17c: In Christ Jesus, Teacher's Guide, Part 3, Understanding and Accepting Myself, by William J. Gnagey; copyright In Christ Jesus, Teacher's Guide, Part 3, copyright 1966 by General Brotherhood Board, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois.

    BC2011/17d: In Christ Jesus, Teacher's Guide, Part 4, Being Human, for God's Sake, by John H. Brennecke; copyright In Christ Jesus, Part 4,1966 by General Brotherhood Board, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois.



    Christian Education: Senior High Youth Curriculum, In His SpiritBC2011/18a-d 

    Church of the Brethren Senior High Youth Curriculum, In His Spirit, Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, copyright 1966 and 1967 by the General Brotherhood Board, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois. Authors: Fancher, Shull, Kieffaber and Wagner.



    Church of the Brethen Annual Conference: 1913 PhotographBC2014/16 Photograph: 1913 Church of the Brethren Annual Conference at Winona Lake. 
    Church of the Brethren and Brethren Church: PublicationsBC2014/11 An assortment of publications related to the Church of the Brethren and to the Brethren Church. 
    Church of the Brethren Collection: Bill EberlyBC2018/23 Box One 

    Church of the Brethren materials, primarily from the Middle Indiana and South/Central Indiana Districts: 1921 Huntington, IN COB directory - 1920 , 1921, 1922, 1924 programs for the COB Summer Conference and Summer Assembly - 1922 Bulletin for Middle Indiana Church of the Brethren Equity Board - 1922 Minutes of the COB District Meeting  - 1958-1959 Church Extension Project - Lessons in Stewardship Studies - 1954-1955 Brotherhood Fund Giving - 1972, 1973 Memo from Carroll Petry, South Central District of Indiana - 1972, 1973SALT newsletters from the District Witness Commission - Program for the South/Central District Conference, 1972, 1973 - "Together" publication - 1953 - 1966, "Central Region Herald" - 1955-1971 "Guide Lines" - 1922-1958 District News Letters - "Living the Story, 50 Years of Brethren Volunteer Service" -1948 Middle District of Indiana directory - other COB directories from various years and including District Conference Minutes from 2004, 2005, 2006 - 1895 Annual German Baptist Meeting, Decatur, Illinois, an informational booklet from the Wabash Railroad advertising service and accommodations - 1912 Christmas postcard from Sunday School Teacher, Frank Weybright to Viola Neher - Postcard - Bird's eye view of North Manchester- 1940 Postcard of Peabody Memorial Home - photograph of  a COB District Meeting - 1912 program for Special Bible Term - Notes regarding discussion at Annual Meetings during the middle1800's - Letters, Reports, Elders' Meeting programs - "The Eldership: Ordination and Responsibilities - Guidelines for ministerial ordination - 1940-1941 church organizational list - 1969 letter to Brother Harshbarger (Ladoga Church) from the Heeters. Commemorative plates: COB Buffalo, Mexico, Liberty Mills. Pleasant View and Peru COB directories. Centennial Program of the Mexico COB.  Manchester COB Heritage Celebration,1991, honoring Elder R. H. Miller and Sister Emma Miller along with other Manchester COB historical publications and church directories. 1910 and 1923 joint Sunday School programs.  Statistics, research, meeting minutes and discussion matierials related to the merger of the Middle and the Southern Indiana Districts of the Church of the Brethren. A variety of Northern Indiana District materials.

    Church of the Brethren HistoryBC2015/10 

    Historian, pastor, and MC alumnus, Merle Rummel's extensive COB research, including:

    Stonelick, Brethren Migration Roads, history of the Four Mile congregation, journals of Nancy Lybrook and Elizabeth Miller, the frontier Brethren of Kentucky, and the Virginia Colony.

    Church of the Brethren Missions: NigeriaBC2010/8 

    One booklet, "Kaduna, 1962." 

    "Messenger," February 1973, Special Issue, "50 Years in Nigeria."

    Church of the Brethren YPD Summer Assembly: 1921 PhotographBC2014/15 Photograph of participants in the Middle Indiana District of the  Church of the Brethren Young People's Department, Summer Assembly at Manchester College, 1921. 
    Church of the Brethren, Council of the Boards Meeting, Winona Lake, 1935BC2010/18 

    Minutes for the Council of Board.  It appears as if the Board met in order to make proposals to the delegates of Annual Conference.  A revision of the 1935 - 1936 budget was to be presented.

    Church of the Brethren: 186th Annual Conference NewsBC2010/43 Newsletter for the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, Saturday, 1 July 1972.   
    Church of the Brethren: Agape Creek, Loan AgreementBC2010/21 Agreement for loan repayment between the Apage Church of the Brethren and the District (of Indiana?).  
    Church of the Brethren: Annual Conference BC2007/4 

    State Historical Marker:  Annual Meeting Historical Marker

    In recognition of the significance of Brethren Annual Meetings: 1878, 1888, 1900 along with images from the event.

    Church of the Brethren: Annual Conference BC2006/15 Various Annual Conference booklets from 1932 through 1979. 
    Church of the Brethren: Annual Conference 1962, PhotographsBC2010/14 

    Photographs of probable attendees at the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference, 1962, in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  Pictures taken at House By The Sea Hotel and on the boardwalk. Individuals include:
    Ada Brubaker, North Manchester, Indiana: Edith Slifer, Blanche Folgate, Fern Blocher, Iona Wise, Ethel Cripe, Reba Steck, Grace Noss, Eleanor Harrington, Dorothy McGill, Mrs. Delbert Buss, Nellie Evans, Nora Cripe, Mary Wood,


    Church of the Brethren: Annual Conference Daily 1948BC2010/42 Annual Conference Daily for 16 June 1948.   
    Church of the Brethren: Annual Conference Moderators, PostcardsBC2008/2 Postcards  of Germantown Church of the Brethren, D. W. Kurtz,  and all living Annual Conference Moderators.  . 
    Church of the Brethren: Annual Conference NewspapersBC2009/09 Annual Conference and District Conference Newspapers circa the 1920's.  
    Church of the Brethren: Annual Conference, Rail TravelBC2008/6 Photo of Brethren going to Annual Conference by train. 
    Church of the Brethren: Assorted MaterialsROBCSeptember2012/19 A plethora of information on various churches and districts of the Church of the Brethren in the areas of Illinois/Wisconsin and Indiana.  Church histories and General Brotherhood Board topics.  Southern Indiana legal drafts and documents. Now being described under BD2018/2, BC2018/3, BC2018/5. 
    Church of the Brethren: BeliefsBC2014/5 

    Publications printed by The Brethren Press, Elgin, Illinois, describing various beliefs held by the Church of the Brethren.

