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TopicAccession #Description Summary
A Cappella Choir: Attendance and RecordsMC2003/149 

c.1966 - Records of spring semester attendance as well as of fee/dues payments.

A Cappella Choir: General Material, 1975 - 1998MC2003/148  

General A Cappella material: 1975-1998:

  • Clippings & news releases regarding performances, members; 1986 concert season schedule and information regarding Dr. Patricia J. Cahalan [director, Fall 1986-Spring 1991].
A Cappella Choir: News Releases and Newspaper ClippingsMC2003/147  A Cappella pre-1975: Clippings & news releases regarding performances and members.  
A Cappella Choir: PostersMC2009/127 An assortment of older and newer posters related to choral and musical performances. . 
A Cappella Choir: PostersMC2004/379 A Cappella Choir posters. 
A Cappella Choir: Recordings,MC2009/142a-d 

A Cappella Choir - CD's with recordings from 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1961.

A Cappella Choir: The Creation,1953MC2008/144a,b,c 

A Cappella Choir - The Creation, (poem) recording with music, 1953, narrated by Art Hunn.  Lord, Thou Has Been Our Refuge, recording 1953.

Advanced Chorus Class: Photograph, 1908MC2011/137 One photograph of the Advanced Chorus Class, 1908. 

Advancement promotional materials, CD of the Groundbreaking and Dedication of the the Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall, along with one old "key" that was found on campus.

Three "Stagebills, May 2001" from Carnegie Hall featuring the Manchester College A Cappella Choir.

Manchester College A Cappella Choir and Chamber Singers Concert Tour May 2001 CD .

Manchester College Concert Tour May 2001, CD and CD Master Copy.

"Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," DVD.

 "Celebrating the Vision, Manchester College," Commercial 1 - Adds Up, Commercial 2, - Not Stuffy DVD.

Advancement, Office of Institutional: Assortment of MaterialsMC2008/203a-m 

Advancement Christmas card, promotional materials, mission and vision statement, posters, Church of the Brethren connection, events, societies, self-study, float plan for a parade, and more.  Read the accession page for a complete listing.

Artist Lecture Series: Welch, Rosa Page, PhotographMC2008/141Welch 

Welch, Rosa Page: Photograph with Don Royer and Mrs. Schwalm.

Band TourMC2003/153 

Band Tour programs, correspondence, news releases, dated 1952 - 1997.See Also: Concert Band Tours.

Bands include:  Concert, Symphonic, Varsity, Stage, and Jazz Ensemble.  Conductors include:  Samuel L. Fluekinger, John P. Browne, David McCormick, C. Dwight Ottman, James Carlson, Jack Launer, Robert Jones, and John W. Beery.

Band, MarchingMarching Band: Information and Photographs 

Marching Band - See: Oak Leaves 29 October 1964 p.2; and Photo Boxes 26, 27.

Band, SymphonicSymphonic Band: Additional Information and Photographs 

Symphonic Band:

See: Oak Leaves 18 February 1965 p.1; 25 February 1965 p.2; 13 May 1965 p.1; and Photo Boxes 26, 27.

Band: Letter from SweaterMC2004/511 Band letter (from letter sweater). 
Band: PhotographsFlat File Drawer 4: Band Photographs Band photographs. 
Beery, JohnFaculty/Staff Boxes: Beery, John W. "In Concert" Magazine article written by John Beery with photograph of Manchester College students by Scott McAlpine.  Title:  "Your Future Music." 
Chamber SingersMC2003/154 

Chamber Singers faded out of existence in the 1990's and has since been revived by Debra Lynn to replace the Entertainers.  As of 2002-2003 school year, the new Chamber Singers performed a variety of repertoire from madrigals to jazz.

  • One roster, undated.  One program, undated.
Chapel ChoirMC2003/155 

Chapel Choir news releases 1959-1963.  Roster dated 1960-1961.

See Also: MC2007/137 for an account and Record book for Chapel Choir, 1940 - 1941.

