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Career Support from Home

In general, here are some ideas for how you can lend support:

Suggest that he or she use the Office of Career Services from his or her first year on campus and throughout his/her senior year. Our office provides assistance in preparation for the job search and graduate school search.

Offer to assist by sending information you may have found about the career field of your student's choice and/or job listings that may be of interest. However, listen for indications from your student that you are getting carried away. Too much parental involvement can sometimes have the reverse effect and turn students away from their job search.

Don't call potential employers yourself to intervene for your child. Gather employer information only and pass that on to your student.

Be prepared to support your student through the ups and downs of the job and graduate school search. It can be a bumpy road! Not every desired job or graduate school acceptance will come through. Your student will need reassurance that for every door that closes, another opens.



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