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Posted 2/4/13

Senior Series Examples

025.524 F228s Social software in libraries: building collaboration, communication, and community Online / Meredith G. Farkas
158.1 C462h How will you measure your life? / Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, and Karen Dillon
158.1 U1s Stop living in this land: go to the everlasting world of happiness: live there forever / Woo Myung
200.972 H997r The role of religion in Caribbean history: from Amerindian Shamanism to Rastafarianism / by Patrick "Pops" Hylton
261.835 W584s Stranger at the gate: to be gay and Christian in America / Mel White
299.67 Af16o Overstanding Rastafari: Jamaica's gift to the world / by Yasus Afari
303.376 Ou8g Out of sight: political censorship of the visual arts in nineteenth-century France / Robert Justin Goldstein, ed.
305.23 Sa455c Children caught in the crossfire / Maureen Samms-Vaughan
305.30972 B813w "Why man stay so": an examination of gender socialization in the Caribbean / Janet Brown, Barry Chevannes
305.896 As72w Women in the Garvey movement / Nzingha Assata
305.8969 B326j Jamaican hands across the Atlantic / Elaine Bauer and Paul Thompson
306 P963m Medievalisms: making the past in the present / Tison Pugh and Angela Jane Weisl
306.76 Sch95o Oddly normal: one family's struggle to help their teenage son come to terms with his sexuality / John Schwartz
306.768 G939L Left hander in London: a field guide to transgenders, lesbians, gays and bisexuals in the family, on the job and in the pew / J. J. Marie Gufreda
320.9 D622o Our divided political heart: the battle for the American idea in an age of discontent / E. J. Dionne Jr.
344.73041 B21a At liberty to die: the battle for death with dignity in America / Howard Ball
371.1 Or3s Organization and effectiveness of induction programs for new teachers / Thomas M. Smith, Laura M. Desimone, Andrew Porter, eds.
506 In2p Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science (2011)
509 B266c Creative science: a history and philosophy of our most powerful source of knowledge / by Philip E. Barnhart
550 Sh91u The universe within: discovering the common history of rocks, planets, and people / Neil Shubin
581.97292 En21c Endemic trees of Jamaica / compiled by Keron C. St. E. Campbell
589.95 An78 v.66 Annual review of microbiology (2012)
612.015 An78 Annual review of biochemistry (2012)
649.125 W755q Queen bee moms & kingpin dads: dealing with the parents, teachers, coaches, and counselors who can make--or break--your child's future / Rosalind Wiseman with Elizabeth Rapoport
780.7 P69k The place of music in the 21st century: a global view / Cathy Benedict, Patrick K. Schmidt, eds
787.2 M332v The violin maker: finding a centuries-old tradition in a Brooklyn workshop / John Marchese
808.83 Ob6a 2012 The best American short stories 2012 / selected from U.S. and Canadian magazines by Tom Perrotta with Heidi Pitlor
809.933 G761L The Grail, the quest and the world of Arthur / Norris J. Lacy, ed.
813.6 Au76d Daughter of Kura / Debra Austin
813.6 F741p A permanent freedom / Curdella Forbes
823.912 W817zm Wodehouse: a life / Robert McCrum
843.912 L712g Literature and history: around Suite française and Les bienveillantes / special editors, Richard J. Golsan and Philip Watts
917.72 M338w Weird Indiana: your travel guide to Indiana's0 local legends and best kept secrets / by Mark Marimen
940.311 M227r The Russian origins of the First World War / Sean McMeekin
972.92 J22 Jamaica: the way forward: presentations at the Political Leadership Forum 2005
972.92 M314s Slipstream: a daughter remembers / Rachel Manley
972.92 T123b Blood, bullets and bodies: sexual politics below Jamaica's poverty line / written by Imani M. Tafari-Ama
977.224 B283h Bartholomew County: interim report (Indiana historic sites and structures inventory)
977.296 W251 Warren County: interim report (Indiana historic sites and structures inventory)
Best Seller Ab37r Red country/ Joe Abercrombie