Chapel: Program of Songs, 1944MC2008/114 

This memo book Compliments of Angelyn Coleman, '44-45 contains handwritten lyrics to songs.  There is also a handwritten title, "Chapel Program Nov 44." 

Choral Concert: PosterMC2004/183 

Choral Concert poster:

  • "Manchester College Presents A Choral Concert.  The A Cappella Choir, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club.  Under The Direction of Clyde Holsinger" [1951] .
Choral Concert: PosterMC2004/180 Christmas concert poster: "Manchester College Presents:  Christmas Concert.  The A Cappella Choir, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club.  Under The Direction of Clyde Holsinger" [ 1950].   
Choral Society: MC2003/158  

Choral Society has been known for its performance of oratorios and other major choral works.

  • Handwritten performance notes, lyrics/poetry, undated.  Correspondence (late 1940's).  Sample programs & posters.  News releases.  Rosters (1956, 1958, 1987).  Flyer/poster "Six Reasons Why I Can't Join Choral Society" by Dr. Floyd Slotterback (c.1985).  Program drafts.
Choral Society: Dues Receipt, 1952MC2010/66 

Choral Society Dues Receipt, 1952

1.  One receipt.

Received of Edna Steury: 15 cents

Signed: Phyl(Phyllis Heeter Hunn) Heeter, Treas(urer)

Choral Society: PosterMC2004/182 

Manchester College Choral Society Poster:

  • "Haydn's 'The Seasons' presented by Manchester College Choral Society, Clyde Holsinger, Director.   Manchester College Auditorium, North Manchester, Indiana.  Soloists:  Virginia Smallwood, Amswy Bollinger, Paul Halladay. Accompanists:  Max Allen, Mary Adine Eley.  Saturday, April 17, 1948, 8:00 p.m. Offering" 
Choral Society: PostersMC2004/381 

Choral Society posters from various years advertising performances of "The Messiah," "Elijah," and "The Creation."

Choral Society: PostersMC2009/129 

Choral Society Posters including but not limited to:

Bach, Mass in B Minor, John Yonkman, conductor, no year on poster.

Vivaldi, Gloria, December, 1993.

Bernstein, Chichester Psalms, Handel, Utrecht Jubilate, Patricia J. Cahalan, conductor, December 1989.

Chorus: Photograph, circa 1915MC2011/138 

Photograph of a chorus at Manchester College.  Mary Stoner Wine graduated from a 2 year voice program in 1915.  She is identifiable in the picture.  The professor appears to be the same as in the 1908 Advanced Chorus class MC2011/137.

Club: Madrigal Club Trip Scrapbook, 1939MC2004/393 Scrapbook of 1939 Madrigal Club Trip that contains many photographs, from Beccie King, granddaughter of Edward Kintner. 
Coe College: Band PosterMC2004/373 

Coe College Military Band:

  • Poster advertising a performance held in the North Manchester High School auditorium.  "America's Finest Cadet Band, direct from the inauguration of President Roosevelt."
College BandMC2004/165 College Band news releases, newspaper clippings and correspondence. 
College Chorale: News Releases, 1978.MC2003/160  

College Chorale news releases, 1978.

Dr. James Baldwin directed the auditioned "80-voice oratorio chorus."  The ensemble included students and community members.

College Songs: Madonna Wine Goss' SongbookMC2008/190 "Songs of Manchester College and Others."
Collegium MusicumMC2003/161 

The Collegium Musicum was a "small vocal ensemble" according to the college catalog, but brought together vocalists and instrumentalists to perform early music.  Dr. John Planer founded and directed the ensemble.

  • Programs, correspondence, financial records, news releases, rosters, instrument information, instructional materials for "Dido and Aereas" (1976).
Concert BandMC2003/162 Concert Band news releases and Concert Band Handbook (1993-1994). 
Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble: Poster, 1989, 1990MC2004/346 

Concert Band/Jazz Ensemble poster:

Two-sided poster advertising performances in 1989 and1990.

Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble: PostersMC2009/126 

Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble posters from  approximately 1991 - 1995.

