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Poll results from last issue

Why did you choose Manchester?
Thanks for your response to the last poll! Here are the results:

  • For my major - 19%
  • Close to home - 22%
  • Friendly campus - 7%
  • My relatives, friends attended MC - 52%

Enjoy these additional comments we received:

  • Laretta Channel Luggie, Class of '70:
    "My home church - Woodworth Church of the Brethren - had many alumni and friends to encourage us. My three friends and I headed to MC in the Fall of '66. It was a blessing - no regrets!"

  • Judith Huke Roberts, Class of '80:
    "I had a teacher in high school that was an alumna of Manchester. She took me and my best friend to visit the campus and we were both in love with it the moment we saw it. It was a wonderful experience. I am a teacher now, for 32 years, and encourage my students to go to Manchester as well. On lives the tradition."

  • Judy Minnich Stout, Class of '68:
    "We were pushing for permission to enter the library in pants so I suspect that when I was not in the mood to put on a skirt or a dress, I chose to study elsewhere. But the library was my favorite place to study."

  • Ernest G. Barr, Class of '50:
    "A friend, Wilbur Stuckey, while we were in CPS said to me, "If you're interested in chemistry, you need to go to Manchester." So I came here having never seen the College and not knowing anyone here. It was still an excellent choice. I got a good education - and a wife! What's better than that!"

  • Louise Holl Weldy, Class of '48:
    "In 1944 a faculty kid had no choice!!"

  • Mary Catherine Halasz, Class of '84:
    "I loved the feel of the campus but my dad liked how close it was to home. During my 4 years there he would say, '76 miles from door step to door step!' If I had a dime for every time I heard that I would be rich. :) "

  • Wyndham Traxler Carter, Class of '74:
    "It got to be a family thing ... first Janina went because a friend of hers went there. Then I transfered from Ball State for the BCA program, and was followed by the 3 little sisters. Only our brother skipped MC, but the Traxler girls were an ongoing presence on campus for about 15 years."

  • Judy Minnich Stout, Class of '68:
    "My mother, Rowena Ruth Blocher attended the Academy at Manchester in 1920 for one year. I spent my junior year in Strasbourg, france with BCA and majored in French, switching from a Peace Studies Major to become a French teacher."

Here are some additional Memories of Manchester from our Alumni:

  • Roger Cox, Class of '68:
    "Living in Lewis Hall with my housemates and all of the fun we had together. Hyedima Bwala changing my life view and direction. C. Dwight Oltman and the fabulous concert band we had. My values and beliefs being formed by provocative, courageous discussions."

  • Dave Turner, Class of '69x:
    "I had the privilege of chatting with Dr. Eberly just a few weeks before his passing at the Wagon Wheel Theatre; we have had season tickets for many years the same night as he and his wife. Just by pure chance, I got to talk last winter with “Doc” Niswander with his wife and son at a Chinese restaurant here in Warsaw. I saw “Doc” only three or four times in the last 43 years but he always said 'Wait, don’t tell me' and then he would tell me my name. Both were amazing men!"

  • Becki Swantner Heusel, Class of '76:
    "My parents (Tom '54 and Vera Winger '52 Swantner) met at a mixer early in September of 1950, fell in love and married the following June. I met my future husband on September 1, 1972, and we were married almost 3 years later. We had our 36th anniversary in August. My parents had their 60th in June."

  • Linda Tucker, Class of '65:
    "I cherish my years at Manchester because I grew up there. I decided on my career and made life-long friends. "

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