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4-Year Career Plan

First Year

General Activities:

  • Get to know faculty, counselors, and staff
  • Start personal development by participating in campus activities and/or volunteer service
  • Learn to work effectively with others
  • Talk with professionals to learn about career options
  • Secure summer work and establish excellent work habits

Work with Career Services:

  • Consider taking the career assessment
  • Read academic major profiles to learn about MU majors
  • Use resources in the career library and on the OCS website to explore career options
  • Develop a list summarizing activities and experiences
  • Write your first college résumé

Sophomore Year

General Activities:

  • Evaluate work values and current skill levels
  • Explore and determine preliminary major/career choice
  • Continue talking with professionals to learn about career options
  • Seek leadership roles through campus activities or volunteer service
  • Secure summer work and continue building a good work reputation
  • Develop professional skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication

Work with Career Services:

  • Take the career assessment or talk with a career counselor
  • Participate in the Career Network Program to do information interviews
  • Explore career options in the career library and on the OCS website
  • Update your list of activities and experiences and/or résumé

Junior Year

General Activities:

  • Attend a professional conference
  • Join campus organizations, activities, and professional organizations in your chosen field
  • Take electives and special problems courses to enhance qualifications
  • Experience internships, practicum, and work in your chosen career field
  • Network with professionals in your career field
  • Develop a list of potential employers

Work with Career Services:

  • Use career resources in the career library and on the OCS website to explore alternative career plans
  • Read job vacancy newsletters and browse websites to heighten awareness of positions
  • Attend workshops and seminars
  • Update or write a résumé from your list of activities and experiences
  • Investigate graduate school options
  • Attend job fairs

Senior Year

General Activities:

  • Discuss career plans with faculty and counselors
  • Collect references from faculty and employers
  • Plan and implement job search or graduate school campaign

Work with Career Services:

  • Finalize résumé and develop a cover letter
  • Complete an mock interview
  • Participate in on-campus interviewing (if appropriate)
  • Attend job fairs
  • Regularly check Spartan Jobs and search websites
  • Research companies which offer the type of work you seek
  • Network with friends, family and people employed in your field
  • Visit company websites for information about job vacancies
  • Email or mail resumes and cover letters to employers for actual openings
  • Contact targeted employers, inquiring about possible openings

Spartan Jobs

Stay Qualified

All students enter Manchester eligible for the Employment Guarantee, but only those who fully participate in career services programs maintain that eligibility.


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