Convocation #034: Baldwin, JamesConvocation #34: Baldwin, A Cappella Choir, 1977 Dr. James Baldwin and the A Cappella Choir, 21 March 1977. 
Deavel, Gary: This Green Morning, RecordingMC2010/199a,b 

Recording of  the Manchester Symphony Orchestra, MC's A Cappella Choir and Gary Deavel on 5 November 1989, featuring the premier performance of Deavel's "This Green Morning."

Deavel, R. GaryDigital Media Cabinet  Organ dedication featuring Gary Deavel and the orchestra. 
Deavel: Manchester VariationsMC2011/139 Musical score composed by Dr. Gary Deavel for Robert Jones and the Manchester Symphony Orchestra. 
Dedicatory ConcertsMC2003/163 

Programs, news releases for dedicatory concerts (Winger Recital Hall, Cordier organ, Piano Dedication Series).

Drama and Music Performance: Casts and MembersMC2007/58 

Members of the Madrigal Club 1935 -1939.  The Madrigal Club also played for the Messiah and for Operas.

Members of dramas, The Messiah, operas 1934-1935 through 1938-1939.

Alumni of the Classes of 1936-1939, who took part in musicals, dramas, and plays that were probably directed or assisted by Professor Sadie Stutsman Wampler.

Cast of "The Bartered Bride," 1934-35.

Eicher, David: PhotographMC2010/41 Photograph of David Eicher at the organ. 
Ensemble: Programs, 1900-1938MC2003/165 

Ensemble Program Collection:

  • Programs, 1900 - 1938.
Ensemble: Programs, 1940'sMC2003/166 

Ensemble Program Collection:

  • Programs, 1940's.
Ensembles: News Releases, 1950 - 1998MC2003/164 

Ensemble News Releases:

News releases for events including two or more ensembles 1950-1998.

Ensembles covered are:  A Cappella Choir, Brass Choir, Chamber Orchestra, Chapel Choir, Choral Union, College Chorale, Concert Band, Entertainers, Faculty Piano Trio, Jazz Ensemble, Quarters, madrigal Singers, Manchester Singers, Men's Glee Club, Stage Band, Swing Choir, Symphonic Band, Women's Glee Club.

Flory, Lillian Moomaw: PhotographsMC2007/17: Flory 

Lillian Moomaw Flory: Photographs taken during 1911, 1912, and 1913, including production of "Mary of Bethany," directed by Cora M. Stahly, music teacher.

Photograph of Cora Miller Stahly of Nappanee, Indiana.  Lillian Flory's M. C. music teacher, 1911, 1912, 1913.

Glee Club: Bus Photograph and Other PicturesFlat File Drawer 4 

Glee Club Bus Photograph and other Glee Club pictures.

The location of the Glee Club bus photograph was not recorded.  Perhaps it is with other Glee Club pictures in Flat File Drawer 4?

Glee Club: PosterMC2004/344  

Poster advertising performance of Miss Mable Pence and the Manchester College Glee Clubs.  Dated December 10 [no year listed].

See Also:  Humanities Division--Music Performance Collection.

Gratz, Robin, Organ RecitalMC2008/02 Robin Gratz, Faculty Recital, 8 September 1998 
Halladay, PaulMC2003/233 Listing of Paul Halladay's students, 1928-1966.  
Holsinger, Clyde W.Faculty Staff Boxes: Holsinger, Clyde W. 

Material regarding Clyde Holsinger.

See also:  Manchester College Bulletin July 1953 p.1; July 1975 p.12; July 1976 p.7.

Holsinger, Clyde W.Special Collections: 783.4 M312 1975 Recording:  "In Memoriam Clyde W. Holsinger 1919 - 1975," Manchester College A Cappella Choir 1974 - 1975, John H. Planer, Acting Director.  
Holsinger, Clyde: Memorial Service Audio RecordingMC2011/28 An audio recording of Dr. Clyde W. Holsinger's memorial service, 18 April 1975.   
Holsinger, Clyde: Photographs,1940's, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1955, 1960's, 1961, 1970's, 1970 MC2004/450 

Clyde Holsinger Photograph Collection - 1940's, 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. Scrapbook containing photos of choirs and other college scenes during Clyde Holsinger's time as director.  A newspaper article from September 1946 announces Holsinger's hiring at the college. 