    Church of the Brethren: Beliefs and StoriesBC2018/14 A collection of pages copied from an undocumented source.  It includes not just a description of Brethren beliefs, but accompanying stories. 
    Church of the Brethren: Cedar Lake ChurchBC2010/34 Materials regarding the building loan of the Cedar Lake Church of the Brethren. 
    Church of the Brethren: Chinese Day School, PhotographBC2010/9 Photograph of Chinese Day School, 1916 with H. S. Claybaugh on verso. 
    Church of the Brethren: Christian Education MaterialsBC2006/25 

    Christian Education.

    Church of the Brethren: Creekville, Kentucky, and Lehman, GalenBC2010/46 

    Correspondence between Galen Lehman and Ruth Anne Hoff, of Creekville, Kentucky and Rev. Ira C. Meyer of Creekville, Kentucky.



    For photographs of the project at Flat Creek see BC2010/40

    See Also: Gospel Messenger, 1956.

    Church of the Brethren: Direction, Future, COCUBC2018/10 1966 article by theologian Martin Marty  in "The National Catholic Reporter" in which he compares the challenges of the Church of the Brethren with those of the Catholic Church. What does the future hold? 
    Church of the Brethren: Direction, Future, COCUBC2018/11 The August 1966 article by Martin Marty [MU2018/10] was written during the same time-period as the 1966 COB Annual Conference. Should the Church of the Brethren face the future by ecumenical participation with other denominations through the Consultation on Church Union (COCU)? BC2018/22 includes documents of the Church of the Brethren's "Fraternal Relations Committee to the 1966 Annual Conference, along with a speech delivered by Wayne Zunkel on the Conference floor during the COCU debate. Also included: "An Open Letter To the Fraternal Relations Committee," "Report, Consultation on Church Union" (1966), and "Supplementary Report of the Fraternal Relations Committee to Annual Conference on COCU. 
    Church of the Brethren: Greece, 24 November 1949BC2010/17 

    One letter from the Greek Orthodox Church in Greece, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, to Church of the Brethren leader, M. R. Zigler, European Director, Brethren Service, describing the hardships of the people of Greece following two wars, a bloody post-liberation  and continuous and continuing guerilla warfare. 

    M. R. Zigler's response to a visit to the Archbishop in "Report on Greece," composed November 24, 1949, and given to the Church of the Brethren.

    Church of the Brethren: Handbook of Style and UsageBC2012/9 Church of the Brethren Handbook of Style and Usage, Harriet Ziegler, Editor. 
    Church of the Brethren: Historical Fellowship of the Central RegionBC2010/37 

    One paper announcing the organization of the Historical Fellowship of the Central Region, Church of the Brethren

    Church of the Brethren: History, Huntington County, IndianaBC2010/36 One historical paper giving the history of each church in the area. 
    Church of the Brethren: Indiana and Kentucky Congregations, PhotographsBC2010/40 

    Photographs: The collection is thought to contain pictures of Pleasant View Chapel and Milford Indiana Church of the Brethren, Milford, Indiana Bethel Church of the Brethren as well as Flat Creek Mission, Creekville, Kentucky and Mud Lick Chapel of the Flat Creek mission.

    Church of the Brethren: Indiana Cooperative Board and Congregational RecordsBC2018/23 Box Two Records of the Indiana Cooperative Board composed of Church of the Brethren Districts of Northern, Middle, and Southern Indiana (1952 - 1973 incomplete).  Detailed records and statistics of Middle Indiana Church of the Brethren congregations, 1911- 1945. Materials related to the proposed merger of the COB Middle and Southern Indiana Districts. South Central Indiana congregational historical materials, newsletters, and district conference information. An assortment of other Indiana congregational and district materials related to organizations, meetings, congregations and workshops. L. W. Shultz Otho Winger biography, Letter from Warsaw, Poland, interview with M. R. Zigler, etc.  
    Church of the Brethren: Indiana Regional Office, Salaries and BenefitsBC2010/45 1960 - 1961 correspondence between Robert Greiner, Treasurer, Church of the Brethren General Brotherhood Board and Robert Greiner, David Yeatter, and Mark Schrock.  Some material deals with financial arrangements surrounding Galen Lehman discontinuance at the Regional Office as Regional Secretary, and the transfer of Mark Schrock to fill the vacency. Other letters deal with church extension loan notes.  Also included is a report on employee Revisions to The Group Insurance and Pension-Annuity Plans
    Church of the Brethren: Indiana State Clothing CommitteeBC2010/44 The Church of the Brethren was a contributing member of the United Clothing Appeal of the Churches or also known as the Church World Service Clothing Program.   In Indiana there was an individual appointed to represent all of the Church of the Brethren districts.  This person was given the title:  Church of the Brethren Representative, Indiana State Clothing Committee.   The file contains correspondence regarding the appointment of John Heisel to represent the state. 
    Church of the Brethren: Journey in Jesus WayBC2017/27 "Journey in Jesus' Way," original interviews and some footage, by videographer, David Sollenberger, in which members of the Church of the Brethren share their faith on many topics. 
    Church of the Brethren: Lent, Zeller, Harry Jr. 1944BC2010/10 The file folder containing this message by Harry K. Zeller, Jr. has "Sugar Creek" written on the left hand corner.  Perhaps Ferne Baldwin wrote this note to tell what congregation Harry Zeller was speaking to or was part of?  The message is titled, "Brethren Declare Their Lenten Faith," and is dated 26 March 1944. 
    Church of the Brethren: Mahlon Rinehart, District Account Book and CorrespondenceBC2010/22a,b Letters from the Church of the Brethren General Brotherhood Board, a receipt, and one account booklet beloning to Mahlon Rinehard, District Treasurer, Southern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    Church of the Brethren: Manchester Church of the BrethrenBC2010/11 

    Materials related to Manchester Church of the Brethren.

