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Manchester University offers the campus and greater community a variety of art experiences. Led by the Department of Art, our goal is to building artistic educational awareness. In doing so, we offer two dedicated art galleries at the North Manchester campus and one at our Fort Wayne campus, as well as other opportunities to engage in art at Manchester. 

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Gallery G

Now showing: Sept. 23- Nov. 18, 2016


Hanna Burnworth
More about Hannah Burnworth

A Mixed-Media Installation and Exhibition: "Manila envelopes, vintage book pages, and wrapping paper: I am fascinated by all kinds of paper. I utilize paper in a variety of art forms, including handmade books, large mixed-media works, and primarily stitched-paper collage. For me, there is a natural ease in working with paper. As a child, my grandmother’s seed catalogues offered hours of entertainment as I cut out single flowers to create elaborate bouquets. Working with paper feels like play."

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Link Gallery

Now showing (a dual event):

Dual Event at Link Gallery


Nov. 22, 2016 to Feb. 22, 2017
RECEPTION DATE: 3-4 pm, Feb. 22, 2017—reception to be combined with panel discussion as part of Discussion Day 2017 programming.

The nativity sets in this display were given to Manchester University by Max ’55 and Joyce Wheeler ’56 Douglas of Denver, Colorado.  They represent a sample of over 550 sets collected over 30 years from around the world.  Some are crafted by anonymous artisans, others by artists well known for their folk art.  The nativities are made from materials ranging from simple paper, gourds and bamboo to more complex media like cast metal, pottery, and stained glass.  Each set offers a unique view of the Nativity story, with varying interpretation of the holy family, the magi and their gifts, angels, shepherds, animals, and other humble visitors to the crèche.


Indiana Women’s Caucus for the Arts (multiple artist exhibit)

EXHIBITION DATES: Nov. 22, 2016 to Feb. 22, 2017
RECEPTION DATE: 3-4 pm, Feb. 22, 2017—reception to be combined with panel discussion as part of Discussion Day 2017 programming.

DESCRIPTION: Comprised of works from approximately 17 individuals who belong to the Indiana Women’s Caucus for the Arts, this collaborative exhibition is to be paired with the Max ’55 and Joyce ’56 Wheeler Douglas Nativity Collection, as an exploration of the diverse artistic expressions of mindfulness and spirituality.

The closing reception will be modified to include a panel presentation (for Discussion Day 2017) by several members of the IWCA who will discuss how the process of art-making, the expression in the resulting work, and the ensuing conversations evoked by the art can promote healthy ways to engage in mental health issues. Artists will share their individual experiences, including artistic objectives, selection of media, and techniques employed in artmaking. Students and other audience members will be invited to ask follow up questions as well as to share their own experiences of using art as escape, exploration, and expression.

Works exhibited will include sculpture (of various media), encaustic, oil, watercolor, silkscreen, textile/fiber mixed media, graphite, to name just a few…

Gallery 101 - On the Fort Wayne Campus

Now showing: Sept. 16 - Dec. 12, 2016

Her Faces


Jeff Diesburg, MU Assistant Professor of Art
More about Jeff Diesburg

Entitled Transitions, this show refers to the paintings’ portrayals of near (but not quite) reality and the artist’s shift from primarily watercolor to oil paintings. While the works generally include the human form or face in somewhat surreal settings, the focused compositions and detailed portions of the works reveal the medical/biological/editorial illustration background of the artist.

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