Humanities Division: Quartet, Male, 1920 - 1922MC2008/111 Photo of Manchester College Male Quartet 1920 - 1922 featuring: Amsey Bollinger, Harold Chamber, Lowell Kleppinger, George Hollenberg. 
Humanities Division: See AlsoHumanities: See Also For Humanities Division, See Also: A Cappella Choir;  Accreditation; Fine Arts Week; Sigma Eta Sorority; Photo Boxes 25-30, 32, 61, 62, 146, & 175. 
Jazz Ensemble: ProgramsMC2003/300 Jazz Ensemble Programs:
  • Undated program.
  • Program from 6 April 2001.
Jones, Professor Robert: Structural Elements in Polyphonic MusicMC2011/104 Professor Robert Jones gives instruction on the topic of "Structural Elements in Polyphonic Music," 12 January 1971. 
Kurtz, Henry, Organ Faculty/Staff Boxes: Shultz  

L. W. Shultz and the Kurtz organ at the Church of the Brethren General Board in Elgin.

Madrigal Dinner: Newspaper ClippingsMC2003/310 

"College to Present Madrigal Dinner, "23 January 2001 (unknown source).

"Manchester College Presents Madrigal Dinner Feb. 2-3," 19 January 2001, The News-Journal.


Madrigal Dinner, see also: Union Program Council; Photo Box 29.

Male Chorus and Group with Children and Sadie Stutsman Wampler: Photographs, early picturesMC2009/48a,48b 

Unidentified early photograph of a male choir.  This might be a group from Manchester College or from Mt. Morris College.

Unidentified early photograph of a group of young people and children. Sadie Stutsman (Wampler) might be the tall woman in the middle of the second row from the back.  She either has a large corsage or is holding flowers.

Manchester College and Mount Morris College: Photographs, Postcards, Assorted Materials, HistoryMC2005/3 

Mt. Morris College Material: Student Body pictures [1907, 1908], approximately 150 postcard and postcard size photos, [1909-1912], other photos [1920's], baccalaureate address [1907], Mt. Morris College Students Guide [1927], and other publications and newspaper clippings. Photographs of the fire's devestation.

Manchester College Material: Postcard, M.C. Mission Band [1917], snapshots of campus and people [1917-1929], Commencement Week Booklet [1925], Manchester College Bulletin, 4 (August, 1911):22, 7, and program, Manchester College A Capella Choir, n.d, Arthur Kennedy, Director, V. F. Schwalm, President. 

Manchester College; SongbookMC2010/4 "Songs of Manchester College and Others,"1929 from the estate of Joy Reiff Huffman, Manchester College alumna, BA1933.  
Marching Band: Photograph circa 1920 - 1940 MC2009/42 Marching Band photo taken in front of Administration Building circa 1920 - 1940.  
MC PaloozaMC2003/308 Manchester College Palooza clipping, "College Bands Hold Weekend Fest," 3 April 2001 (unknown newspaper).  
Men's Glee Club: Photograph, 1902 - 1903MC 2011/138 One photograph of the Men's Glee Club, 1902 - 1903. 
Men's Glee Club: Photograph, circa 1903MC2011/136 

Photo montage of Men's Glee Club. circa 1903.

Men's Glee Club: PosterMC2004/341 Poster advertising performance of the Manchester College Men's Glee Club at Brookville School.  Dated March 23 [no year listed]. 

Music Educators' National Conference (MENC): Programs and menu.