Posted 10/1/12

153 Ea36i Incognito: the secret lives of the brain 
David M. Eagleman
200.7 St89n A new science: the discovery of religion in the Age of Reason
Guy G. Stroumsa
202.3 Ox2w The Oxford handbook of millennialism
Catherine Wessinger, ed.
211.5 W171r Revolutionary deists: early America's rational infidels
Kerry Walters
222.11 R227 Reading Genesis: ten methods
Ronald Hendel, ed.
261.7 M191p Prophetic encounters: religion and the American radical tradition
Danl McKanan
302.23 N474m The news and public opinion: media effects on civic life
Max McCombs ... [et al.].
302.231 H191s2 Handbook of children and the media
Dorothy G. Singer, Jerome L. Singer, eds.
302.24 W172c The communication of hate
Michael Waltman & John Haas
305.26 M145L Look me in the eye: old women, aging, and ageism
Barbara Macdonald with Cynthia Rich
307.76 W893j The world's cities: contrasting regional, national, and global perspectives
A.J. Jacobs, ed.
347.7326 F333s Scorpions: the battles and triumphs of FDR's great Supreme Court justices
Noah Feldman
362.6 N42h2 The new politics of old age policy
Robert B. Hudson, ed.
362.88 F495c Childhood victimization: violence, crime and abuse in the lives of young people
David Finkelhor
371.46 Sch655f The school services sourcebook: a guide for school-based professionals
Cynthia Franklin, Mary Beth Harris, Paula Allen-Meares, eds.
540 L46n Napoleon's buttons: 17 molecules that changed history
Penny Le Couteur, Jay Burreson
612.82 B889b Brain bugs: how the brain's flaws shape our lives
Dean Buonomano
612.82 T394b Brain culture: neuroscience and popular media
Davi Johnson Thornton
616.855 Sa14m The mind's eye
Oliver Sacks
725.2 Si79c Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago department store
Joseph Siry
741.5 T611s Superheroes of the Round Table: comics connections to Medieval and Renaissance literature
Jason Tondro
745.67 M834i Imagining the past in France: history in manuscript painting, 1250-1500 
Elizabeth Morrison and Anne D. Hedeman
781.57 Sch81h Early jazz: its roots and musical development
Gunther Schuller
791.436 H325m Movie medievalism: the imaginary Middle Ages
Nickolas Haydock
791.436 L528t Those girls: single women in sixties and seventies popular culture
Katherine J. Lehman
809.933 C738d A companion to the Lancelot-Grail cycle
Carol Dover, ed.
809.933 P419r The romance of the Middle Ages
Nicholas Perkins and Alison Wiggins
813.52 C361zf The long embrace: Raymond Chandler and the woman he loved
Judith Freeman
818.54 P317g Goodbye, I love you
Carol Lynn Pearson
821.1 G248za Approaches to teaching Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Miriam Youngerman Miller and Jane Chance, eds.
823.809 M582v The vulgar question of money: heiresses, materialism, and the novel of manners from Jane Austen to Henry James
Elsie B. Michie
840.9 C335n A new history of medieval French literature
Jacqueline Cerquiglini-Toulet ; translated by Sara Preisig
841.1 C36za Approaches to teaching the Song of Roland
William W. Kibler and Leslie Zarker Morgan, eds.
841.1 M337zk Marie de France: a critical companion
Sharon Kinoshita and Peggy McCracken
871 Ov4za Approaches to teaching the works of Ovid and the Ovidian tradition
Barbara Weiden Boyd and Cora Fox, eds.
873 V81zaa Approaches to teaching Vergil's Aeneid
William S. Anderson and Lorina N. Quartarone, eds.
940.1 W632i The inheritance of Rome: illuminating the Dark Ages, 400-1000
Chris Wickham
941.01 F629b Britain after Rome: the fall and rise, 400-1070
Robin Fleming
943.086 H638b Hitler: a study in tyranny
Alan Bullock
944.026 J571go The maid and the queen: the secret history of Joan of Arc
Nancy Goldstone
973.923 J634u Indomitable will: LBJ in the presidency
Mark K. Updegrove
973.931 H741n Neomedievalism, neoconservatism, and the war on terror
Bruce Holsinger
979.4 P47d Driven out: the forgotten war against Chinese Americans
Jean Pfaelzer

Posted 7/3/12

155.23 C123q

Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking
Susan Cain


305.26 Ag32n

Ageism: stereotyping and prejudice against older persons
Todd D. Nelson, ed.


