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ISSUE #14 July 2008

Great Advice from MC Students

Stuart Jones, Dean of Enrollment

Stuart Jones,
Dean of Enrollment

During times when I struggled with the challenges of being a college student, my father would simply remind me, “If college was easy, everybody would do it.” It was his way of reminding me that perseverance would have its reward. College is about students rising to new challenges every day. It’s about them getting real with themselves in every area of their life, and about finding the determination it takes to succeed.

This past year, the leadership team of the Success Center surveyed 133 of our Manchester students and asked them two simple questions: “What are the key factors that contribute to student success in the first year?” and “What are the main reasons students don’t make it in their first year?” Here’s what our students shared.

No matter where your student is in his/her academic, professional or personal journey, Manchester College has all the support services in place to empower them to take their college experience to the next level. Encourage your student to take full advantage of what Manchester has to offer. Their perseverance will certainly have its own reward.

First Year Timeline – Typical First Year Adjustment Issues and How Parents Can be Supportive

Transitions—especially ones like college that take us away from what we know to discover who we truly are on our own—though always worthwhile, are never easy to make. As students try to make sense of the changes going on in their lives, it is helpful for parents to know what to expect and how they can be there to support their loved ones the right way. Counseling Services offers great advice and information for parents and students on the Manchester College website, including the following timeline for likely-to-arise issues and emotions and what parents can do to help.


  • Excitement
  • Testing new-found freedom
  • Frequent calls and visits home
  • Homesickness and loneliness
  • Anxiety about roommates, professors, classes
  • First exams
  • Encountering a new and diverse group of people

How can parents help?

  • Listen, encourage and validate feelings
  • Refrain from rescuing
  • Encourage the student to stay on campus. Ask what activities are going on, what clubs/organizations there are to get involved in, what hall and/or floor activities take place, and help the student brainstorm options for adjusting and connecting on campus
  • Write notes (not just email) and/or send care packages
  • Remind the student of campus resources: hall directors, RAs, Counseling Services, Success Center, campus pastor, any faculty or staff with whom the student feels comfortable
  • Support the learning and exploration process of the college experience, which includes meeting people of different backgrounds, with different thoughts, ideas and values

Visit Counseling Services' web page for a complete timeline.

What’s Next? Payment Strategies from Student Financial Services
Sherri Shockey, Director of Student Financial Services

We are quickly approaching the start of fall semester and I am sure you are anxious to finalize your plans. Here is information that you may find helpful.

Student Account Statements will be mailed to the student’s home address. Families should anticipate the arrival of the statement by July 15. The Student Account Statement lists and explains the student’s fall semester tuition, room, board and fee charges, as well as the available financial aid assistance.

Families are encouraged to contact Student Financial Services for assistance on developing a payment strategy, which is an important part of planning for your student’s education at Manchester College.

Payment Options to Consider:

  • Payment by semester – You can make two payments – one for the fall semester and one for the spring semester. Payment for the fall semester is due on Aug. 15 while that of the spring semester is due on Jan. 15.
  • Monthly Payment Plan – Manchester College partners with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to help families manage college financing. This option allows families to make interest-free monthly payments. The most common payment plan is 10 monthly payments. To set up a payment plan, contact TMS at or at 800-356-8329.  
  • Federal Parent PLUS loan – The PLUS loan provides a low interest loan that stretches the payments out to up to a 10-year period based on the dollar amount borrowed. For a sample payment plan, visit and click on Loan Payment Calculator.

New Students can anticipate receiving information from the American Student Assistance by late July or early August regarding the steps necessary to complete the Federal Stafford Master Promissory Note (MPN). In addition, students are required to complete entrance counseling prior to the Stafford loan funds being disbursed to the student account. To fill out an online entrance session, visit and click on Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling

We look forward to working with you as you finalize your payment options. If you have questions, contact Student Financial Services at 866-982-5066.

The Manchester College Intercultural Center Welcomes All cheerful wall colors, combined with the love and care that the international and domestic minority students have for one another, add to the warm atmosphere that is never lacking at this place many proudly call home.

Located across the Administration Building on College Avenue, this earthy brown establishment stands as a continuation of the legacy of the AAFRO house, a facility launched in 1970 to meet the social needs of ethnic minority students. The Intercultural Center includes offices, a library, a kitchen, restrooms and a great room, and houses several computers for student use.

Four student led organizations: Asian Awareness Association, Black Student Union, Hispanos Unidos and Manchester College International Association exist under the Office of Multicultural Affairs and advising of Jacquilline Nagila (See Staff Spotlight below). These organizations host a variety of on and off campus events throughout the school year, designed to educate and create awareness about diversity and various cultures. (Visit for more on each organization).

Apart from hosting weekly meetings of these organizations, the Intercultural Center is a place where students relax and watch TV or share conversation with a group of friends—a welcome retreat from the stresses of meeting assignment deadlines and studying for exams.

Staff Spotlight: Jacquilline Nagila

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” A saying by Janis Joplin acts as a personal philosophy for Jacquilline Nagila, director of multicultural affairs and campus diversity at Manchester College for two years running.

Jackie, as she's known by students and coworkers, was inspired personally by her strong, yet gentle mother and is professionally guided by many woman role models. Born and raised in Kenya, she worked in the banking business for seven years before completing her undergraduate degree in sociology. “There was a lot of human element that came with sociology that I thought was lacking in business,” she explained as the reason for her career switch.

She earned her second degree in International Comparative Education from Indiana University, and was actively involved in international student and multicultural issues that dealt with diversity during her stay in Bloomington.

Students, faculty and staff cite many reasons for finding a place at Manchester College. For Jackie, it is the MC Mission Statement, particularly the excerpt “Manchester College respects the infinite worth of every individual...” “When I read that, I knew that Manchester was the place for me,” she said.

She serves as an advisor to international and domestic minority students as well as student-led organizations. She coordinates several popular campus and community wide events such as the International Buffet, the International Fashion Show and International Fair. Jackie is also part of the counseling services team and draws from her education and life experience to facilitate the social and academic adjustment of domestic minority and international students.

Jackie’s charismatic personality and strength of will is apparent to anyone who gets the chance to meet her. “My job gives me the opportunity to do what I like and that is to be part of the growth of young minds and see them blossom into individuals of conviction and strength.” Jackie lives in North Manchester and enjoys the theatre, reading and traveling.

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