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Accession #MU2013/86
TopicMiller, Ed and Martha: Collection of Programs and Memorabilia,
TitlePrograms and Memorabilia
SubtitleClubs, Groups and Organizations
LocationIS, Unit 8, Memory Shelves
CitationPrograms and Memorabilia, MU2013/86, Archives and Church of the Brethren Collection, Funderburg Library, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana.
AccessResearchers are responsible for determining copyright status of archived materials where this is relevant to their intended use of the materials.
ProvenanceEd Miller and Martha Showalter Miller
Scope and Content

Miller Collection Part 1

Handmade programs and other memorabilia circa the 1950's.

List of Items

1.       Pin– Homecoming - 11 October 1952, Manchester College.

2.       Baby Diaper Banquet Program  - undated

Menu:  “Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard”

Leaders: Marty Brumbaugh, Corinne Hoff, Joel West, Mrs. Dan West, Corinne Hoff, George Harley.

3.       Valentine Banquet, 1953 – “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay.”

a.       Coronation of Queen with procession and crowning by Ralph McFadden.

4.       Program – Winger building white sketch on blue paper – with name Martha Showalter. The Colhecon Club Winter Wonderland Banquet, 15 January 1953.

5.       Program - Highland Fling – with vocal duet by Barbara Peters and Ralph McFadden.

6.       Paper program in an unusual shape – 1952.

7.       Turkey with “MC” and “Martha” drawn upon it.

8.       Program for “Mommy’s Day,

9.       Program for Manchester College Spartans Basketball Banquet 16 March 1953 – in the shape of a Spartan head.

10.   “La Fiesta de Mayo, “May Day Banquet, 5 May 1956 – two invitations.

a.       Toastmaster – Jack Jarrett

b.      Whistling – Betty Hoover

c.       Songs – Audley Bailey

d.      Dinner Music by Larry Farrell’s Combo.

11.   1952 Football Banquet Program with toastmaster, Dr. Carl Holl, and remarks by Dr. Harry Weimer.

12.   Program - Homecoming Banquet, 1953 – “College Daze.”

13.   Program - Mardi Gras Junior-Senior Reception, 27 April 1956, Honeywell Memorial Center.

14.   Double heart program with Martha Showalter’s name and newspaper article, “Colhecon Hold Date Banquet in Winger Hall.” “…guests were seated at tables I the recital hall which were decorated with heart trees and cupids in chef’s hats to carry out the theme “Hearts Delight.”  Elaine Royer’s committee made the decorations.  Theda Dawes, general chairman of the event, served as toastmistress for the evening.  Martha Showalter gave a welcome to all the girls and their dates.  It was promptly answered by a telegram response from Ed Miller. During the evening Audley Bailey, accompanied by Mary Ann Dunbar, sang two selections….Ann Roop gave two readings…Diane Fike led the assembled group in several songs…”

15.   Program with Martha Showalter’s name on the cover – The Colhecon Club, “Alice in Wonderland,” 15 February 1955. Partipants: Joan Eby?, Barba Peters, Ralph McFadden, Janice Deeter, Carol Miller, Betty Royer, Mim Royer, Janet Allen, Nellie Jarboe, Janice Deeter.

16.   Program for “Our Royal Holiday,” May Day, 2 May 1953 with toastmaster, Bill Bosler. Elaborate stagecoach and crown.

17.   Silkscreened ? Program – The Manchester College Speech Department presents Tri Alpha in Barefoot in Athens, by Maxwell Anderson, October 1954. Cast: Iona Million, Gladden Shrock, Bonnie Bensecker, Barbara Deeter, Don Flory, Dale Roher, Russell Sandsbury, Corinne Hoff, Adele Hoover, Duane Wrightsman, Jay Wort, George Harley, Loretta Houser, Larry Givens, Ron Spires, Eugene Stockdale, Harold Daveler, Richard Mishler, Bob Durnbaugh.

18.   Silkscreened? Program – Lute Song, by Kao-Tong-Kia, directed by James Overhold, May 1955.  Cast: Bob Durnbaugh, Eli Netzley, George Harley, Adele Hoover, Doris Rupel, Dave Hun, Carol Lee Orr, Joan Rinehart, Jayne Moore, Dick Harshbarger, Dwayne Wrightsman, Joan Myers, Gene Stocksdale, Harold Daveler, Giff Ammermann, June Wenger, Janet West, paula Sheller, Ann Roop, June Wenger, Jay Wort, Dave Fouts, Mary Lou Smith, Loretta Houser, Nellie Jarboe, nancy Hoff, Laura Hawking, Marie Lewis, Andi Borla, Joel West and Abe Mizrahi.

19.   Silkscreened? Program – May Day Banquet, May 1955.  Queen’s Court: Queen Joan Eby, Jane Newcomer, nelda Snider, Patty Johnson, Carol Lee Orr, Iona Million, Jane Swank, Judy Fuqua, Joyce Rust, Dorine Reid.