    Church of the Brethren: Markle Church of the BrethrenBC2010/31 Photocopies of three images of the church at different stages of its life. 
    Church of the Brethren: Materials AssortmentBC2018/2 

    This assortment of Church of the Brethren Materials includes but is not limited to: Southern Indiana legal drafts and documents - Brethren Service Commission statement regarding police action in Korea - Minutes of the Brethren Service Commission - Report of NY Relocation Hostel to the Committee for Resettlement of Japanese-Americans,1944 - Guiding principles and objectives of Brethren Service - Boni (ponee) family history - Mount Morris Church of the Brethren accomplishments and goals - Junior High Church School - "Account of the Society of Dunkards in Pennsylvania," 1786, from Lancaster to Ephrata - History of the Olympia, Virginia Church of the Brethren, Virginia - May 1930, Bulletin of La Verne College - "Echo," January 1960 - "Hier is des echo auf das Echo der Hamburger Gruppe." ICYE Exchange 1958/1959 - John David Bowman - Global Women's Project, "Globalink," Issue No. 21 1994 and No. 25 - Report to Heifer Committee January 1946, Brethren Shipment to Poland - 1944 report on Heifers for Relief Shipment Number 1 to Puerto Rico - Bethany Seminary 1941 graduates - Death of Mary Leedy - Appraisal of the Indiana Home Mission Extension Committee,1964 - Program, 129th District Conference of the Northern Indiana District - "Dedication Memorial and Membership Directory" for the Wenatchee Valley Church of the Brethren, 1929  - Winona's Greatest Convention, Church of the Brethren Conference - George Brubaker's handwritten notes on church practice -  Women in the church - unique and powerful - March 1999 and 1978 News Release citing female participation in a nationwide Gathering of Church of the Brethren Women - Universal Military Training vs the American Way, Kermit Eby's testimony before the House Armed Services Committee,1947 -"The Third Day," 1998, quarterly newsletter by the Office of Brethren Witness Environmental Working Group - "Sourvenir of McPherson College, 1904," photo album.- Information about "Liberty Cemetery," Orange County, Indiana - Listing and dates of Church of the Brethren congregations within Indiana along with districts and mother churches- Old German Baptist Brethren congregations in Canada, and in the United State - script, "The Missionary Awakening of Elm Grove," written by a Class in mission at Bethany Bible School - General Brotherhood Board and Commissions Agenda," 1952,Warren Bowman.

    Church of the Brethren: Materials AssortmentBC2018/3 

    A wide assortment of Church of the Brethren related materials, including but not limited to: A narrative play about Church of the Brethren history - photographs of church buildings and members - Photograph of participants in the Church of the Brethren Christian Citizenship Seminar, circa Spring 1974 - Picture of  "Brethren Church" - National Youth Conference at Valparaiso University 1971 - Church of the Brethren related images (see finding aid for locations and identifications) - Brochure for "Pastoral Family Assistance Program" - COB history - picture of Bethany Seminary with students (1907-1908) - background material regarding the "History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana."

    Folder #11 - Notes and materials leading up to the writing of  "History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana" - photographs of the Old Order German Baptist Brethren tent conference - brochure describing the Association for the Arts in the Church of the Brethren - program for  "The Brethren's Ministerial Meeting for the Southern District of Indiana,"April 1897- program for the "Seventh Summer Assembly of the Church of the Brethren of Middle Indiana"  - District News Letter 1 August 1948 - The Indiana Cooperative Board (1964-1966) letters, documents, program - credential for Delegates to the District and General Conference of the Church of the Brethren - Declaration of Principles and Purposes - Constitution and Function of the Delegate Body of Annual Conference.

    Church of the Brethren: Materials AssortmentBC2018/6 

    A variety of materials regarding the Church of the Brethren collected during the ages. "Academy for Church Leadership," Summer Intensive, 1987 - "Volunteer Service in the Local Church," featuring New Windsor BVS class with Dan West - 1987 newsletter from the COB Washington Office featuring Ronald Reagan and the Central American Peace Agreement - 1988 newsletter from the COB Washington Office featuring, "Civil Rights at Critical Juncture" - Minutes of District Meeting of Northern Illinois and Wisconsin, 1902, 1908,1940, 1954, 1955, 1960 - "Jesus Christ - Our Hope," Indiana Brethren Young Adult Retreat, 1976 (Warstler, Carter) - Three year Reading Course for Licensed Ministers - Eldership Ordination1965, Manchester/Liberty Mills COB.

    Church of the Brethren: Michigan and Northern Indiana DistrictBC2010/23 

    Minutes of the 21 October 1972 joint meeting of the Michigan and Northern Indiana District Board Executive Committees, Church of the Brethren. 

    Minutes of the 31 March 1973 joint meeting of the Michigan and Northern Indiana District Board Executive Committees, Church of the Brethren. 

    Church of the Brethren: Michigan Brethren in Ministry, NewslettersBC2010/12 

    Michigan Brethren in Ministry, Michigan District Church of the Brethren, Newsletter, October - November 1988.

    Michigan Brethren in Ministry, Michigan District Church of the Brethren, Newsletter, December 1988 - January 1989.

    Church of the Brethren: Middle Indiana District News Bulletin, April 1945BC2010/32 Middle Indiana District News Bulletin, April 1945. 
    Church of the Brethren: Middle Indiana joint Boards Agenda, 1944BC2010/33 One Agenda of the Middle Indiana Joint Boards, 11 September 1944 at the Peru Church of the Brethren. 
    Church of the Brethren: Middle Indiana Men's Organization, 1948BC2010/35 One page announcement of a film and presentation by John L. Strohm, author, editor and world traveler.  The program is sponsored bythe Middle Indiana Brethren Men's Organization. 
    Church of the Brethren: Nappanee, School of Religion and LifeBC2010/19 The Northern Indiana District sponsored this program to be held in the Nappanee Church of the Brethren, 1979.   
    Church of the Brethren: Northern Indiana DistrictBC2010/27 Material related to the "New Call to Peacemaking," 1978 
    Church of the Brethren: Northern Indiana District, Union Center, NappaneeBC2010/41 Union Center Church of the Brethren bulletin from 23 September 1984. 
    Church of the Brethren: Northern Indiana, FLOR-IANA, Helping HandsBC2010/25a-k An assortmenet of materials related to theThe Church of the Brethren Northern Indiana District project to provide Helping Hands, through the FLOR-IANA FAITH VENTURE, a Plan to Assist Struggling Congregations."   
    Church of the Brethren: PhotographsBC2008/10 Hartsough, Clara and Barnhart, Wilbur. 
    Church of the Brethren: Pine Creek , North Liberty, Indiana, N-PAC ResolutionBC2010/15 One page resolution on N-PAC, dated 1980, supporting national leaders in actively planning, establishing, and funding a National Peace Academy. 
    Church of the Brethren: Plunge Creek Chapel, IN, PostcardBC2010/20 This is a postcard with the image of Plunge Creek Chapel, Indiana and was published by Burdge's Store, North Manchester, Indiana.  It is unknown by the Archivist whether this chapel is Church of the Brethren? 
    Church of the Brethren: Publications, Christian EducationBC2006/24 Statements, tracts, booklets, Sunday School materials, published by the General Brotherhood Board, Elgin, IL and by other Church of the Brethren related committees, organizations, churches and individuals.  A publication, "Prayer for...Missions." 
    Church of the Brethren: Publications, Christian EducationBC2006/22 Our Children. 
    Church of the Brethren: Publications, Christian EducationBC2006/23a 

    Statements, tracts, leaflets, brochures, booklets, Sunday School materials, published by the General Brotherhood Board, Elgin, IL and by other Church of the Brethren related committees, organizations, churches and individuals that explain beliefs and principles of the Church of the Brethren.

