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The ARDA - Association of Religion Data Archive

This browsable and searchable database includes data on U.S. congregational membership (broken down by state and county), surveys of congregations and denominations, denominational profiles and religious profiles of nations around the world.

Bible Study Tools

Search 27 different translations of the Bible individually, or all at once. Includes commentaries, concordances and dictionaries, as well as information on church history.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Classic Christian writings, including works from a variety of viewpoints and traditions.

Digital Quaker Collection

A collection of journals, histories, doctrinal works, letters, sermons, pamphlets, and proceedings, from the Earlham School of Religion at Earlham College.

The Ecole Initiative

This encyclopedia of early church history contains long essays on major topics and figures, shorter entries on numerous topics and an extensive chronology.

From Jesus to Christ

Companion site to the PBS program of the same name which examines the new and controversial historical evidence that challenges familiar assumptions about the life of Jesus and the epic rise of Christianity.

A Portrait of Jesus

Author and scholar Marcus Borg looks at both the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith.

Religion Online

Scholarly texts covering a variety of topics such as theology, religious history, churches and society, culture and social issues.

A Synoptic Gospels Primer

An examination of the history of literary analysis of the gospels, focusing on the synoptic problem.

The Unbound Bible

Search the Bible in multiple translations and multiple languages. Results include links to commentary, biblical illustrations and maps.

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