Messiah, 1970: RecordingMC2011/31 Presentation of The Messiah, 1970. 
Messiah: Holsinger, Clyde W.MC2008/04 1948 letter and response from soloist regarding production of The Messiah
Messiah: Oak Leaves ArticlesReferences: Oak Leaves Messiah: Oak Leaves, 11 December, 1941, 12 December 1963 p.1; 19 December 1963 p.2. 
Miller, Martha: Poster CollectionMC2010/20 


  • "Spartan Pride," Homecoming, October 14, 1995.
  •  Manchester Symphony Orchestra, 16 May 1993, featuring Young Artist Competition Winners.
  • Manchester Symphony Orchestra, 6 November 1994, Jodie DeSalvo, Piano Soloist.
  • Manchester Symphony Orchestra, 13 March 1994, featuring Julie Eckert, Soprano Soloist. 3. 
  • Manchester Symphony Orchestra, 12 May 1996, "High School Young Artist Competition Winners."
  • Manchester College Theatre presents, "The Miser, 1668," by Moliere, October 1994.
  •  Manchester College Theatre presents, "Mehitabel," May 1993.
  • Heifer Project International Living Gift Market, Sponsored by North Manchester Area Churches.
  • "The Voice KCMO of the Prairie," by John Olive, May 1994, Cordier Auditorium.
  • Public Program: "The Mikado," 10 April 1994.
  • Manchester College Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon for members of Class of 1995.
Moments with ManchesterMC2011/36 

James Garber speaks for Manchester College as Mr. Garber hosts a radio program of music and inspiration featuring the Manchester College Symphonic Band (not dated).

Music Department: Event CalendarMC2007/130 

2004-2005 calendar of musical events including additions and changes to the Spring Semester Calendar.

Music Department: NewslettersMC2003/232 

Music Department Newsletter Fall 1993.

Manchester College Music Alumni Newsletter 1982-1983.

Music, Recitals, Programs, Performances: Extensive Record, 1967 - 2011MC2007/56 

Program booklets containing printed programs for all campus performances associated with the Manchester College Music Department 1967 - 2012.

Musical Events: 1987-1988 and 1990'sMC2010/46 Calendars of "Music Events at Manchester College," 1987 - 1988, 1992 -1993, 1993 -1994, 1994 -1995.  
Musical Performances at Manchester College: Stinebaugh, VernonMC2011/41 

Recording of musical segments that include the String Symphony Concert, 1964, and Janice, a 1966 soloist singing The False Prophet.

North Manchester Civic Symphony Society: Written HistoryMC2003/136  

Brief history of the North Manchester Civic Symphony Society, written sometime after 1943 (undated).

Oak Leaves, 7 March 1925MC2011/110 One Oak Leaves from Manchester College 7 March 1925 with many interesting articles. 
Organs: RecordsMC2002/217 

Records on Cordier, Peabody, Petersime, and Baldwin organs

Organs: Specifications and FundingSmall Box 45  

Organ, Cordier Auditorium, Austin Organs, Inc., specifications.

Organ Fund (partially restricted).   

Orpurt: Cloth Letter CollectionMC2004/521 

Athletics: Cross-country letter from Phil Orpurt's letter collection:

Music: Cloth letter, script, gold with black background. 

Pep Band SupportMC2007/53 

Pep Band:

The year prior to September 1994, students had organized a volunteer pep Band that played at football and basketball games.  The Pep Band was continued in 1994.  Butterbaugh agreed to raise money to furnish the Band with sport shirts and jackets.  This letter requests that recipients contribute $100 each to defray the cost of shirts and jackets. 

1. Pep Band letter from Edgar Butterbaugh, Chair, Board of Trustees and Former Trombone Player. 

Performance, Opera, Bartered Bride: PosterMC2010/54a-b  Poster: Smetana's Opera, "The Bartered Bride," 1953, presented by Manchester College choral organizations and directed by Clyde Holsinger.  
Performance: News ReleasesMC2008/58 1.  An assortment of news releases dating from 1960 - 1989.