305.26 G951a

Agewise: fighting the new ageism in America
Margaret Morganroth Gullette


306.766 P448p

Prejudice to pride: moving from homophobia to acceptance
Ann Marie Petrocelli


322.3 B791r

The road to freedom: how to win the fight for free enterprise
Arthur C. Brooks


324.2734 B675r

The roots of modern conservatism: Dewey, Taft, and the battle for the soul of the Republican Party
Michael Bowen


330.973 Un3e

Economic report of the President transmitted to the Congress


338.9771 Sk37e

Econocide: elimination of the urban poor
Alice Skirtz


340.115 G969s

Sociology of law
Georges Gurvitch


340.115 Q44c 2002

Critique of legal order: crime control in capitalist society
Richard Quinney


340.115 R722L

Law as culture: an invitation
Lawrence Rosen


340.115 Su87L

Law/society: origins, interactions, and change
John R. Sutton


340.115 T729s

The sociology of law: classical and contemporary perspectives
A. Javier Trevino


340.115 W168L2

Law, justice, and society: a sociolegal introduction
Anthony Walsh, Craig Hemmens


344.7303 P767s

Social workers and subpoenas
Carolyn Polowy, Sherri Morgan, Amber Khan, Carol Gorenber


361.00684 Ou8m2

Outcomes measurement in the human services: cross-cutting issues and methods in the era of health reform
Jennifer L. Magnabosco


361.3 So13h

Social work matters: the power of linking policy and practice
Elizabeth F. Hoffler and Elizabeth J. Clark, eds.


361.32 N213s9

Social work speaks : National Association of Social Workers policy statements, 2012-2014
National Association of Social Workers


361.61 R311g2

Resiliency: an integrated approach to practice, policy, and research
Roberta R. Greene, ed.


361.763092 F497s

Still a country boy after embracing the world: a memoir
Loren Finnell


363.23 M919s5

Multicultural law enforcement: strategies for peacekeeping in a diverse society
Robert M. Shusta


364.4 St95c

The collapse of American criminal justice
William J. Stuntz


364.973 D152c

Criminal justice in the United States, 1789-1939
Elizabeth Dale


365.66 P544L

Letters from the Dhamma Brothers: meditation behind bars
Jenny Phillips


378.12 Sv36m13

McKeachie's teaching tips: strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers
Marilla Svinicki and Wilbert J. McKeachie


378.1982 R632b

The Black campus movement: Black students and the racial reconstitution of higher education, 1965-1972
Ibram H. Rogers


700.9492 L95

The Low countries: arts and society in Flanders and The Netherlands, a yearbook


709 F466n

Fifty key texts in art history
Diana Newall and Grant Pooke, eds.


709.04 En85p

Entre chien et loup : works from the Meana Larrucea collection


741.092 L553L

Da Vinci's ghost: genius, obsession, and how Leonardo created the world in his own image
Toby Lester


821.8 B82c

The complete works of Robert Browning : with variant readings & annotations (v.17)
Ashby Bland Crowder, Allan C. Dooley, eds.


