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Reference Resources for Philosophy

Note: Some reference titles have been moved to the circulating collection.
Those with call numbers beginning with "R" remain in reference.

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy
100 Ox2h

Extended entries cover the main areas of philosophy and the great philosophers, while shorter entries deal with key concepts, theories, problems, schools of thought and practical issues. Also includes a chronological chart of the history of philosophy with fifteen diagrams showing the structure of philosophy and the relations between its subjects and theories.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy
R 103 C144a2

Definitions of philosophical terms, concepts and fields of study, as well as entries on philosophers and on non-Western and non-European philosophy.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
R 103 R765c

Covers the core issues of most Anglo-American philosophy, the metaphysical, epistemological and logical questions, as well as ethics, political philosophy and the history of philosophy. Also includes entries on the philosophy of other cultures, from Chinese, Arabic and Jewish philosophy to the philosophy of Africa and Latin America.

Encyclopedia of Aesthetics
R 111.85 En19k

Essays on individuals, concepts, periods, theories, issues and movements in the history of aesthetics. Though coverage extends back to the most ancient aesthetic traditions around the world, the historical focus is on the geneaology of Western aesthetics from its inception in early eighteenth century Europe to the present.

R 170.3 Et37r

Articles cover people, events, organizations, trends and issues, with an emphasis on applied ethics rather than theoretical. Various viewpoints are represented on issues such as downsizing, hate speech and identity theft.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics
R 174.2 En19r2

Five volumes of A-Z entries cover ethical aspects of issues such as public health, health care, biomedical and behavioral research, sexuality and gender, death and dying, population and the environment.

Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare
179.3 En19b

Offers both sides of major issues regarding animal rights, including both theoretical matters and practical applications.

The Dictionary of Eighteenth-Century German Philosophers
R 193 D561k (3 vol.)

In addition to philosophers, this dictionary covers jurists, pedagogues, literary critics, doctors, historians, and others whose work has philosophical significance. Entries include a biographical sketch, analysis of doctrines with emphasis on historical context, subsequent influences, and bibliography of further works and secondary literature.

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