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December 7, 2018: ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Dec 07, 2018

Release:  December 7, 2018

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Scheduled Internet Outages

Our Internet Service Provider, I-Light, informed us that they need to repair damaged fiber on December 11th, 12th, and 13th, from 1 to 6 a.m.  This effects both campuses.  These dates replace those initially announced (12/4 - 6).

Password Reminder

As many of you depart campus for an extended period, we want to remind you that you should consider what happens if your password expires while you’re away.  In most cases, when your password expires, you’ll be locked out of your MU online services, like Canvas, ChetNet, and email.  To avoid this, please consider the following:

  • Create or review your self-service password reset settings.  You can do that if you click here.
  • Reset your password yourself anytime, before you leave or while on break.  You can that by clicking here.


We told you last month that the Fort Wayne broadcaster lowered their antenna 200 feet to comply with an FCC mandate.  The work to install new network equipment at the original height continues.  However, working with our satellite provider, we transitioned from receiving these broadcasts from an antenna to a satellite dish.  When the Fort Wayne broadcaster completes their antenna work, we’ll restore the original cable TV channels and resume use of off-the-air local channels.

Our satellite provider completed its work.  To view these channels again, you may have to retrain your TV to learn the SpartanCable channels.

Another Fort Wayne local broadcaster will need to perform the same work within the next year.  We’ll try to anticipate that work when it begins.

We also want to thank those of you who completed the cable TV survey.  The IVSI team has the survey results for their consideration.

OneDrive for Business Tip

If you use OneDrive for Business to store your documents, we should make you aware that, if you open a document to create a new version of the document, ensure that you perform a Save As when you open the “template” so that you don’t lose any of the template’s information.  If you don’t, when you make changes, the Microsoft Office product will use its Auto Save feature to overwrite the original content with your new content.  You may struggle to restore the original content.

For example, if I open a document titled Newsletter 2018-11-20 with the intention of using it to create a new newsletter, I need to first save the opened document to its new name, like Newsletter 2018-12-07.  At that point, the original document’s content is secure, and I can make changes for the new newsletter.

Printing@MU Update

You may notice, from time to time, that a printer loses its login capabilities.  This authentication issue is a known bug.  Papercut, the software that manages the printing system, and Konica-Minolta, the printers’ manufacturer, are working on a fix.  There is no ETA for the patch to correct the issue, but PaperCut will notify us when it becomes available. If you find a printer into which you cannot authenticate, please let Help Desk know immediately.

TIP:  If you want to copy or scan a document, log into the printer, choose the printer function (copy or scan) before adding your document to the document feeder or glass.

Contributions Always Welcome

Do you want to know more about a topic or do you know a helpful IT tip?  Please send topics to Help Desk