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ISSUE #17 November 2008

Welcome, New Faculty!
Glenn Sharfman, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs

This year at Manchester College, we are so fortunate to have an outstanding and large group of new faculty members. Our faculty is the reason why our students are so successful both in school and out. We deeply believe that good teaching affects student learning, and so we hire faculty members based on their experiences that have been excellent in the classroom.

Not all schools put student learning front and center, but at Manchester, we know that in order to graduate students of ability and conviction, we need to spend our time putting students first. Please read these short profiles about each of our new faculty members to get to know them a little better.

First Year Timeline - Typical First Year Adjustment Issues and How Parents Can Be Supportive


  • Anxiety over finals preparation
  • Excitement and/or anxiety regarding going home for the holidays
  • Sadness about leaving new friendships and/or love relationships
  • Roommate challenges continue
  • “Fresh start” mentality sets in with new January session
  • Satisfaction and/or disappointment with fall term grades
  • Homesickness/loneliness for love relationships back home
  • Relief being away from home and back at school

How can parents help?

  • Encourage the use of campus resources, including talking with professors
  • Talk openly about the upcoming visit home
  • Support open dialogue with the roommate; suggest student involve RA for support/guidance
  • Praise connections made at college
  • Verbalize your trust in them
  • Affirm that college is difficult (different from high school)
  • Remind them of past successes

Visit for a complete timeline.

Success Center Staff Provides Valuable Resources
Bonnie O’Connell, Director of Academic Support

In its second year at Manchester College, the Success Center has become a well-known destination where students receive academic support for a class, writing assistance and information related to a future internship or career.

As director of academic support, I take a proactive approach in helping students to achieve by offering workshops in time management, test taking strategies, study skills and note taking. I meet regularly one-on-one with students on academic probation and have reorganized the way students take exams through the Success Center. We also provide one-on-one academic coaching and advisement for students who may be experiencing academic challenges.

Kim Myers, assistant director of academic support, joined the Success Center team this fall. Kim meets with and provides academic support especially for first-year students. She helps students make the all-important transition from high school to college. As the outreach coordinator of the Manchester College Achievement Program (C.A.P.), Kim also assists first-generation college-bound high school students to prepare for college success. Students in 10 area high schools have the opportunity to work with Kim one-on-one and participate in workshops on the college selection and application process, financing mechanisms, academic and extracurricular choices, as well as culture and diversity. First-generation student mentors also assist Manchester C.A.P. participants in meeting their goals and understanding the college transition process through one-on-one assistance and participation at events.

In the Writing Center, Director Tamara O’Hearn is busy with a variety of responsibilities and projects. Besides training, scheduling and overseeing a talented team of student assistants who provide valuable feedback and support for students seeking improvement with their writing skills, Tamara is currently assessing borderline English placements, planning a fall poetry reading, and beginning a “Writing for Everyone” workshop series in December.

The Success Center team also meets with students with documented disabilities to assure they receive accommodations based upon eligibility guidelines per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504. Members of the faculty similarly work collaboratively with the Success Center to provide academic support for students with disabilities.

Recipe Corner: Ugandan Samosa

Did you know that Manchester students represent 23 countries, including the U.S.? Our international students bring valuable diversity to campus—in culture, dress, religious and political backgrounds, and, of course, in food! Each spring, the varied palettes of our international students are celebrated at International Fair, an extravaganza of culinary delights from around the world. Watch for details next semester. In the meantime, Chris Kayondo, senior from Kampala, Uganda would like to share his recipe for Samosa.


Ingredients (Serves 6 – 8)

6 cups minced meat
1 cup cooking oil
2 cups diced green pepper
2 diced onions
2 tbsp seasoning (beef)
2 tbsp curry powder

Black pepper
1. Fry the finely diced onions till they turn brown.
2. Add the minced meat and fry (for about five minutes).
3. Add the diced green pepper and curry powder and mix well.
4. Add the black pepper and the beef seasoning and continue to
stir well.
5. Add the finely diced cilantro and continue to fry.
6. Add salt and continue to fry the mix until ready.
7. Warm up the tortillas for a couple of seconds in a microwave to
make it soft.
8. Place a desired amount of fried mix in the center of the tortilla
and wrap it up to form desired shape (from left to right, right to
left and bottom to top for a triangle).
9. Make as many pieces as desired by repeating the above step.
10. Briefly fry in oil till it turns light brown (Be careful as some
pieces might unfold if not wrapped properly.
11. Let it cool and enjoy with family and friends!

Connecting College to Careers
Liz Bushnell, Director of Career Services

Students face a number of important decisions in college, including choices about the careers they will pursue after graduation. The Office of Career Services (OCS), located in the Success Center, offers students a multitude of services to help students determine and pursue career goals. From choosing a major to finding a job and everything in between, OCS is a resource for all students, not just seniors!

This year, some exciting OCS programs include:

Get Smart About Campus Employment – In order to help students develop the professional skills that will make them exceptional candidates for internships and jobs, OCS offered 15 workshops for all students to learn how they can utilize their campus jobs as a means to develop professional skills and experience. Approximately 280 students participated, and additional workshops are planned for next fall.

Internship Program – In September, Manchester College was awarded a sustaining grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. to continue the great success of our specialized internship program designed to introduce students to employment opportunities in Indiana. This five-year grant award of $375,000 enables the Office of Career Services to develop paid internship opportunities for Manchester students. Internships available for this summer will be advertised to students in December. In addition to grant-funded internships, OCS provides assistance to all students seeking internship or other work experience.

Start Early – In light of economic conditions and their anticipated impact on the job market for the next few years, OCS is proactively reaching out to all seniors to encourage an early start on their search for employment after graduation. Over the last five years, the average placement rate for Manchester graduates was 96 percent. An early start and utilization of Career Services will help this year’s graduates achieve similar success.

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