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WBKE Mission Statement

From the WBKE Official Station Manual:

Radio is a medium for the masses that is used as a source of news, education, advertising and entertainment. To regulate the limited frequency band that radio operates on, the Federal Communication Commission was created. Over the years since its inception, the FCC has licensed new stations, set up regulations that stations must follow, and fined those that have not followed the FCC-created regulations.


From the beginning, WBKE in North Manchester has been licensed by the FCC as a noncommercial, educational station. WBKE is governed by the FCC broadcast rules and regulations. The term EDUCATIONAL means that the facilities of the station are used in the training of students in broadcasting, and/or promoting of an educational services to the public and/or providing instructional courses as an outreach of the college.


WBKE offers a wide variety of music formats, as well as news and educational programming most days out of the week when school is in session. WBKE simulcasts with National Public Radio WBOI out of Fort Wayne, Indiana when not broadcasting original programming.


WBKE’s primary purpose and goal is to offer valuable experience and training to the students of Manchester University who wish to try radio broadcasting while providing a service to the listening community by giving them information and entertainment. We realize that by remaining a station whose main purpose is to educate, we aspire to achieve the high standards set by the community around us. Our aim is to furnish a medium for otherwise unserved tastes, needs and interest of the public. We work at providing material which is challenging, educational and informative, yet entertaining. However, the main purpose is hands-on education and experience, which we hope will aid students in becoming broadcasters of competent, professional ability.

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