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Where is all your money going?


Saving and Investing

Plan for a prosperous future.


The average college student has $4,100 in credit card debt. Take control of your credit situation.

Having a good credit score can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially on larger purchases like automobiles and houses.

Your score will range from 300-850 and is based on the following factors:

  • 35% - Payment history - Goes back seven years
  • 30% - Debt - How much of your limit do you owe?
  • 15% - Length of credit history - Ideally an established, consistent history
  • 10% - New Credit - Includes recently opened accounts and credit inquiries
  • 10% - Type of Credit - What kinds of credit have you used?


Student Loans

The average college student graduates with $20,000 in student loans.


Spartan Jobs

Negotiating 101

Be sure that your starting salary is a competitive offer. Research typical salaries before negotiating and accepting a job offer.


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