One of the University's primary advisors has been selected for her skills and interest in working with students experiencing difficulty transitioning to college. In addition to the training provided all primary advisors, this academic advisor also participates in programming and professional development activities to assist them in advising those students conditionally admitted to Manchester University.

Students in the ADAPT program are each assigned this academic advisor. Meeting often with her advisees, they discuss the transition from high school to college and other issues related to college success at Manchester. Frequent conversations with the ADAPT academic advisor provide time for advisees to identify difficulties and determine plans of action. Working with their advisor creates a time and place for students to develop working relationships with university employees with whom they can share their successes.

Academic advisors help advisees understand the requirements, policies, and procedures of the university.  Advisors and advisees work together to plan and schedule first year courses. As with all primary advisors, advisors and advisees collaborate to select the faculty member in the department of the student's choice who will serve as the advisor in the following semester.

The university Registrar is responsible for all academic advising at the university. Bonnie O'Connell, director of Academic Support Services, however, coordinates the work of the primary advisors in the ADAPT program.


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