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July 2018 ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Jul 31, 2018
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Release:  July 31, 2018

Classes start soon on both campuses.  We’re excited about your return!!!

Potential Internet Outage on Friday, August 3rd

Our service provider, I-Light, alerted us to some required maintenance during the wee hours of that morning.  The vendor blocked off midnight to 6 a.m. to complete the work, although it’s possible we won’t lose Internet connectivity or, if we do, it won’t be for that long.

Need Help?  Contact Help Desk

Phone:  260-470-2727 (Fort Wayne), 260-982-5454 (North Manchester)
Location:  Fort Wayne 121 & North Manchester Clark 109

Residence Hall Wireless

We’ve worked hard in the East, Garver, and Schwalm halls, and we hope that you like the results of our efforts.  We have installed almost 300 new wireless radios, moving them from low on the walls to closer to the ceiling to improve the wireless signal and to protect the equipment from damage.  Please let our Help Desk know if you have issues when you return to your room in August.

In addition to the wireless improvements, we installed cable TV, wired and wireless network in the East Street Apartment bedrooms.

SpartanPrint No More

We’ve changed the name of our printing system from SpartanPrint to Printing@MU.  In addition to the name change, we’ll roll out the new equipment (55 printers in all) over the next two weeks.  The great news:  all but five printers are color!!!  We’ll have much more information in the next few days.


We offer all employees and students free access to LastPass, a password management system.  LastPass allows you to store your login credentials securely.  All you must do is remember one password (we recommend a high-quality password, though) to unlock your password vault.  LastPass can even fill in those pesky username and password combinations for you!!!

To learn more about LastPass, please contact our Help Desk.


Suffer from dangling participles or split infinitives as we do?  You can purchase a year-long subscription to this great grammar support for 50% off.  At $70/year, you may find that your writing improves and that you more frequently use an active rather than passive voice.

To learn more, visit

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10

If you use an MU-owned computer or see an MU-owned computer running Windows 7, please let us know, and we’ll upgrade it to Windows 10.  We’ll also ensure that the computer has Office 2016 installed.

Microsoft will soon end Windows 7 support, and we want to get ahead of this eventuality.

The virtual desktops like those in Wilbur’s or the residence hall labs must run Windows 7 for the time being for technical reasons.

Contributions Always Welcome

Do you want to know more about a topic or know a helpful IT tip?  Please send them to Help Desk.