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Employment Visas

Employment Options
Maximum Length of Employment
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On-campus employment

Any F-1 or J-1 student 20 hrs/week during academic year, full time during vacation periods. May continue throughout studies as long as enrolled full time. Office of Multicultural Affairs
Internships & some research positions (prior to graduation, typically off-campus) Decided on case-by-case basis. General guidelines require the internship or research position to contribute to academic study.

Part time (20 hrs): Unlimited in case of qualifying F-1. May be limited for J-1 students.

Full time (more than 20 hrs): 11.5 months for F-1, up to 18 months for J-1

F-1 students must find the position first and then meet with Multicultural Affairs.

J-1 students should start with Multicultural Affairs.

Post-graduation employment F-1 Optional Practical Training Full time, 12 months See Multicultural Affairs for application, see OCS for job search help. Allow 4 months for processing.
J-1 Academic Training Full time, 18 months (if not previously used) See Multicultural Affairs
Other types of non-immigrant work visas obtained via employer

J-1 researcher, J-1 non-tenured faculty

H-1B (Temporary Worker)

3 years


Initially up to 3 years, renewable for up to 6

Employing academic institution

Requires employer's cooperation. Allow 5 months for processing. Limited availability.

TN visa (Temporary workers from Canada and Mexico) 1 year, renewable Must have qualifying job. Information available in Multicultural Affairs.
Immigrant visas "Green Card" - I-551 Permanent resident of US, eventually eligible for citizenship Considered domestic students, do not need international services

Spartan Jobs

Want a Job?

Check first with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to investigate your visa status and options.


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