    Church of the Brethren: Salamonie, South Central Indiana BC2010/30 One written history and one Anniversary Day flyer, 1945 for Salamonie Church, Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana. 
    Church of the Brethren: South Central DistrictBC2010/28 A newspaper article giving the history of the Roann, Indiana Church of the Brethren. 
    Church of the Brethren: South Central Indiana District MaterialsBC2012/5 

    An assortment of materials belonging to the Southern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren.  Included are Financial Reports for the Mexico Welfare Home, 1952 - 1954 and Southern District Treasurer expense vouchers and bills for expenses.

    Church of the Brethren: Statistics 1930 - 1989BC2010/13 A list of statics regarding membership in the Church of the Brethren, both nationally, by College and by certain districts.  This report seems to reflect information from 1930 through 1989. 
    Church of the Brethren: Tracts: Church of the BrethrenBC2005/3 Church of the Brethren, "Another Way of Living" tracts:
    • simplicity
    • salvation
    • Jesus
    • baptism
    • creeds
    Church of the Brethren: Trends in the Central RegionBC2018/13 "Trends in the Church of the Brethren" (1949), "Trends of Central Region pastors and Congregations," list of members of the General Brotherhood Board and District Fieldworkers in the Central Region (1954), Number of people on various boards in each district of the Central Region, statistical report of pastors and pastorates in the Region (undated, but possibly 1954). 
    Church of the Brethren: VHS CollectionBC2016/1 Four video collections and leader's guides highlighting the views of prominent Church of the Brethren leaders, theologians, and historians and documenting the Brethren Heritage Tour led by Hedda and Donald Durnbaugh, October 1995. 
    Church of the Brethren: Workshop at Manchester College 1945BC2010/48 3 page flyer describing a Church of the Brethren workshop organized to develop district resource leadership in the Central Region (1945). Held at Manchester College, participants were told to bring ration books!  
    Church of the Brethren: Young PeopleBC2010/24 A copy of a brochure advertising the "Brethren Young People's Conference," Ohio Conference, sponsored by the Young People's Department of the General Sunday School Board, Elgin, Illinois. 
    Church of ther Brethren: Southern Indiana DistrictBC2010/29 One bulletin from the Southern Indiana District Conference, 14 August, 1970. 
    Civilian Public Service: BCPS BulletinBC2006/19 

    BCPS Bulletin.  Bulletin published bi-weekly for the men of Civilian Public Service by the Church of the Brethren, Brethren Service Committee, Elgin, Illinois.

    Conscientious Objection: Reporter, (The)BC2006/18 Conscientious Objection:  "The Reporter."  Issues from July, 1942, Vol. I, No. 1 through January 15, 1946. Periodical established to provide accurate, objective information about conscientious objectors. 
    DeaconsBC2018/9 Materials related to the Deacon ministry in the Church of the Brethren: "Deacons in Biblical Perspective," by Galen Hackman, "Deacons in Historical Perspective," by Donald Durnbaugh," 1997 Annual Conference Statement, "Deacon Ministry in the Church of the Brethren." 
    Eel River Church of the Brethren: History, compiled 1988BC2014/4 

    "History of the Eel River Church of the Brethren," compiled in 1988 by Wanda Montel, Mary Montel, Helen Leckrone and Male Freed. See Also BC2014/10a-g - "Funerals at Eel River Church, October 24, 1897 - February 28, 1937."

    Eel River Church of the Brethren: People and vicinityBC2018/1 Objects and images reflecting the everyday lives of people and places surrounding the Eel River Church of the Brethren and German Baptist community (circa 1905), Kosciusko County, Indiana.See also: -
    Elders Meeting of Middle District, Indiana, Minutes 1892 - 1916: Church of the Brethren BC2010/2 Elders meeting of Middle District, Indiana, Minutes, 1892 - 1916  
    Ernestine Hoff Wedding, Hoff MaterialBC2010/5 

    Emrick, Ernestine Hoff.  Manchester College Alumna

    • Wedding photo of Lottie and Ernest Hoff and the way their dining table looked at their wedding.
    • Christmas postcard wtih E. G.  Hoff holding grandson, Gregory Lee, circa 1946.  On card verso is a family lineage:
      • Ernest Hoff b.
        • Lottie Neher Hoff b.
          • Grandson, Gregory b
            • son of:
              • Minister Emrick, Leland B.S. 39 [Manchester College Alumnus]
              • Ernestine (Hoff) Emrick B.S. 40  [Manchester College Alumna]
    • Clippings showing:

      Dr. WIlbur McFadden and Family, Vernard Eller, Glenn Rohrer, Dan West, Ora Huston, Edward K. Ziegler (1960), Jesse Ziegler, Burton Metzler, Lorell Weiss, Ira Moomaw (1962), Chalmer Faw, James B. Bowman (missionary), Mary Schaeffer, Ernest and Olivia Ikenberry, Merlin Shull, Martha Cocanower, Martha Rupel, Wilma Stern, Anna Warstler, etc.

      1961 Annual Conference Worship leaders, Dale W. Brown, Clarence Sink, Wilfren Staufer, Hubert Newcomer, Thomas Davis and other 1961 Conference speakers.

    Evangelists Within the Church of the Brethren, 1920BC2016/10 1920 Evangelistic Record telling the names of evangelists within the Church of the Brethren, their address, number of revivals, and number of persons won for Christ 
    Faw, Chalmer: Gospel of MatthewBC2017/4 Digital recording of cassette tapes created by "The Faw Team" and titled, "The Gospel of Matthew," by Dr. Chalmer E. Faw. Chapters 1 - 28 are included. 
    Fellowship of Brethren GenealogistsArchives Periodicals Section  Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists: One issue of newsletter, Winter 1995, Volume 27, No. 4 in Archives periodicals section, IS. 
    First Church of the BrethrenCOB General File: First Church of the Brethren, Chicago First Church of the Brethren, Chicago, IL, 1925 Dedication program. Seventy-fifth Anniversary Celebration booklet (2000) with history and photographs. 
    Flora Church of the Brethren, Flora, Indiana and Living Faith (Church of the Brethren), CollectionBC2010/7 

    Bibles, memorabilia, plaques from the "Flora Church of the Brethren," Flora Indiana and the "Living Faith" Church of the Brethren.