These news releases primarily feature guest artists performing on campus, some through the College Union Board and the  Artist-Lecture Series. Examples of the performers are; The Dale Warland Singers of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., rock concert by "Featherstitch," the Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater, the Arbors, Leonard Rose (cellist), The Lettermen, Duke Ellington, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Si Zentner (trombonist), Eugene Holmes (baritone), The Four Saints, the new York Brass Quintet, the Concert Choir of Columbus Senior High School.

2.  An assortment of newspaper articles regarding performers appearing at Manchester College    (1960's - 1990's).

Newspaper articles include:  Rosa Page Welch (classical sacred musical singer), The Sounds of Hope.

3.  Six Programs:  Fort Wayne Philharmonic, 1983, Wilma Jensen, Organist, 1988, Brian L. Best Presents A Musical Tribute to Walt Disney, 1980, "Journey Into Blackness," featuring VOICES, Inc., Black Musical Theater, The Ethnic Dance Theatre, 1990, Musicke of Sundrie Kindes, An Evening of Eighteenth-Century Entertainment.


Performances: Newspaper Clippings and ProgramsMC2008/09 An assortment of music, drama, artist lecture and performance newspaper articles, programs and press releases. 
Planer, John: Humanities, Music, Faculty CollectionMU2016/12 

Minutes of the Music Faculty and Humanities Division [Humanities Core] with personal notes by Dr. Planer. Faculty Minutes 1970-1977.  Reflection papers by Dr. Planer regarding various Manchester College policies.

Posters and Articles From Manchester College MC2009/71,A-V  
  • File Folder MC2009/71-A: A Cappella Choir
  • File Folder MC2009/71-AL: Artist Lecture Series
  • File Folder MC2009/71-B: Brethren Colleges Abroad
  • File Folder MC2009/71-C: Children's Theatre
  • File Folder MC2009/71-CB: Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble
  • File Folder MC2009/71-CH: Choral Events
  • File Folder MC2009/71-CY: Church of the Brethren Youth Conference
  • File Folder MC2009/71-D: Dances
  • File Folder MC2009/71-E: Events on Campus
  • File Folder MC2009/71-MSO: Manchester Civic and Symphony Orchestra
  • File Folder MC2009/71-MU: Music Department
  • File Folder MC2009/71-PEV: Performances and Events
  • File Folder MC2009/71-PMOA: Plays, Musicals, One Acts
  • File Folder MC2009/71-SP: Sports, Posters with Football schedules.
  • File Folder MC2009/71-V: Various, including Admissions Material, Parents' Weekend, Fundraising, Phonathon, Graphics Department
Public Relations: PostersMC2009/71: Entire Collection 

This is a large collection of printed and hand-made posters along with other memorabilia that had accumulated thorugh the years in the Manchester College Archives. 

Quartet, Records, 1948, 1952, 1953, 1954MC 2007/137: College Quartet 

These records are part of the larger collection, MC2007/137.  See MC 2007/137 for a full listing.  Quartet materials are to be found under College Quartet (Men's and Women's) for Years:  One book with records for years 1948, 1952, 1953, 1954.

ral UnionMC2003/159  

Choral Union: 1954-1955 spring term attendance records.  Minutes 14 September 1954-19 May 1955.

Recording of the Manchester College ChimeMC2011/76 This is a recording of the Manchester College chime circa 1967 including Eidelweiss, Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away and the College hymn, By the Kenapocomoco
School Music Methods : Class, 1928MC2007/132 

School Music Methods Class, 1928.  "Hansel and Gretel."

The program for "Hansel and Gretel," April 27, 1928.


Sherrick, Dorothy: Mount Morris College Alumna, Diplomas, 1913 and 1915MC2011/140a,b,c 

Three diplomas for Dorothy Sherrick, alumna of Mount Morris College.

Special Events: PhotographsMC2004/133  A collection of photographs from the early 1990's including alumni pictures.  Many of them are identified.


Speicher, GenitaFaculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Speicher, Genita 

Materials related to Genita Speicher.

