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Finding Internships

Finding an internship is exactly like job hunting. Both require time, effort, and professionalism. When pursuing an internship, remember these steps:


1. Plan Ahead

To maximize your chances of obtaining the internship you want, you must plan and carry out an organized search.


2. Pursue Advertised Internships or Create Your Own

There are two avenues to search for internship opportunities: applying for advertised internship positions and creating internship opportunities that didn’t exist before. Pursue both avenues to the fullest! Consider all your options. Even if an internship doesn’t appear to meet all of your criteria, it may still be worth investigating.

3. Meet With Us to Prepare

For nearly every internship application, you will need a professional résumé.

Research the organization and prepare questions for your interview. Learn what kind of job you might be able to do for the employer. Know why you want to work there.


5. Report Back!

Please take a few moments to fill out this short survey to let us know a little about your internship.

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Internship Search Timeline

When should you start looking for an internship? As early as possible! A good guideline is to begin your search at the beginning of the semester before you want to start your internship (i.e. for a summer internship, begin looking in early January).

Start Early!

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