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Blog Posts by Karly Prichard '17 and Lauren Hughes '17

We’ve heard the question “What is there to do on the weekend?” one too many times. So, we explored nearby cities to find the best activities for our tight budgets. In this blog post, we have included everything from outdoor activities and events, to the best shops and local restaurants to ensure there is a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy!

On the MUve in Fort Wayne, Part 2

by User Not Found | Aug 08, 2016

Riding our bikes around downtown Fort Wayne, it’s amazing to see how much the city has grown and how it has retained its many historic charms. Filled with culture and life, Fort Wayne has a unique mixture of old meeting the new.

Perhaps the most historic landmark in Fort Wayne is the Old Historic Fort. Reconstructed on a plot of land less than a quarter mile from the original site, Fort Wayne is a copy of the post built by American troops in 1815-1816. Fort Wayne was one of the most sophisticated, all wooden forts built in North America, and was design to defend Indian attacks.

The Fort

The Fort

Today, the Old Historic Fort is open for visitors at any time; however, you’ll want to come during one of their historic events to see inside the buildings. Visit http://bit.ly/2aNcxFE to learn more about the Old Historic Fort and to see their event schedule.

The next stop on our bike ride was the Embassy Theatre. The Embassy Theatre opened its door in 1928 and has maintained its historic integrity. The Embassy is a historic jewel in Fort Wayne and has held performances by some of the most well-known entertainers in history, including: Bob Hope, Fort Wayne Philharmonic, comedian Kevin Hart, Moscow Ballet, and many more. The Embassy has a variety of events throughout the year. With everything from ballets to comedians and special movie screenings, the Embassy Theatre provides classic entertainment.

Embassy Theatre

In need of a mid-day snack, Karly and I stopped at Coney Island for some delicious hotdogs. These are no ordinary hot dogs. When you step into Coney Island, you are immediately greeted by the wonderful smell of cooking hot dogs and an old fashion atmosphere. Coney Island has been ran by the same family since 1916, and since opening their doors, Coney Island has remained an unchanged staple in Fort Wayne, always retaining its delicious hotdogs and family friendly ways. Local Secret though, when you visit, walk through the entrance in the back and get an inside look at the kitchen!

Coney Island

Our final stop of the day was at the Botanical Conservatory.  This beautiful conservatory is home to over 25,000 square feet of a beautiful indoor garden oasis and serves as a plant rescue center for endangered species. Botanical Gardens holds special events year round, making even the ickiest winter day a little bit more colorful. Karly and I were able to visit the conservatory for only $10 ($5 per adult) and were immediately drawn to the beautiful, bright gardens and the unique environment.

Botanical Conservatory

Fort Wayne has a life all of its own. With a growing, diverse community, Fort Wayne has become a hot spot for fun and entertainment.