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Spy Letters of the American Revolution

Along with the letters, the site also includes stories of spies and letters, secret methods and techniques, routes of the letters, and a timeline.

ADAH Digital Archives (Mexican War)

A collection of letters and a diary from the Mexican War.

The War of 1812

This companion site to the PBS series includes excerpts from several personal journals and links to more online sources for first person personal journals.

Civil War Trust

Primary documents of the Civil War include speeches, acts, correspondence, and army documents.

Civil War Women

Letters, diaries, and documents describing women's lives and experiences during the Civil War.

The Valley of the Shadow

Documents from two communities, one Northern and one Southern, in the years leading up to, during, and following the Civil War. Includes letters, diaries, and newspapers.

Memos, letters, treaties and the text of speeches throughout the war. Also look under "Narratives" (left column menu) to find memoirs, diaries, prose, and poetry.

WWI Memoirs and Reminiscences

Diaries and eyewitness accounts from around the world.

The War

This website companion to the PBS series on World War II includes several letters and a few diary excerpts.

The Korean War and its Origins

Documents from the Truman Library include telegrams, memoranda, letters, and press releases.

American Experience: Vietnam Online

A companion website to the PBS series Vietnam: A Television History. Includes primary resources and veteran reflections.

Vietnam Veterans Home Page - Remembrance

Stories, poems, songs, and narratives from or about the Vietnam War.

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages - Tracings in the Sand

A forum for Gulf War veterans to post descriptions of and reflections on their experiences in the war.

Frontline - The Gulf War

This website companion to the PBS television show includes interviews with political leaders and military commanders (under oral histories), as well as first person accounts of being captured by Iraqi forces (in war stories).

The Gulf War - Individual Accounts

From Green Bay to the Persian Gulf A Persian Gulf War Diary
Gulf War Diary A Soldier's Diary of Desert Storm
My Part in Desert Storm Stefan's Gulf War Pages

Background Information

Encyclopedia of American Studies Encyclopedia of the American Civil War
Encyclopedia of the U. S. in the 19th Century The Fifties (A Biography of America)
The Sixties (A Biography of America) The Sixties (PBS)



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