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Employment Guarantee

Since the fall of 1995, Manchester University has offered the following employment guarantee:

If at six months following graduation with a baccalaureate degree, a graduate of Manchester University has not secured employment after an appropriate effort to obtain it (or has not enrolled in a graduate program), he or she can return to the College for additional undergraduate courses and career preparation for one year without a charge for tuition.

To qualify for this guarantee, students will need to follow a prescribed program of preparation before graduation that supplements their course of study.

This will include:

  • Participation in an internship, a full and successful program of campus employment, or both;
  • Participation in at least one significant campus extracurricular activity, extensive volunteer service, or both;
  • An advisor's letter of recommendation; and
  • Full participation in the Office of Career Services' program of career assistance and employment preparation.

This program is open to any student who meets the criteria as specified. These guidelines provide further detail about eligibility, but be sure to contact Career Services to discuss your individual circumstances.

Call the Office of Career Services at (260) 982-5242 or email for program details.

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