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June 2018 ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Jun 21, 2018

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Release:  June 21, 2018

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer schedule.  After today, the days only get shorter until the end of December.

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Location:  Fort Wayne 121 & North Manchester Clark 109

Summer Projects

We continue to deploy the new wireless system in East, Garver, and Schwalm.  Garver is complete except for common areas, and we’re making steady progress in the other two halls.  We’re asking camp visitors in these halls for their feedback on the improvements so that the system is as good as possible by August 1st.

We also continue to identify the new SpartanPrint vendor.  There’s a decent chance that we’ll deploy proximity cards at all the new North Manchester printers to match the functionality in Fort Wayne.  We’ll ask those students and employees who lack a proximity card to obtain one free-of-charge.

Spam Tool

No one likes to receive spam.  Thankfully, Microsoft’s spam filter effectively identifies spam.  In fact, Microsoft filters 92% of all email sent to MU mailboxes.  When spam does arrive in your Inbox or your Junk folder, there’s a new Report Message button available in Outlook for OS X, Windows, and the web.  For OS X and Windows, it appears in the Home tab on the ribbon when you’re in a mail folder.  In the web client, it’s a small envelope icon to the right of the email preview text for a selected email message.  This feature isn’t available on the phone or tablet versions, but it’s coming.

Recall an Email Message

If you’re like me, you’ve sent an email and immediately regretted it.  Did you know that you can recall a message you sent by mistake or prematurely?  It’s not a perfect solution, but it can often help.

In Outlook for Windows, double-click on the message you wish to recall in your Sent Items folder.   That opens the email.  In the Move section of the Ribbon, click on the Move More Actions icon.  Select Recall Message and a Recall This Message window appears.  Choose between “Delete unread copies of this message” and “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message,” check or uncheck the checkbox before “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient” and click the OK button.

This feature is only available in Outlook for Windows.

Purchase Policy

For MU employees, we want to remind you to please consult with ITS for any technology purchase, whether hardware or software.  We want to assist in the purchase process, ensure that the purchase doesn’t duplicate what we already own, review any contract terms, and more.  We are a resource in this purchase process.

The best way to request any hardware or software purchase is to complete the Investment Request form found on ChetNet at

Contributions Welcome

Do you want to know more about a topic or know a helpful IT tip?  Please send them to Help Desk.