973.923 J634c

The passage of power
Robert A. Caro


CD 823.2 M29

Malory aloud: a dramatic reading of excerpts from Le morte d'Arthur


CD 841 Or1

Or dient et content et fabloient: four centuries of Old French verse


Posted 4/9/12

002 B644f2 The book history reader
David Finkelstein and Alistair McCleery, eds.
150.58 An78 v.63:2012 Annual review of psychology
153.1 C838a Attention and memory: an integrated framework
Nelson Cowan
153.13 M72m Models of working memory: mechanisms of active maintenance and executive control
Akira Miyake
153.7 C343i The invisible gorilla: and other ways our intuitions deceive us 
Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons
155.23 P273o Pathological altruism
Barbara Oakley, ed.
201.6 H125r The righteous mind: why good people are divided by politics and religion
Jonathan Haidt
248.2 C144f The Cambridge companion to medieval English mysticism
Samuel Fanous and Vincent Gillespie, eds.
275.1 B345n A new history of Christianity in China
Daniel H. Bays
287.6092 G76w Window to a changed world: the personal memoirs of William Graham
Donald L. Parman, ed.
303.483 W653d The digital condition: class and culture in the information network
Rob Wilkie
305.8 M961c Coming apart: the state of white America, 1960-2010
Charles Murray
307.3 M822c The classical Greek house
Janett Morgan
307.760944 D281f France after revolution: urban life, gender, and the new social order
Denise Z. Davidson
330.156 W194k Keynes Hayek: the clash that defined modern economics
Nicholas Wapshott
333.7 An78a v.36 Annual review of environment and resources
333.79 Y44q The quest: energy, security and the remaking of the modern world
Daniel Yergin
333.7924 F381n Nuclear energy: what everyone needs to know
Charles D. Ferguson
338.544 C218e2 Economic forecasting and policy
Nicolas Carnot, Vincent Koen and Bruno Tissot
338.9 T159g Government versus markets: the changing economic role of the state
Vito Tanzi
342.73 B439c Constitutional originalism: a debate
Robert W. Bennett and Lawrence B. Solum
362.292 V282g Getting wasted: why college students drink too much and party so hard
Thomas Vander Ven
362.734 Ad74b Adoption by lesbians and gay men: a new dimension in family diversity
David M. Brodzinsky, Adam Pertman, eds.
363.32 N119s Selling fear: counterterrorism, the media, and public opinion
Brigitte L. Nacos, Yaeli Bloch-Elkon, Robert Y. Shapiro
372.7 As48t Transforming primary mathematics
Mike Askew
378.73 K248w We're losing our minds: rethinking American higher education
Richard P. Keeling and Richard H. Hersh
519.54 M178t The theory that would not die: how Bayes' rule cracked the enigma code, hunted down Russian submarines and emerged triumphant from two centuries of controversy
Sharon Bertsch McGrayne
570.72 F457c Field notes on science & nature
Michael R. Canfield, ed.
576.5 Ad95d v.75 Advances in genetics
576.5 Ad95d v.76 Advances in genetics
618.92898 St94a Autism spectrum realities
Gary W. Studebaker
650.1 H177b Beauty pays: why attractive people are more successful
Daniel S. Hamermesh
701 C886d Defining art, creating the canon: artistic value in an era of doubt
Paul Crowther
709.04 Ar75f2 Art since 1900: modernism, antimodernism, postmodernism
Hal Foster
720.1 P659a Architecture of thought
Andrzej Piotrowski
720.47 C355u Urban green: architecture for the future
Neil B. Chambers
720.943 AL71w When buildings speak: architecture as language in the Habsburg Empire and its aftermath, 1867-1933
Anthony Alofsin
725.2 F366s The skyscraper and the city: the Woolworth Building and the making of modern New York
Gail Fenske
726.12 Ar25w Architecture of the sacred: space, ritual, and experience from classical Greece to Byzantium
Bonna D. Wescoat and Robert G. Ousterhout, eds.
726.3 Si79b Beth Sholom Synagogue: Frank Lloyd Wright and modern religious architecture
Joseph M. Siry
745.0973 K839m Makers: a history of American studio craft
Janet Koplos and Bruce Metcalf
745.4 F377h2 A history of design from the Victorian era to the present: a survey of the modern style in architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, and photography
Ann Ferebee with Jeff Byles
747 H557h A home of her own
Nancy R. Hiller
780.92 Sch81g Gunther Schuller: a life in pursuit of music and beauty
Gunther Schuller
780.92 Sch86m The life of Schumann
Michael Musgrave
807 P942 2011 Profession 2011
Rosemary G. Feal, ed.
810.935 C178s Sons and daughters of self-made men: improvising gender, place, nation in American literature
Mary Paniccia Carden
811.6 St94c Choice words: poems and drawings of Gary W. Studebaker
Gary W. Studebaker
811.6 St94p Piercing truths: poems and drawings of Gary W. Studebaker
Gary W. Studebaker
813.6 H198e The end of Sparta: a novel
Victor Davis Hanson
818.5 Sa56e Earth works: selected essays
Scott Russell Sanders
821.8 B82c v.17 The complete works of Robert Browning: with variant readings & annotations
843.8 D89c 2003 The Count of Monte Cristo
Alexandre Dumas
915.1 T788c Collected writings on Chinese culture
Tsuen-hsuin Tsien
929.2 M834j Morrison homestead, Salamonie Township, Huntington County, Indiana
Carolyn Jevelian and George Fleck, eds.
940.4 St48w With our backs to the wall: victory and defeat in 1918
David Stevenson
944.026 B243c Conquest: the English kingdom of France, 1417-1450
Juliet Barker
944.06 G387c Children of the Revolution: the French, 1799-1914
Robert Gildea
951.05092 D414v Deng Xiaoping and the transformation of China
Ezra F. Vogel
973.931 An24b Bush's wars
Terry H. Anderson
974.8092 B747k The porch potter: Lester P. Breininger, Jr., Robesonia, Pennsylvania
Wayne R. Kline, Candace Kintzer Perry, and Thomas J. Gerhart
977.215 F854h Franklin County: interim report
(Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana)
977.294 C236h Carroll County: interim report
(Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana)
979.4 P422g Gold seeker: adventures of a Belgian Argonaut during the Gold Rush years
Jean-Nicolas Perlot
980.01 T363g The golden empire: Spain, Charles V, and the creation of America
Hugh Thomas


