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  SUMMER 1 May 22-July 3          
  BIOL-102-A Human Biology: Stages of Life C-4NB 3.0 Polando, Rachel Online  
  EDUC-513-A Reflective Teaching   3.0 Mohr, Jennifer Online  
  ENG-242-A African American Literature C-4LT 3.0 Ings, Katharine Online  
  GNST-125-A Intro to Gender Studies C-3RC 3.0 Burdge, Barb Online  
  NASC-103-A Physical Science C-4NP 3.0 Clark, Greg Online  
  POSC-121-A American National Politics C-4HP 3.0 Williams, Leonard Online  
  POSC-237-A African Politics C-3GC 3.0 Onyeji, Benson Online  
  PSYC-110-A Introduction to Psychology C-4HY 4.0 Coulter-Kern, Marcie Online  
  PSYC-201-A Social Psychology C-3RC 3.0 Coulter-Kern, Marcie Online  
* PSYC-241-A Statistics and Research Design I C-1Q 4.0 Maxcey, Ashleigh Online  
* PSYC-345-A Psych Testing & Measurements   4.0 Coulter-Kern, Rusty Online  
  REL-120-A Intro to Religious Studies C-4RL 3.0 Eisenbise, Kate Online  
  SUMMER 2 June 4-22          
  SOSC-102-A Human Conflict C-3RC 3.0 Yoder, Brad MTWRF 8:30-11:20 a.m.
  SUMMER 3 July 5-August 16          
  ATTR-501-A Found Athletic Training Practice   3.0 Foreman/Dougal/Beer MTWRF 8:30 - 11:30 a.m.
  ATTR-515-A Admin of Athletic Training Services   3.0 Beer, Jeff MTWRF 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  ATTR-570-A Field Experience   1.0 Dougal, Zach ARR  
  ATTR-573-A Clinical Module III   3.0 Dougal, Zach ARR  
  CHEM-101-A Chemical Science C-4NC 3.0 Davis, Kathryn Online  
  ECON-222-A Principles of Macroeconomics C-4HE 3.0 Majumder, Sreenath Online  
  EDUC-510-A Applied Curriculum   3.0 Schilling, Heather Online  
  ENG-238-A World Literature C-4LT 3.0 Ings, Katharine Online  
  IDIV-200-A Entrepreneurial Thinking C-3RC 3.0 Falkiner, Jim Online  
* INTD-410-A Cinema for Social Change C-5CC 3.0 Watson, Jonathan Online  
  MUS-120-A Introduction to Music C-4AR 3.0 Humphries, Scott Online  
  PHIL-201-A Intro to Philosophy C-4PH 3.0 Lasser, Justin Online  


The College reserves the right to make changes to this schedule and to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment.

*Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.

NOTE: 500-level courses are for graduate students only