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Career Assessments

Do you want to explore career ideas and options? Do you need help choosing a major? Love your major, but don't know how you can translate it into a career? We can help!

For an appointment with a career counselor to complete a personalized Career Profile, contact Betty Butterbaugh at x5242 or email.

Making decisions about what career field to pursue (and which major will best prepare you) involves these steps:

1. Know Yourself

2. Research Academic Majors

3. Research Careers

4. Get Experience & Make a Plan


Know Yourself

Self assessment is discovering your interests, abilities/skills, values, personality type, and decision-making style and how all these characteristics fit into careers that would be right for you. Completing a Career Profile appointment with the Office of Career Services is a great way to explore how your personality, interests and values relate to potential careers. The profile utilizes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, and a values sheet.

For a Career Profile appointment, stop by Career Services to pick up the assessment materials. Complete the materials on your own, then return them to Career Services to set up a 1-hour appointment with a career counselor.

There are also some online tools available to evaluate your interests and personality type.  Note that some sites require a fee, whereas all assessments through Career Services are free.


Skills & Interests
360 Degree Skills Inventory
Princeton Review Career Quiz
Perfect Career Interest Inventory
Indiana Career Explorer
Personality Type
Job Hunter's Bible - List of online career assessments
Personality Type - Enter your Myers-Briggs type for related careers and industries


Once you know more about yourself and your preferences, you can follow the next steps to research careers and see which fit your style best.

Spartan Jobs

Job 411

Quickly learn more about a specific career with a visit to Ferguson's Career Guidance Center. Simply search job profiles for information on thousands of different careers.


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