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December 2017 ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Dec 06, 2017

Issue:  December 2017 2017-004

While some programs finished their fall semester work, your ITS team wants to produce its December newsletter early to provide the information before most students and employees depart.  While we hope you find the information below helpful, we have a more important message:  Happy Holidays to you, your friends, and family!!!

Planned Internet Outage (UPDATED)

Our Internet Service Provider (ISP), I-Light, planned to perform necessary router maintenance on December 1st with December 3rd as a backup date.  Neither date worked for I-Light.  As a result, the I-Light engineers intend to perform the upgrade on December 8th from midnight to 6 a.m.

Available Online Office Training

There are two ways to obtain free Microsoft Office training.  Microsoft produced this site, Office 365 Training Center, for all Office 365 customers.  We are Office 365 customers.  For more comprehensive training, we enrolled in Microsoft’s Imagine Academy, a collection of courses across Microsoft’s product line to include Office.  To access Imagine Academy, please email Help Desk.

A New SpartanPrint Is Coming (REPEATED)

By the end of the academic year, we’ll have decided on the technology to provide printing services to both campuses.  Codenamed SpartanPrint v3.0, we’re evaluating how everyone/anyone interacts with the main printers on campus.  We’re considering such features as color and stapling, scanning, copying, and more.  We’re interested in the printer’s physical interface, the way one logs into a printer, and more.  Finally, we’re considering different hardware and software vendors.

In the coming weeks, possibly as early as December 11th, we’ll have demo units on campus.  You’ll be able to test the printers yourself and provide us feedback.

If you want to participate in the selection committee, please email Help Desk.  Likewise, if you have suggestions to improve the current SpartanPrint system, please email Help Desk.

Net Neutrality

You have probably heard about net neutrality in recent weeks.  Without wading into the pros and cons of net neutrality, we do want to share some thoughts we received from our ISP, I-Light.

“Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) treat all traffic equally. The intent is to ensure ISPs don’t create an anticompetitive Internet. Here are some examples of anti-net neutrality behaviors and their consequences:

  • Your ISP strikes a revenue-sharing deal with Amazon Prime video. They [your ISP] ensures Amazon’s Prime video receives a higher priority, which sometimes causes lower priority video, such as Netflix, to freeze. [disadvantages Netflix customers]
  • Verizon doesn’t count streaming music from Pandora and iTunes against your data plan. However, they do count music from Amazon against your data plan. [disadvantages Amazon Music customers]
  • Comcast sells a voice over IP service. To stifle competition, they block other VoIP providers.

Indiana GigaPoP (a major Internet and Internet2 access system) and I-Light ’s Internet connectivity comes from several different providers. Indiana GigaPoP and I-Light essentially creates a blend of Internet access to meet its users’ requirements. This effort gives Indiana GigaPoP and I-Light some ability to provide a Net Neutral Internet service to its members. However, there are limits. If ISPs started restricting access or serving some traffic better than others, it could affect Indiana GigaPoP and I-Light member’s unobstructed access to Internet services.”

New Account Feature

We will now alert you when your network password is about to expire.  We will not ask for your password (!!!), but we’ll direct you to change your password.  You should start to receive the email notice up to fourteen (14) days before the password expires.  You will receive this notice and can change your password even if you’re not on either campus.

Contributions Welcome

Do you want to know more about a particular topic or know a helpful IT tip?  Please send them to Help Desk.