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September 14, 2018:  ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Sep 14, 2018

Release:  September 14, 2018

Blazing hot one week.  Unseasonably cool and wet the next.  Isn’t Indiana weather wonderful?

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Location:  Fort Wayne 121 & North Manchester Clark 109

Don’t Share Your Passwords with Anyone, Even ITS

While it may be tempting to expedite support, please don’t share your password with anyone.  That includes the ITS team.  There is no task that we should do on your behalf using your password.  If you need to log into a service, we’d ask that you do so at one of our ITS Help Desks or we can remote into your computer (with your permission) to watch you log in without ever knowing your password.

Did we mention that you should NEVER share your MU password with anyone?

Fact:  No one on the ITS team can see your password.  We like it that way.  So, please, don’t share your passwords with us or anyone else. 

Are You Searching for Solutions to Common ITS Problems?

What you think is common might be different from what we see, but we have posted some solutions at


We value your input on this new system.  Please submit your thoughts, good or bad, to Help Desk.

Register Game Consoles

While we suspect that some faculty and staff have game consoles secretly deployed in their offices, this article is targeted at our students.  If you have a game console (PS4, Xbox, Wii, etc.) in your room, please be sure to read about game console registration at and register them at

Windows 10

Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends soon.  We want to transition all MU-owned desktops and laptops to Windows 10 at your convenience.  If you have Windows 7 (or something older), please contact the Help Desk team to request an upgrade.  If Windows is running sluggish, you might consider asking us to rebuild it for you.

There’s no need to panic, but you will need to act.  Microsoft ends Windows 7 support in 16 months.

Residence Halls and Home Routers/Wireless Printers

MU invested heavily in the residence hall wireless improvements this summer.  To ensure the system's efficacy, we ask that you do not deploy systems that interfere with our wireless system.  Please refrain from installing a home wireless router or configuring your wireless printer as a host.  Both cause signal interference that degrades the system for everyone.  We reserve the right to deactivate systems that interfere with or interrupt our wireless network signal.

On the Hub

Most software vendors provide academic pricing for its software.  They use that to entice you to be a life-long customer (when you’re paying full price).  If you want to access academic pricing for some of the software packages we use at MU (think software like SPSS), you can by logging into On the Hub ( using your MU network credentials.

New Outlook Feature:  FindTime

Many are aware that Outlook makes available one’s calendar so that others may schedule meetings.  We installed a new Outlook add-in that allows you to send meeting recipients a poll to help identify available meeting times.  Based on a Microsoft feature called FindTime, you can more easily schedule meetings with small or large groups of people while preserving the recipients’ right to choose a time convenient for them even if there are early calendar openings available. 

In the Outlook Ribbon, on the Home tab, you’ll see the new FindTime meeting poll button.  If you reply to an email, the email recipients are polled.  You can also create a new email and poll those whom you include on the email.

Learn more about FindTime at

Contributions Always Welcome

Do you want to know more about a topic or know a helpful IT tip?  Please send them to Help Desk