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Application Timeline

Junior Year (Fall & Spring)

  • Research areas of interest, institutions, and programs
  • Talk to advisors about application requirements
  • Register and prepare for appropriate graduate admissions test(s)
  • Investigate national scholarships

Junior Year (Summer)

  • Take required graduate school admissions test(s)
  • Visit school websites to download application materials
  • Visit institutions of interest, if possible
  • Write application essays
  • Verify application deadlines and rolling admission policies

Senior Year (Fall)

  • Obtain letters of recommendation (allow writers at least two weeks to prepare letters)
  • Take graduate admissions test if you haven't already
  • Mail completed applications

Senior Year (Spring)

  • Check with all institutions before the deadline to make sure your admission file is complete
  • Visit institutions that offer acceptance
  • Send thank-you notes to people who wrote recommendation letters, informing them of your success

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