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Major Research

Making decisions about what career field to pursue (and which major will best prepare you) involves these steps:

1. Know Yourself

2. Research Academic Majors

3. Research Careers

4. Get Experience & Make a Plan

Research Academic Majors

Some people pick an academic interest they love and then find career options from there. Others decide on their ideal career and then determine what academic major will best prepare them. If you prefer the first approach, researching academic majors and their relation to various careers is the best next step. If you want to decide on a career path first, go to step 3 (research careers) and then come back to academic major research.

To learn more about an academic major:

  • Review the catalog and courses associated with that major
  • Talk with professors and upperclassmen in the department
  • Research career paths associated with that major

How Majors Relate to Careers

Visit Ferguson's Career Guidance Center and type your major into the "Search Job Profiles" box for a list of related careers. Only available from Manchester University computers or those remotely logged into the Manchester network.

Visit the OCS Career Library to browse books relating majors to career options.

Review Career Profiles of Manchester Majors, which include lists of related careers.

Career Profiles of Manchester Majors


Accounting Engineering Science Philosophy
Art English Physics
Athletic Training Environmental Studies Political Science
Biology Exercise Science


Biology-Chemistry Finance Psychology
Business History Religion
Chemistry Marketing Social Work
Communication Studies Mathematics Sociology
Computer Science Modern Languages Sport Management
Economics Music  
Education Peace Studies  


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