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Federal Employment

Due to the downturn of the economy, many college students are worrying about finding employment after graduation. However, there is one area of employment that has not suffered from the economic crisis and that is the area of government jobs. The federal government is actually the largest single employer in the country, comprised of multiple different agencies across the nation.

Why choose a career in federal employment?

Firstly, there is a high demand for jobs in this area, including demand for entry level positions that graduating college students would be eligible for. Federal employment offers competitive salaries and benefits packages. Also, a government agency that hires you may be willing to pay off some, if not all, of student loan debt. Also, 85% of government jobs are located outside of Washington, DC. There are government jobs around the country and there also opportunities to work abroad. Federal employment offers a way for people to make a difference in the community and the nation by providing quality work.

What area of federal employment is right for you?

For many government jobs, a college degree in any major may be enough to secure a position. However, there are fields of government employment that may be better suited to your major and interests. To find out what kinds of federal jobs apply to your major, click here.

So now that you are interested in federal employment, how do you go about finding one?

According to the Student’s Federal Career Guide by Kathryn and Emily Troutman (available in the OCS library), there are 10 steps to finding and winning government jobs and internships.

Student resource for how to find and get federal jobs and internships:


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