    • "The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Translated Out Of The Original Greek; And With The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised,"  New York: American Bible Society, Instituted In The Year MDCCCXVI, 1868 [Sm. Plica, Octavo.]
    • A gorgeously illustrated bible,  "The First Pulpit Bible used at the Flora Church of the Brethren." "[Authorized Version.] The Complete Text Pictorial Family Bible Containing The Old And New Testaments, Together With The Apocrypha, The Psalms In Metre, and A Concordance.
    • Plaques of recognition from Bethany Hospital, Chicago.
    • One white flag with a blue rectangle and red cross.
    • One American flag.
    • Linens. Not clear whether linens are from "Flora" or from "Living Faith."  Archivist believe they are from "Flora."
    • A large bible.  The way the objects were organized it appears that this bible might be from the "Living Faith" Church of the Brethren, since the other bible was identified as being from "Flora."    This bible is also beautifully engraved with illustrations.
    Frantz, Issac: Minister, Church of the BrethrenBC2009/01 Frantz, Isaac:  Seminary Notes, Pleasant Hill, Ohio circa 1920.  
    Funderburg: Family Reunion Minutes 1917-1942 (Reunions 1-23)BC2011/4 Ohio-Indiana Funderburg Family Reunion Minutes, 1917-1942 (Reunions 1-23). 
    Gilbert, Israel and Mary Horning: Brethren PeopleBC2002/1 

    Israel and Mary Horning Gilbert: Letter detailing North Manchester's connection to the Gilbert family and family group sheets for the Israel and Mary Horning Gilbert family.  


    Gospel Messenger Obituary Index BC2009/03 Paper hard copy for the Gospel Messenger obituary index that is on DVD.  
    Gospel Messenger, Vol. 80, No. 40, 1931BC2012/1 

    Among other topics regarding events in Iowa and Nebraska, this Gospel Messenger covers the dedication of the Henry Kurtz Memorial and gives biographies of the publisher, Henry Kurtz.

    Halladay, Paul: Church of the Brethren, Northwestern Ohio DistrictBC2006/13 

    Black Swamp Church of the Brethren, Paul Halladay Musical Presentation at Northwestern Ohio District Conference.

    • CD of Paul Halladay at the Black Swamp Church of the Brethren.
    • CD of a partial church service at the Black Swamp Church of the Brethren.
    Heifer Project: "A Primer, Heifers For Relief." BC2006/12: Heifer 1. One small paper-bound booklet by the Heifer Project Committee, Nappanee, Indiana and illustrated by Mrs. Virginia Crim. 
    Hirt, Catherine Frances and Ikenberry, HenryBC2007/9 

    Henry Ikenberry and Catherine Frances Hirt Family Tree.

    Hoff, Emanuel: The Message of the Book of RevelationBC2013/5 A special copy of the book, "The Message of The Book of Revelation," by Emanuel B. Hoff, Professor, New Testament Exegesis, Bethany Bible School, printed for the author by The Abingdon Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1919.  The book contains Hoff's photograph and special handwritten message. 
    Indiana, Southern District of the Church of the Brethren: Corporate SealBC2014/2 Church of the Brethren, Southern District of Indiana Board, Inc., Corporate Seal.  
    Inner Peace MovementBC2016/18 The Inner Peace Movement was not studied or approved by an official group of the Church of the Brethren. The IPM was a movement in which members reached for richer spiritual insight but also stretched the boundaries of the main line church. 
    Krebiehl Bible: Family BibleBC2011/20 

    The Krebiehl Bible is a German bible that might have been printed in Holland circa 1600.  The bible is from the Rossville Church of the Brethren, Indiana.  Family history is traced from 1762.

    Ladoga and Ladoga Area Church of the BrethrenBC2015/3 Records belonging to the Ladoga Church of the Brethren and other area Brethren congregations [Scott, Union, and Clark Townships, and Montgomery County, Indiana]. Records include, but are not limited to, county membership lists as well as letters of recommendation and membership certificates. Multidenominational Sunday School statistics circa 1927. 
    Ladoga Area Church of the Brethren: Membership Transfer LettersBC2014/19 

    German Baptist and Church of the Brethren transfer of membership letters 1800's and 1900's for the Ladoga, Indiana area. Lists of congregational authorities, sending church and receiving church locations, and member names.

    Ladoga Area Church of the Brethren: RecordsBC2015/1 

    Primary source material for Ladoga area Brethren: Raccoon Creek, Cool Spring, Bethel, Mount Pleasant, Little Walnut, Bethany, Ladoga, including but not limited to: Congregational minutes, histories, sermon notes, financial records, and transfer of membership letters (19th and 20th century) including Brethren from Four Mile (Indian Creek).

    Ladoga or Indiana Membership LettersBC2015/4 

    Incoming letters of membership from the 1800's.  Names of traveling and transferring members are included along with signatures of ministers and officials from outgoing congregations. 

    Laura Wine, Africa, Medical Missionary: Brethren PeopleBC2006/10 

    Laura Wine was the head of obstetrics at the Lassa Mission Hospital in Nigeria. She was one of the first to die of what was to be called Lassa Fever, an unknown and deadly disease that erupted in Nigeria, Africa in 1969.

    Laverne CollegeBC2006/16 "Lambda," yearbooks. 
    Loon Creek Church of the BrethrenBC2017/21 

    Historical and congregational materials related to Loon Creek Church of the Brethren, South Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren.

    Loon Creek Church of The Brethren: RecordsBC2017/10 Records of the Loon Creek Church of the Brethren of the South Central District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    Love Feast and Feet WashingBC2014/13 "Love Feast at Rocky Ridge," the Monocacy Church of the Brethren congregation prepares for love feast and feet washing, newspaper spread from  "The Sun Magazine," Baltimore, MD, 9 December 1956, Metrogravure. 
    Lower Deer Creek: HymnalBC2012/8 

    A hymnal used by the Lower Deer Creek Church of the Brethren.