Posted 2/14/12

155.533 D238m My girls: a story of survival and togetherness in the inner city Graham Danzer
174.936 T22c Teaching social work values and ethics: a curriculum resource Elaine P. Congress, Phyllis N. Black, Kimberly Strom-Gottfried
332.024 F764p Personal finance handbook: a guide to securing your financial future Raymond E. Forgue, E. Thomas Garman
332.6 K133w The Wall Street Journal complete money & investing guidebook Dave Kansas
344.7303 C611p2

Client confidentiality and privileged communications
Carolyn Polowy

344.73079 L522n The legal rights of students
361.973 So13g5 Social work in rural communities
Leon Ginsberg, ed.
362.2 P199c Clinical social work : a narrative approach
Gary W. Paquin
362.733 D558h How to screen adoptive and foster parents: a workbook for professionals and students
James L. Dickerson, Mardi Allen, and Daniel Pollack
362.8292 B444u The ultimate betrayal : a renewed look at intimate partner violence
Tricia B. Bent-Goodley
363.34 D63g Disaster concepts and issues: a guide for social work education and practice
David Gill, ed.
373.129 R864d Dropping out: why students drop out of high school and what can be done about it
Russell W. Rumberger
379.15 R745s Something in common: the common core standards and the next chapter in American education
Robert Rothman
616.8526 B231s Skinny revisited: rethinking anorexia nervosa and its treatment
Maria Baratta
649.125 C197p The parent effect: how parenting style affects adolescent behavior and personality development
Joanne E. Carlson
658.409 C694g Great by choice: uncertainty, chaos, and luck : why some thrive despite them all
Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen
658.42 M872b Beyond oversight: developing grassroots nonprofit boards for community and institutional change
David P. Moxley
823.8 G212co Cousin Phillis and other stories
Elizabeth Gaskell
973.92 So92t The Thomas Sowell reader
Thomas Sowell
974.811 B661i Independence: a guide to historic Philadelphia
George W. Boudreau


