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Death of a Stalwart

A Profile of Andrew W. Cordier


Doreen Geary


Cordier with Geary in his U.N. office


At seventy-one years of age, Andrew Cordier decided to write two volumes of memoirs; the first containing personal recollections of his years with the United Nations; the second, an account of his years at Columbia University. He invited Doreen Geary, who had served as his personal assistant for twelve years at the United Nations, to help prepare the U.N. memoirs. As a first step, Cordier interviewed former U.N. colleagues and staff. He also indicated that he wanted to interview Geary. Cordier died before he could interview Geary or begin either narrative. In “Death of a Stalwart,” Geary strives to honor Cordier’s request for an interview by contributing to the story of the last year of his life.



Introduction & Author's Note

Part I (a) 1946-1962 United Nations: Cordier role, personality and background

Part I (b) Cordier, Hammarskjold and the Congo

Part II 1962-1974 Columbia University

Part III (a) 1974-1975 Andrew Cordier's Last Year: Attempts to write memoirs, illness, family and financial problems

Part III (b) The interview trip






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