    Mack, AlexanderBC2001/6 Alexander Mack, leader of the Schwarzenomer Neutavfer (sic) [Schwarzenauer Neutäufer, or forerunners of the Church of the Brethren and related groups], wrote a letter to the Count of Ysenburg-Büdingen Moravianborn on 5 September 1711.  The original letter is kept in the Archives of the Castle.  It has been translated into modern German by Gudrun Meyer and into English by Barbara Ollesch.  
    Mack, Alexander: PageantBC2018/12 The "Pageant of Alexander Mack" was likely presented in the North West Ohio District of the Church of the Brethren in 1944 and depicts the historical theology guiding Mack's decisions and thought. 
    Manchester Church of the Brethren, South Central District: Church of the BrethrenRemoved Manchester Church of the Brethren records, documents, photographs, minutes BC2001/5, filing cabinets (IS).  These materials have been removed and were returned to the Manchester Church of the Brethren for organization.  
    Manchester Church of the Brethren: 1998 FireBC2018/31 Footage and news coverage of the January 1998 fire that took place at the Manchester Church of the Brethren. Video footage of the new facility's construction on Beckley Street, North Manchester. 
    Manchester Church of the Brethren: Heritage CelebrationBC2018/30 DVD and MP4 copy of the 27 October 1991 Heritage Celebration that took place at the Manchester Church of the Brethren. 
    Metzger, John: 1898 Correspondence BC2018/16 A copy of letter written by John Metzger, living in Lordsburg, Los Angeles County, California, to L. H. Eby during March 1898 or 1899.  John had friends in Mount Morris, Illinois.  He soulfully writes on the death of Eby's wife, on books written on the topics of baptism and the Campdell and Rice debate, and closes with a description of his life in California. 
    Mexico Welfare Home Ledger Book BC2009/02  

    Mexico Welfare Home, located in Mexico, Indiana, would evolve intoTimbercrest Retirement Community, North Manchester, Indiana.

    1. One ledger book with itemized income and expense reports and Inventory of Lots.

    2. Two copies of financial report:

    Balance Sheet, 30 June 1952

    Statement of Income and Expenses for the period July 1, 1951 to June 30, 1952

    Schedule of endowment fund investments and notes receivable, 30 June 1952.

    3. One packet:"Articles of Voluntary Dissolution of Domestic Not for Profit Corporation by Art of the Corporation."

    4. One packet:"State of Indiana Laws Concerning Corporations Not For Profit, March 1950 Edition."

    Middle and Southern Indiana District Conference Minutes and BookletsCOB: Middle and Southern Indiana Minutes Church of the Brethren: A collection of  booklets and minutes from Middle Indiana and Southern Indiana District Conferences, including the last conference to be held in Southern Indiana 31 July 1971 before district restructuring. 
    Middle Indiana District: Minutes - 1878 ForwardBC2012/11 

    One notebook - Minutes of the Middle District of Indiana begining April 1878 - and supplemental materials.

    Middle Indiana: Women's Fellowship RecordsBC2016/7 Women's Fellowship Records for the Middle Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren, 1962 - 1972. 
    Missionary Prayer ChainBC2015/8 A chain-letter postcard (1906) from Lydia Metzger of Cerro Gordo, Illinois, to Miss Effie Montel, of North Manchester, Indiana, requesting prayer for missionaries. 
    Missions: Church of the BrethrenBC2014/3 Publication by the Church of the Brethren (undated, circa 1949), "A Five Year Advance Program for Foreign Missions." Depicted are Church of the Brethren mission and medical mission programs in India, China, Africa, and Ecuador. 
    Moomaw, Ira and Mabel: Brethren PeopleBrethren People File: Moomaw, Ira and Mabel 

    Material related to Ira and Mabel Moomaw Including program from I. W. Moomaw's memorial service.

    Mount Morris Church of the BrethrenBC2018/24 and BC2011/26 Historical materials belonging to Mount Morris Church of the Brethren, including newsletters, correspondence, Annual Reports with statistical information, 1948 plan for church organization, and [BC2011/26] historical Souvinir Booklet and program printed in honor of the new church building (1923) listing elders, pastors, ministers, members, along with historical vignettes. 
    Mount Pleasant Church of the Brethren: Northern Indiana DistrictBC2013/2 Records of the Mount Pleasant Church of the Brethren (formerly Yellow River), Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    Mow, Anna: Brethren PeopleBrethren People File: Mow, Anna 

    Materials relating to Anna Mow.

    The file contains an article containing Andy Murray's song about Anna Mow along with the photograph that inspired a line of his lyrics...."a hole in her stocking and a pocketfull of dreams..."

    For more material related to Anna Mow see : Gospel Messenger, 19 January 1946 p.7-8; Manchester College Bulletin, July 1976 p.3.

    Muncie Church of the Brethren: South Central Indiana DistrictBC2015/6 Materials related to the dissolution and sale of the Muncie Church of the Brethren. 
    Neff, Henry: Minister, Brethren PeopleBrethren People File: Neff, Henry Rev. Henry Neff Dies at South Whitley - obituary. He was pastor of the Pleasasnt View and Sugar Creek churches of the Brethren. 
    Nigeria: Postcard from JosBC2015/7 Postcard featuring King's College, Lagos, Nigeria on recto, and note from missionary in Jos, Nigeria on recto - written to Elder O. D. Buck, Franklin Grove, Illinois. 
    Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren: Individual Churches and MemorabiliaBC2006/17 

    Records, photographs and memorabilia from the Wakarusa Church of the Brethren and the Michigan City Church of the Brethren.

    Records, photographs and memorabilia from the Bethel Church of the Brethren.

    Bethel Church of the Brethren: Women's Fellowship Records 1970 - 1983, photos 1984, Mother and Daughter Banquet 1990, 1985 and 1988 newspaper clippings.

    Records, photographs and memorabilia from the South Bend City (also known as the South Bend Second) Church of the Brethren.

    Family photo of Marcos and Suely Inhauser.

    Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren: Loans and NotesBC2018/20 

    Backup material and correspondence regarding Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren notes and loans circa 1968 - 1969.

    Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren: RecordsBC2002/2 

    Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren records.  Records include general files and topics, such as Women's Work, as well as information on individual congregations.

    Northern Indiana District Office: Assortment of MaterialsNorthern Indiana District Filing Cabinet 

    An assortment of materials dealing with the North Indiana District Office of the Church of the Brethren, including:

    • Congregations and their status.
    • Criminal Justice Christmas cards for inmates.
    • Identification of types of funds.
    • Insurance policies.
    • Ministers and Spouses Association.
    • Nurture and Witness Commission.
    • Personnel Responsibilities.
    • Quality survey.
    • Pulpit Supply list.
    • Project Equality.
    • Blueprints for parsonage, Northern Indiana District.
    • Years of District Statistical Reports involving congregational information.
    • Brethren Service Officers and Camp representatives.


