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Accession #MC2012/51
TopicMount Morris: Historic Memorabilia and Records
TitleHistoric Records and Memorabilia of Mount Morris College
SubtitleBrethren People
LocationLarge Box 137 unless otherwise noted.
CitationHistoric Records and Memorabilia of Mount Morris College, MC2012/51, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceLarge Box 137
Scope and Content

A varied collection that includes interesting materials from Mount Morris College.

File Folder #1:  History - The Relationship Between Mount Morris and Manchester College, by Otho Winger and a Copy of Manchester College's original deed.  Financial agreement. - a divide between Manchester College and McPherson College.. Financial statement regarding the chapel on the Mount Morris College campus.

File Folder #2:  Mount Morris College Endowment Fund.

File Folder #3: The final months, Mount Morris College comes to a close.  Also included are blank copies of record forms.

File Folder #4: The final meeting of the Mount Morris College Missionary Society (undated). 

File Folder #5:  Appreciation Services for D. J. Lichty, missionary to India held at the Church of the Brethren in Mount Morris, Illinois, 8 February 1948.

File Folder #6: The meticulously hand-illustrated Physics journal of O. W. Neher, professor at Mount Morris College, interim president at Mount Morris College, professor at Manchester College.

File Folder #7:  "Catalogue of the A. H. Cassel Library," Located At Mt. Morris, Ogle Co., Illinois, 1881.

File Folder #8:  Printed statement authored by J. W. Stein, Sec. Board (President of Mount Morris College) and hand signed by W. Teeter.  This is a description of the Cassel Library and the fee schedule to access this library of 28,000 rare volumes and pamphlets. 

File Folder #9: Natural Science experiments in anatomy.

File Folder #10: Hand-written Physics lab notebook belonging to and authored by Gertrude Sharp with drawings, 1910. Hand-written Acad. Chemistry [1910-1911] lab notebook by Gertrude Sharp included with the 1909-1910 Zoology notebook.

File Folder #11: Photocopy from 6 August 1927 article, "The Spirit of Mount Morris College," by Louise Wirt, from the Mount Morris College publication, "Our Young People." Historical Background of Mount Morris College, including an argument or apology supporting the desire for Mount Morris to become an institution of Class A Rank.

File Folder #12: Report of Brethren Schools.  The Mt. Morris College report from 30 June 1919 to30 June 1920.

File Folder #13: Mount Morris College and Academy alumni records.

File Folder #14: Alumni events and programs from events.

File Folder #15: Poems of Adaline Hohf Beery related to Mt. Morris College and her alumni.

File Folder #16: Booklet describing the Commercial Department at Mt. Morris.

File Folder #17: Photocopy of article (probably from the Mountaineer) paying tribute to Rev. Melchor S. Newcomer, by Rev. J. H. Moore. This also describes the purchase of Rock River Seminary by the Brethren.

File Folder #18: Image of the first house in Mount Morris.  A picture of students and faculty of an institution, perhaps Mt. Morris, but more information is needed to verify this.

File Folder #19: Autographed? copies of Joseph Oliver Barnhart materials.

File Folder #20: Inspiration booklet, listing special talks and sermons for extension work.

File Folder #21: "The Spirit of Mount Morris College," The Pageant, arranged for the Golden Jubilee.

File Folder #22: Recruitment brochures and booklets, such as "Plain Talk on Going to College."

File Folder #23: Brochures about various programs at Mt. Morris, such as Music, Scholarships, Self Help, Athletics, Teaching,  Business, and Farming and Agriculture.

File Folder #24: Jennie Gelber's ? Compass article, No. 3?Another article? by "Alice?" entitled, "Little by Little.'

File Folder #25. Clarence Mitchell's history of Mount Morris College. Mitch:ll's dedication speech of 1975 when Old Sandstone became a historical landmark.

File Folder #26: Class Day Program (undated).

File Folder #27: Commencement week program - undated.

File Folder #28: Program for Recital by the Senior Elocution Class and Pupils of Musical Department under the direction of Miss Jessie Ullrey and Professor F. G. Muir.  Gladdys Muir was to play the piano solo, Fantasia de Mozart.  More research is needed to determine whether this program belongs to Mt. Morris College or to McPherson College (Kansas) since Gladdys Muir was a student at McPherson and graduated from that institution as well. According to the Brethren Encyclopedia her father's name was F. I. Muir...the program cites an F. G. Muir (relative?) or a mistake?

File Folder #29: Songs and yells of Mount Morris College.

File Folder #30: Old Sandstone ...Dedicated a State Historical Landmark, newspaper clippings and photocopies.

File Folder #31: Photocopy of the first graduating class at Mt. Morris College, 1881.

File Folder #32: 1882 Commencement and graduation program with elaborate folds in its design.

File Folder #33: Publication -June, 1884, Old Sandstone Circular. Location -  Old Office [Sanctum]  - Mt. Morris publications shelving unit.

File Folder #34: 1994 - 1885 Pocket Catalogue and courses of instruction.

