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Job Search Help

Resumes for International Students - Tips on writing a resume for an international student. Did you know that international resumes are viewed very differently from US citizens' resumes?


American Employers Who Hire Internationals

Check out Quintessential's directory of Top Multicultural Companies who lead the way in hiring a diverse workforce.

Search the U.S. Department of Labor list of employers who have applied for work visas in the last few years. Select the type of visa on this page and then you can search by state for lists of companies who applied or for a specific company.


Graduate School Funding Resource

For information on graduate school funding for international students, visit the Institute of International Education's searchable database.

Immigration and International Student Issues

U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service - The official home page for INS provides helpful information about visas and employment options for foreign nationals.

U.S. State Department - Bureau of Consular Affairs provides information about international travel, visa updates, passport information, and U.S. Embassy information.

Immigration Central - Provides a list of reference materials, practitioners, and organizations related to U.S. immigration.

IRS Tax Publications - This site provides comprehensive tax information. Specific tax information for international students can be found in publication numbers 515, 519, and 901.

Do it Yourself U.S. Immigration Kits - Sells "do-it-yourself" kits as an alternative to hiring an attorney. Kit contains necessary forms, sample forms, sample letters, instructions, government agency addresses and phone numbers, etc.

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) - Founded in 1946, the AILA is a national bar association of 6,000+ attorneys who practice and teach immigration law. AILA member attorneys represent tens of thousands of U.S. businesses and industries, foreign students, entertainers, athletes, and asylum seekers, some on a pro bono basis. AILA is an affiliate of the American Bar Association. - This organization allows foreign students/workers to process their visa applications online by providing online documents that need to be completed, providing a review by an immigration attorney, and submitting the application to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. - This website helps immigrants find jobs and settle down in United States. Their data is drawn from an array of sources, including US Department of Labor, U.S. Census Bureau, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation and local police departments and municipalities, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, etc.

My Visa Jobs - List of sponsors for visa employment in Indiana.

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