    Northern Indiana District: Church of the BrethrenBC2009/08 Timeline showing the founding and origin of Brethren churches in Northern Indiana with church family tree by Eleanor Painter. 
    Northern Indiana District: Wakarusa, Michigan City, Bethel, South Bend Second (City)MC2006/17 

    Records and memorabilia from Northern Indiana District Churches of the Brethren that have been closed: Wakarusa, Michigan City, Bethel, South Bend Second (City).

    Photograph of Marcos and Suely Inhauser, Church of the Brethren missionaries in Brazil.

    Northern Indiana District: Women's FellowshipBC2017/22 

    Women's Fellowship materials of the Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren.

    Ogan's Creek Church of the Brethren: South Central DistrictBC2012/15 

    One bible [1874] used at Ogan's Creek Church of the Brethren.

    On record book of church minutes [30 September 1873 to 22 February 1889].

    Questionnaires and information sheets.

    Organization and Polity: Church of the BrethrenBC2011/9a,b 

    BC2011/9a: Manual of Brotherhood Organization and Polity, Church of the Brethren, Revised 1962, Church of teh Brethren General Offices, Elgin, Illinois. Rufus King writtin on the cover. Handwritten note on yellow paper inside from Mrs. Tom Wetzel, North Manchester, Indiana regarding statement of church donations.


    BC2011/9b Manual of Brotherhood Organization and Polity, Church of the Brethren, revised 1965, Church of the Brethren General Offices, Elgin, Illinois.  R. King handwritten on book cover.

    Peace Churches: Differing Peace PosturesBC2018/17 A memo written 2 May 1972 by H. Lamar Gibble to the WMC Staff of the Church of the Brethren General Offices, Elgin, Illinois. He reports on the diversity within the historic peace churches in areas such as matters of peace vs. social justice, classical concepts of violence as opposed to institutional and systemic violence, and the relative emphasis upon Biblical concepts regarding non-resistance and non-violent resistance. 
    Peace Oratorical ContestBC2012/6 

    One program from the Peace Oratorical Contest, 14 June 1930.  The program includes speakers and the the titles of their presentations. It appears as if all of the Church of the Brethren institutions had a representative at the contest, except for LaVerne College.


    Peace: "War is Contrary to the Will of God," 1951BC2012/3 Booklet, titled, War is Contrary to the WIll of God," statements by the Historic Peace Churches and the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, July 1951. 
    Progression of Brethren Settlement: Church of the BrethrenBC2008/7 

    Map of Brethren migration.

    For other Brethren related genealogical material.

    See Also:

    Don Bowman's research on the Ulrich, Rench, Cripe, Metzger, Shively, Wolf, Bowers, Bowman families. See genealogical book section in Archives, one file folder under Bowman.

    Heckman family genealogical information from the Brookville, Ohio Historical Society.  See genealogical book section in Archives, one file folder under Heckman.

    Richmond Church of the Brethren: RecordsBC2017/9 Records of the Richmond, Indiana Church of the Brethren.  For a period of time Richmond Church of the Brethren shared a yoked parish with the Four Mile Church of the Brethren, and information about Four Mile is included in these records as well. 
    Rinehart Family in Howard County, IndianaBrethren People File: Rinehart Family The Rinehart family have produced prominent leaders in the Church of the Brethren.  A brief listing of names and the source of information, "History of the Church of the Berthren in Indiana," by Otho Winger, 1917. 
    Ron Finney: Church of the BrethrenBC2008/09 Snapshots of former South Central Indiana District Secretary, Ron Finney, and others at workshop.  
    Rummel, Merle C.: Books and PapersBC2015/10 "Frontier Brethren," "The Virginia Colony," "The Journal of Nancy Lybrook," and "The National Road Journal of Elizabeth Miller,"  by  Manchester College alumnus, Merle C. Rummel. 
    Seagoing CowboysBC2009/06 

    The Seagoing Cowboys: The Manchester Story.  A presentation made by Peggy Reiff Miller for the North Manchester Historical Society Dinner, 9 March 2009.

    Photographs of the Seagoing Cowboys in attendance.


    For more Sea-Going Cowboy material See Also: The Dan West exhibit, 1st Floor, Funderburg Library.  

    Seagoing Cowboys: Dietzel CollectionBC2010/4 Harlan Dietzel Seagoing Cowboy Collection.  
    Sharp, Dr. S. Z: BibleBC2016/2 The Bible used by Dr. S. Z. Sharp of Fruita, Colorado in a sermon delivered at Winona Lake, Indiana on the evening of June 11th, 1922. 
    South Central District: District Office FilesBC2014/18 Files from the District Office of the South Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    South Central District: Mississinewa German Baptist ChurchBC2013/1 Records and Record Books - Restricted - of Mississinewa German Baptist Church, 1950 - 1965, formerly of the Southern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    South Central Indiana District OfficeBC2017/23 Materials from the, Northern Indiana, Southern Indiana, and  South Central Indiana District Offices of the Church of the Brethren, including but not limited to, District Conference Agendas and Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, and directories.  
    South Central Indiana District: Historical CommitteeBC2019/2 Materials belonging to the South Central Indiana District Historical Committee 
    South Central Indiana District: Office MaterialsBC2016/15 

    Files from the South Central Indiana District Office of the Church of the Brethren.  Primarily the correspondence of District Executive, Carroll Petry, citations honoring church members, and confidential ministerial files.

    Computer storage discs from unknown congregation(s).

    South Central Indiana: Women's Fellowship Treasurer's RecordsBC2016/8 Treasurer's Records for the South Central Indiana District Church of the Brethren Women's Fellowship,1972 - 1987. 
    Southern Indiana District: Women's Fellowship RecordsBC2016/6 Women's Fellowship Records for the Southern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren, 1958 - 1967. 
    Southern Indiana District: Women's Work MinutesBC2016/9 Southern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren Women's Work Minutes,1936 -1958. 
    Southern Ohio District: Church of the BrethrenBC2002/7  

    Southern Ohio District of the Church of the Brethren general and congregational records as well as copies of the Memo, the District newsletter.

    Spring Creek, South Central District, Indiana: Church of the BrethrenBC2009/05  

    Spring Creek Church of the Brethren: Congregational records, commemorative plate, applebutter-making scrapbook and additional material.