Posted 12/14/11

016.9772 P969g A guide to manuscript collections of the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library
Eric Pumroy
016.9772 W67g A guide to early imprints at the Indiana Historical Society, 1619-1840
Leigh Darbee
126 M569e The ego tunnel: the science of the mind and the myth of the self 
Thomas Metzinger
128 L936n The nature principle: human restoration and the end of nature-deficit disorder
Richard Louv
189 C144p The Cambridge history of medieval philosophy
Robert Pasnau, ed.
220.6 M364s A survey of each book of the Bible: Genesis to Revelation
Harold S. Martin
222.11 M364g Genesis
Harold S. Martin
226.3 H547g Gospel of Mark
Ray E. Hileman 
230.09 B782s Saving paradise: how Christianity traded love of this world for crucifixion and empire 
Rita Nakashima Brock, Rebecca Ann Parker
248 W671h Hand in hand with God: witnessing on the way
Flora L. Williams
286.91 M364n New Testament beliefs and practices: a Brethren understanding
Harold S. Martin
294.3927 D932h Hara: the vital center of man 
Karlfried Graf Dürckheim
303.483 Ab76v Virtually you: the dangerous powers of the e-personality 
Elias Aboujaoude
305.896 G223t Thirteen ways of looking at a Black man
Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
305.896 W52c The Cornel West reader
Cornel West
322.42 P349o One hundred percent American: the rebirth and decline of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s
Thomas R. Pegram
327.47 H274r Russia's Cold War: from the October Revolution to the fall of the wall
Jonathan Haslam
330.977 W979r Remaking the heartland: Middle America since the 1950s
Robert Wuthnow.
332.024 W671s The shepherd's guide through the valley of debt and financial change: a comprehensive manual for financial management, counseling and spiritual guidance
Flora L. Williams
333.7 Sc79w What environmentalists need to know about economics 
Jason Scorse
355.224 W842e Women conscientious objectors: an anthology
Ellen Elster and Majken Jul Sørensen, eds. 
361.26 M478w When the world calls: the inside story of the Peace Corps and its first fifty years
Stanley Meisl
363.46 B393g Before Roe v. Wade: voices that shaped the abortion debate before the Supreme Court's ruling
edited by Linda Greenhouse and Reva Siegel
363.80951 B388h Hungry ghosts: Mao's secret famine
Jasper Becker
363.9 C333L A century of eugenics in America: from the Indiana experiment to the human genome era
Paul A. Lombardo, ed.
365.45092 G341g Gulag voices: oral histories of Soviet incarceration and exile
Jehanne M Gheith and Katherine R. Jolluck
370.71 T139n Taking stock of professional development schools: what's needed now
Jane E. Neapolitan, ed.
428.4 P919b Preparing reading professionals
Rita M. Bean, Natalie Heisey, Cathy M. Roller, eds.
589.95 An78 Annual review of microbiology
620.5 K963i Introductory nanoscience 
Masaru Kuno
640.73 C789s Stop wasting money: your common sense money management guide for everyday business and life
Carol and Norm Coots
769.952 T494j Japanese prints: ukiyo-e in Edo, 1700-1900
Ellis Tinios
796 M853s Scorecasting : the hidden influences behind how sports are played and games are won
Tobias J. Mosk
811.6 D349w Woodnote
Christine Deavel
811.6 W671s A book for-- renewal: spiritual messages through a collection of Flora's poetry, thought provoking, conveying hope
Flora L. Williams
813.6 K92h Heart of a warrior: the true saga of Sweet Breeze & William Wells
Joe Krom
813.6 V473a Adventures on Promise Island: a novel
Ruth Esther Vawter
822.33 Q7 EL13t Twelfth night, or, What you will
William Shakespeare (Arden ed.)
822.33 T3 F68k King Lear
William Shakespeare (Arden ed.)
822.33 X5 Si15r Richard III
William Shakespeare (Arden ed.)
840.9 F849m Francophone sub-Saharan African literature in global contexts
Alain Mabanckou and Dominic Thomas, eds.
946 P293s Spain: a unique history
Stanley G. Payne
959.704 R536t This time we win: revisiting the Tet Offensive
James S. Robbins.
973.0496 C499a The Civitas anthology of African American slave narratives
William L. Andrews, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., eds.
973.3092 Ad19a Samuel Adams: the life of an American revolutionary
John K. Alexander


Posted 11/4/11

302.224 R314a   Rethinking identity and literacy education in the 21st century
Sandra Shamroth Abrams
304.60973 M42f   First results from the 2010 census
Mark Mather
306.6 R311 Research in the social scientific study of religion
330.91724 W893d World development report
342.73085 H867L   Let the students speak!: a history of the fight for free expression in American schools
David L. Hudson
353.03 Un3p Public papers of the Presidents of the United States: George Bush 2006
362.6 T687h   Transforming social work education: the first decade of the Hartford Geriatric Social Work Initiative
Nancy R. Hooyman
363.8 B982h   Hunger: the biology and politics of starvation
John R. Butterly
370.973 K827f   Feel-bad education: and other contrarian essays on children and schooling
Alfie Kohn
371.207 P429p   Push has come to shove: getting our kids the education they deserve-- even if it means picking a fight
Steve Perry
502.82 Ea85a   Atomic force microscopy
Jonathan Peter Eaton
530.124 Sm68w   Waves and oscillations: a prelude to quantum mechanics
Walter Fox Smith
576.5 Ad95d   Advances in genetics
M. (Milislav) Demerec
612.015 An78 Annual review of biochemistry
658.42 T772m   Midas touch: why some entrepreneurs get rich-- and why most don’t
Donald Trump
808.83 Ob6a 2011   The best American short stories 2011: selected from U.S. and Canadian magazines
Geraldine Brooks
813.52 H9445n   Novels and stories
Zora Neale Hurston
909.828 P883h   How the Cold War ended: debating and doing history
John Prados
943.086 L329i   In the garden of beasts: love, terror, and an American family in Hitler’s Berlin
Erik Larson
303.61 W832s
  The spiritual power of nonviolence: interfaith understanding for a future without war
George W. Wolfe


Posted 10/8/11

004.678 D28o


Overconnected: the promise and threat of the Internet
William H. Davidow


155.418 EL52t


Teaching social-emotional skills at school and home
Linda Elksnin


155.93 C13g


Grief counseling: a manual for social workers
Betsy N. Callahan


190.9 R765m


The Routledge companion to nineteenth century philosophy
Dean Moyar


303.483 L272y


You are not a gadget: a manifesto
Jaron Lanier


303.483 St81w


Watching YouTube: extraordinary videos by ordinary people
Michael Strangelove


304.8 M588p


Migration in the global political economy
Nicola Phillips


305.42 G349f


Freedom for women: forging the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1953-1970
Carol Giardina