20.   Manchester College Alumni Luncheon program, 26 May 1956, Flamingo Grill.

21.   Silkscreened? Program – “Meet The Master” – Religious Emphasis Week at Manchester College – January 1956. Special speaker, Dr. Henry Hitt Crane and special artwork by Adelaide de Bethune.

22.   Program - Indiana Alpha Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, Banquet – Elizabeth Hall – Manchester College, January 1956. Program: Ed Miller, Dr. Charles Morris, Ruby Boehmer, Byron Hawbecker, Bonnie Marschand, Shirley Shank, Professor John Dotterer. Initiates: Rex Baker, Virgil Huber, John Marquis, Wendell Meyer, John Mitchell.

Program – All-School Recognitions Chapel, 16 May 1955 – Announcements by Professor Vernon F. Stinebaugh. A program recognizing fraternity electees - special recognition in the areas of Athletics, Music and Speechgraduate study  [Graduate School, Medical School, Seminary] – Community GovernmentPublications CheerleadersIndividual AwardsClass Scholarships.

Miller Collection Part 2

  1.  Photograph of Glada and Edward Kintner at theOcean Grove, Maryland, Annual Conference, 1949.

  2. Photograph of Della Lehman (instructor atMC).  The verso contains a handwrittennote, “Yes, she is exactly as she looks in this picture, cranky.”

  3. Handmade item - Our Royal Holiday, May Day, 2May 1953, menu and autograph book (UNSIGNED). A crown cut and crafted fromconstruction paper.

  4. Handmade item - Valentine Banquet 1953,menu  and program. A valuentine cut andcrafted with construction paper, pipe cleaners, and ribbon.

  5. Handmade item – Rainbow Banquet, 1952, menu andprogram booklet. Four colors of paper are used to construct the “chapters.”

  6. Handmade item – The Colhecon Club Winger Wonderland Banquet, 15 January 1953. The Colhecon Club is the Home Economics club.

  7. Handmade item – The menu and program for theManchester College Junior-Senior reception, 20 May 1955.

  8. Program for “The Antigone of Sophocles,”presented by The Reading Course ofDr. Gladdys, Muir. “The performance of this play is dedicated to Miss Muir withbest wishes for her speedy recovery.”

  9. Program – The North Manchester Civic SymphonySociety presents the North Manchester Civic and Manchester College SymphonyOrchestra,” with soloist, Percy Grainger (pianist).  This is the fourteenth season, third concertof 1952-1953. Sanuel Flueckiger, Conductor and Vernon Stinebaugh, AssociateConductor.

  10. Program – The Manchester College Bands AnnualConcert, 18 January 1953. Samuel Flueckiger, Conductor.  Phyllis England, piano soloist.

  11. Program – “The Messiah,” Manchester CollegeChoral Society, 14 December 1952. Clyde Holsinger, Director.

  12. Program – Manchester College Freshman Week, 5-10September 1952.

  13. Program – “The Glass Menageris,” by TennesseeWilliams, presented by Tri Alpha, Manchester College, 2 May 1953.

  14. Program – “Our Town,” by Thornton Wilder,directed by Alice Jeannette Wintzer, and presented by Tri Alpha, ManchesterCollege, 10, 11 October 1952.

  15. Program – The Manchester College ChoralOrganizations present “The Bartered Bride,” an opera by Bedrich Smetana, 13, 14February 1953.

  16. Announcement – Manchester College CommencementExercises – 1956, with special card enclosure for Edward G. Miller.

  17. Program - Manchester College Alumni Association,Alumni Service Awards 17 October 1987.

  18. Edward Miller’s student receipts (1952 –1956 )reflecting payments and the award of the Holl Scholarship.

  19. “The Acorn,” 25th year, 1953.

  20. Souvenir Program – “May Day, 1954,” Queen of theMay, Marvel McClurg.

  21. Souvenir Program – “Early Spring Festival” withan Asian motif, May Day 1955.  Queen ofthe May, Joan Eby.

  22. Souvenir Program – “La Fiesta de Mayo,” May Day,1956.  Queen of the May, Miss Wordie Younis.

Miller Collection Part 3

  1. Programs for Ed Miller's 1956 graduation festivities were added to the collection of the Archives by Ed Miller on 29 August 2014. They include the invitations for the Junior - Senior Reception, Commencement announcement (including Edward G. Miller's card), invitation to the senior reception, Commencement program 1956.  The folder with these items will be placed with graduation materials of the same year in Large Box 33a (IIS).


Date of Accession28 August 2013
Bio History Note

Ed Miller told the story that his father's first cousin, Della Lehman, taught at Manchester College (English 1921-1927).  One year she came to teach with a new hairstyle.  Della had cut her long hair into a "bob." Della had "bobbed" her hair.  Oral tradition has it that Otho Winger, sticking to the Church of the Brethren standard of the day, in which women of the faith NEVER cut their hair, made Professor Lehman buy a wig.

Colhecon = Home Ec Club.

Archivist Note

Description prepared 28 August 2013 by Jeanine M. Wine.

The second part of this collection was added by Ed and Martha Miller 20 February 2014.

Description updated on 24 March 2014 and on 29 August 2014 by Jeanine Wine.


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