    Squirrel Creek Congretation, Wabash: Membership LetterBC2015/5 Letter introducing Pleasant Jenkins and wife as members in good fellowship with the Squirrel Creek Brethren of Wabash, Indiana (1876). 
    Sugar Hill Church of the Brethren: OhioBC2018/19 A list of elders, ministers, deacons, and other individuals holding a position with what is probably Sugar Hill Church of the Brethren in Ohio. This information might have been copied from some other type of record, such as a report from a visiting evaluator. 
    Sunday School ResourcesBC2013/3a,b Church of the Brethren resources for teaching Sunday School.  Curriculum adaptable to children, young people and adults. Curriculum for adults. 
    Syracuse Church of the BrethrenBC2019/3 

    Historical materials from the Syracuse, Indiana Church of the Brethren, Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren, formerly Solomon's Creek (also Bethany).

    Teeter, L. W.BC2007/5 L. W. Teeter Collection: Lewis Wallace Teeter, (1845 - 1927).  Mechanic, preacher, Bible expositor, Annual Meeting leader.  Born Oct. 15 near Hagerstown, IN.  Teeter taught himself basic Greek and German to supplement a limited secondary education.  The Annual Meeting asked Teeter to prepare a two-volume commentary on the New Testament (1894). This collection contains the original handwritten draft as well as published volumnes. 
    The Brethren's Sabbath School at North Manchester: Record Book, April 1887 - January 1889BC2011/21 A record book kept of the meetings and collections of the Brethren's Sabbath School, North Manchester, Indiana.  This record begins on 17 April 1887 and continues through 7 January 1889. Some of the individuals cited are Albert Wright, S. A. Ulrey, Bertha Grossnickle, David Miller, Charles Delaughter and Sallie Baer. 
    The Christian Challenge, Publication from The Brethren of Early Christianity: Community Farm of the BrethrenBC2011/11 

    The Archivist does not know which Brethren group this publication relates to.  It was found in the Archives' stacks and was not discarded because of potential value to future research.  The title and address of the publication follows:

    "The Christian Challenge," The Brethren of Early Christianity, Community Farm of the Brethren, R. R. #4, Bright, Ontario, Canada.

    The Walnut Street MessengerBC2011/7 A historically interesting publication published by the Walnut Street Church of the Brethren, North Manchester, Indiana.  Articles on people and events 
    Wabash Country Church of the Brethren: RecordsBC2017/12 Wabash Country Church of the Brethren membership directories and Sunday School records from 1935 through the 1980's. Wabash Country is located within the South Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    West, Dan: InterviewsBC2017/26 "Dan West, Peacemaker." Videographer, David Sollenberger, interviews individuals about the life, faith, projects, and witness of Dan West, founder of Heifer Project. A set of transcripts is also included. 
    White Branch Church of the Brethren: South Central DistrictCOB Filing Cabinets: South Central District, White Branch Photograph of the White Branch Church of the Brethren in the South Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    Windfall Church of the Brethren: RecordsBC2016/4 Records of the Windfall Church of the Brethren, part of the South Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren. 
    Wine, Jacob C., Jr.: Collection BC2008/12  

    1.  One diary of Jacob Wine's post WWII seagoing cowboy experience transporting horses to Europe.  the war ravaged city of Bremen.

    2.  Photographs of  life on board ship and of the the war raveged city of Bremen.

    3.  The Jett family history.

    4.  Three DVDs containing interviews with Jacob C. Wine detailing family history, family stories, personal history, the history of Hempfield Church of the Brethren (East Petersburg, PA), and J. C. and Jean's missionary experience in Nigeria, Africa (1949-1956).

    Winger, Otho: Zigler, M. R.BC2011/22 

    Correspondence between M. R. Zigler and Otho Winger primarily related to the mission work of the Church of the Brethren.  Many names are referred to in these letters.  Not all letters are between Winger and Zigler.  There is mention of Winger's illness and operation on his head. The letterheads on these letters change:

    • General Ministerial Board of the Church of the Brethren.
    • General Mission Board of the Church of the Brethren, 1929.
    • Home Missions and Ministry, Church of the Brethren.
    Women of SpiritCOB General File: Women, Programs For The program, Woman of Spirit, was designed" nurture women and enable women to be co-partners in the ministry and mission of the whole church."   
    Women's Missionary Society, Manchester Church of the BrethrenBC2008/8 - REMOVED Women's Missionary Society, Church of the Brethren, North Manchester, Indiana, Program booklet. 
    World War II: 1956 Brethren Service Work in EuropeBC2018/18 "A Summary Report on an Administrative Visit Abroad to the Executive Committee of the General Brotherhood Board," by W. Harold Row. A look on many church mission and social service projects spanning forty thousand miles, thirty countries, four continents, and six major religions. 
    World War II: Political and Religious Aftermath BC2018/15 "Impressions and Observation of a Brief Trip to the European Continent, July 25 - September 18, 1949," by A. Stauffer Curry. 
    Young People's District Conference: 1926 PhtoographBC2014/17 1926 photograph of the second Young People's District Conference (YPD) at Camp Alexander Mack, 29 July 1926. 
    Youth: National Youth ConferenceBC2007/20 "Echoes of Estes," Church of the Brethren National Youth Conference, Estes Park, Colorado, August 20 - 24, 1962.  One Record Album. 
    Youth: Regional Youth ConferencesBC2007/19a, b, c 

    Posters for Church of the Brethren Regional Youth Conferences at Manchester College.

    See Also: MC2009/71 File Folder MC2009/71-CY: Church of the Brethren Youth Conference for more posters for Regional Youth Conference at Manchester College, 1980, 1982, 1985. 

    MC2009/71-CY: Poster from Church of the Brethren Regional Youth Conference at Manchester College, 1982.

    MC2004/709-1: Posters for Church of the Brethren Regional Youth Conferences at Manchester College, 1980. 

    Youth: Youth FellowshipBC2006/21 Church of the Brethren Youth Fellowship Bible Studies 
    Zigler, M. R.: The M. R. Zigler ProjectBC2017/25 "The M. R. Zigler Project, Portrait of a Peacemaker." Videographer, David Sollenberger, interviews M. R. Zigler, Don Durnbaugh, Ken Morse, Hilton Harman, Geraldine Glick, Enten Eller, Hilton Harman, Desmond Bittinger, Eldon Burke, David Eberly, Hazel Peters, Ken Kreider, Clyde Carter, E. Paul Weaver, Linda Logan and Geraldine Glick. 

    Manchester University • 604 E. College Ave., North Manchester, Ind. 46962 • 260-982-5000