305.896 X1zm


Malcolm X: a life of reinvention
Manning Marable


306.461 B632c2


Body image: a handbook of science, practice, and prevention
Thomas F. Cash


324.5 R248w


Why Iowa?: how caucuses and sequential elections improve the presidential nominating process
David P. Redlawsk


332.72 M823r


Reckles$ endangerment: how outsized ambition, greed, and corruption led to economic armageddon
Gretchen Morgenson


338.9 W679t2


Theories and practices of development
Katie Willis


341.242 R714e


Europe united: power politics and the making of the European Community
Sebastian Rosato


355.00973 R72h


How wars end: why we always fight the last battle : a history of American intervention from World War I to Afghanistan
Gideon Rose


355.00973 T444h


How we fight: crusades, quagmires, and the American way of war
Dominic Tierney


355.02 K819n


Nations have the right to kill: Hitler, the Holocaust, and war
Richard A. Koenigsberg


355.02 M887w


War and ideas: selected essays
John E. Mueller


361.3 So13m


Social work and social development: theories and skills for developmental social work
James Midgley


361.30922 W842L


Women in social work who have changed the world
Alice A. Lieberman


362.733 Sm68y


Youth leaving foster care: a developmental, relationship-based approach to practice
Wendy Benjamin Smith


362.8 H919L


Lesbian and gay couples: lives, issues, and practice
Ski Hunter


362.84 So13j


Social work with African American males: health, mental health, and social policy
Waldo E. Johnson


364.67 M853i


In defense of flogging
Peter Moskos


368.382 P856d


Deadly spin: an insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving Americans
Wendell Potter


371.3 M781i


I have the data-- now what?: analyzing data and making instructional changes
Betsy Moore


371.394 T869d


Differentiating by readiness: strategies and lesson plans for tiered instruction grades K-8
Joni Turville


372.35 H182d


Differentiated instruction for K-8 math and science: activities and lesson plans
Mary Hamm


378.01 Y15c


Compromising scholarship: religious and political bias in American higher education
George A. Yancey


428.4 N389


NetWords: a final look


613.71 C738b


Complete guide to fitness & health
Barbara Ann Bushman


616.9 In4m


March of the microbes: sighting the unseen
John L. Ingraham


618.9289 Sp85u


Unconditional care: relationship-based, behavioral intervention with vulnerable children and families
John Scott Sprinson


646.7 W571g


Generation WTF: from "what the #%$&?" to a wise, tenacious, and fearless you
Christine B. Whelan


686.2094 Ei84d


Divine art, infernal machine: the reception of printing in the West from first impressions to the sense of an ending
Elizabeth L. Eisenstein


746.46 Q41p


Quilts, 1700-2010: hidden histories, untold stories
Sue Prichard


755 H145s


The sacred image in the age of art: Titian, Tintoretto, Barocci, El Greco, Caravaggio
Marcia B. Hall


786.5 R742o


Off the page, too: more techniques for creating hymn-based organ settings
Donald O. Rotermund


796.332 M615b


The big scrum: how Teddy Roosevelt saved football
John J. Miller


796.343 F532r


Racquetball: steps to success
Dennis Fisher


796.357 K455e


The extra 2%: how Wall Street strategies took a major league baseball team from worst to first
Jonah Keri


940.341 H657t


To end all wars: a story of loyalty and rebellion, 1914-1918
Adam Hochschild


940.5405 Sn92b


Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin
Timothy Snyder


940.542 M681m


The most controversial decision: Truman, the atomic bombs, and the defeat of Japan
Wilson D. Miscamble


950 H699h


A history of East Asia: from the origins of civilization to the twenty-first century
Charles Holcombe


951.05 D587c


China: a modern history
Michael Dillon


972.85 D642n


Nicaragua: surviving the legacy of U. S. Policy
Paul Dix


973.5 W879m


Manifest destinies: America’s westward expansion and the road to the Civil War
Steven E. Woodworth


973.917 R677b


Eleanor Roosevelt: transformative first lady
Maurine Hoffman Beasley


973.932 D228k


Keeping the republic: saving America by trusting Americans
Mitch Daniels

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