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Employment Guarantee Criteria

Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States on a full-time, permanent basis.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Participation in an internship, a full and successful program of campus employment, or both

  • Qualifying examples: professional internship, practicum or co-op for at least 120 hours, student teaching, campus employment for at least 2 semesters
  • Non-qualifying examples: job shadowing, part-time work with no evidence of transferable skills

Participation in at least one significant campus extracurricular activity, extensive volunteer service, or both

  • Qualifying examples:
    • Any campus activity (clubs, intramural sports, athletic teams) for at least 4 semesters with evidence of regular involvement (attendance at meetings and events)
    • Shorter involvement (1-3 semesters) with leadership role
    • Shorter involvement (2-3 semesters) in active pre-professional society
    • Semester abroad
    • Regular volunteer activity for more than 3 semesters
    • Time-intensive volunteer activity for 1-2 semesters
  • Non-qualifying examples:  Less than 4 semesters involvement in campus activity (with no leadership or relation to profession), sporadic, one-time service efforts

An advisor's letter of recommendation

  • Faculty member should address scholastic effort while enrolled, recommendation regarding reenrollment, including identification of classes or focus area which may enhance marketability

Full participation in the Office of Career Services' program of career assistance and employment preparation

  • Qualifying examples include 4 or more of the following:
      • Resume review or attendance at resume workshop
      • Cover letter review
      • Personal statement/application essay review
      • Internship or job search strategies appointment
      • Graduate school appointment or attendance at graduate school workshop
      • Mock interview
      • Career profile
      • Other OCS appointment or voluntary workshop
  • Other qualifying examples include 2 or more of the above and participation in job search group, The Candidate, job shadowing, career mentor program OR 1 or more of the above and successful completion of College to Career or Career Choices and Competencies class
  • Non-qualifying examples: Little or no usage of OCS, usage of OCS with failure to follow through on recommendations, no usage of OCS until after graduation

Appropriate effort to obtain employment or graduate school admission

  • Must show evidence of multi-leveled job search approach with realistic goals for employment and location (use of multiple venues to identify jobs, significant number of applications for variety of positions in variety of locations)
  • Application to multiple graduate schools of varying levels of competitiveness


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