File Folder #35: 1996 - 1886, Reading Circle, a home school program.

File Folder #36: 1887 Children's expense at school.

File Folder #37: Old Sandstone, January 1890 - published in Manson, Iowa, - History of Rock River Seminary, alumni with stories from the Civil War. The Alumni reunion is described. Location -  Old Office [Sanctum]  - [Mt. Morris publications shelving unit.]     

Old Sandstone, July, 1890 featuring an article entitled, "Woman, He Power and Progress," by Alice Boone. Location -  Old Office [Sanctum]  - [Mt. Morris publications shelving unit.]

File Folder #38: "The School and Home," published by Mount Morris College, August and September 1893. Location -  Old Office [Sanctum]  - [Mt. Morris publications shelving unit.]

File Folder #39: Annual Circular, Mt. Morris College, 1883 - 1884.

File Folder #40: Catalogue, Academic Department, 1887 - 1888. Location -  Old Office [Sanctum]  - [with Mt. Morris Bulletins.

File Folder #41: Program for Class Exercises, 16 June 1980.

File Folder #42: Photocopy of program for Class Exercises, 13 June 1891.

File Folder #43: Elaborate Commencement invitation and program for 14 June, 1892.

File Folder #44: Elaborate ribboned and gilded commencement invitation and program for 12 June 1894.

File Folder #45: Souvenir booklet, "Fifty-First Anniversary Old Sandstone," 2 September 1896.

File Folder #46: Our Young People, December 1899. Location -  Old Office [Sanctum]  - [Mt. Morris publications shelving unit.]

File Folder #47: 3 June 1902 Commencement program.

File Folder #48: Graduating classes of 1903, newspaper photograph.

File Folder #49: Class Poem 1903 by O. D. Buck, printed in newspaper.

File Folder #50: Newspaper with the  photograph of the Literary Graduates of the Academic Department of Mt. Morris College, 1903-1904.

File Folder #51: Program for a Commencement Recital of the Elocution Department, 21 May 1907.

File Folder #52: Elaborate invitation and program for the 4 June 1907 Commencement at Mt. Morris College.

File Folder #53: 1910 - 1911 calendar for Mount Morris College.

File Folder #54: 1911 envelope.

File Folder #55: Special speakers - Lecture course 1912 - 1913.

File Folder #56: 1913 Commencement invitation and program.

File Folder #57:  Academy Senior Program, 28 May 1914.

File Folder #58: Program for 1921 Commencement.

File Folder #59: Program for 1922 Commencement.

File Folder #60: 1922-1923 Memories and Friendships, a keepsake booklet for personal records given to the students by President Brumbaugh

File Folder #61: 1923 - 1924 fundraising pledge cards.

File Folder #62: Elaborate 1923 diploma in royal purple (leather?) and old gold carrying case.

File Folder #63: 1925 Campus News. Location -  Old Office [Sanctum]  - [Mt. Morris publications shelving unit.]

File Folder #64: Elaborate 1925 Comencement invitation and program.

File Folder #65: Faculty-Trustee-Student reception program and menu 1926.

File Folder #66: 1927 Student Guide.

File Folder #67: "The Man of the Hour," a class play presented by the Senior Class of 1927, directed by Oscar Nehrer.

File Folder #68: 3 June 1927 Commencement program.

File Folder #69: 24 May - 31 May 1929 Commencement program.

File Folder #70: Oscar Neher note saying the cards were removed to Historical Records (Mollie Lemon? E. P. Trostle?) by O. W. Neher, Jan. 1, 1930.

File Folder #71: 1931 Homecoming. Mountaineer 7 October 1931 issue.

File Folder #72: Letter from 1931 written by Benjamin Stuart, Burnettsville, Indiana regarding a beloved professor (Royer?).

File Folder #73: 1931 Commencement invitation.

File Folder #74: Cornerstone laying exercises, September 1931.

File Folder #75: Announcement of Senior Class play, 1932, directed by Vivian Yvonne Harnley.

File Folder #76: 1932 Senior Class program.

File Folder #77: 1932 Commencement program.

File Folder #78: Closing of Mount Morris College.  The last Class of 1932 and the last Commencement.

File Folder #79: 1932 Summer Session at Mount Morris College with transfer to credit to Manchester College.

Filer Folder #80: Program for the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Mount Morris College.(1879 - 1979?)..not dated.

Date of Accession16 March 2012
Bio History Note

Large Box 137 contained materials that were not described and given a finding aid until 2012.

Lichty had been called to be a missionary through Mount Morris College's Missionary Society. In folder #3 there is an overview of his service in this capacity.

Participants in the Senior Class program of 1932 were Joyce Longman, Edwin Schrock, Gertrude Zuck, Bill Powers, Crawford Mendenhall, Alice Emmert, Pauline Trostle, J. L. Pierce, Mildred Bruce, Joyce Longman. The President of Mount Morris was C. Ernest Davis.

Archivist NoteDescription prepared 16 March 2012 by Jeanine M. Wine.

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