Stinebaugh, VernonFaculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Stinebaugh, Vernon Material related to Vernon Stinebaugh.
For additional material related to Vernon Stinebaugh, see :  Manchester College Bulletin, March 1977 p.11. 
Stinebaugh, VernonMC2011/171 

Five letters from Vernon Stinebaugh including:

1. Music department stsatistics, 1972.

2.  Professor Stinebaugh's days as a student at Manchester College, "A Public Paddling - Thwarted!"

3.  Stinebaugh as Brethren minister's son, "Preacher's Kids Survive Wild Joy Ride."

4.  Celebrity, Percy Grainger, oomposer and pianist, performs on campus, 1953.

Stinebaugh, Vernon: Arthur Fiedler CollectionMC2012/52 Correspondence and photographs of famous Boston Pops conductor, Arthur Fiedler, with Professor Vernon Stinebaugh...and how Fiedler came to conduct the Manchester College String Symphony's Mother's Day Concert - 13th Annual String Festival, 1959. 
Streator, CarolFaculty/Staff: Streator, Carol Materials related to Professor Carol Streator who taught music at Manchester College. 
String FestivalString Festival: Information Find information about the "String Festival" in the Oak Leaves, 19 March 1964 p.1; 9 April 1964 p.3. 
Student Photographs: Band, circa 1980'sMC2008/180 Funnystudent band photograph circa the middle 1980's including Dab Dobbs, Patti Bickel, Dianna Mutch (Brown), and Cynthia Hoff. 
Students, circa 1920 to Current: PhotographsMC2010/197a,b,c,d 

One humorous photo of a male student in a tuxedo jacket, looking at a periodical while sitting in front of a piano.  The student is wearing sunglasses, a rain cap of some type and a t-shirt with a large logo.

One photo circa 1972 of Vicki Pell, LuAnn Weldy, Steve Bowne, and Jo Renbarger.

1940's or early 1950's photographs of students, unidentified.  Two photographs are cut into a circle.

Circa 1920?  "In front of Bumgardner (Bumgerdner), Georgia."  Georgia is wearing high-topped laced boots.

Students: Photographs, 1890 - 1900'sMC2003/35 

Classrooms: Groups of Students/Classes Photograph Collection-Oversized.  Pictures from 1890 through the 1900's.

Students: Photographs, circa 1980's, 1990's MC2007/218 

Old Manchester College sign with two students talking.

Cordier Auditorium building shot.

Student reading under tree.

Trio of students with guitar and drums on football field.

Students with books around the fountain. 

"Good Times" showing a barbeque on campus with two individuals and meat.

Photo of football team at play.

A Cappella Choir photo.

Symphonic Band and Stage Band: Posters MC2009/91a,b 

Symphonic Band / Stage Band (1971) poster and Symphonic Band poster (earlier poster).

1. MC2009/89aL 8.5" x 11" poster for Symphonic Band and Stage Band concert for 28 Frebruary 1971.

2. MC2009/89b: Poster with photo for Symphonic Band, David C. McCormick, Director,  McCormick taught at the College from 1956-1959 and from 1967-1970.  The poster has a photograph of the band.

Symphony Orchestra: RecordsMC2003/228 News releases of the Symphony Orchestra.  
Symphony: Programs and Concerts,1956 - 1972MC2008/90 

Manchester Symphony Orchestra, assorted programs including concert featuring guest conductor, Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops Orchestra and 300 Northern Indiana High School String Musicians along with the Manchester College String Symphony, Mother's Day Concert, 14 March 1959.

Other conductors and musicians include the following:

Mrs. Paul Speicher and Mr. Max Allen, Duo-Pianists, 4 November, 1956.

John Barr, Student of Manchester College, piano soloist, 21 February, 1960.

Jon David Toth, violinist, 26 February, 1961.

Theater: Photograph CollectionMC2004/135 

Theater Photograph Collection.

Theater: Tall OaksMC2004/204 Theatre (Theater): Tall Oaks Opera. 
Unidentified Photographs: Faculty / Staff / Students / FriendsMC2010/87 

An array of photographs spanning many years with students and other individuals taking part in various activities. Some pictures were professionally photographed for publicity purposes.

