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September 2018 ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Sep 04, 2018


Release:  September 4, 2018

The new 2018-19 academic year is underway.  There are only five weeks until Fall Break!!!

Need Help?  Contact Help Desk

Phone:  260-470-2727 (Fort Wayne), 260-982-5454 (North Manchester)
Location:  Fort Wayne 121 & North Manchester Clark 109


We greatly appreciate your patience while we’re still working out some of the new system’s kinks.  For the most part, the system has worked as we’d hoped but, as with all complex systems, we’ve identified some issues that we need to address.  At the same time, there are features we have yet to activate that, we hope, will make the system even more powerful for you.

ID Cards

One of the biggest issues we’ve faced revolves around the proximity cards we use to authenticate users at the printers.  If you experience any problems with your proximity card (MU photo ID)—whether at a printer or a building doo—please visit University Safety or the ITS Help Desk to get the issue corrected.


If you have questions regarding the printer location nearest you, what features are available with the new system, how to use the system, or anything else, please call (x5454) or email ( Help Desk for information.  Report your concerns similarly.

In the past, if you had printer issues, you could email  That email address is no longer necessary, but we’ll monitor it through this coming academic year.

You can find more information about the new printing system at  We’ll keep that page as current as possible with new system information and issues.

Web Access to New System

You can log into the new system’s web-based portal at  From this website, you can:

  • Release print jobs you’ve already submitted.
  • Add more money to your print quota. 
  • Submit documents to be printed.


Large Print Jobs

Please submit any print job larger than 200 pages (either a single document that large or copies that generate 200 or more pages) to the Print Shop.

More Information to Come

We’ll provide both campuses with more information as it becomes available.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Help Desk (see the top of the newsletter) with any questions you may have.

Windows 10

Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends soon.  We want to transition all MU-owned desktops and laptops to Windows 10 at your convenience.  If you have Windows 7 (or something older), please contact the Help Desk team to request an upgrade.  If Windows is running sluggish, you might consider asking us to rebuild it for you.

Residence Halls and Home Routers/Wireless Printers

MU invested heavily in the residence hall wireless improvements this summer.  To ensure the system’s efficacy, we ask that you do not deploy systems that interfere with our wireless system.  Please refrain from installing a home wireless router or configuring your wireless printer as a host.  Both cause signal interference that degrades the system for everyone.  We reserve the right to deactivate systems that interfere with or interrupt our wireless network signal.

Contributions Always Welcome

Do you want to know more about a topic or know a helpful IT tip?  Please send them to the Help Desk