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Hall Programs

Let the Office of Career Services help you fulfill hall and floor activity requirements with fast, fun, quality programs led by Career Services staff.

The following programs are frequently requested, but do not feel limited to these. Please approach Career Services with your original ideas.

Email Career Services to schedule a program.

The Write Stuff (Life Skills)
A good resume is not good enough! It must be excellent. This workshop will show you all the do's, don'ts and how to's of writing an excellent resume. Participants can bring resumes for review or start from scratch.
Choose Your Own Adventure (Life Skills)
What to major in, what job to pursue, what company is best for you ... wondering how to decide? Wondering where your choices might lead? Find out how the story ends in this fun adventure of a workshop! Play our career choices game and you decide the ending of your own adventure.
Project Runway (Life Skills)
Whether it's interview attire or business casual, there are definite do's and don'ts in career fashion. Have your residents dress up in their business best and walk the fashion runway! Explore appropriate attire for all business occasions.
Personality Puzzle (Social, Awareness, Wellness)
How do you make decisions? Why do you do things the way you do? Play some personality games to guess your Myers-Briggs type and learn more about the different personality styles.
Major Jeopardy (Life Skills)
Play a fun game of Jeopardy with college majors and careers! We'll create teams and go head-to-head in competition to see who knows the most about career options for various majors.
Women in the Workplace (Awareness)
Work-life balance, negotiating, opportunities for advancement, salary inequity... Beyond all the basic career topics, there's a lot for women to explore and consider. Ladies, let's talk!
Set Yourself Up for Success (Wellness)
What will help and what will hurt your career prospects? There are a lot of great tools out there to enhance your marketability, like online networking, and there are a number of things that might seem unrelated, but can affect your career, like legal trouble. Set yourself up to succeed by learning what can help and what can hurt.
Money Talks (Life Skills)
The average college student has over $4,000 in credit card debt. How are your budgeting skills? Let OCS give you an introduction to budgeting, saving, using credit, and paying back your student loans.
Career Chutes & Ladders (Life Skills)
Learn tricks for the ups and downs of the job search with a new twist on a classic board game. Residents will play the game, answering career trivia questions to move up or down the board.
Internship 101 (Life Skills)
The number one thing employers look for in candidates is experience. The best way to build experience in college is through internships! Your residents will learn how and why to find internships in their fields.
Are You Asking for It? (Life Skills, Awareness)
Whether or not you negotiate your salary could make a difference of as much as a million dollars over your lifetime earnings. Negotiating isn't comfortable for most, so practice with this interactive, fun session on negotiating.
Additional Topics
Critical Issues Job Market Trends, Job Searching in a Tough Economy, Latest Job Search Technology
Faculty Pathways: Vocational Choices
Social Volunteer activity through the Office of Volunteer Services
Citizenship How to Work Abroad, Volunteer Activity, Introduction to Pathways Program
Wellness Managing Job Search Stress, Networking for Introverts and Others with Employer Anxiety

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