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January 10, 2019: ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Jan 10, 2019


Release:  January 10, 2019

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Phone:  260-470-2727 (Fort Wayne), 260-982-5454 (North Manchester)
Location:  Fort Wayne 121 & North Manchester Clark 109

Scheduled Internet Outages

Our Internet Service Provider, I-Light, informed us that they need to repair damaged fiber on January 11th from 12:01 a.m. to 6 a.m.  This effects both campuses. 

Beware Phishing Attempts

One of the darker threats on the Internet, a criminal enterprise sends you an email that asks something of you that benefits the criminals.  These are known as phishing attempts.  A common one of late, especially for employees, is to ask you to perform a task on behalf of a supervisor.  The most frequents requests include:

  • Employee W2s
  • Wire transfers from our account to the criminals
  • Gift card purchases that the criminals convert to cash
  • A return phone call where the criminal will request over the phone


If you receive an email from a Nigerian prince hoping to transfer $10M into your bank account for a fee is a more famous phishing attempt.

To be clear, you should be wary of almost every email you receive.  The criminals are improving their methods to use social engineering to convince you to act.  We regret that we live in such a world, but it is our reality.

While you should NEVER respond to a phishing email, if you receive a phishing attack, there are some things you can do.

  • If you use Outlook for OS X (on a Mac) or Windows, there’s a button in the application’s ribbon that allows you to report questionable email to Microsoft for their investigation.  Select the email message and click the Report Message button.
  • File a complaint with the government at or  The Federal government shutdown has impacted these sites but should be available when the shutdown ends.
  • If the phishing attempt comes from a popular email service such as Gmail, report the email to the vendor.  For example, you can report a phishing attempt from a Gmail account at


One final note:  we are investigating how to add text to an email from an external source to allow you to more easily identify email that purports to be from an MU source but isn’t.

Password Reminder

The Help Desk receives many password reset requests.  Did you know that you can reset your password if you take the steps necessary to use the service?  To avoid the need to use Help Desk to reset your password, please consider the following:

  • First, create or review your self-service password reset settings.  You can do that if you click here.
  • Next, reset your password yourself anytime, before you leave or while on break.  You can that by clicking here.



Any time you discover an issue with the cable TV system, please report the issue to Help Desk.  We occasionally scan the channels proactively, but that isn’t always timely and what we see may differ from what you experience.

At some point in the coming weeks, the Fort Wayne broadcasters will need to work on their antenna again for different channels.  When that happens, we’ll try to react more quickly and move from the off-air antenna to the satellite dish to minimize signal loss.


We have found many projectors left on with no one in a room.  Please be sure to log out of the room’s PC (if applicable) and turn off the projectors BEFORE you leave.  Projector bulbs are very, very expensive with a limited life, so please do your part to make them last as long as possible.

Calvin Ulrey Collaboration Room

Did you know that there’s a technology meeting room on the 3rd-floor of Calvin Ulrey called the ITS Collaboration Room?  Up to five people have computer access with the ability to share one’s screen with the others on the projector screen.

To reserve the room, include CU BAS Collaboration Room as a participant of an Outlook meeting invitation.  The Help Desk team will confirm the room’s availability.

Faculty Tip

When you modify a quiz in Canvas, be sure to save the changes completely.  You must save the question(s) and then save the quiz for Canvas to grade the quiz properly.

Contributions Always Welcome

Do you want to know more about a topic or do you know a helpful IT tip?  Please send topics to Help Desk