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ISSUE #15 August 2008

Move- in Information
Allen J. Thomas Machielson,
Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residential Life

Allen Machielson, director of residential lifeSummer is nearly over, and that means it's time to go shopping and get ready for some changes. While some parents are counting down the days until the house is again theirs, others are wishing that their college-bound student was still in footed pajamas waiting to be tucked in for the night. Nevertheless, it’s time to embark upon another experience … Move-in Day at Manchester College.

Residence halls will be open for all new students to move in on Sunday, Aug. 31, 8 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. Here are some important things you should keep in mind.

  • Follow the directions of those helping to move traffic. Our goal is to get you in and unloaded quickly to help everyone get unloaded in a timely manner.
  • Move your car from the loading area. After your vehicle is unloaded, please move it to a parking lot. By this time, your student should have checked in at the desk of the residence hall and know where his/her room is.
  • Move in your belongings. Students should have talked with roommates prior to Move-In Day and made final decisions about who should bring which items, but be prepared to bring home duplicate or unneeded items.
  • Take a break! You can get a bite to eat at the Union before the welcoming session. After that, it will be time to say your goodbyes and allow your student to begin another year of learning and growing.

Hall directors will be available to answer any questions. They keep in close communication with student orientation leaders, as well as maintenance and safety personnel so that they may be attentive to all your needs and make Move-in Day easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Find more new student information on the residential life web pages.

Food Service and Social Responsibility: 360°
Chris Yeadon, MS, FMP, Director of Dining Service

As your he/she leaves home for the first time, it's common to be worried about your student doing well in class or making new friends. One thing you don't want to have to worry about is “who is feeding my student while at college?”

Have confidence that dining services is striving to provide great food service at a good value. But providing our guests with the opportunity for a healthy diet and lifestyle isn't our only goal. Food service at Manchester College involves social responsibility as well—efficiently using our resources, and following ethical and environmentally friendly business practices.

We're proud to offer groundbreaking policies that champion local farmers and fair trade; strengthen healthy oceans through use of sustainable seafood; use zero-trans fat fryer oils and recycle; and promote animal welfare through 100 percent use of cage free shell eggs. Our 360° platform is built upon four tenets:

  • Nutrition and Wellness - Promoting a healthy lifestyle for our guests and associates by focusing on nutrition and wellness.
  • Sustainability - Encouraging responsible and sustainable practices in our supply chain.
  • Community - Increasing participation in our local community and region.
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics - Conducting ourselves and our business in an ethical and fair manner.

For more on dining services at Manchester College, visit our website, or call Chris Yeadon, director of dining services at 260-982-5289.

Homecoming and Family Weekend: Oct. 10-11, 2008

This year's Homecoming and Family Weekend is packed with fun activities for students, parents and alumni, including:

  • combined Symphonic Band and A Cappella Choir concert with current students and alumni;
  • the M Association Coach of the Year reception and luncheon;
  • carnival attractions and other activities for children;
  • the annual alumni baseball game;
  • entertainment by comedian/hypnotist! Dale K;
  • and much more, including athletic events and class reunions!

Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to relax, visit with students or old friends, and enjoy these activities! See a complete Homecoming and Family Weekend schedule here.

Word of the Experienced
— Current MC Students’ Advice to First-Year Students

“Never forget your priorities, and get to know your professors. Teaching is their passion and they will help you build a base for your life as you strive to become a better being. They are a part of your life as you are a part of theirs. You better believe it—you are not just a number here at MC, you are somebody.”

—Karen Ames, Union Mills, Ind.

“Don’t be afraid! Open up your mind and try new things. College, for me, was mostly about finding myself, and the only way I could achieve that was to expand my horizons, which, in the process, allowed me to grow.”

—Michael Guthrie, Bedford, Ind.

“Plan ahead! Make sure you are on schedule with everything that you have to do. Talk to your professors if you get confused in class because if you don’t ask, they’ll never know. And if they never know, they can’t help you.”

—Harriet Abbey, Accra, Ghana

“Know how to study on your own. College is different from high school, so adjust to what’s going on around you in your own way.  And get to know the buildings and offices that you can go to for assistance—it helps to have your support options figured out.”

—Jordin Youst, Plymouth, Ind.

In Case You Need to Talk to Us … MC Contact Numbers

Campus Operator 260-982-5000
Campus Safety Office 260-982-5999
Admissions 800-852-3648
Athletics 260-982-5390
Business Office 260-982-5245
Campus Store  260-982-5275
Food Services  260-982-5289
Health Services 260-982-5306
Intercultural Center  260-982-5423
Registrar 260-982-5234
Residential Life  260-982-5052
Student Financial Services 260-982-5237
Success Center 260-982-5888

Visit our contact page for a complete list of campus offices and contact information.

The Writing Center - A Resource for All Students

Located in the Success Center in the newly transformed Union, the Writing Center is one resource of which students of all majors can make use while building foundations for their careers.

Along with organized workspace and access to several computers, the Writing Center also has cozy corners with comfortable couches and a wonderful view of campus.

The Writing Center staff includes writing consultants skilled at helping students improve their writing. Students are provided guidance on all matters related to writing projects—from setting a well-structured thesis statement to transforming the ideas in their minds into words and smoothly flowing logical arguments.

Guided by Dr. Tamara O’Hearn, director of the Writing Center, consultants partner with students to show each of them what areas they should work on, not only to improve a specific paper but also to develop their long-term writing skills.

Visit the Writing Center's website for more information. Spotlight: Tamara O’Hearn

Dr. Tamara O’Hearn is director of the Writing Center and assistant professor of English at MC. Previously working with writing programs at James Madison University, Ball State University and Indiana University, O'Hearn has more than 20 years experience in college teaching and administration.

She has also worked in Mexico as a missionary, building a local commmunity center and teaching children and adults to read, and she continues to educate others on the Invisible Children Project in Africa. She has helped inner-city children in Indianapolis to earn scholarships by accessing their intellectual and social needs and creating summer workshops to improve their existing skills.

At Manchester, O'Hearn continues her dedication to helping students develop strong writing and critical thinking skills. She believes in every student's ability to succeed and often finds creative ways to engage them. The Writing Center sponsored contest "Who Killed Sami Spartan?" last fall encouraged students to write creative chapters in a continuing saga that would help solve the mystery of a missing College mascot.

Along with her diverse experience and devotion to student development, a warm smile and calming presence make Dr. Tamara O'Hearn and the Manchester College Writing Center a welcome resource for all students who want to become better writers.

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