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Reference Resources for Religion

Note: Some reference titles have been moved to the circulating collection.
Those with call numbers beginning with "R" remain in reference.

Encyclopedia of Religion
R 200.3 En19e

This general reference work is notable for its internationalism of topics, contributors, and points of view; its attention to primitive religions throughout the world; its treatment of alchemy, the occult, mysticism, and popular traditions; and its conception of religion as a vital part of human culture (including articles on atheism and Marxism).

Religion: A Cross Cultural Encyclopedia
200.3 L578r

Articles on 16 religions and 41 aspects of religious observance cover such topics as taboo, ritual and supernatural beings. Includes information on indigenous as well as major world religions.

Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion
200.82 En19y

Over 600 articles provide information about women in relation to most of the world's religions past and present. Major themes include comparative study of issues such as mythology, ordination and afterlife; the relationship of religion to the study of art, literature and science; methods and theories for the study of women in religion.

Contemporary American Religion
200.973 C767r

Describes various aspects of religious life in America from 1965 to the present. Major religions and smaller and fringe groups are represented as are individuals, symbols, traditions, beliefs and practices. Focuses more on popular understanding of belief rather than official teaching.

The Anchor Bible Dictionary
R 220.3 An21

Both international and interconfessional, with contributors from around the world representing numerous religions, the dictionary covers traditional subjects as well as those of current interest such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, early Jewish-Christian relations, the historical Jesus, and sociological and literary methods of biblical criticism (including feminist hermeneutics).

Encyclopedia of Christian Theology
R 230.03 En19L

Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, this encyclopedia focuses on doctrines, events, theories and schools of thought. Entries trace differences among Roman Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox thought, thereby providing the reader with a variety of Christian responses to theological issues.

The New Interpreter's Bible
R 220.7 N42

An in-depth commentary on the complete Bible, including the Apocrypha. Contributors reflect a wide range of denominational backgrounds. The Reflections sections provide thoughtful, and thought-provoking, insights on the contemporary application of the biblical text for preaching, teaching, and daily living.

The Brethren Encyclopedia
R 286.99 B755

This 4 volume set provides a comprehensive and definitive description of the life, history, practices, and beliefs of the five denominations derived from the Brethren movement founded in Schwarzenau, Germany, in 1708.

The New Encyclopedia of Islam
R 297.03 G464n

Covers beliefs, practices, history and culture of the Islamic world, including ritual, prayer, significant political movements, spiritual and political leaders, art, architecture, sects, law, social institutions, ethnography, nations and states, languages, science, major cities and centers of learning.

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