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Websites for Psychology

AllPsych Online

A "virtual psychology classroom," AllPsych Online includes texts, an online journal, biographies, a dictionary, a medication guide, and information on numerous topics related to psychology.

Classics in the History of Psychology

A full-text collection of "historically significant public domain documents from the scholarly literature of psychology and allied disciplines." Search by keyword or browse by author or topic.

Current Psychology Letters

This peer reviewed electronic journal in cognitive experimental psychology has searchable full text articles available from 2003-present. Topics include cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, cognitive neurosciences, social cognition, cognitive development, cognitive neuropsychology, and comparative cognition.

Current Research in Social Psychology

A peer reviewed, electronic journal covering all aspects of social psychology, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Iowa.

Great Ideas in Personality

"How do people tend to think, feel, and behave — and what causes these tendencies?" This site covers explanations and theories, including attachment theory, interpersonal theory, intelligence, cognitive social theories, behavior genetics, the Five Factor and PEN models, and more. Each topic has basic information (with associated links) and a bibliography.

Monitor on Psychology

The online magazine of the American Psychological Association.

PsychExperiments - Psychology Experiments on the Internet

Developed at the University of Mississippi, this "on-line cognitive and social psychology laboratory site ... consists of a set of interactive experiments, a cumulative data archive, download utilities for both data and experiment source code, downloadable Excel macros for analyzing data from the experiments, and support materials for those who want to use and/or develop experiments at the site."

Psychological Tutorials and Demonstrations

Links to hypertext tutorials in psychology. Tutorials available in the areas of developmental psychology, sensation & perception, clinical psychology, social psychology, learning and cognitive psychology.

Research in Action

A web-based compendium of psychological research that demonstrates the application and value of psychological science in our everyday lives. Topics include gender issues, lifespan issues, memory, parenting and violence/violence prevention. Also includes a glossary of psychological terms.

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