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Reference Tools for Psychology

Encyclopedia of Psychology
Reference: 150.3 En19k

Guide to concepts, methods, theories, findings, major figures, schools of thought, and emerging areas of interest.

Encyclopedia of Adult Development
Reference: 155.6 En19k

Articles summarize research on more than 100 topics including gender issues, health, driving, housing, relationships, and specific ages. Each concludes with a lengthy bibliography of scholarly literature.

Encyclopedia of Stress
Reference: 155.9 M179e

Information about the symptoms, causes, and remedies for stress.

Comparative Psychology: a Handbook
Reference: 156 C738g

Essays by comparative psychologists and other animal behavior researchers in the areas of evolution, development, and species-typical behavior.

Encyclopedia of Phobias, Fears, and Anxieties
Reference: 616.8522 D659e

Over 2,000 entries that describe things, feelings, and situations that negatively impact people's lives.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV
Reference: 616.89 D1a4

Covers mental health disorders for both children and adults, listing known causes, statistics in terms of gender, age at onset, and prognosis as well as some research concerning the optimal treatment approaches.

Dictionary of Family Psychology and Family Therapy
Reference: 616.8915 D561s2

Terms, phrases and concepts in family psychology. Entries provide definitions, usage examples, origins, early sources, and if pertinent, recent sources.

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