Van Der Weele, WayneMC2010/28 

Numerous programs, photographs, publications and items of interest about Manchester College received from Wayne Van Der Wheele, alumnus, MC Class of 1949.

Manchester Symphony Orchestera, programs from the 1940's.

One copy of "Manifesto," Vol. 1, No. 14, "Above All Nations is Humanity," April 1947, published monthly by the journalism section of Students for Federal World Government of Manchester College, Editor in chief, Cecil Powell.

WAV Files for Digitized RecordingsMC2010/82 

WaV Files (like Raw files) for:

  • A Cappella Choir 27 May 1947 audior discs record, "I Want To Be Ready."
  • Centennial Celebration tape.
  • Clyde Holsinger 1939.
  • MC Quartet 1940.
  • MC Quartet - Don Frederick's Wedding.
  • Popular Pilots?
  • Ted Studebaker album.
  • WWHS Concert.
Weimer, Orpha and Harry Collection: Manchester College Experience, 1927MC2011/189 

Below is a small representation of this collection's holdings.  See the accession page for a more extensive list of photographs and memorabilia:

"The Speaker of Tau Kappa Alpha, Golden Anniversary, 1908 - 1958," Vol. XL, No. 3, March, 1958, a booklet published four times a year.  Tau Kappa Alpha is a speech fraternity. 

Orpha Jackson Weimer's scrapbook from her senior year of college, 1926-1927 including:

  • Ditch Day, May Day, Freshman - Sophomore water fight, graduating Class picture, athletic competitions, Senior Banquet, nature hikes, Philophronian and Philalethean memorabilia, May Day Court with Queen, Mother's and Daughter's Banquet, and Commencement week program for 1927.
  • Picture of shelved cans at the Weimer Canning Factory in North Manchester.
  • Manchester College marching band.

Group photograph of MC male students.

Female student in MC Chemistry library.

Photograph of football team, presumably circa early 1920's.

Photograph of Manchester College Philophronian members in the summer of 1923.

Witches Glee Club: PhotographMU2012/108 Young women dressed up as witches gathered round an improvised firepit with pot. 

These items in the Church of the Brethren collection may also be helpful:
Click on the record's record number to see the full record information.
TopicRecord #Description Summary
Annual Conference: Winona Brethren Hymnal 1910BC2011/12 A song book published by the Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois, for use at Annual Conference, Winona Lake, Indiana, June, 1910. 
Beery, William and Statler, Ruth: Brethren PeopleBC2010/16 

"Invocation Hymn," by Ruth Statler (poet) and WIlliam Berry (composer)*.  SIgnature of WiIliam Berry on the lower left corner.


This is an individual page and it can not be absolutely certain that the author and composer are the other way around.  In Methodist hymnals the composer's name is generally on the right and the poet's name, on the left.

Brightbill, Alvin :Church of the Brethren,EducatorBC2006/12  

Two CDs of Alvin Brightbill, Church of the Brethren leader and musician, playing bells and chimes.

Church of the Brethren: Anniversary, 250thCOB General File: Anniversary, 250th 250th Anniversary:  Hymn, "God of All Nations," Anthem for Mixed Chorus.  Prize-winning text in the 250th Anniversary Hymn Contest of the Church of the Brethren.  Words by Edward K. Ziegler, music by Don Frederick. 
Halladay, Paul: Church of the Brethren, Northwestern Ohio DistrictBC2006/13 

Black Swamp Church of the Brethren, Paul Halladay Musical Presentation at Northwestern Ohio District Conference.

  • CD of Paul Halladay at the Black Swamp Church of the Brethren.
  • CD of a partial church service at the Black Swamp Church of the Brethren.
Murray, Andrew: Brethren PeopleBrethren People File: Murray, Andrew 

Photo 1980 - 82 of Andrew Murray singing and playing guitar.

The Messiah: Church of the Brethren PerformancesBC2007/17 The Messiah: Annual Conference and Church of the Brethren District performances. 

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