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Part-time Jobs

Jobs On Campus

All jobs on campus are advertised through the Office of Human Resources. Click here to review open positions and submit your application.

When applying for a campus position, these tips may help you stand out as a top candidate:

  • Thoroughly complete the online application form with details about your skills and work experience. Research the department on campus (check the web site) and provide a strong rationale for why you want to work there and what you can offer. Be sure to proofread your application before submitting it!
  • Submit all additional materials requested. Some supervisors may ask for a resume or references to consider you for the position. Applicants who skip this step may not be considered.
  • Follow-up by emailing or visiting the supervisor for the position. Find out more about the job, describe how you can meet his/her needs and inquire about any next steps.
  • After talking, meeting or interviewing with the supervisor, send him/her a thank you email or letter.
  • Apply for several positions to pursue all opportunities for which you are qualified and interested.

Jobs Off Campus

Check several sources for off-campus opportunities:

  • Visit Spartan Jobs for current off-campus listings
  • See the part-time help needs of faculty & staff (below)
  • Visit organizations in town to inquire about part-time work opportunities
  • Use the yellow pages, North Manchester Chamber of Commerce listings, or explore town to identify businesses where you can apply
  • Dress in business casual attire and bring details of your work history in order to fill out applications on the spot
  • If you worked at a chain store or restaurant at home, inquire about a transfer to the local branch


Part-time Job Websites

Search online for part-time job opportunities, such as tutoring, baby sitting, pet-sitting and more. Use caution when pursuing jobs in private homes and research employers in advance to ensure your safety. Read the safety precautions below. Some useful websites are listed here:


Part-Time Help Wanted

The following listings are from members of the Manchester University community:


Date Posted
No job listings available at this time        
To list a job for free on our site, please email

Safety Precautions

Manchester University does not endorse any employer and urges students to use good judgment in all of their interactions with employers. OCS suggests that students request business references for unknown organizations before interviewing with them off campus or exploring job opportunities. Students should never give a potential employer their credit card or bank account numbers, and never spend any of their own money on an employment “opportunity” unless very certain that it is for a legitimate reason (such as training costs).  Students should clarify requests for social security numbers to ensure the safety of their identity; in most cases a social security number is not necessary until the point of employment or for background checks in certain fields.  The OCS staff advises students to interview in legitimate business settings only.

Spartan Jobs

Experience Matters

Any part-time work experience can help you build professional skills for your future career. Visit Career Services to learn more about how to list part-time work on your resume.


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