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Searchable online reference books. Contains the five volume Lucent Library of Homeland Security and the seven volume Lucent Terrorism Library.

Encyclopedia of Religion and War
Reference 201.72 En19p

Presents the historical perspective of changing proscriptions against and sanctioned reasons for war throughout a religion's or culture's development and current teachings. Covers most major western and eastern religions, as well as lesser known systems such as Manichaeism and zoroastrianism. Includes entries on major social revolts, wars and persecutions, as well as on pacifist groups such as Anabaptists, Quakers and Mennonites.

Encyclopedia of American Social Movements
Reference 303.48 En19n

Examines significant social movements in American history, including the anti-slavery, civil rights, women's and environmental movements. Covers each movement's goals, tactics, and impact, as well as its successes and failures. Also examines the interrelationships among different movements, and how they shaped American politics, culture, and society.

Encyclopedia of Youth and War: Young People as Participants and Victims
Reference 305.235 Sh57e

Beginning with the Thirty Years War, this book focuses on the effect of wars on youth (usually through age 18), whether soldiers, diarists, or victims. Entries cover organizations, individuals, topics (chemical warfare, conscription, land mines), and places (Guatemala, Kosovo, Somalia).

The ABC-CLIO Companion to the American Peace Movement in the Twentieth Century
Reference 327.172 L971a

Information on peace organizations, individuals, events, treaties, and other related topics, from the period of the Spanish-American War up to and beyond the Vietnam conflict.

World Encyclopedia of Peace
Reference 327.172 W893p2

A collection of papers presenting varied points of view on how to create and sustain a lasting peace, as well as the various conceptual perspectives of what peace actually is. Subjects covered include: theories of conflict, aggression, and war; international conflict; world order and internationalism; disarmament and arms control; peace movement; pacifism; religions and peace; feminism and peace; nonviolence; human rights and social justice; peace research; peace education.

Encyclopedia of International Peacekeeping Operations
Reference 355.3 R148e

Explains the theory and practice of peacekeeping as a method of international conflict management and resolution in the contemporary world. Entries offer both background and analysis on individuals, events, and missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Rwanda, and elsewhere.

Dictionary of Alternative Defense
Reference 355.4 M736d

Providing more detail than the word "dictionary" implies, this volume explains the purposes of alternative defense, the history of the alternative defense debate, and the status of current ideas and concepts. It includes information on individuals, groups and organizations, countries and regions, events, technology and theories.

Heroes of Conscience: a Biographical Dictionary
Reference 920.02 G252h

Brief biographical essays on individuals motivated by moral, ethical, and religious convictions to be active in such causes as human and civil rights, labor, health reform, world peace and the environment.

American Peace Writers, Editors, and Periodicals: a Dictionary
Reference 928.1 R543a

Information on the writers, editors, and publications that have carried on a strong American tradition of peace advocacy since colonial times. Includes viewpoints ranging from radical nonresistance, religious pacifism and racial nonviolence, to selective anti-war positions and advocacy of world government.

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