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So, What Is ITS?

Information Technology Services (ITS) is the University organization that provides the technical support and strategic direction for the campus' technology investment. People are naturally inclined to believe that implies the PCs, which is true, but there's much more to ITS than just that. We do maintain the 400+ University-owned PCs, but we also support the network that keeps them all talking to one another and to the Internet. We have extended this network to the residence halls for the students housed there; we provide resident students with a high-speed Internet connection under a product we call ResNet. ITS maintains all of the University's servers, including student file storage, e-mail and Web servers and keep the administrative software packages humming. But you'd expect all that.

Additionally, we maintain the University's cable television system. Each residence hall room and select classrooms have a cable TV port into which someone can attach a TV. We also provide the telephone service to the entire campus. Besides providing the dial tone to the phones, our efforts include the voice mail system, pay phones, cellular (Centennial Wireless) and long-distance provider (Resicom).

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