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Job Success

All that work and it's finally paid off - you have a job! What's next for the new professional? Ensuring that you learn and experience as much as possible to advance your skills and your career. Here are a few ideas for success in your first job.

Training & Orientation

Take advantage of being new! Utilize your first few months to meet people, learn the history and mission of the organization and develop an understanding of how you and your work fit into the bigger picture. Arrange meetings with key players. Ask questions - a lot of questions - and keep notes. Don't fake it - now's the time to learn what you don't know.


Adopt a Winning Approach

Employers value employees who not only do their job, but do it well and consistently go beyond expectations. Demonstrate readiness to learn. Don’t just do your job; learn as much as you can from every experience (watching coworkers, reading, asking for additional assignments). Have a positive attitude. If your approach is positive, you will get more out of it. Show confidence, but not arrogance. You are a competent professional, but you are new. Contribute your ideas, but don't assume that your answer is the right one. Demonstrate a good work ethic and always be mindful when you're on "company time." Avoid personal calls, email, texting, web surfing, cell phones at work

Communication Strategies

The key to success in most endeavors is good communication. Start with a clear understanding of what's expected of you. Understand your job, learn by what measures you'll be evaluated and use training time to ask questions. Develop strong communication with your supervisor. Learn how he/she likes to communicate (what time of day, what method, scheduled or informal, frequency). When sharing problems, start with the positive, be specific about the concern and offer solutions for consideration.

Developing Your Career

Make a good impression at your current position. Whatever you do next, this will be your springboard. Consider your long-term career goals and find a mentor who can offer advice a long the way. Continue to build relationships through networking and be proactive about learning opportunities

Spartan Jobs

Career Development Tip

A great way to advance in your field is to stay abreast of new issues and best practices through active involvement in professional associations.


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